17 Best Oboe Reviews 2022 – Best Oboe Brands

Best Oboe & Best Oboe Brands

Best Oboe & Best Oboe Brands

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When you are planning to buy an oboe, there are several things you must consider to help you make the right choice.

Why do you want an oboe?

This is one question you must ask yourself. The materials used in making the oboe are some of the major things to check once you decide to buy one.

If you are the parent of a rising oboist, you will experience more challenges, especially when your child is willing to study music professionally in college. It is important to know the different grades of oboes, the makeup, price range and durability so that you can purchase the best for yourself or your aspiring oboist.

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What are the Best Oboe to Buy?

The Student Oboe

These are made mostly for beginners and are created using plastic (high-density resin) or Grenadilla wood. Students oboes are perfect for getting acquainted with the instrument. However, they lack the other features like; the trill keys and sometimes other auxiliary features which are necessary for a professional setting. These oboes are mainly put out for rent, but if you want to purchase one, you should have a budget of about $1000 to $1500 to be on the safe side.

The Intermediate Oboe

Young oboists move on easily from the student oboe, and the intermediate oboe is a new choice. These oboes possess a Modified Conservatory system having some of the trill keys (left F, low Bb, B natural-C# articulation, and F resonance) but lacking some major keys. Just like the student oboe, it is forged using high-density resin or Grenadilla wood. An intermediate oboe will cost you between $2500-$4000 for a new one and $1800-$3500 for a used oboe. However, purchasing a new one is the best option.

The Professional Oboe

As the name implies, this oboe is used after leaving the intermediate stage. They are full conservatory system oboes which possess the primary keys (split E and most often the 3rd octave) necessary for an orchestra, chamber or a solo performance. These oboes are commonly made from Grenadilla wood. However, other woods such as cocobolo, Kingwood, violet wood, can be used. A professional oboe will fall within the range of $5000-$10,000 depending on the model and maker of the oboe.

17 Best Oboe Reviews and the Best Oboe Brands

With this knowledge, it is safe to shop for your oboe considering your price range or preference.

1) Yamaha YOB-441 Series Intermediate Oboe YOB-441 – All Grenadilla

Yamaha YOB-441 Series Intermediate Oboe

Are you moving towards the professional stage gradually? This is the best intermediate oboe for you. This oboe possesses a modified conservatory system with semi automatic octave keys, and for an intermediate oboe, that is quite fascinating.

Playing oboe could not get any better! With the left-hand F key, fork F resonance keys and the unique semi-automatic octave keys, the sound produced from this modern oboe is delightful and will put all other natural sounds to shame.

The sound is the major purpose of an oboe. However, class and style cannot be separated from an oboe’s specification. The YOB-441 series is made from the finest seasoned grenadilla wood which has been aged to perfection. Crowning the class of this oboe is the silver-plated nickel keys running along the intermediate oboe. So, now you can enjoy beautiful sounds while fingering on skilfully crafted keys.

This F key intermediate oboe is suitable for any performance. The sound produced from the oboe and the craft can meet up with your artistic expectations. Whether it is a solo, playing with a rock or jazz band or in an orchestra or chamber scene, the intermediate YOB-441 series oboe is a great choice for you.

The craft of this oboe is exquisite, and it is affordable. Do you want to reach a professional scale at the very beginning of your oboe learning journey? The Schiller elite has you covered.

The features on this oboe are out of this world. The oboe is designed with several keys such as; the resonance keys, the low Bb, Ab to Bb trill keys, left-hand F key, and the shocking left-hand C to D trill. The left-hand C to D trill keys are shocking because these keys are normally on the right and this twist creates an alternative.

Schiller Elite comes with a case to preserve the oboe and elongates the life span of the instrument. The twist in the oboe design might seem to make the instrument hard to handle, however, with the alternative the oboe is easy to play. This makes it fasters to master keys which improve performance.

A wonderful musical piece can be played beautifully with this instrument. The Schiller Elite is not dependent on what level you have gotten to in playing the oboe. It is ideal for professionals and even better for a student who aspires to become world-class oboists.

3) Buffet Crampon Model 3613G Green Line Oboe

Did you decide to go green? Do you want an oboe to fit that status? Your search is over. The buffet crampon 3613G model is what you need.

The 3613 model is a green line musical instrument. These instruments are made from wood that is recovered and recycled. The recycled wood has a peculiar composition which makes the oboe resistant to temperature and humidity.

