Casio PX750 Digital Piano Review 2021

Casio PX750 Digital Piano Review

Casio PX750 Digital Piano Review

Casio PX750 Digital Piano

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Digital pianos have become a trending choice these days. Many known names provide the digital versions of pianos and to choose the best one from such a huge variety can be a daunting task. Among several popular brands, Casio is a prominent one. It has a great history of manufacturing high-quality musical instruments and is known well for integration of latest technology and fair rates.

Casio made the first digital piano in 1986. Over the course of years, it has made huge progress and provided numerous world-class digital pianos, each with better technology and enhanced features. Particularly its Privia line is out-class and is known to be the best in the entire industry.

It is among the top rated options in the market because of several amazing and user-friendly features. The entire specialized line of Privia is incredible and offers delightful precision and class. Particularly the Casio PX750 digital piano gives immense pleasure and takes your playing experience to another level.

Today, we have come up with a detailed review of this masterpiece owing to its increasing demand and high popularity. If you are also thinking of trying hands of this beautiful tool, you should give it a read first. It will help you to have a quick overview of what you are going to buy. You will have a much better idea about the tonal quality, playability, and features of this digital piano.

Casio PX750 Digital Piano Review


The PX750 falls under the category of upright digital pianos. It features a four-layer tone of a grand piano and characteristic graded hammer action keyboard. This instrument with commendable sound quality, very powerful speakers, diverse tonal range and several advanced features comes at an affordable price. It is hard to get such quality digital piano at this rate. It comes complete with a sliding cover and a stand. If you want to enjoy the realistic feel, effortless play, and unparalleled sound quality, it is your pick.

Outlook and feel

The first thing that usually people consider when finding the right instrument is its appearance. The better it looks, the more people tend to like it.

The one we are considering right now is best in terms of looks. The PX750 is available in 3 beautiful colors. The most popular one with increased demand is the black wood tone finishing and most of the pianist feel more comfortable with this one.

Black has its own class and therefore, it looks more decent and appealing. Another option is the finish in a white wood tone that looks even more elegant and attractive. This one gives a more ivory appearance and has its own style. There are people who prefer white over the black, they are going to love this one for sure.

The third one has a unique finishing of oak wood tone that has a very graceful brownish tone and offers a pleasing appearance. You can decide the color as per your personal choice, all are equally good in performance.

It has a compact cabinet with furniture style and a metal key cover. The whole cabinet of the piano is covered with the color finish that makes the interface and casing more durable and strong. It has a very simple yet beautiful design and it is structured very careful to give a nice appearance.

Moreover, this piano is built to provide more ease and comfort for the players. The simple structure makes its assembly very easy and quick. For the sake of convenience, the stand and pedals can easily be detached for moving it from one place to the other.

Some notable things that distinguish this piano from the portable digital pianos are the height of piano top, the availability of enough space on the top of the piano and placement of speakers beneath the piano. In most of the digital models that are portable, the speakers are placed on the top.

The addition of sliding cover makes it more desirable and it prevents the keys from being dusty and covers them well. The size measurements of this piano include four feet length and more than two and a half feet height. Its total weight is about seventy pounds after the assembly and it is not much when compared to other upright digital pianos. Thus you won’t have much difficulty in moving it around.

The built-in three-pedal unit adds to the efficient structural design of Casio PX750 digital piano. It features half damper operation along with hammer response and damper resonance. This wonderful teaching unit is of great importance and many players often don’t value its presence. Those who are professionals know how important it is and consider it a notable element for a high-class piano.

Two interesting features are hammer response simulator and damper resonance, that are developed to enhance the performance efficiency of this instrument and both these functions work with the 3 pedal system to deliver a remarkable experience while using sustain pedal. It greatly mimics the damper pedal action of acoustic pianos and offers a mesmerizing feel with enriched sound and enhanced expression.

Keyboard construction

Special attention is paid to the keyboard construction and it is amazingly engineered. It has a traditional 88-key structure with all the keys having an ivory finish and nice ebony. This is something unique to it and you won’t find pianos with this characteristic that comes at the same price.

This adds more class to the PX750 digital piano. The ivory finish adds to the comfort of playing and provides better and smoother surfaced keys. Additionally, it absorbs the sweat from your fingers and makes the performance even better.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is the most important thing that you need to look for before buying any music instrument. Same is the case with digital pianos. Although all Casio pianos have great sound, the PX750 is particularly appreciated for its stunning quality sound. It includes an excellent AIR sound source and uses amazing technology combined with sustain pedal and delivers a fantastic output that makes this piano more appreciable.

The AIR stands for Acoustic and intelligent Resonator and this sound source makes use of grand piano samples to copy the traditional grand sound. In addition to this superb technology, this piano includes extensive storage space that is more than three times of normal space which means, the AIR can have easy access to more of the samples and generate more realistic and authentic sounds that are closest to the acoustic ones.

Moreover, it includes the widest spectrum of 128 notes polyphony which is better than the 64 notes that are usually available in most of the digital pianos of this price range. This feature helps the pianist to play more complex musical tones.

Main Features

This piano has Casio’s distinctive keybed system with triple sensor scaled hammer action. It exhibits Privia’s state of the art technology with best-replicated hammer keys. Every key features 3 special sensors which determine the hammer speed against the key velocity (with which you press the key) to produce a detailed and accurate piano performance.

