20 Best Viola Bow Reviews 2022

Best Viola Bow

Best Viola Bow

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Viola is a nice string instrument that requires a bow to play and just as similar string instruments like the Cello and Violin, the bow is very important. Viola bows are made with various kinds of material, are made to work with some sizes of viola, can be crafted as a round or octagonal even as they possess varying weight. It is very beneficial that with these varying factors and indices, shopping for a perfect bow for your instrument requires that you are knowledgeable and vast with the options.

What are the Best Viola Bows to Buy?

2) Fiddlerman Viola Bow - Carbon Fiber

  • Quality Carbon Fiber
  • Siberian Horse Hair
  • Handcrafted
  • Great Arch 

1) Vio Music Brazilwood 4/4 Viola Bow

  • Premium Brazilwood
  • Natural Horse Hair
  • Great Balancing
  • Low Cost

3) Vingobow Full Size Viola Bow

  • Durable Carbon Fiber
  • Mongolian Horsehair
  • Loud & Wild Tone

Below are the things to look for when shopping for a viola bow.

1. Bow Material

The viola bows are made with various materials such as Fiberglass, Pernambuco, Brazilwood, Carbon Fiber while some are made with a fusion of two of the listed materials. Each of these materials has attributes and the bow buyers should make the choice along with the attributes that satisfy their needs.

2. Quality Sound

Strongly advise that the bow buyers go shopping for the viola bow bring along their viola instrument. Doing so will help in choosing the perfect bow size for it and also let the bow buyers determine the bow with the best sound clarity and loudness.

3. Weight and Balance

The weight of a viola bow is very important as well as the balance. For a bow that is light weighted and possesses a great balance in hand as the players hold and use it, the players will relish and enjoy using it for the instrument. Heavy bows may not be able to give the right balance.

4. Shape

Every bow buyer must choose between octagonal-shaped viola bows and round-shaped ones. There are myths about one being better than the other but it is recommended to consider the one that the bow buyers desire.

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20 Best Viola Bow Reviews

1. Vio Music Brazilwood 4/4 Viola Bow

This is a nice and pretty viola bow made to possess good qualities that excite and attract viola players. It is a bow made from a material that is proven and known to be durable, of desired weight and quality. The brazilwood is a quality material used in bows for major string instruments like violin and cello and viola.

This product is made by the Vio Music brand and it comes as a handmade full-size bow. The whalebone winding is of silver color and it forms an amazing look with the brownish color of the upper part. It is made with natural horsehair and ebony frog and maintains a straight and plum design that provides thrilling sound quality from the viola. It is a lightweight bow of 5 ounces weight and this makes it easy to use for a longer period of concerts without stress.

2. Fiddlerman Viola Bow - Carbon Fiber

This is a nice viola bow made by the Fiddlerman brand manufacturer. It is a viola bow with a decent black and white color mix on the outer surface and this with good features offer viola players a good tool for all musical concert and occasions. This is a handmade bow that is made with quality carbon fiber with high durability and lightweight.

Pernambuco viola bows are known for quality and this product is made to offer similar weight and curve that the majority of viola players’ desire and cherish. It is of Siberian horsehair, an ebony frog is of copper material even as the bow maintains perfect balance on the instrument with flawless weight distribution. The arch of this bow supports great sound through good bounce and players can relish this amazing product for a longer period due to its 2.5 ounces weight.

3. Vingobow Full Size Viola Bow

This is a perfect structure viola bow made and manufactured by the Vingobow brand. It is a product that is made from quality, effective and durable carbon fiber material. It is made of very efficient and natural black Mongolian horsehair that is thicker and offers a broader and louder tone when used on a viola instrument.

This viola bow has a great balance point which is used to adjust the balance of the bow to the perfect range. This balance point feature is innovative and effective even as the bow is straight with good design. It is a full-size bow that is made by experienced and professional craftsmen with great skills. It has a weight of 11 ounces which is considerably weightier than others but overall, it is a nice viola bow.

4. Vio Music White Hair Viola Bow

Simplicity is great and if you think of how effective a simple viola bow can be then you need to know about this product from Vio Music. It features nice features and they include a durable and long-lasting carbon fiber as the material, a natural Mongolian horsed hair, a lightweight structure for an effective and long period of usage including impressive balance for weight distribution.

This viola bow is made by hand and it offers a nice craft from professional workers, it offers a great and loud sound when used on viola at any musical concert, party, events, occasion and even at music classes in schools. the weight is about 2.5 ounces and this ensures longer playing time for viola players though the drawback is with the use of natural white Mongolian hair which is not as thick as the black Mongolian type.

5. SKY Brazilwood Viola Bow for Beginners

This is a perfect product for people that are just starting out with playing viola instrument as this bow features truly support beginners. It is a product made from brazilwood octagonal material that is of top quality and also durable. It is a handmade product of amazing craft skills by the Sky brand manufacturer.

This viola bow is straight and balanced to offer the needed and required balance and weight spread as the viola instrument generates a loving sound. The outer brown color looks amazing as it is also strong and of less weight. The weight is about 6 ounces and can be used to play for longer musical sessions and concert even as the bow is soft on finger and aid to produce thrilling sound.

