20 Best Tuba Mouthpiece Reviews 2022 (Best Tube Mouthpiece Brands)

Best Tuba Mouthpiece, Best Beginners Tuba Mouthpiece & Best Tuba Mouthpiece Brands

Best Tuba Mouthpiece, Best Beginners Tuba Mouthpiece & Best Tuba Mouthpiece Brands

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The mouthpiece is a very important piece of any instrument made out of brass, which includes the tuba. The instrument simply doesn’t sound well without this small, but very important, piece. Still, if you want your tuba performance to be the best, you need to choose the mouthpiece well.

Yes, it does matter what kind of mouthpiece you use. The choice will be made by having in mind a few aspects, like the budget you are willing to dedicate for this kind of purchase, the music you play with your tuba, and your style of using the mouthpiece or embouchure, meaning the way you use your mouth on the mouthpiece to produce various sounds with the tuba.

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What are the Best Tuba Mouthpieces to Buy?

2) Vincent Bach K3357 Megatone Tuba Mouthpiece, Silver Plated

  • Reputable Brand
  • Improved Musical Performance
  • Professional
  • High quality

1) Conn-Selmer 120S Helleberg 120 Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

  • High Quality
  • Excellent Volume
  • Great for All
  • Organ Like Tone

3) DN Tuba/Bass Horn Mouthpiece Silver Plated

  • Affordable
  • Great Value
  • Great for Beginners
  • High quality

So, as you can see, there are quite a few things to consider before deciding what mouthpiece will suit you best.

Let us start with the price, as it is usually the factor that influences a purchase in most cases. Of course, do have in mind that the price doesn’t always reflect the quality, so do check other details of the mouthpiece and not just its price tag.

Mouthpieces made out of plastic are usually the cheapest, so you can find one under the price of $50. But, mouthpieces made out of metal and plated with a precious metal, like silver or gold, can have prices that exceed hundred dollars.

If you are a beginner who is trying to get the hang of playing the tuba, even if you may feel tempted to purchase a more expensive mouthpiece, don’t do it, as you will end up trying quite a few until deciding which kinds works best for you.

As mentioned earlier, the music you play and your personal playing style also influence the final choice. Because tuba mouthpieces come in various sizes, cups, rims, and throats, so each will help you produce a certain type of sounds.

What about the material?

While plastic mouthpieces are the cheapest, they work great when playing the tuba outdoors. Concerning metal mouthpieces, they are made out of brass, just like the instrument, but they can be plated with silver or gold, as some people experience unwanted allergies to brass.

Silver is cheaper but requires constant maintenance, as it tends to tarnish rather quickly. Gold is more durable, but it always has a higher price tag.

20 Best Tuba Mouthpiece Reviews and the Best Tuba Mouthpiece Brands

1) Conn-Selmer, Inc. 120S Helleberg 120 Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

This is a standard mouthpiece that is excellent for beginners and experienced players that want to have a better handling and playing the tuba. The price be a bit high, considering that you can find a wide variety of mouthpieces at much smaller prices, but the quality is excellent.

Plated with silver, this mouthpiece provide an excellent volume and outstanding tone. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift, this mouthpiece has a good price-quality ration, so it is worth taking it into consideration if the budget allows you to.

2) Vincent Bach K3357 Megatone Tuba Mouthpiece, Silver Plated, 7 33.25mm

The musical pieces made by Bach never disappointed, so if you want a tuba mouthpiece to rely on each time you want to play the instrument, this is an option worth considering.

The medium width of this mouthpiece makes it suitable for any kind of musical style you may be playing, so it will be a great addition to your mouthpiece collection even if you will want to add more to it.

It is a very versatile mouthpiece that will allow you to produce a wide range of musical tone, promoting an improved musical performance, which is great news for tuba players.

3) DN Tuba/Bass Horn Mouthpiece Silver Plated Musical Instrument Accessories

If you are looking for an affordable metal tuba mouthpiece, then you just found it. But because price is not always the most accurate reflection of quality, the low price tag of this product doesn’t mean that it is not reliable.

In fact, heavy gauge brass was used for the making of the product, which means that it is sturdy enough to withstand repeated use. It is, of course, plated with silver, for a safe use and easy maintenance. The semi-flat rim promotes a good grip while the generous cup provides round and full sounds.

4) Perantucci Tuba Mouthpieces Pt50

Available in silver and gold plating options, this mouthpiece from Perantucci is made with a close regard to quality. Manufactured with top-notch equipment and in a professional manner, it is less likely that such a mouthpiece will disappoint a tuba player.

In other words, the mouthpiece is extremely well-balanced, having the shape of the funnel and depth made with moderation. This makes them versatile and capable of producing a wide range of tones and notes. No matter what songs you need to perform with your tuba, this mouthpiece will help you deliver your best.

