20 Best Oboe Book Reviews 2020 (Best Books to Learn Oboe)

Best Oboe Book

Best Oboe Book

The name might come as slightly weird but this musical instrument is magical in its own way. No wonder that we have been able to gather such a vast array of oboe books that have been written on this instrument.

What are the Best Oboe Books to Buy?

2) Essential Elements
2000 Oboe Book 1

  • Easy Teaching & Learning Tools
  • Specially Designed Exercises
  • Essential Elements Interactive

1) 48 Famous Studies for Oboe/ Saxophone

  • Centerpieces Of Study Repertoire For Oboe
  • 3 Duos Concertants For 2 Oboes
  • Trio For 2 Oboes

3) A. M. R. Barret, Martin S.: Oboe Method

  • 30 Scales For The Study Of Articulation
  • 40 Progressive Melodies
  • Aimed For Advancing Oboists

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Oboes are highly intricate forms of woodwind pipes. They’re made of wood, but also sometimes of synthetics, and they have a double-reed woodwind make and style. Like our usual book series, this list of oboe books involves topics from a wide range of topics and genres. So, let’s see!

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20 Best Oboe Book Reviews

1. 48 Famous Studies for Oboe/ Saxophone

This is a comprehensive book and lists down a huge number of techniques that can be played on an Oboe. It is not unusual for oboists to start out with a comprehensive list which aids in perfecting their playing skills, and this book is especially for musicians who like comprehensiveness.

Documenting the past, the book points out certain features of the study collection for both the oboe and saxophone. Notwithstanding the 48 celebrated Furling studies, the book also incorporates 3 Duos Concertinas for two instruments and Trio for two oboes and English horn by Beethoven.

2. Essential Elements 2000 Oboe Book 1

This is another book that focuses on the essentials while being thorough experience at the same time. Essential Elements offers beginner players with sophisticated musical instructional techniques and draws attention to the correct implementation. These are all deliberately aligned to effectively help beginners with their melodic excursion.

The book highlights both natural melodies and uncommonly planned musical notes, made and masterminded in a harmonious learning environment. This book furnishes the educators and learners with an abundance of materials to create great musicianship skills, even toward the early phases of their careers.

3. A. M. R. Barret, Martin S.: Oboe Method

The Oboe Method is designed with a standard content format for oboists that will guarantee the simplicity of play for propelling oboists. This recently made and revised version, with editing by Martin Schuring, adjusts the issues and irregularities found in Barret's unique distribution. Even more, it has been extended to incorporate the range of the segments of Barret's unique techniques that are utilizable by oboists of the modern age.

4. Jay Arnold: Oboe Solos

In this book, the players can access the wide range of techniques that leaves behind the independently built oboe part. Also, the book includes the most significant arrangements in oboe writing. It incorporates a portion of the bigger structures with high-end design and is highly appropriate for presentation.

Also, there are a few tunes composed for different instruments that are additionally translated for the oboe. The liberal determination of pieces incorporates Handel's Bouree, Dvorak's Slavonic Dance, Op. 72 No. 2 and Grieg's Solvejg's Song to offer better learning experience and understanding level.

5. Gekeler Method for Oboe Book 1

A slightly different one, this book works on examining a unique method for playing the Oboe. The basic role in introducing this technique for distribution was to design books that didn't advance too quickly for beginners. Also, the one that showed legitimate oboe fingerings, and one that introduced the intelligent movement of rhythmical issues. The book incorporates a fingering graph for the center framework oboe.

6. Fifty Famous Classical Themes for Oboe

This particular book involves a total of fifty renowned and traditional topics that are significant for understanding the oboe techniques. Harmony changes are incorporated into each the instructor-given backup notes. Moreover, the book will give unique terms and expression markings as it seems fitting.