6. Codabow Prodigy Viola Bow

This is another effective and efficient kind of viola bow and it is crafted in the United States by Codabow brand manufacturer. The bow is made from carbon fiber material for durability, strength, and reliability. The bow has an attractive graphite diamond weave finish and a well-blended acoustic brownish tint mix. This viola bow is of traditional ebony frog, a silver-coated winding and a straight fitting of nickel and silver with a nicely fixed tip plate made of metal alloy.

This product functions to provide high-performance sound from the viola with its balancing and even weight spread when used. It is of the considerable weight of 5.6 ounces and beginners and student viola players can play for longer periods without stress or strain on their hands. The best feature is the 5-year warranty for every registered owner that buys this product from an authorized Codabow dealer.

7. Vio Music Ebony Frog Viola Bow

This is a very simple and effective product that offers so much with respect to any desired and required features of a viola bow. It is a product of Vio Music and comes as a straight and slender bow made of carbon fiber material of great strength and durability. The crafting and design of this product are flawless, perfect and amazingly exquisite while the balance is good.

This viola bow has a natural white Mongolian horsehair, a round stick, a Parisian eye and a lightweight of about 8 ounces. This product is able to work and produce high-quality sound from the viola and the lightweight can aid a longer period of usage at musical concerts and any other events.

8. Vingobow Full Size Viola Bow - 75cm

This is another type of quality and dependable viola bow from Vingobow. It is a full size 75 cm longbow made from carbon fiber material and it offers a good number of features that aid the production of great sound, easy usability, and durability. It is a viola bow recommended for professional players that seek and desire a sweet and clear tone. This product has a good bounce and spreads weight perfectly with amazing flexibility.

The untainted Mongolian horsehair that is easy to the rosin and has high resistance is used for this product even as the design is straight and plum as amazing handmade craftwork of professionals. This Vingobow model also comes with a balance point where adjustment can be made to have the right balance. It is lightweight and comfortable to play for a longer time.

9. Vio Music Pernambuco Viola Bow

If it is a Pernambuco viola bow, then buyers care less about low quality and disappointment because Pernambuco bows are known for durability as the material is a choice type for every manufacturer. This product is another model made by the Vio Music brand and it comes with Mongolian horsehair, ebony frog and a straight octagonal stick mounted with nickel and silver outer coating.

Every of this model has an engraved ‘VIO MUSIC’ logo and a full refund is promised buyers that do not have the logo on their own bow. This viola bow is very light in weight with less than 3 ounces weight that ensures that the how along with its good balance, can be used a long time without hurting the player.

10. D Z Strad Pernambuco Model 600 Viola Bow

This is another kind of nicely made and structured viola bow from the D Z Strad brand manufacturer. This bow is also made from the quality, durable and premium Pernambuco wood material. It is a pretty bow that features a round stick with ebony frog and Parisian eye. The horsehair is a white Mongolian hair of AAA grade and a great balance for best weight spread and nice sound production from the viola.

The frog is traditional even as the whole bow is handmade with each inspected by the United State based manufacturer. It is light in weight with just about 6.5 ounces which makes this viola bow fit and qualified for use in concerts, musical shows, events and parties that are on for longer hours.

11. D Z Strad Carbon Fiber Model 401 Viola Bow

This is another type of viola bow made by the D Z Strad brand manufacturer of bows and it looks amazing as the outer surface is silver coated. This model 401 comes with nice features that make playing the viola easier for players at any professional level. This product is made from braided carbon fiber which is durable and above all better than the traditional wood in that it can withstand adverse environmental conditions.

The round stick is with a premium and nicely polished ebony frog and a Parisian eye. It also possesses an unbleached grade AAA Mongolian white horsehair. The balance of this viola bow is great and with it, thrilling and powerful sounds are generated from the viola even as it distributes weight evenly the string. It has about 5.6 ounces of weight and is good enough to play for a longer time.

12. D Z Strad Brazilwood Model 508 Viola Bow

This is another very effective and efficient handmade viola bow from the D Z Strad brand manufacturer. This model is a type made from top Brazil wood material known and proven to be durable and sustainable. This model 508 of D Z Strand viola bow is of 14 to 17 inches size dimension and features a nicely fitted unbleached and untainted white grad AAA Mongolian horsehair.

The balance is perfect and as such this viola bow could spread weight evenly for loud and clear sound and tone. It has a weight of about 6.5 ounces and this makes it easy for viola players to hold and play with this bow for as long as any musical concert and event last.

13. Vio Music Ebony Frog Viola Bow

This is yet another very usable and functional kind of viola bow from a common and famous brand manufacturer of bows, Vio Music. This particular model is made to offer great features like most products from the Vio Music brand and it properly does as it is built and crafted from top braided carbon fiber that is resistant to environmental changes and effects and very durable.

This viola bow comes with a natural white Mongolian white horsehair and a very impressive bow that works well to provide and generate a loving and thrilling sound that viola players desire to give at any concert, party, events, and shows. An ebony frog and a Parisian eye with other features make the bow weigh up to 5.6 ounces and causes no stress upon a long time playing and usage.

