20 Best Tuba Reviews 2022 – Best Tuba Brands

Best Tuba & Best Tuba Brands

Best Tuba & Best Tuba Brands

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You have decided to get yourself or your kid a tuba? Congratulations on your decision to upgrade your play and take your blossoming career to the next level. But one thing is sure when it comes to buying a tuba; the decision can be a bit challenging, considering the numerous models in the market. Again, the role you are going to play, the level you are in, and your budget will also determine the type of tuba you will need to display your talent.

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What are the Best Tuba to Buy?

Jupiter 378 Series 3-Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba 378L Lacquer
Vento VETU5200 500 Series Model 5200 3/4 Size BBb Tuba
Glory Brass GTU3 3 key B Flat Tuba, Gold finish, with Mouthpiece,Case and Glove,Click to check more choice
Jupiter 378 Series 3-Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba 378L Lacquer
Vento VETU5200 500 Series Model 5200 3/4 Size BBb Tuba
Glory Brass GTU3 3 key B Flat Tuba, Gold finish, with Mouthpiece,Case and Glove,Click to check more choice
Jupiter 378 Series 3-Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba 378L Lacquer
Jupiter 378 Series 3-Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba 378L Lacquer
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Vento VETU5200 500 Series Model 5200 3/4 Size BBb Tuba
Vento VETU5200 500 Series Model 5200 3/4 Size BBb Tuba
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Glory Brass GTU3 3 key B Flat Tuba, Gold finish, with Mouthpiece,Case and Glove,Click to check more choice
Glory Brass GTU3 3 key B Flat Tuba, Gold finish, with Mouthpiece,Case and Glove,Click to check more choice
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Tubas Buyers Guide - Choose the Best Tuba

There are certain things to consider when shopping for a tuba. These are:


Depending on the model and make, tubas come at various prices—from $1000 to $20,000 USD. Of course, price plays a significant role in quality and durability, but the fact remains that the tuba with the highest price is not always the best in quality.

Experience has thought us over time that, a product that delivers the much-needed expectations is the type that complies with quality. Therefore, do not base your selection solely on price. Do some research and get a feel of what customers are saying about the particular tuba you are planning to buy. This way, you should be able to know whether the tuba will meet your expectations or not.

Consider the type

Don’t go shopping until you have determined the type of tuba you want. Normally, there are two major types of tubas: contrabass and bass tubas, and every other type of tubas are grouped under one of the two main types. Take note that Eb and F tubas are regarded a bass tubas, which play more in higher key compared to contrabass tubas. Furthermore, bass tubas also have brighter sound ahead of contrabass tubas.

On the other hand, Bb and C tubas, which are also called CC and BBb tubas, are classified as contrabass tubas. BBb tubas have the lowest pitch among the standard tuba sizes, but with a large pitch in B-flat, which is ideal for playing in a standard American concert. As for CC tubas, they are most famous with symphony orchestras. Whichever type you choose will largely depend on your taste and what you are playing.


Tubas come in various sizes, determine by the bores, which varies from one manufacturer to another. Tubas sizes are known as 3 /4, 4/4, 5/4 and in some cases, 6/4. A small size-ball tuba makes the instrument more compact and easier to handle, even by the smallest players, but don’t ever forget that such a student will grow someday. But the right thing to look for when selecting a tuba is the key, as mentioned earlier.

20 Best Tuba Reviews and Best Tuba Brands

The following is a review of the best tubas instrument in the market.

1) Jupiter 378 Series 3-Valve ¾ BBb Tuba 378 L Lacquers

Not to be left behind, Jupiter returns with this competitive model to claim stay to the title of satisfying the band director and all those in the marching band. The Jupiter 378 series is the dream come true to the band director for demonstrating unique features like a detachable lead pipe which make it suitable for the marching band and standing performance.

The Jupiter 378 series features 3-valve action nickel silver pistons that are lighting fast in terms of response and placement. The tuba also features a valve body and a bell that will enhance easy maintenance and repair. The overall outer construction is durable, which is just perfect for the tuba learning sessions in the classroom or theatre.

