17 Best Viola String Reviews 2022 (Best Viola String Brands)

Best Viola Strings, Best String for Viola & Best Viola String Brands

Best Viola Strings, Best String for Viola & Best Viola String Brands

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The viola is a majestic instrument that needs strings in order to produce its signature sounds. If you buy a viola, the instrument will come with a set of strings, unless mentioned otherwise. But, even so, you can change its strings in case you are not satisfied with the existent ones, if you want to try various sounds and musical styles, or if you want to make sure that you have a backup in case the existent ones break.

You may say that they are all viola strings, so what’s the big deal? Well, if you do just a bit of research, you will see that there are several types of viola strings out there. In case you want to improve your playing technique and style then you should be concerned about the viola strings you are using on your instrument.

What are the Best Viola Strings to Buy?

2) D’Addario Helicore Viola String Set

  • Reputable Brand
  • Affordable
  • Warm Tone
  • Optimum Playability

1) Pirastro Obligato up to 16.5″ Viola String Set

  • High Quality
  • Medium Gauge
  • Great Price Value
  • Exceptional Sounds

3) Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola String Set

  • Ball End Strings
  • Chrome-steel Winding
  • Comfortable Playing

First of all, you need to take into account the size of your viola. As you may already know, there are various sizes of viola, which makes each type respond differently when touching its strings. There is also a variety of gauges, heavy, medium, and light, so experiment with them will give you an idea about the sounds you can make with your viola.

But, if you are just at the beginning, it would be ideal to start with medium gauge viola strings. Besides this, there are 3 different core types when it comes to viola strings. Thus, you have the gut strings or gut-core strings, synthetic core strings, and steel core strings.

If we are to look at all of these, the gut strings are most recommended for experienced players, as they are not that stable due to the fact that humidity and usage can change their sound, although they do offer very rich tones to a viola.

Synthetic core strings were created to mimic the gut strings, but without being so sensitive. New generations of synthetic core strings are even better, as they are made to last even longer and sound better.

Finally, steel core strings are the ones responsible for triggering a more metallic sound, due to the fact that they are thinner. This makes them quite popular among players with electric violas, besides the fact that they project loud sounds with the help of amplification systems. Now that you have the basic info about viola strings do check out the list below and find out the strings that suit your needs best.

17 Best Viola String Reviews and the Best Viola String Brands 

1) Pirastro Obligato up to 16.5″ Viola String Set – Medium Gauge

If you have a viola that is no larger than 16.5” and you’re looking for a set of strings that is neither cheap nor expensive, this particular option may suit you more than you think.

The set contains synthetic core strings made out of aluminum with tungsten and silver winding. The association of these materials led to the development of light and easy to use strings that are both very resistant and capable of providing exceptional sounds.

The truth is that the manufacturing company takes pride in using a new material for the viola strings it produces so that its customers will enjoy stable strings with a quick response and rich sounds every time their play their instrument.

2) D’Addario Helicore Viola String Set, Medium Scale, Medium Tension

This is a string set made for medium-scale violas, with sizes ranging between 15 and 15 ¾ inches. Having a stranded steel core, the strings are capable of producing warm and clear tones, so you will love how your instrument will sound equipped with this kind of strings.

They also make playing the viola easier, as they are more than versatile and comfortable to use. When it comes to price, they are in the affordable range, so you will have no issues getting to this set of strings if you want it.

If you are not familiar with the D’Addario brand, you should know that they have stringent quality rules when it comes to manufacturing viola strings.

3) Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola String Set 4/4 Medium

This is a great set of viola strings that will make your instrument product incredible sounds. With a steel core and chromed steel windings, these strings are capable of delivering amazing results.

Because the brand pays attention to details, each string has a peg end silking of a different color. The manufacturer also mentioned that this particular set is capable of making a viola produce warmer sounds than other Pirastro viola string set.

If this is going to help you, it depends on your requirements concerning the sounds you’re looking to obtain from your instrument. When it comes to the break-in time, these strings have a much shorter period and they are also very resistant as well, not being affected by environmental conditions.

4) D’Addario Prelude Viola String Set, Short Scale, Medium Tension

There are quite a few reasons that should make you check out this steel core viola string set. The price tag of the set is one of these reasons, as this is one affordable set of viola strings.

