15 Websites To Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

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Hip-Hop is a cultural movement introduced and embraced by young African Americans and Latino Americans in the late 1970s. Hip-Hop as an Art movement embodies both elements of music and dance.

Hip-Hop is very popular in pop-culture as people of all ages, races, and ethnicity find it entertaining and amusing.There are several ways for you to learn more about Hip-Hop. In the past, the only option was to enroll in an Academy or institution offering Hip-Hop courses.

Most times, this option was not always feasible due to a variety of factors such as costs, time constraints, and distance.Thankfully the Internet has presented a great alternative- virtual learning.

There are numerous digital learning platforms on which you can receive comprehensive lessons on Hip-Hop.

The lessons are usually available for free or at a premium price. While the free lessons can save you some extra cash, we recommend choosing the premium lessons as they are more thorough, in-depth, and comprehensive.

These websites are typically designed with easy to use features and tools to enhance your learning experience.In addition, they are affordable, flexible, and convenient.

You can choose your personal instructor, preferred choice, and even learn at your own pace.In no particular order, here are fifteen (15) websites where you can learn Hip-Hop lessons online.

15 Websites To Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online Review

1) ArtistWorks

Artistworks Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Artist Works is a vast online learning platform created by David Butler, for students to receive online lessons in a variety of musical instruments and other music certificate programs.

This website boasts of more than 50,000 video lessons, thousands of students from across the globe, and highly qualified instructors. Artist Works is an accredited supplementary education provider in different subjects.

The platform's integration and use of Video Exchange Technology allows participants to send in their practice videos and receive personal video responses from an expert instructor.

This feature is in a bid to improve the students learning experience in the most convenient and effective way possible.The Hip-Hop scratch lesson on this website has been designed by expert vinyl scratch, DJ Qbert.

In this lesson, you will have full access to comprehensive scratching exercises, training beats, scratch theory, and every other essential scratch concept you need to know.

This lesson costs $29 for a one-month subscription and gives you unlimited access to scratch lessons, extensive video exchange library, music workshops, and a global interactive community of Hip-Hop enthusiasts.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Udemy is a top eLearning platform that provides in-depth lessons on a variety of subjects including music, business, lifestyle, photography, design, health, finance and so much more.

This platform has a vast database consisting of more than 130,000+ video lessons, 50,000 expert instructors, and over 40million students.The website features a simple yet professional design that is responsive, easy to navigate and use.

You can quickly search for your preferred lesson using the platforms search box. This will generate an extensive result list that you can filter based on the lesson topic, learning level, language, price, ratings, video duration, etc.

Your results can also be sorted according to a variety of different options like most relevant, reviewed, highest rated, and entry-level.

On Udemy, the different Hip-Hop lessons vary in their topic and structure. Browsing through the individual lesson dashboard, you can view the curriculum or preview the course to determine if its best for your Hip-Hop learning needs.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for each lesson, giving you ample opportunity to experience a specific course before making your decision.

Generally, each lesson includes; on-demand video, full lifetime access (on mobile and television), and certificate of completion. If you are a lover of mobile learning then you are in luck as Udemy has a mobile application you can download for free.

3) Lynda

Lynda Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Lynda.com (acquired by Linkedin Learning) is a leading eLearning Platform that provides lessons on different subjects.On Lynda.com you can learn new valuable skills to develop yourself personally and professionally.

Lynda.com has a vast database of more than 15,000 expert-led courses for different learning levels.By signing up for a membership plan, you will be given unlimited access to the platform's vast library of high quality, engaging courses taught by industry experts.

You can try out Lynda.com using the free month trial option and afterward pay a recurring fee of $19.99 monthly (billed annually).The membership plan allows you to download your Hip-Hop lessons for free internet viewing.

Every lesson has a transcript to aid you in the learning process. There is also a digital notebook you can use to take down points during a lesson.

These notes are saved on your user account but you can export them to MS Word, Google Doc, or plain text.On Lynda.com you can take your Hip-Hop lessons on a tablet, computer, or mobile device.

4) Edx

edx Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

edX.Org is a global eLearning platform that offers over 2,600 free courses in 30 plus subject areas from 140 top institutions.edX.Org is a platform formed from the joint partnership between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

This platform is home to over 20 million students, a vast number of top academic institutions, and organizations.The edX website is professionally designed with responsive and easy to use features.

Currently, edX.Org offers a religion and Hip Hop Culture training program, which has been described as exploring “Hip-Hop culture's religious dimensions through its musical language-rap music”.

The course is expected to last for 4 to 6 weeks with students allocating between 2 to 5 hours of their time every week.

This lesson is free and offered by the RICEx institution. As an online introductory level course, you will be taught on various topics. At the end of your course, you will be awarded an official shareable certificate of competition from the course provider.

This document serves as proof of your participation and can be added to your CV or resume.