Buffet crampon 3613 model is could be regarded as a gold medal, it is the holy grail of most Greenline musical instruments, and it has maintained this reputation over the years. The oboe is a full conservatory system, and if you do not know what it entails, here it is.

It possesses a low Bb key, left F key, forked-F resonance, third-octave key, Bb and articulated B-C#, split ring D#-E trill, a Bb-B trill, and G#-A trill. The instrument stands to last for several years, and the pitch and tune are accurate. Every played piece on the 3616 model is an experience, and it is not one to be missed. 

4) Ammoon Oboe

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For all aspiring oboist, this Ammons oboe comes with the most amazing starter pack. The C-key oboe with a Bakelite wood body and cupro-nickel keys plated with silver comes with its stylish leather carrier. In the beginning phase of learning to play the oboe, you are thought the proper care for your instrument, and this oboe package makes it much easier.

The oboe comes with a reed which has the gentlest feel on your skin. This user-friendly Reed makes it easy to play the Ammon oboe. Still in the pack are; cleaning swabs, lubricant, a pair of gloves, a screwdriver, a leather case, and a comprehensive instruction manual. With all these available to you, you can enjoy the oboe learning experience and care for your oboe with ease.

Ammoon oboe was created with a metallic mouth piece, a needle spring of high quality, and a solid rock system. The joining parts of the Ammon oboe are made from soft wood, and the oboe has a great leather packing. All these features ensure the longevity of the oboe. The brilliant sound of this student oboe is magical. You will fall in love with the instrument over and over after playing this oboe.

5) Selmer Model 122F Intermediate Oboe

Grenadilla wood is used in making most oboe, just like this intermediate oboe. However, the makers of the Selmer model 122F took this into consideration and created an oboe of the high-quality. The density of the wood is great making the instrument easy to handle. The 122F model is recommended for an oboist transitioning from the student phase. For upcoming oboist in middle school or high school, this is the right oboe.

The modified conservatory system of this oboe is ranged down to a low Bb dispensing the most joyous sounds you can ever imagine. The Selmer model 122F was crafted with, Ab to Bb and left-hand C to D trill keys and each key is plated with silver giving it a more sophisticated look compared to normal high-density resin student oboe.

Keep everyone’s eyes on you at the next middle or high school musical formal with this breath-taking piece. Looks matter but the sound from your 122F model will be distinctive from another oboe, and you can trust that sound to be enchanting. You do not have to be in high school to get this oboe; it is suitable for all age types if you are prepared to become a master oboist. 

Starting your oboe journey is best done with the Bulgheroni 091/3 and there is is a reason. The craftsmanship displayed in this oboe is impressive for a student oboe. The oboe is very easy to handle, and with it, you can create some of the finest sounds in the woodwind family.

The Bulgheroni 091/3 is a marvelous piece made with the same materials used to create the professional models. The ebony bod gives it a spectacular look, and the keys are cupro-nickel with silver plating. This oboe earns you bragging rights among even the professional oboist with its fine architecture and excellent sound.

Having a Bulgheroni 09/3 is like wielding the crown jewel of all beginner oboes. Some of the keys are 3rd-octave keys, and the stunning piece was formed with other semi-automatic keys making it, all round, a musical wonder. This oboe can even compete with some intermediate oboes, and it is highly durable.

Learning to play oboe should not be done with low quality and this oboe is one of high quality besting other student oboes. Why settle for less when there is a Bulgheroni 091/3 for you? Get this oboe today to enjoy music at its prime.

7) Jupiter JOB1000 Modified Conservatory System Oboe

It’s hard to get a student oboe that is reliable and will stand the test of time. Most student oboes do not last long, and the high price of this oboes make this more unbearable. You can conquer the fear of purchasing a bad beginner’s oboe with a Jupiter JOB1000.

This Jupiter series is forged with ABS resin, and the body bears semblance to that of a wooden oboe. The wood-like plastic body of this oboe makes it not just resilient but also unique. The JOB1000 series is built as a modified conservatory system, and it is also a low Bb system.

With this, you can explore much more with your beginner oboe.The keys, which extend to a low Bb, is silver-plated. The JOB1000 is easy to handle, and it is convenient to dismantle and carry around because of its light weight. You can put your mind to rest especially when you go through harsh conditions with the JOB1000.

The ABS molded case makes it rugged and hard to crack. You can always depend on your Jupiter JOB1000 oboe for all your music classes and even your debut performance. 

The RS Berkeley OB425 is an oboe for beginners which has all the perks of a professional oboe. The oboe can also be used for intermediate and professional purposes.