Also, in spite of the fact that steel is a rigid material, D’Addario did its best to optimize the strings and deliver an exceptional set of strings for improved sounds.

According to many viola teachers, it appears that the brand did it, as this set is recommended to all students due to its accessible price and the fact that it makes the viola perform in a warm and pleasant manner.

5) Pirastro Evah Pirazzi up to 16.5″ Viola String Set – Medium Gauge

A set of synthetic core viola strings, this product offered by Pirastro Evah Pirazzi reflects quality at an accessible price tag. The medium gauge of the strings makes them suitable for beginners or those that want to continue improving their viola playing skills.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that experienced players can’t use them, especially if they love using synthetic cores with a medium gauge for their viola performances. The manufacturing company utilizes the latest technology in this domain and produces top-notch viola strings.

Thus, with this set, you will enjoy brilliant and focused sounds with minimum effort and a quick response. They are the most appreciated type of strings made by this brand.

6) Larsen up to 16.5″ Viola A String Medium Aluminum/Steel Ball-End

Everybody needs strings for practicing their instrument and this set may be just the perfect one, due to its more than accessible price tag. If you invested in an expensive viola string set, you probably don’t want to stress it during your rehearsal or learning sessions.

This is when this set of strings can come in handy. Considering their reduced price tag, it won’t represent an effort from your side to get them so that you will have something less sophisticated to use when you simply want to improve your playing skills.

Made out of aluminum and steel, these strings are resistant and can easily be part of each beginner’s starter kit when it comes to playing the viola.

7) Thomastik-Infeld 141 Dominant Synthetic Core Viola Strings, Medium Gauge, 4/4 Scale, Set of 4

When you are still working on your viola playing skills, synthetic core strings are the best option because they are resistant and behave very well in all kinds of environmental conditions.

So, you won’t have to worry about humidity too much, while tuning is done fast and easy. And when quality is part of the strings’ manufacturing process, you know that your instrument will perform flawlessly every time.

With these strings, you can enjoy rich overtones and a soft but clear intonation. And all of this without having that metallic sound that can sometimes be found in the case of cheaper strings. You will get great quality for the money spent on this set.

8) Pirastro Tonica up to 16.5 inch Viola String Set Medium

This is a set of synthetic core viola strings ideal for instruments that are no larger than 16.5 inches. Featuring a medium gauge, this set of strings is more than great for those that are still learning to play the viola.

They provide a clean and clear sound as they are made out of fine filaments. They are also highly resistant and will successfully withstand a lot of wear and tear until they will get damaged or lose their properties.

Once installed on your instrument, expect to enjoy loud sounds, as the strings go through quality check before their leave the manufacturing line. Not being affected by humidity and responding very fast to your playing style, these strings are very reliable.

9) Super-Sensitive 4107 Red Label Full Core Standard Viola Strings, Set of 4

This is another affordable set of viola strings that anyone can purchase. They are made in the USA so you can be sure that, in spite of the accessible price tag, you are not going to buy cheap strings.

In fact, many teachers and orchestra directors will recommend these strings. The core string is steel while the winding is made out of nickel. What does this mean? It means that the tonal quality is superior and that the strings are more stable than they may seem.

This makes them great for practicing sessions, allowing you to feel your viola and get used to its sounds and reactions.

10) Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings (PI200)

If quality is one of your main concerns and priorities, you will not be disappointed by the viola strings offered by the Thomastik-Infeld brand. The price tag may be a bit higher than in the case of other synthetic core strings, but your money will be well spent on this product.

These viola strings were made with the needs of professional players in mind, so they are more than capable of delivering exceptional results. It doesn’t matter if you play in an orchestra if you need to pull off a solo performance, or a recital, because these strings will make your instrument sound amazing each time and in every occasion.

11) Thomastik-Infeld VI200 Vision Viola Strings Set 4/4

This is another great set of synthetic core viola strings that will not disappoint you. They have a more accessible price tag than other viola strings set offered by Thomastik-Infeld and they are very easy to use, two main features that recommend them for beginners.

You will have no troubles tuning them, as this is going to be an operation that will take a small amount of time. The tone they will offer to your viola will be clear, bright, and loud, so there are high chances that you will love how your instrument will sound once equipped with these strings.

And the best part is that you can mix these strings with any other type of viola strings you want, for a personalized sound.