Your lesson will involve the use of on-demand videos, projects, music, images, quizzes, expert opinions, etc.The edX platform also has a mobile application you can download from the App Store and Google Play.

5) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

SkillShare is a website that connects students with top instructors for an in-depth video lesson on their subject of interest.

Only individuals with a registered SkillShare account can access all the platforms learning resources and materials.The SkillShare website is responsive and also easy to navigate.

You can easily use the search box to search for a class, skill, or teacher. After subsequent processing of your search term, you can filter the results shown based on the Class type (All, premium or free), Period Created (All time, monthly or weekly), and Class Length.

The free courses currently available on SkillShare provide lessons on different facets of Hip-Hop including songwriting, dance tutorials, beats, vocals, and choreography.SkillShare's Premium plans have two payment options including $8.25 per month ( billed annually) and $19.00 per month ( billed monthly).

Before any recurring charges are deducted, you are given free 14 days of unlimited access.

There are no commitments and you can cancel your payment anytime you wish. SkillShare has a mobile application available for download on Google Play and the App Store. The application allows for increased convenience in accessing and managing all your Hip-Hop lessons.

6) Take Lessons

TakeLessons Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Take Lessons is an incredible eLearning platform where you can receive lessons on a variety of different subjects, either in-person or online. On the Take Lessons platform, Hip-Hop lessons are classified under the Performing Arts Category.

The platform offers Hip-Hop Dance lessons which have been described as fun, in-depth, and interactive. Once you perform a search for Hip-Hop lessons using the search box, you will be presented with a variety of different options.

You can scroll through each result to view their individual information, to determine which option is best suited for your Hip-Hop learning needs. All the results vary in their price, learning levels taught, teaching location, and dance styles.

If you are interested in a particular Hip-Hop dance course, you can visit the course's full profile for information on the instructor, read reviews on the lesson, and every other vital information you need to know.

If you are in the same location as an instructor, you can have your Hip-Hop lesson either in the instructor's studio or your home. However, if you live in a different city, your lessons can proceed online.

7) A2dance

A2dance Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Addicted 2 Dance known as A2D for short is a professional dance company that provides Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Jazz dance lessons for kids, teens, and adults.

The dance lessons do not take place online but in-person at A2D's state of the art dance studio.Classes are fun, immersive, engaging and suitable for all dance learning levels.

All dance lessons are from top dance instructors with vast years of experience as dancers and performers. You can request a free Hip-Hop Class to experience A2D's dance process, style, and studio. Interested learners can watch some videos on what in-person dance classes on A2D looks like before signing up.

The Hip-Hop class offered by A2D is one of its most popular classes which is described as been inspired by Urban Culture.

8) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Lesson Face is a leading eLearning platform where learners can connect with well trained and highly experienced teachers for a live interactive lesson.Lesson Face focuses on providing comprehensive video lessons on music, language, and a variety of different musical instruments.

The lesson face platform is easy to navigate and use. Members can easily find an expert tutor on a particular category using the platform's search box.

Booking a class and receiving your lessons is relatively easy. All you need is a tablet or computer with a webcam and reliable Internet connection. Your lessons will take place in real-time via the lesson face platform powered by Zoom video conference.

The payment for your lessons is also flexible, as you can pay using a credit card or Paypal. Classes can be paid for singly, in packages, or on a recurring monthly basis.Learning on Lesson Face allows for a great deal of convenience.

You can easily reschedule and cancel a lesson but with prior notice to your instructor.

Users can use any of the platform's built-in filters to narrow down results based on category, availability, pricing, etc.Currently, there are no available classes on Hip-Hop lessons on Lesson Face.

9) Tmilly

Tmily Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Tmilly.Tv is a website that provides expert-led video lessons on a variety of different dance styles including Hip-Hop, jazz-funk, contemporary, and heels.The website is very simplistic and easy to use.

You can quickly search for the Hip-Hop category using the search box.You can also narrow down your results based on instructor, dance style, and difficulty level.

Each video profile contains more information about the lesson, reviews, and instructor.New videos are added every week.

You can also access your Hip-Hop video lessons using a phone, tablet, or computer with a reliable internet connection.The membership plan for Tmilly.tv costs as low as $7.49 per month and users can cancel it at any time.

10) Study

Study Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Study.com is an eLearning platform that provides learners with access to informative step by step videos from top tutors. On this platform there are more than 79,000 video lessons on a variety of subjects for different grades.

Study.com is multi-functional as it helps students to prepare a test, study and even college earn credit at low cost. Teachers can also use the platform to prepare for their classes.

Only registered members have full access to the platform's vast library of study materials and video lessons. There is a 30-day free trial option that you can use to explore the platforms and experience its learning resources.Study.com offers a Hip-Hop Dance lesson plan.