The Piston valves of the Jupiter 378 encourages more practical playing due to the ease and comfort it offers the young player, and the size and weight further allow the player to control the sound and overall play. The tuba is complete sounding device measuring ¾ in size, a feature that any band director would be extremely glad to have.

2) Vento VETU5200 500 Series Model 5200 ¾ Size BBb Tuba

For something that combines beautiful, nice looks with good quality, the Vento VETU5200 is a classy tuba to have. The Vento VETU5200 is a continuation of the Vento 500 series of BBb Tuba, and this particular model comes with three front-actions, stainless steel valve design to provide excellent intonation and command of play.

Like with most other models, Vento continue to incorporate the stainless steel design. It is seen as a superior metal that enhances the quality of pistons, but in most cases, is used only for the design of top quality musical instruments. But in this case, Vento is bringing quality to equal the playing field, even for cheaper models—incorporating the stainless steel design for players of all levels.

The Vento VTU5200 design is an excellent choice for students or band directors looking to have a great and reliable tuba at an affordable price, and which is capable of generating great sound quality. The bore size of the VTU5200 measures 661 inches while the bell is 14.5 in diameter. The Vento VTU5200 is coated in a protective clear lacquer finish, a deluxe tuba case for storage and transportation and a mouthpiece that defines its true quality.

3) Glory Brass GTU3 3 Key B Flat Tuba, Gold Finish with Mouthpiece

This is one of the most affordable tubas on the market. We just don’t like this tuba because it is cheap, but because it also features unique characteristics like those of the high-cost models. The Glory Brass GTU3 3 Key B Flat Tuba is designed to provide comfort for players in all categories, especially for the student and beginners.

The Glory Brass GTU3 is a B Flat key tuba that features a gold finish. It also has a brass body with 3 front action stainless steel pistons that provides for classic sound control and excellent play. The bore size of the Glory Brass GTU3 measures 16.8 mm, while the bell DIA measures 370mm, both of which allows the instrument to have quick response, a great projection and unique resonance.

As matter of fact, the Glory Brass GTU3 is tested and certified by the professional quality inspector before it is introduced into the musical instrument market. The tuba meets and complies with all relevant standards and quality. It also comes with a deluxe silver plated mouthpiece, a deluxe hard and durable case for easy storage, and a pair of gloves for additional comfort.

With such quality and provisions for such a cheap product, everyone we agree that this tuba is a must get!

4) Yamaha YBB 641 Professional Rotary Tuba

The Yamaha 641 is a beautiful instrument designed after the manner of traditional German tuba and is modeled to resemble the early Meinl Weston tuba models. The tuba offers players a unique sound experience that denotes the best of Europe’s tuba designers.

The Yamaha YBB 641 tuba features a bore measuring 81 inches, with 4 rotary valves built for excellent valve action and superior sound output. The tuba includes a mouthpiece and a case and is available in a beautiful lacquer design. The fact that the tuba was modeled in line with German tradition, the sound quality it offers also conform to the German tradition—the resonance of Cerveny, the long lead-pipe and the bell of a Mira-phones.

Regarding playability, this tuba is well crafted to suit any type of playing, and the horn is a well blended combination that showcases a voice of its own. The hand-lapped rosary valve showcases a time consuming process which adds to the superior level of the valve, making it fit for responsive action, noiseless and easy change of tone. The nickel silver-spatula keys are well positioned to provide strong and comfortable finger controls.

Peculiar with every Yahama musical instrument, the YBB 641 has a limited 5 years warranty, a solid musical instrument to consider.

5) Jubital JTU1110 Concert Tuba Lacquered

For any musician looking for a perfect solution to undertake any type or form of the music program, the Jubital JTU1110 is the best choice to acquire! This concert model of the Jubital is also an ideal choice for any musician who is looking forward to own his or her own musical instrument. The Jubital JTU1110 offers you the chance to choose between a model that features rotary valves or piston to suit any need.

Displaying a complete selection of valve configurations and sizes, Jubital tubas are known for providing top performance and peace of mind to players at all levels. The lacquers brass body of the Jubital JTU1110 is designed using high-quality technology to produce an instrument of best playability and the most accurate scale.