The vast array of tunes in the book include the following: Mighty Fortress Is Our God, Allegro Maestoso, Ave Maria, Awake My Soul, Barcarolle, Blue Danube, Bouree, Bridal Chorus, Carnival of Venice, Chiribiribin, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today, Come Again, Sweet Love, Come Back to Sorrento, Dolores Waltz, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Farnandole, and Finlandia among others.

7. Rubank Elementary Method - Oboe

This book is one of the most generally used collections of techniques for individual or like-minded class guides. Utilizing a very balanced methodology including scales, arpeggios, specialized examinations, instructions for maestros, explanation contemplates, performances, two-part harmonies, and studies committed to the exceptional needs of each instrument, this arrangement gives a phenomenal abundance of learning material for the players.

8. Marcel Tabuteau: How Do You Expect to Play the Oboe If You Can't Peel a Mushroom?

This book is about Laila Storch who is a widely acclaimed oboist in her own right. This book pays respects and tributes to Marcel Tabuteau, who happens to be one of the best-known figures of twentieth-century music. Tabuteau is considered the oboe specialist since the beginning at the Paris Conservatoire.

The book details how she was brought to the United States in 1905, by Walter Damrosch, to play with the New York Symphony Orchestra. Despite the fact that this represented an issue for the public performers' association, he was at last permitted to remain, and the rest as we know is history.

In the long run towards Philadelphia, Tabuteau played in the Philadelphia Orchestra and instructed at the Curtis Institute of Music, which has been documented throughout this book.

9. Hal Leonard Corp.: Disney Solos for Oboe

What isn’t to love about this book? It is straight from the fairyland of Disney while playing the Oboe. This book highlights 12 of Disney’s top choices with access to incredible internet backing tracks that let you cooperate with a fully-optimized experience!

The famous tunes of this book include: be our guest, can you feel the love tonight, colors of the wind, friend like me, part of your world among others. As for the sound, it comes with an exceptional code and can be streamed or downloaded.

10. W62OB Tradition of Excellence Oboe Book 2

The Tradition of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method is a music teacher’s dream! It’s an adaptable yet execution focused book. This book mixes contemporary teaching methods and front-line innovations into one.

Tradition of Excellence has high-end methodologies, which are today’s patterns and tomorrow’s innovation to improve your brand. The dependable approaches of this book include Three extraordinary beginning frameworks, separated guidance and learning permits you to tweak your educating, and academically solid two-page exercises.

11. W21OB Standard of Excellence Original Oboe Book 1

The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Book 1 is integrated with a highly focused methodology with music hypothesis, music history, ear preparing, tuning in, structure, ad-lib, and practice exercises.

The outcome of this book is the most complete band strategy that’s highly accessible. There are full shading drawings and shading coding of significant content and music persuasions that engage the readers.

The three beginning frameworks will help guarantee positive outcomes for every beginner player. If you look at it, it’s the activities that offer somewhat correct answers to the difficulties of each instrument.

12. Essential Elements Oboe Book 2

If you’ve guessed by now, this book is in sync with the previous book. The Essential Elements book for Band and Essential Elements Interactive are completely interoperable with the Essential Elements 2000. This is indeed a great thing to have.

Essential Elements Oboe book 2 offers beginners with the teaching methodologies and artistic styles of music teaching. Like in the previous book all of this is painstakingly crafted to effectively begin young players on their musical journey. EE highlights both natural tunes and high-end techniques that focus on the specific needs of the players.

13. W61OB Tradition of Excellence Oboe Book 1

This book is perfect in the sense that this is an adaptable approach, which is deeply focused on enhancing band strategies. This book offers a fine combination of exemplary and contemporary instructional methods, instruments, and the intuitive practice studios involved in music innovation into one.

In this book, the veterans Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin present orderly yet top-notch musicianship, which in reality is an educational plan that is top-notch.

14. W32OB Foundations for Superior Performance - Oboe

This book enables the reader to go to the execution level of the Oboe. From as meager as five minutes every day to 45 minutes per day, this book offers adaptability and learning.

