5 Best Ways to Learn Drum

Best Ways to Learn Drum
Best Ways to Learn Drum

Drum is a part of musical culture and they have been existence for so long that no one is sure about when and how they started. From ancient tribal music and war anthems to the Jazz genre of the modern age, we get to find drums in every possible way around us when it comes to music.

The drum is basically a percussion instrument that has a hollow body with round material used on the outside. Wood or stainless steel are some of the most commonly used materials for the body of the drum. Each end of the drum is covered by a film that is strong enough to take the hits.

In ancient days, the animal hide was used on the drums to serve the purpose, but as time passed, we have turned to more efficient and eco-friendly materials. The thing that you need to know as a student is that the drum might be played along, or there is a whole drum set for the modern time band or jazz music. Drums are also being played for some other popular genres such as rock and pop so learning drums would be the right thing for you to do. If you are confused about the ways that can help you learn drums, here are a few options for you.

Best Ways to Learn Drum

1. Online Drum Lessons

Online drum lessons are one of the most perfect ways to learn to play drums if you have the right equipment handy for practice. These lessons ensure that you are practicing the drums in the right manner and are not making any sort of mistakes that might cost you later on during any sort of performance.

Moreover, a drum can be played in various styles and techniques of your own so you can personalize the style that you want with the help of these lessons. One such great option that you can choose to learn drumming online would be:

Jazz Drum with Peter Erskine

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Peter Erskine is one of the most famous drummers of all time and this course ensures that you get the right advantage from his wealth of knowledge about jazz drums. The course also contains a rich library of drum music tracks and lessons that are his own creation so you can learn the secret behind the magic and make it worth your while, learning to play drums online. The course has extensive information on jazz drum drills that will allow you to have the perfect practice routine and you can maintain the right stamina that will be required to play those drums for any band or solo performance that you might be planning on.

With the help of these lessons, you will learn all about Drum Fill exercises so that you can practice at your leisure along with the lessons without making any mistakes and gradually move all the way up to perfection. These lessons also have tons of jazz charts included for you to better understand the concepts of jazz music and how drumming plays an effective role in it. Not only that, but these jazz charts will also let you practice all the jazz skills that you might need to play by ear.

This is a complete guide for absolute beginners that includes the introduction to jazz drums, how you can point your sticks, how to hold the sticks, and where you can begin the practice. Gradually moving to strokes and warming up patterns, you will learn about tone production and practice with carefully designed exercises to reach the advanced levels and once you are done with the course, you will be able to play drums in front of any sort of audience that you might have to.

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2. Drumming Degree

Since drumming has such a wide scope and applications in different genres of music, there are several universities across the world offering degrees in drumming and that is the best thing you can get if you are truly passionate about drumming and want to make a career out of it.

With the help of the right degree, you will understand the deeper concepts behind drums and how you can use that knowledge to play drums in a better manner and make it count towards your success ultimately. You might have to travel to some other place and join proper classes, but it would definitely be worth it for any drumming lover who is an enthusiast of drums and wants to settle for nothing less than the best.

3. Tutorial Videos

If you don’t want to have the knowledge and just looking for a way to learn playing some specific track or tracks over the drum so you can surprise your friends or family at some party, you don’t need to go through all that stuff with the concepts. With these tutorial videos that you can find online, you can get play-along tracks with the instructions and illustrations on playing drums online and all you need to do is play the right video and have a set of drums that you can practice on.

Further with such videos, you will be able to play the track that you want in no time without going to any sort of hassle at all and that is the shortest and most efficient way to learn drums if you just want to play some specific songs or tunes on the drum.

4. Online Private Tutor

Another great innovation from the technology is that you don’t have to move from your comfort zone to learn and online private tutors are providing you with the dedicated attention that you might be looking for at your place. With the right online tutor, you get the chance to have a personalized curriculum and learning module that will help you to learn the skills of your choice over the drum.

You will need to have a drum of your own to practice but the rest will all be taken care of by the tutor and you don’t have to follow some pre-recorded instructions or a predefined curriculum for your online drumming lessons.

5. Music Studios

There are tons of music studios all around the world and if you feel like having a professional degree in drumming might be too much for you, you can choose to join a music studio that is conveniently close to your place, or if you are comfortable with the commute. With the right studio, you will get access to some premium drums and along with the teacher, you will have other students to learn from their experiences and grow your skills to the par that you have always wanted.

In addition, you get the confidence to play drums in front of people as well so you can be prepared for the time when you are going to perform in front of an audience for a concert or any other performance.

The Bottom Line

Since drumming is such versatile with its applications and different genres that it is being used for, you cannot say that a specific learning method would be perfect to learn the right drumming experience. It would really depend on your personal preferences and the goals that you might have set for yourself. So, you can make the right decision as to what method would take you closer to your goal with drumming.


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