7 Best Ways To Learn Hip Hop

Best Ways To Learn Hip Hop
Best Ways To Learn Hip Hop

Some people prefer dancing some elegant forms, such as salsa but some people are into music and want the hip-hop music form. Hip hop originated in America and has become pretty famous. With this being said, if you want to learn how to harness the hip hop music techniques when it comes down to the music. Consequently, people have a hard time lining out how they can learn hip hop music.

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So, we are here to help you out. That’s to say because we have added the 7 best ways to learn hip hop. There are a variety of ways to choose from and you can choose the one that meets your musicianship skills. So, are you ready?

Best Ways To Learn Hip Hop

1. Online Hip Hop Lessons

When it comes down to searching for something, we pick up our phone and use the internet to get the essential information, right? With this being said, you can use the internet to learn how to play hip hop music. Consequently, you can use the online hip hop lessons to learn the skills whenever you want. With this being said, there are multiple ways to learn hip hop lessons online.

Above all, you can use online learning websites because they offer a wide array of courses to choose from. Such websites offer free as well as paid courses. These online learning websites usually have courses from different instructors and musicians to meet the diverse musicianship skills of hip-hop music enthusiasts.


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For everyone who thinks that they are going to opt for the online learning website, ArtistWorks is one of their best bet because they have designed an array of courses to choose from. In the same way, if you want to learn how to play hip hop music, you can opt for a Hip Hop Scratch course by DJ Qbert. This course is actually the turntable series that’s loaded with hundreds of DJ video lessons.

With this course, the students will be able to access the scratching instructions without compromising the complexity. The course has multiple backing tracks for hip hop enthusiasts to learn the songs. In addition, there are multiple guest teachers in the series, so you can learn from different people at a time. Also, it helps learn various techniques and tricks.

The best thing about this course and series is that you can learn how to be a DJ and perform like a pro. Consequently, you will be able to learn how to mix music like pro DJs. With this course, hip hop music enthusiasts can access the plethora of scratch exercises for people who want to learn new skills and scratch up their way.

In addition, the course offers easy access to training beats because one needs to learn how to mix and match various tunes. Above all, you can access the scratch theory because it positively influences the music learning experience. Even more, there are digital app discussions, so you can share your concerns with the instructor and they will be able to offer better assistance.

This course is designed by DJ Qbert who has become the most influential DJ out there. He has turntable skills and that’s the prime reason he has made his mark in the industry. He is also the former DMC World Champion, so you are really learning from the best. Also, he has worked as a recording artist since he has launched a variety of concept albums.

In this course, DJ Qbert will teach the tear scratches, stabs, chirps, slice, crab, transformer, drag, see-saw scratch, fade drag, and much more. The course has around five levels and you can even learn beat juggling. There is a special scratch theory lecture in the course. Also, you can learn drumming and more about the gear and setup. In addition, the guest professors include Alex Sonnenfeld, DJ Mas, and Fredo Ortiz.

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2. Pinterest

We all have used Pinterest for getting home décor and crafting ideas but you can also learn the hip hop music techniques from Pinterest. One needs to keep in mind that Pinterest offers easy access to holding techniques of the equipment. With this being said, you will be able to learn how DJ performances can be improved.

3. YouTube

When it comes down to learning hip hop music, people usually are unable to learn from the pictures and this is the prime reason that you need the videos. With this being said, you can search for hip hop music lessons and instructional videos on YouTube. However, there is nothing defined on YouTube and you will actually need to search for the right videos.

There are various hip hop music channels on YouTube but their videos aren’t designed to meet the needs of music enthusiasts. These videos are available for free but you will need to do some hard work for finding the right ones. With this being said, we suggest that you find the right videos first, save them in the playlist, and learn how to play hip hop music without any interruption.

4. Workshops

As far as the music is concerned, learning how to play hip hop can be pretty difficult, especially if you are learning alone. With this being said, you can learn better hip hop music techniques through the workshops because there are many people learning. These workshops allow students to interact with other music enthusiasts.

Consequently, you can sit with others and they will be able to share their experience (maybe secrets, as well) with you as it can positively influence the learning experience. So, we suggest that you join the workshops and even observe other musicians and learn by seeing, rather than experimenting. To be honest, hip hop music workshops will warm up your techniques.

5. Trainer Apps

For everyone who needs easy access to hip hop music techniques and skills and doesn’t want to simply sit in front of the laptop for an hour, choosing the app is the right choice. With this being said, you can download the hip hop music trainer apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and learn new techniques while on the go.

The trainer apps are available for free but there are some apps that come with monthly subscriptions or one-time purchases. So, there are trainer apps for everyone. As far as free apps are concerned, they are suitable for beginners who want to learn basic techniques. On the other hand, paid subscriptions are suitable for people who want to learn advanced hip hop music techniques.

6. eBooks

In case you need something that allows the hip-hop music enthusiasts to learn techniques on the go, you can always opt for the eBooks. These eBooks are usually written by professionals and have proper techniques that will help them learn practical skills. These eBooks are available online and can be downloaded. However, the majority of eBooks are paid and can be bought from Amazon.

7. Tutors

For everyone who wants to learn practical hip-hop music techniques, opting for a DJ is the right choice. However, these DJs must be up to providing the lessons. So, you can look around and look for tutors who can teach hip-hop music techniques. You need to keep in mind that these tutors will be expensive, so save up and they will provide better feedback on your hip-hop music learning!

The Bottom Line

For everyone who is into fast music, hip hop is a fine choice. With this being said, if you are a hip hop music enthusiast, you can learn how to play hip hop music from the seven best ways to learn this music niche. All different ways of learning how to play hip hop music are designed to cater to the different musicianship skills of hip-hop enthusiasts!

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