14. Vio Music Braided Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

This is also a nice and efficient type of viola bow made by topmost and popular manufacturer, Vio Music. This model is ideally made to offer the best sound and tone from the viola instrument. It is simple and effective with its natural Mongolian horsehair, ebony frog mounted on nickel silver and a colorful shell slide that is present.

This viola bow is made from a braided type of Carbon Fiber and with a light weight of about 3 ounces, it is the desired bow for concerts, musical shows, events and parties that won’t end soon. It aids the delivery of great sound and tone from the viola instrument even as it has no warranty for buyers on every purchase.

15. Cecilio 13 Inch Brazilwood Viola Bow

This is a type of viola bow made from quality and durable Brazilwood material. It is a product by the popular and famous manufacturers of musical instruments and accessories, Cecilio. It is an ideal and usable viola bow that can be used for viola instruments at schools, concerts and musical studios.

The horsehair is unbleached and natural and the frog is ebony just as it offers a good balance and even weight spread and distribution for the production of great, thrilling and satisfying sounds and tones required at any occasion, events, and parties. It is good for all players on different kinds of professional level and with its weight which is about a pound, it is a nice viola bow for occasions that last for longer times.

16. SHAR Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

If you love innovation and products made from creative thinking, then you have to desire this viola bow that combines strength from two quality materials. This is a Shar brand viola bow and it is made from a material derived from the fusion of carbon fiber and fiberglass materials and as expected, it is strong, durable and resistant to environmental conditions.

This model is perfect for students in music classes and beginners just learning how to play viola. It is easy to use as the bow aid in producing the desired sound and tone from the viola instrument. The weight is considerable as it stands at 2 pounds. This product has no warranty on purchase and buyers should note this.

17. MI & VI Pernambuco Viola Bow

This is a pretty and very attractive viola bow which is a product of MI & VI brand manufacturer. It is a handmade bow that is made with quality Mongolian horsehair and with rosin to produce amazing sound. This bow features a nice stick and perfect arch design that provide balance point and weight spread on the viola string.

This product is of 15 to 16.5 inches long and is fit and good enough to be used on any type of viola instrument. It is also very light in weight with just 4 ounces that ensure players can use for a longer period without aching their hands. This product is good for players of every level of professionalism. This brand offers a 90 days warranty on every purchase and buyers should be aware.

18. Codabow Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

This is a nice and beautiful viola bow from the Codabow brand manufacturer. It is a bow made from carbon fiber and well designed to feature a diamond graphite weave finish, traditional ebony from and silver winding as found with most Codabow bow models. The fitting is exquisite as it has a Moroccan goatskin coating as grip and a gold metal stallion hair.

This viola bow has a nice balancing for the production of amazing sounds and tones even as every registered buyer or owner is given a guaranty on the purchase of this viola bow. This product is a combination of amazing traditional features with modern features and this makes it desirable to viola players even though the weight is heavy with about 21 pounds weight.

19. The Piano Guys Premium Horsehair Viola Bow

This is an elegant and very classy piece of viola bow which is made with quality composite materials including carbon fiber to give a red color derivative that is both amazing in appearance and incredible in strength. It features a silver winding and a Mother of Pearl Signature ebony frog that is well customized. This product is trendy with its effective branded monogrammed ferrule, a three-part button with red-eye, a lizard grip and Aduu Mongolian horsehair of red color.

The material it is made from and as such the manufacturer, The Piano Guys, TPG believes it can stay for life as it is water resistance and humidity resistant. This viola bow offers a nice and clear tone for every kind of genre viola players decide to play. it is very light in weight with just about 3 ounces and this means players can play for as long as they desire. The best feature is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on every purchase and every buyer must be aware of this amazing offer.

20. Eastman Strings Model 10 Viola Bow

This is a product made by the Eastman Strings brand of musical instrument manufacturer. It is a product that is made with the need to solve issues that viola beginners face. It has a good balance and weight spread and it produces a clear, loud and quality sound and tone. It has a classy ebony frog mounted in nickel silver with real Mongolian unbleached horsehair.

This product comes in various sizes for different viola sizes and they include 4/4 to 1/16, 4/4 to 1/10 sizes for cello bows, 3/4 to 1/8 for bass bows. The weight is 1 pound and it means viola players can use for longer periods at musical concerts, parties, events, and occasions.

Choosing the Best Viola Bows

In conclusion, the above pieces of viola bows’ information are fair and true. Going by the buying guide and the reviews of selected viola bow product, any bow buyer should be able to make a good purchase for his or her viola. In addition, buyers of viola bows should endeavor to test the bow. Take it and test if you are shopping at offline stores as this will help reduce mistakes and loss of cash to substandard products.

2) Fiddlerman Viola Bow - Carbon Fiber

  • Quality Carbon Fiber
  • Siberian Horse Hair
  • Handcrafted
  • Great Arch 

1) Vio Music Brazilwood 4/4 Viola Bow

  • Premium Brazilwood
  • Natural Horse Hair
  • Great Balancing
  • Low Cost

3) Vingobow Full Size Viola Bow

  • Durable Carbon Fiber
  • Mongolian Horsehair
  • Loud & Wild Tone