5) Bach Tuba Mouthpiece 18, Silver Plated

When you are not sure what mouthpiece to get for your tuba performance, a medium-sized one may be the best choice. Allowing you to produce sounds that are not too high and not too low either, a medium mouthpiece like this one made by Bach is a comfortable item to use.

The tone is excellent and will make playing the tube an easy process. Plated with silver, this mouthpiece will keep germs away, although it may need some attention and polishing with a special cloth from time to time, to keep its pristine appearance.

6) Blessing MPC18TB Tuba Mouthpiece, 18

Some of the most famous and experienced tuba players left their print on the model of this mouthpiece, making sure that it features are exactly what a tuba player looks for. But, in spite of this aspect, the product has a more than accessible price tag, so anyone will be able to afford it.

Blessing is a well-known brand when it comes to brass instruments, which is something that should give you the certainty of purchasing a reliable product. A part of these products are made in Florida, USA, while some of them are made in Germany, on the old continent, both cases providing high-quality tuba mouthpieces.

7) Bach 33524AW Tuba & Sousaphone Mouthpiece, 24AW

If you want to find the best quality-price ratio, it is highly possible that you will find it with this tuba mouthpiece. Not cheap, but not expensive either, this mouthpiece has a generous cup and nicely rounded rim.

It will promote dark and loud sounds, so it is a great choice if this is the kind of performance you want to obtain from your instrument. It is extremely easy and comfortable to use, and, with minimum effort, you will enjoy a great volume as well.

When playing in a band with multiple instruments, being loud is something you should look forward to.

8) Adam ATU18 Adam Mouthpiece Tuba 18

If you want an affordable tuba mouthpiece made out of metal, this product can deliver exactly what you are looking to get. It is plated with silver so keeping it clean and sanitized won’t be a problem.

Just don’t forget to clean it after each use and polish it periodically and it will look great for an extended period. The cup and rim of this mouthpiece has a medium size, so it can be easily used by anyone, including beginners that don’t want to use a plastic mouthpiece. It won’t be hard to produce great sounds with this mouthpiece and play the tuba as you like.

9) Faxx Tuba and Sousaphone Mouthpieces 18

This is a brass mouthpiece plated with silver that has a decent price tag in case you are looking for a metal mouthpiece and not a plastic one. The rounded rim makes it comfortable for playing the tuba while the generous cup allows you to produce full and rich sounds.

Some say that the quality of this mouthpiece is similar to those made by famous brands, with the advantage of saving quite a few bucks. Whether this is true or not depends if you decide to give it a try and whether this mouthpiece is what you’re looking to find.

10) Denis Wick DW3186-3L Heritage Tuba Mouthpiece

Featuring a rounded rim and a generous cup, this tuba mouthpiece will allow you to obtain a great clarity of your sounds and an excellent tone with a low amount of effort. The mouthpiece is made out of metal, having the rim plated with gold while the rest of the mouthpiece’s body is plated with silver.

The long neck ensures a quick and precise response, so you will definitely not be disappointed by this mouthpiece. Still, it may represent a challenge for your budget, being recommended to have some tuba skills before investing in such a mouthpiece, knowing for sure whether this product will help you deliver the desired performance.

11) Vincent Bach K33524AW Megatone Tuba Mouthpiece, Silver Plated, 24 AW 31.25mm

If you want to enjoy full and rich sounds produces by your tuba, then this particular mouthpiece from Bach will help you do so. With a generous width and beautifully rounded, this is the kind of mouthpiece that will deliver an incredible tuba performance.

If you want to make a great impression, you should let yourself in the hands of Bach, as it is one of the best regarded manufacturers in this industry. For the money you will pay, you will get an exceptional product that will allow you to get the most of your instrument. Plated with silver, this particular mouthpiece is a good looking one with a great hygiene, while offering a low price.

12) Glory Standard Tuba Mouthpiece Silver Plated 22

When it comes to metal mouthpieces plated with silver, this particular product is more than affordable. There are plastic mouthpieces, of higher quality, of course, more expensive than this product.

So, if you are just starting out and would like to get a feel of how it is to play the tuba with a metal mouthpiece, this product will allow you to do so without putting too much strain on your budget.

Don’t worry about the quality of the sound because you will be able to play music in a great manner, so your performance will not be compromised.

13) Jean Baptiste MP18C Tuba Mouthpiece

Would you like an affordable tube mouthpiece for rehearsal sessions and practicing your tuba skills? Then do check this mouthpiece out as it can deliver the kind of performances you need without putting pressure on your budget.

Made out of metal and plated with silver, the mouthpiece is resistant and capable of providing great sounds. It is the kind of mouthpiece ideal for beginners and students, who are just working their way around the tuba. So, instead of investing too much right from the start, take a mouthpiece that is accessible before you begin developing your own tuba playing style.

14) 24K Gold Helleberg Tuba/Sousaphone Mouthpiece, 7B

This is literally a precious mouthpiece, as it is plated with pure 24K gold. Another aspect that is worth mentioning is that in spite of the fact that it is made by Conn, this model is an authentic Bach model. So, you will get the quality that made Bach famous without the rather considerable price tag.