12) Pirastro Passione Viola String Set Medium

This is another set of viola strings that are worth having your attention. These are synthetic core strings with a medium gauge and ball end, so you can be sure that their performance is just as it should be.

What will you get if you choose these strings?

Well, according to those that already tried them out, the instrument will be capable of playing fairly loud, which is definitely an advantage for those that perform in an orchestra or band.

The tone is nice and rich, slightly dark according to some, but pleasant, so this is another aspect that you should take into consideration. Overall, this is not such a bad set of viola strings, if you are in search of the characteristics it offers.

13) Larsen up to 16.5″ Viola String Set Medium Gauge with Ball-End A

Are you ready to invest a bit more in a set of viola strings, making sure that they will not disappoint you? Then you should take this set into consideration. Yes, it will make you reach into your pocket a bit deeper than usual, but the sounds they will provide will worth the effort.

All strings in this set have a synthetic core and they are made to have a medium gauge. Those that already gave them a change enjoyed the rich sounds they produce and the clean and clear tones.

They can be truly surprising considering that they are made out of metal. But, the experience of the manufacturer and attention to details and quality speak out in this case.

14) Jargar Jar-4792 up to 16.5″ Viola String Set Medium

If you have a 16.5” viola, it may be worth taking a look at this string set, considering that they are made to fit violas of this size. Made out of chromed steel, these strings come at an affordable price, giving you the chance to get the benefits of having quality strings on your viola without spending a small fortune.

Of a medium gauge and with a removable ball end these strings will help you play the viola in a very comfortable and stable manner. So, if you are still looking for affordable viola strings that have what it takes to deliver, this is one of the options you need to have in mind.

15) Thomastik Infeld Spirocore Viola String Set – Full Size – Medium Gauge

Made in Austria and offering a full and balanced sound, this set of viola strings may have just the characteristics you need. According to the manufacturer, the set is recommended for those that play pizzacato or arco, due to the fact that the strings offer a longer vibrato than most of the strings in the same category.

So, if you are one of these players, you have serious reasons to consider this particular strings set. But, in spite of this, the strings are very stable and reliable. They have a very low level of inertia, so they will not distort the music you will make with your instrument. Plus the accessible price tag makes them the kind of set to have around.

16) Warchal Brilliant 15″-16″ Viola Set – Medium Gauge

This is a string set of a medium gauge made to fit violas of 15 to 16 inches. If you have a viola of this size and are looking for a good set of synthetic core strings with an accessible price tag, this set meets your requirements so far.

These strings are even more suitable if you are looking to give your viola the chance to produce rich overtones and full sounds. Just do have in mind that you will need to give them some time in order to show their real face. This means that you will have to practice on them for 3 to 4 days until they are ready to reveal their full potential and characteristics.

17) Prim Viola Strings – Set, 15-16 1/2, Chromesteel/Steel, Orchestra, Ball

Do you need a steel core viola strings that are reliable and affordable? Steel core strings are preferred for their resistance in time and for the fact that they are not affected by humidity changes in the surrounding atmosphere.

So, when your instrument will be equipped with this kind of strings it will require less tuning than in comparison with other kinds of strings. If you don’t have too much experience with playing the viola and you’re still a bit clumsy when playing it, steel strings will be more than capable of withstanding all the stress you may get them through.

Choosing the Best Viola Strings

When it comes to string instruments, the strings are, after all, the most important part of the instrument. The viola makes no exception from this rule, so the strings that are on the instrument will make it perform in a way or another.

2) D’Addario Helicore Viola String Set

  • Reputable Brand
  • Affordable
  • Warm Tone
  • Optimum Playability

1) Pirastro Obligato up to 16.5″ Viola String Set

  • High Quality
  • Medium Gauge
  • Great Price Value
  • Exceptional Sounds

3) Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola String Set

  • Ball End Strings
  • Chrome-steel Winding
  • Comfortable Playing

This is why it is worth taking the time to check out your options when looking for viola strings. If you are taking viola lessons, your teacher may be able to make some recommendations, especially if picking viola strings can be rather confusing still at this moment.

We did our best to present some of the best viola string sets that are suitable for both beginners and those that managed to acquire a bit of experience so far as well. So, hopefully, with the list of products that were previously described, you will find it easier to decide on the type of strings that are most suitable for your viola.