Boasting 4 big stainless steel piston valves, the JUTU1110 has a remarkable, smooth and fast action for improved playability and agility. One unique feature of this tuba is that it features an open wrap valve tubing, something that has never been seen in the market before. Additionally, it has a wooden frame case with wheels, showing a classic look while offering an excellent protection for the tuba.

6) Miraphone S186 Standard Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba with Hard Case

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Here is another challenger in the Tuba musical instrument world. Talk about power and fame; you’ve got it with the Miraphone S186 BBb Tuba series! The Miraphone S186 Standard tuba is regarded as the world famous and exceptional powerhouse in the tuba musical instrument industry.

This Miraphone S186 Standard Tuba is the standard student version of the renown world Pro model of the Miraphone S186 Series. The tuba features a bore measuring 772 inches and a bell measuring 17.7 inches, both of which are designed to deliver excellent intonation and projection.

The construction of the Miraphone S186 is an “all-brass” design that offers the player a rich, beautiful that resonate very well with excellent intonation. This particular version does not include the slide ferrules and the nickel silver wreath, which makes this tuba an affordable option for the budget minded player.

As for players looking for their first every rotary valve tuba, or for the determine band director seeking to upgrade his or her current instrument; the Miraphone S186 is the right choice to get.

7) Jubital JTU1010 Series 4-Valves BBb Tuba Lacquer

Jubital keeps the competition going with this remarkable addition to the Jubital Series 4-Valves BBb Tuba Lacquer. This tuba is designed for the comfort of the die-hard soloist and player of any stature who wishes to take his or her playing to another level.

The Jubital JTU1010 is a 4-valve front-action contoured stainless steel piston tuba that features a bore measuring 709 inches and is designed to enhance comfort and smooth performance. For players looking for a smaller instrument to wit, the Jubital JTU1010 is a perfect choice.

The JTU1010 tuba comes with a wheeled case for adequate storage, a mouthpiece and is available in a silver and lacquer color design. The Jubital JTU1010 also comes in a variety of configurations and sizes, which provides tope performance and extreme comfort for players at all levels.

The standard and compact size JTU tubas come equipped with removable valve sections and all models are encased in complete ABS molded and sturdy cases for easy transport.

8) Schiller American Heritage BBb 5 Valve Piston Compensating Tuba—Silver

Demonstrating the typical American heritage, attitude, and tradition of the unique American sound is the Schiller American Heritage BBb 5 Valve Piston Compensating Tuba. The Schiller American BBb Tuba is a stain-less steel tuba design with outstanding 1 rotary key valve and featuring 4-valves front action pistons for excellent intonation.

The Schiller American Heritage BBb 5 Valve Piston features an 18.75 inches bell that contributes to the creation of a hearty and substantive American tone. This tuba is known for its thick brass tubing, an extremely coherent note slotting.

The Schiller American Tuba valve rotary mechanism is responsive and smooth, and the sound intonation and extreme comfort while playing yield authoritative projections denoting complete vociferous tones.

If ever you are looking for something that is more comfortable and reliable in generating the true American sound, the Schiller American BBb Tuba is a classic bet of reliance. The tuba center the overall sound and it comes in a hard Cordura case for easy transportation.

9) Band Directors Choice Student BBb Tuba

As the name implies, the Band Director is a tuba design for the student and band director who want something that’s more affordable and yet deliver in terms of sound quality and overall performance. The Band Director Choice Student BBb Tuba is an instrument that has the 995 BBb, which makes it great for the learning student. A small size tuba that is lightweight, meaning the student player will be comfortable while playing.

The body design of the Band Director Tuba is of lacquer construction, but with an adjoining nickel trim. The befitting look will boost the morale of the aspiring student player, plus the fact that the lacquer finish of the tuba would give the impression that you have bought something that is costly.

The Band Director Student Choice BBb Tuba features a hand lapped pistons that allow the player to have a different variety of sound intonation and movement of performance. The hand lapping allows the student player to achieve a noiseless and responsive action, meaning the band director won’t have to worry about his or her student making noises without meaning a wheeled case for easy transport and a mouthpiece further underlined the nature of this tuba as a student choice instrument.