If you would like a gold-plated mouthpiece but you’re not willing to pay over $300 for it, then this is the best compromise. Your tuba performance will still be great, as this mouthpiece is ready to deliver as expected.

15) Yamaha YACBB67C4 Tuba Mouthpiece

Yamaha managed to carve a great reputation in the music industry throughout time, due to the exceptional instruments it can provide. So, if you want a brand you can trust, then you can easily opt for this mouthpiece.

With a standard cup and thickness, this is the kind of mouthpiece that is suitable for most players. If you don’t have such a well-defined playing style, then you can use this mouthpiece until you see the direction you want to head to clearer.

The rim of this mouthpiece is not round, but semi-flat, so it depends on your personal preferences. But, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be comfortable, as this rim model provides a great grip.

16) Yamaha YAC BOBOTT-REP Replica Series Roger Bobo Tenor Tuba and Euphonium Mouthpiece

Yamaha provides, once again, items of an exceptional quality at great prices. With this particular mouthpiece, you will be able to obtain rich sounds while jumping with ease through the rapid passages common to jazz music.

So, whether you are playing jazz or another musical style, you will be able to do it right this this tuba mouthpiece. This is possible due to the relatively generous cup size and the ingenious design of the backbore and throat. Still, the rather narrow rim can be a bit tricky for beginners to use, if they haven’t developed a good drip and embouchure.

17) Conn Helleberg Series Tuba Mouthpiece in Gold 7B Gold Plated

For intermediate tuba player that are ready to step to the next level and managed to form a playing style that helps them know what kind of mouthpiece they need, this mouthpiece can represent the ideal choice. If the size suits you, the gold-plated mouthpiece provide by Conn Helleberg may be a good investment.

Not too wide and not too narrow, this mouthpiece will provide volume to your tuba sounds while making you reach tones that are similar to those produced by an organ. Thus, it is quite easy to put your instrument in the spotlights with this particular product.

18) Kelly Mouthpieces 24AW Tuba Mouthpiece Crystal Purple

Made entirely out of Lexan, which is a highly-resistant plastic usually used for bullet-proof screens, this mouthpiece offers an excellent quality considering that it is made out of plastic. Which explains why it is slightly more expensive than the average plastic mouthpieces.

Available in beautiful colors, this product can be a great choice for the youngest tuba players, with the mention that Lexan is a high-impact type of plastic, so it will be capable of withstanding accidents without costing too much.

It also helps the player produce great sounds while being extremely comfortable when playing the instrument. It is a great purchase for beginners or when the budget is not that generous.

19) Yamaha YACBB66D4 Tuba Mouthpiece

In case you already accumulated a good level of experience and skills when it comes to playing the tuba, then there are high chances that you will enjoy this particular mouthpiece. With a deep cup, the loudness of your tuba’s sounds will be considerably improved.

But, in spite of this, you will still be able to produce rich, dark sounds, which means that a complex tuba performance will not be difficult to achieve with this product. While it is a bit pricey that many tuba mouthpieces, the symphonic sound it provides is worth the investment, especially if you are not a beginner anymore.

20) Kelly Mouthpieces 25 Tuba Mouthpiece Jet Black

This is a great quality plastic tuba mouthpiece that is ready to deliver the kind of performance you are looking to get. The best part about playing the tuba with a plastic mouthpiece is that in case of playing outdoors, the weather will not bother you.

It can be rather uncomfortable to put your mouth on a metal mouthpiece when it’s freezing outside. Also, metal can get very hot under the sun, but plastic will have approximately the same temperature throughout the year.

So, if you need to perform outside, this mouthpiece will make each experience pleasant and comfortable, without altering your tuba playing talent and skills.

Choosing the Best Tuba Mouthpiece from the Best Tuba Mouthpiece Brands

While it is true that it’s not an easy task to find the right tuba mouthpiece when there are so many available on the market, it is definitely worth taking the time needed to make sure that your choice is a good one.

2) Vincent Bach K3357 Megatone Tuba Mouthpiece, Silver Plated

  • Reputable Brand
  • Improved Musical Performance
  • Professional
  • High quality

1) Conn-Selmer 120S Helleberg 120 Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

  • High Quality
  • Excellent Volume
  • Great for All
  • Organ Like Tone

3) DN Tuba/Bass Horn Mouthpiece Silver Plated

  • Affordable
  • Great Value
  • Great for Beginners
  • High quality

If you are a beginner and you haven’t accumulated too much experience when it comes to playing a tuba, then it is recommended not to invest too much in a mouthpiece right from the start.

You see, there are high chances that you will change your perspective in time, wanting to try different styles until you make up your mind about the musical genre and style you will adopt. But, if you already know how you want to play, then investing in a mouthpiece that is of a superior quality is a great step, as doing so will help you perfect your technique.