The key action is of great significance. Especially, the piano teachers and the advanced learners who like to play on the high level of skills consider the key action very important.

The PX750 has split, duet and layer capabilities that allow the users to play in different styles. The split aids the player to enjoy different tones simultaneously. In the layer mode, you can layer the tones, one above the other and the duet mode helps in the piano instruction. By using the duet function, you can split the keyboard into two separate ranges and both the teacher and student can play at the same time too have a more fulfilled, interactive and effective session.

It comes complete with two 8-watt speakers that are 12 centimeters in size and makes a powerful sound system. This gives a clear grand sound and the strong output fills up the whole room.

To further enhance the sound, differed effects are made available that include Chorus, Brilliance, and reverb digital effects.

Those who want to make the output more powerful can use the external speakers to amplify the sound. These can be simply connected to the output jacks that are added to provide you with an enhanced sound.

Headphone jacks are also available to make private practice more convenient for you. Simply plug in your headphones and keep practising for hours without disturbing anybody else. You will enjoy the clear sound via the headphones as well, so if you wish to practice alone, you can do better on this one.

It also has wondrous MIDI capability. You can simply connect your piano to a tablet or computer via the USB connection. Interestingly, there are two separate headphone jacks which makes it perfect for a student and teacher session. The USB connectivity allows you to use your Casio piano with windows and mac computer without downloading the drivers.

The music library of Casio PX750 digital piano comprises 60 preset songs that players can efficiently learn and play. It is important specifically for the starters who are in the initial phase of learning and are unable to play accurately without proper guidance.

A dual track recorder is also an amazing quality of this Casio piano. You can easily record your own performance, listen to it later and learn from your mistakes. You can keep the recordings for later use as well. It is a very useful aspect as teachers can record lessons for the students and students can easily keep track of their progress.

Another worth mentioning feature is the flawless grand piano tone, that is the result of skilled professionals’ untiring efforts who structured it so well to provide you with the best experience possible. The perfection in the tone makes this instrument the top choice of the majority of the musicians and if you are also concerned with the grand tone, you are going to love this one.

Furthermore, seventeen more exquisite sounds are also provided and you can select as per your taste. Some other sounds include organs, basses, electric pianos, strings, vibraphone and more.

The matching keyboard cover, pedal board, and stand make it a very appropriate home decor as well. It comes complete with a piano style Casio Bench, a keyboard lesson book (Hal Leonard fast track)

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These were the main features of Casio’s masterpiece. After going through these highlights, you can make a well-informed decision. For making it easier for you, following are some of the plus points and drawbacks of choosing Casio PX750 digital piano. Have a look and decide whether this is the right choice or not.

Pros of the Casio PX750 Digital Piano

  • More Natural Sound: The availability of three times more memory is helpful in generating a rich and natural piano sound. This is a great advantage that s rare to be found in other instruments. Sound quality is the most prominent factor that determines the overall quality of the digital piano. If you are looking for a realistic sound, this is the most appropriate choice indeed.
  • Responsiveness: This piano with weighted hammer action features improved responsiveness and gives a matchless feel. The responsive action makes it very user-friendly and starters will love this handy instrument.
  • Touch: The touch sensitivity of this digital piano resembles that of grand acoustic piano and it successfully delivers the same feel at a very economical rate. For those, who want a genuine feel at a low rate, this is a perfect choice.
  • Ideal for Learning: The easy to use features and addition of duet mode, double headphone jacks, and learning handbook makes it a very smart choice for the learners. Getting your initial training on this instrument would make things easier for you and result in quick and better learning.
  • Easy Playability: It offers several advanced features that make this digital piano a very handy one and you can perform with it in an effortless manner. Although the practice is important, this is very easy to play and you won’t face any difficulty even if you are a newbie.
  • Appearance: The clean and sleek appearance makes it a very attractive option and it can add to the beauty of your house. Placing it in your living room can add more grace. All the three colors (white, black and brown) are adorable and the overall appearance is very captivating.

Cons of the Casio PX750 Digital Piano

  • Lack of metronome setting indicator: This piano features a single memory track and does not indicate the metronome setting being used. Some common features that were included in the previous versions are missing in the PX750 and some might take it as a major drawback. But, as far as the performance and ease to play are concerned, you will not have any problem in that regard.
  • Thin Finishing: Although the entire look is very pleasing to the eyes, the finish is thin and it can chip when the impact is hard. Some may consider it a negative point but it is still better than the other digital pianos that are offered at the same price.
  • No LCD screen: You may find it hard to play if you are habitual of viewing the display on the screen as this piano has no LCD screen for the display. However, the overall functionality is easy and one can comfortably enjoy playing it.

Is Casio PX750 Digital Piano Good?

Everything has its pros and cons and in case of the piano under consideration, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Playing the Casio PX750 digital piano will take you to another level of class, comfort, and excitement. The comfort of playing and the combination of advanced features and state of the art technology makes it a preferable choice. The attention to detail and accuracy of design delivers more realism and you will enjoy a very natural piano tune. It can be used as a reliable substitute for a grand piano.

It undoubtedly gives a matchless experience owing to countless useful features. This is a versatile instrument in a true sense and offers helpful elements for both the professionals and learners will enjoy trying hands on it. This is even better for the initial level players as they will get to learn in a more favourable manner.

The price is reasonable and it is not easy to find such an instrument equipped with high-class characteristics and unmatched specifications at such reasonable rates. 

Casio PX750 Digital Piano