10) Stagg WS – BT235 Bb Tuba with Case

Stagg is a relatively popular brand and the BT series showcases some of the brand best models ever. The Stagg WS – BT235 Bb Tuba with Case is a remarkable tuba that is designed majorly for student and beginners who wants to take or upgrade their playing to a greater height.

The Stagg BT235, like most of its sister versions, features a lacquer body finish and simple mechanism that makes it easy for the beginner player to play. The Stagg WS – BT235 is a tuba which features a solid and intuitive 3 front-action nickel silver pistons that have a bore measuring 15.0 in diameter while the bell range in inches is 147.64.

This tuba is designed with water key to provide a comfortable and smooth playing experience. The height of the Stagg WS BT235 is 39.37 inches, which is ideal for players looking for a smaller instrument to play. The Stagg WS BT235 tuba also comes with a silver plated mouthpiece and a soft wheeled case that has a backpack strap for easy storage and transport.

The Stagg WS BT235 has a weight of 15.43 pounds, which is suitable for anyone to carry about on the road, especially for the student player. The tuba provides top performance, a deep, rich sound and extreme comfort for players at all levels. The Stagg BT235 complete workshop has been tested and certified as a quality tuba that balances the sound for the young and professional alike.

11) RS Berkeley Tuba

Are you a player, student or band director on a good budget and in search of a tuba that has great quality? Then look no further, as the RS Berkeley Tuba has everything that will make your playing career and dream of becoming a pro, a reality.

The RS Berkeley Tuba is just one of the unique series of RS Tubas making wave across the tuba musical instrument market. The tuba comes with a full, fledge lacquer body with excellent finish that announces its worth and cost.

The overall size of this tuba is 3 /4 and as a BBb key tuba, it features 3 top-action monel valves and a hand lapped pistons, which means the players will be making melodious sound devoid of unnecessary noise. Hand-lapping pistons are designed to encourage great quality intonation and sound generation by the player.

Furthermore, the RS Berkeley features a bore measuring 656 in diameters and an upright bell measuring 3 inches in length. And like it sister models, the RS Berkeley also comes with a unique mouthpiece, including a custom molded case that has wheels. This is a good option for players at all levels.

12) Miraphone S191 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba with Hard Case

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Miraphone returns with is excellent version—Miraphone S191 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba—a solid instrument featuring a larger bore and bell that produces a dark, big sound with ease and without.

The Miraphone S191 Series 4-Valve BBb tuba is designed with a bore measuring 835 in diameters, which is excellent in providing quick response and the great level of intonation. It also features an upright bell that measures 18.5 inches for outstanding projection and resonance. The Miraphone S191 Series 4-valve Tuba is available in gold brass or yellow design as the primary exterior finish.

In terms of weight and comfort, the Miraphone S191 is a light and compact instrument that can easily be held and carried about. This tuba contains lots of good features. For instance, it has a large dark sound that’s extremely easy to generate.

The large bore and bell make it for the player to achieve a big sound without expending much energy. It must, however, be noted that this is only a BBb key tuba without piston valves.

13) B&S 4197 Series 5 Valve 4/4 CC Tuba Lacquer plus Gig Bag

If the price is something that should solely determine quality, then the B&S 4197 is the king of the Tuba’s realm of music. This great instrument comes complete in terms of features and accessories. It is something that a professional soloist, a tuba band director and all lovers and players of tuba of all categories would love to get.

The B&S 4197 Series 5 Valve Tuba comes with a solid design of yellow brass construction, a combination that makes it appealing to anyone that comes across it. The exterior design features a solid and elegant lacquer finish, a design that further raised its value in terms of style and use.

The B&S 4197 model is designed as a CC tuba measuring 4/4 inches in size, and with 4 upper-action piston valves which allows solid resonance and quick response, when blended with the powerful bell and bore.

The B&S 4107 has a bore measuring 748 to 827 in diameters, while the bell range is 18.898. This tuba is primarily designed for the masters of the musical world—a professional level symphonic tuba for those in the professional level. The tuba comes with a solid and durable gig bag for easy storage.