The content of this plan is meant to improve students' knowledge of Hip-Hop. Learners will be taught about America's hip-hop history, the different hip-hop elements and accurately identify hip-hop amongst other music styles.

Study.com has a mobile application that is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Its mobile application allows for greater convenience in accessing and managing the platform's resources.

11) Flocabulary

Flocabulary Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Flocabulary is an online database of over 600 educational rap videos on different subject areas such as maths, science, social studies, life skills, and vocabulary.

The educational rap videos are easy to understand and appropriate for Grades K to 12. Flocabulary's videos are high-quality, incorporating both interesting animations and great photography.

There are specific directions for the implementation of Flocabulary either to support English Language Learners (ELLs), Learning differences and Vocabulary development.

Using Flocabulary high innovative and creative teaching guide, educators can improve their teaching methods and impact more knowledge on their students.

12) Tapac

Tapac Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

T.A.P.A.C is an acronym for the Auckland Performing Arts Center. T.A.P.A.C is a joint venture between the Auckland council, Western springs college, and New Zealand school of performing arts.

T.A.P.A.C is a community of different individuals with a common interest in the performing arts. T.A.P.A.C also plans to launch an online performing arts program from May 4th to the 30th.

These classes will provide an affordable, accessible, and comprehensive opportunity for interested participants to learn their favorite dance moves. There are also free options for interested participants who cannot afford the paid option.

These online classes include Drama, vintage, jazz, Hip-Hop, contemporary dance, yoga, mixed level ballet, and lots more. T.A.P.A.C Hip-Hop class is available for both kids and adults.

Through this class, learners can practice with an expert Hip-Hop dancer via Zoom. Only registered users can receive the zoom link via an email about 30minutes before the class. These dance classes provide an opportunity to learn great Hip-Hop online moves in a fun and interactive way.

13) PBS Learning Media

PbslearningmediaLearn Hip Hop Lessons Online

PBS Learning Media is a central resource center for educators, students, and teachers on different subjects ranging from sciences, arts to world languages. The Sole objective of this platform is to enhance teachers' performance and also students' accomplishments.

All the learning resources comprising videos, audio, documents, and lesson plan are in line with state and national standards.These resources are available for different grades including PreK, early/upper elementary, middle school, and high school.

Only registered members can access the available learning resources and features.On PBS Learning media, there are resources on the foundations of Hip-Hop comprising of a lesson plan for grades 9 to 13+ under the Sound breaking collections. 

This course guide is divided into a lesson summary and learning objectives.PBS Learning Media does not offer online hip-hop classes. It basically serves as a broad resource medium.

14) Baza Dance

Bazadance Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Baza Dance Studios Inc. Is a website that provides virtual classes on certain dance styles and techniques.The organizers of this dance program have made the process of booking a dance lesson relatively cheap and easy.

There are three membership plans that give participants various levels of access to the platform's dance program.This membership plan includes the Drop-in, weekly, and monthly subscriptions which cost $8, $20, and $70 respectively.

There are also free virtual classes for individuals who cannot afford any of the available payment plans.Baza Dance beginner Hip-Hop and Reggaeton class have been designed to help beginners learn easy expert-led hip-hop dance moves.

These lessons are a unique combination of street dance moves and cardio workouts to keep you fit even as you learn.

On this platform, you can read reviews from other students on their experience learning on Baza Dance. As at the time of writing the organizers are currently offering a 15% off the regular pricing for college students.

15) Class Central

ClassCentral Learn Hip Hop Lessons Online

Class Central as the name suggests is a Central database for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).Class Central is one of the largest eLearning platforms with over 15,000 courses, 75,000 reviews, 1.5million registered users, and 25 million unique users.

Class Central functions primarily as a comprehensive directory, search engine, and review site for free online courses.

Interested participants can easily access Class Central's vast catalog of courses provided by different leading institutions around the world. Using Class Central's platform, you can find new courses, review courses, and also follow the course providers to receive personalized updates.

A quick search for Hip-Hop lessons using the platform's search box will provide a long list of options from different course providers.

For each result, you can either have a quick or comprehensive view of the results shown to you.On each course profile, you can read details of the course provider, cost price session, language, certificate, effort, duration, syllabus, and reviews.

If you like any listing from the options listed on the Class Central platform, you can then choose an option that redirects you to the course provider.

Choosing The Best Hip Hop Lesson Online

There are a lot of great eLearning platforms that provide comprehensive, fun, and interactive Hip-Hop lessons online. These websites differ in their features, pricing, teaching format, and structure.

As a learner, you have to review each one to determine which platform suits you best in all the various essential learning factors. The internet presents a great alternative for you to learn more vital information and acquire valuable skills in your specific area of interest.

However, the platform you choose to use can either foster the learning process or hinder it. Hence the need for you to take your time and consider the available options before making a decision.

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