This book has diverse choices to fit a specific band circumstance for year two all through diverse stages. The best thing about this book is that it offers high-end accessibility to every player while catering to their unique set of needs.

15. H. Voxman: Concert and Contest Collection for Oboe

This book is a combination of the collection series. This first-class collection of solo writing from the observed Rubank index is known by instructors and understudies all over. Every version offers a wonderful selection of performances designed for that instrument.

Most state solo/troupe challenge records incorporate a few performances from this collection. The solo and piano books are sold independently but they give us a great look at the Oboe masterpiece.

16. Sound Innovations for Concert Band Oboe Book 2

This book is designed with intricacy in your melodic journey. That’s to say because this Book 1 is designed with adaptive choices. With this being said, this book is designed with new ideas.

Following the remarkable Sound Innovations association, the band technique contains levels, every one of which is categorized into a few areas. These areas include giving benchmarks, evaluation, and transitional objectives. Also, the integration of new ideas encourages the learning experience through well-designed and integrated material.

17. Sound Innovations for Concert Band Oboe Book 1

Sound Innovations for Concert Band is an adaptable and extensive technique that focuses on tried-and-tested ideas. This book has contributions from a large number of instructors while shedding light on the advancements. This book is integrated with consistent grouping and clean page designs.

Also, there are clear objectives for each exercise and instrumental Master Class recordings. With the availability of enhanced backups, you will cultivate better learning and improved implementation of the musical techniques. The book is sorted out into levels with proper benchmarks.

18. Robert Hinchliffe: The Really Easy Oboe Book

This book is for the absolute beginners and this is the book that any beginner should start out with. Of course, we have also chosen to start out with this book because it is a baby-step guide to learning how to play the Oboe.

The best part is that this book is dependent on the piano while teaching you the lessons for Oboe. This approach is highly beneficial because, with the piano, you learn the basic steps and music composition skills. The availability of solos in the book would help you hone your Oboe playing skills. We absolutely recommend this book.

19. PW22OB Standard of Excellence Enhanced Oboe Book 2

This book has a very solid presentation that is focused on music methodology. Like the previous book, this book touches the music hypothesis, music history, ear preparing, tuning in, creation, ad-lib, and music exercises. It’s a must-have for the technical and theoretical fanatics.

Each book incorporates customized experience to Accompaniment Recordings, streak cards, in addition to a full-work recording studio, and tuner. The book has a portable studio section, so you can practice the techniques. Students will have fun rehearsing without compromising on a positive and strong outcome.

20. Measures of Success Oboe Book 1

This book follows in the footsteps of the first book. Once again, following the remarkable Sound Innovations association, the band technique contains levels, every one of which is partitioned into a few areas. Each area is integrated with different ideas, such as benchmarks, evaluation, and transitional objectives.

Similarly, there is an availability of well-integrated material that optimizes the learning experience. The best part is the sound advice segment with the Teacher's Score that helps with snappy and simple to-utilize tips and proposals.

Choosing The Best Oboe Books

Had it not been for the vast amounts of experience gathered by the brilliant musicians? Had they not made the effort to put all of their knowledge into a series of books? Well then, we would not have had the opportunity to look at these great oboe books and you might not have had the chance to grab one.

2) Essential Elements
2000 Oboe Book 1

  • Easy Teaching & Learning Tools
  • Specially Designed Exercises
  • Essential Elements Interactive

1) 48 Famous Studies for Oboe/ Saxophone

  • Centerpieces Of Study Repertoire For Oboe
  • 3 Duos Concertants For 2 Oboes
  • Trio For 2 Oboes

3) A. M. R. Barret, Martin S.: Oboe Method

  • 30 Scales For The Study Of Articulation
  • 40 Progressive Melodies
  • Aimed For Advancing Oboists

An Oboe is truly a unique musical instrument and learning it, let alone mastering it, is a difficult task to harness. This comprehensive list of oboe books will surely give you the chance to appreciate the great musical instrument!


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