14) Meinl Weston 2182- S F Tuba Silver Plated with Gig Bag

Meinl Weston is rolling out another solid model in continuation of the Weston 218 series of tuba for which the brand became famous. The Meinl Weston 2182 S F is the type of tuba that features a 4 front action stainless steel piston valves with 1 rotary valve, all of which combine to make the playing experience effortless and comfortable.

Designed as an F tuba, the Meinl Weston 2182 has a silver plated mouthpiece and body features, with the bore measuring 846 inches while the bell measures 15.0 inches, which encourages the production of good sound quality and quick response on keys. The 4th valve of the Meinl Weston 2182 measures 787 inches while the 5th rotary valve is designed to be operated by the right-hand thump for more excellent flow of play and comfort.

Regarding weight, the Meinl Weston 2182 is not much of a load to carry. The height is just 92cm, which means it is not much of a weighted instrument either. The silver plated finish further add shine to the model while the durable gig bag makes storage and transport a walk in the park.

15) Cool Wind CTU 200-Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba Red

Most tuba in the instrument market today have a common resemblance, but the Cool Wind CTU 200-Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba has decided to revolt against the established order, by carving out a unique feature and design for its brand. This is one rare tuba that features a red color design; something that will easily stand out from the crowd.

The Cool Wind CTU 200 has been a relatively active brand on the market for the past few years. As the competition rages on, Cool Wind has taken a step farther off the pack by releasing this unique design that features a plastic brass construction, marking the revolution in the tuba musical world.

With regard to tuning, the Cool Wind CTU 200 features a bore of 21mm and a 4-mouth action valve piece material to aid the overall play turnover. The tuba also features rotary valves, an ABS, metal valve material—all of which are laid out in a unique red color that has never been seen before. The soft gig bag that came with this tuba for easy carriage, further highlight its desire to compete and revolutionize the market.

16) Schiller American Heritage 3-Valve ¼ Bb Piston Tuba

Schiller returns to satisfy all lovers of the American Sound and traditional intonation with this 3-valve action piston tuba. This is one unique tuba that allows Schiller American Heritage to redefine the concept of tone projection and generation of high-quality sound.

The Schiller American Heritage 3-Valve Piston 1 /4 Bb Piston Tuba features a tuning bore measuring 661 in diameter, and a 14.5 inches bell that brings about big projection together with a crisp and clear sound that defines the American tone.

The Schiller American Heritage 3-valve tuba has a height of 32 inches, meaning it is lightweight and can easily be carried about. The case and mouthpiece are common with all Schiller’s designs which are also included in this model to provide more comfort, while the yellow brass lead-pipe makes playability a more realistic option.

Overall, the Schiller American Heritage 3-valve Bb Tuba is a reinforcement of through American tone generation, brought to the reach and ability of the tuba learner.

17) Tempest BBb3 Valve Piston Tuba Convertable


If what you are looking for is a really good and affordable instrument that has value, then the Tempest BBb3 valve Piston Tuba convertible is for you. The design of this tuba far exceeds expectation, if taking into account the ridiculous but excellent low price.

The Tempest BBb3 valve is designed as a perfect option for the beginning tubist. It features a good size measuring 1 /4, which is ideal for the young player. The slides and hand-lapped pistons of the Tempest denote placement and meticulous brace design and an outstanding bell flare. The bore tuning is 661 and the upright bell measures 14-3/8 inches in size; all of which produces a terrific sound so impressive for its size.

The Tempest mode of response is very easy, the level of intonation is excellent, and by virtue of the top 3 action nickel plated pistons, the degree of responsiveness and key placement is as fast as lightning. This tuba with its lead-pipe is designed for the marching band use and for solid performance in situations that requires standing up.

The case of this Tempest bbb3 has wheels and a hand-held handle that allow the user to easily roll it about. And with a five years warranty, you trust this raging Tempest with your life.

18) Tempest Agility Winds BBb Marching Tuba

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Here is another good design from Tempest—a continuation of the marching band and performance tuba that Tempest knows how to create. The Tempest Agility Winds is an amazing tuba with a lightweight construction and surprisingly hearty sound generation. This model is an ergonomic design with solid all-round construction.

The Tempest Agility Features a bore of 728 diameter length, and a bell size of 16 inches, combining to generate a terrific and unbelievable sound that exceeds everyone expectation. The size of this Tempest Agility, which weighs just about 14 pounds, indicates that it is designed for the beginner student and for those who would be performing in the marching band.

Another thing that is noteworthy in the Tempest Agility Winds BBb tuba is the ability to carry it over the shoulder during play. This makes it the moiré suitable for the marching band. And as 3-valve piston tuba, the pitch is rock solid and the “over the shoulder design” makes it suitable for outdoor activities.

19) Schiller American Heritage 4-Valve Piston Tuba Nickel Finish

Schiller American Heritage 4-Valve Piston Tuba Nickel Finish

Schiller continue on the path of customers taste satisfaction and for all those taste after that unique American Sound and traditional intonation, Schillers’ America Heritage series comes with this upgrade— a 4-valve piston Tuba. This tuba is a very popular option, not just only for being on the lower end of the price, but for its ability to redefine the concept of tone projection and generation of high-quality sound.

The Schiller American Heritage is a 4-Valve Piston Tuba that features a nickel silver and yellow brass body design, with high degree responsiveness. It produces great European/American sound with its bore measuring 780 in diameter and a 16 inches bell that creates the best level of projection and clear level of intonation.

The Schiller American Heritage 4-valve tuba is a lightweight option, one that can easily be transferred about. The rotary mechanism of the Schiller 4-valve tuba is highly responsive and smooth for fast passage. This model also comes with a mouthpiece and a case and a deluxe hard case that is common with every Schiller’s tuba models.

Schiller American Heritage 4-valve Piston Tuba is designed to achieve the goal of producing affordable and high-quality instruments to all lovers of music. This model is most suitable for the beginner.

20) Allora AATU 105P Series 4-Piston Valve ¾ BBb Tuba

Are you looking for something that is compact in size and rightly priced? You’ve got it with the Allora AATU 105P Series 4-Piston valve BBb Tuba. This tuba is dedicated to professionals and learners alike because of its ability to generate a great and clear sound.

The Allora AATU 105P is specially built to produce a great sound, not just for the fact that it features 4-front action valve pistons, which encourage great and speedy key placement, but also for the fact that its bore and bell components are built to resonate with high-quality sound and control productivity.

Designed to achieve rapid response, the Allora AATU 105P features a 630-inch bore lined against a nickel lead pipe which helps the player to produce and achieve an easy, vibrant and rich tone. Although the tuba has a compact weight size of ¾, it is equipped with an upright bell measuring 15 inches, which provides excellent projection and resonance.

It noteworthy that the Allora line of instrument and this model, in particular, was developed to aid the training of student, giving them an excellent and encouraging start to their musical careers. The Allora AATU comes with a case and a mouthpiece to make the playing experience an enjoyable one.

Finding the Best Tuba and Best Tuba Brands

Tubas are great musical instruments with peculiar sounds and great level of intonation. Then type, size, or monetary value of the tuba you will choose will largely depend on your budget and the key you are seeking to generate and play. All tubas irrespective of keys, style and cost, have their own unique sound production and tone projection. There are many variants of tubas in the market, all of which falls under two main types namely; brass tubas and contrabass tubas. But to get the best from among the pack, one has to know the difference and features peculiar to them.

So what is the difference? We have:

Rotaries vs Piston valves

This is the first noticeable difference between tubas, and both have their advantages. While piston valves are known for making technical and articulate passages easier, rotary valves are good in making a smooth transition between notes.

What number of valves?

Another thing you have to know when buying your tuba is that they come with different valves. There are tubas with 3, 4, 5 and 6 valves. The 6th valve is mainly used to prolong the lower range of the tuba instrument and is usually found F tubas. Most standard tubas contain 3 valves, which are combined to generate a high sharp pitch, while the 4th valve is used to lower the harmonic series measuring one and a half step, and is very useful in the lower range of the tuba instrument.

When buying your tuba, make sure you understand the valves settings and usefulness before deciding on what to buy.

Other noticeable differences between tubas are Front valves as against Top valves (the location of the valves,) Lacquer or Silver (the choice and style of covering of the tuba).

Now that you have known all that is needed to know, you can confidently go for shopping for the best tuba instrument in the market.