The added features in this RS Berkeley series makes the best start up kit for an oboe rookie. The wow factor of this oboe pack is that it comes with an oboe care and cleaning kit, band folder, music stand, essential element book 1 for oboe, a tuner and a metronome. The presence of the elements makes it easy to start the oboe learning process and rehearse on your own with little guidance from a music director.

The songs embedded in the essential element book 1 are popular songs which are easy to play, and there are also aspects which exposed students to the oboe features. With an OS425 series pack, mastery of the oboe is made less stressful; you can learn new things, enjoy the quality and durable features and produce marvelous tune at the same time.

Rose are red. The sky is blue; RS Berkeley is here for you! The simonnet OB425 signature series couldn’t be any better. Like other RS Berkeley models, this series has lived up to the RS name.

The resonite body of the oboe makes for a solid piece, and this full conservatory system possesses a left-hand F key, and it runs down to a low Bb key. This gives players an opportunity to flex all their artistic skill. The keys are plated with silver, and the quality of the plating is so solid that it will not chip off even after a long time of use.

This professional oboe is one of the best around the world and has an excellent reputation amongst oboists and tutors. Sound and class are what makes a good oboe, and those are words you can use to describe the simonnet OB425 series.

Being a signature series, the name speaks a lot for the looks of the oboe. The crisps sound that falls from this exceptional instrument at every note is noticeable even amidst a mariachi band. Grab on to your music sheets, after you try out this awesome oboe you will be blown away.

10) C Key Oboe with Grenadilla Wood Body Silver Plated Keys

A C-key oboe is always the best for a beginner. The little tail c-key model is not an exception, and in this case, it is even better than most student oboe. If you are a style lover and you want to begin a process of learning the oboe, this is the best instrument for you.

Crack is normal in oboes after a while, and they are enhanced by water. However, the body of this oboe is made from a unique African grenadilla wood and can last in storage for more than ten years if the area is not moist.

The simple design of this oboe is complemented by its white copper keys which appear to be silver. The fitting of the keys to the body is resilient and with adequately light feel. The oboe all together is a not heavy, making this instrument easy to handle even by a toddler. It also has an adjustable thumb care, which makes it easy to play with getting easily tired.

The pitch accuracy is top-notch due to the strategic position of the sound holes. The oboe is back with a shockproof compact fit case and a built-in card slot. This makes transportation of the oboe less burdensome, and no damage can be done to it even in bumpy situations. 

11) TALLJO® Oboe Instrument ABS Pipe Cupronickel Keys of C for Beginners

So, you want to become an oboist and you want an oboe to start with that will meet your sophisticated style, or do you want to get your daughter or son who is interested in the oboe, an amazing birthday gift?

You will find out the Talljo oboe is the right choice. This ABS resin instrument is great for every situation. It is one of the best oboes for beginner and professionals can also have their sweet way with it, producing lovely tunes that can brighten up a cloudy day.

The keys are fitted perfectly and made from silver-plated cupro-nickel. The Talljo C key oboe is crafted as an integrated design, and it is very efficient for your oboe lessons, presentation, formals, music production and so much more. Every note that flows out of this oboe in one play is almost visible, and it pierces through the mind in several amazing ways.

The high-density resin is hard to difficult to crack. Therefore, this oboe will withstand any force, be it the time factor or external pressure. Do not fret! Your hard earn money will not go to waste after once you have enjoyed what the Talljo C key oboe can offer. 

12) GMS Composite Oboe, Student - Advanced

This is an upgrade from the regular student oboe. The GMS composite oboe is a must-have if you are serious about learning to play the oboe. The oboe is constructed in a way that defies the pressure from external elements.

The oboe is quite durable, and every pitch that comes out of it in one play is immaculate. The sounds that fill the air while playing on a GMS composite oboe is indescribable, and this help boasts a learner’s morale and the clarity of each sound enables a learn to every mistake for subsequent correction.

The body is enclosed in a treated wooden case and snaked around the body is the silver-plated rock-solid key fitting. The wood case reduces the chances of the oboe getting destroyed, and it also comes with a canvas carrier which assures more protection.

It is easy to get an oboe; however, quality student oboes are hard to come by. The GMS composite model does not only assure first class quality but an upgrade from the regular student oboes. If your aim is to learn with style and speed up your journey to being a professional oboist, go ahead and get this model today.

Here is one from the master craftsmen! One of the best oboe brands in the world, F. Loree Paris has made a name for itself in the big leagues. You do not want to underestimate this reputed masterpiece. It comes as advertised.

The F. Loree is known amongst professional, and it has shone brightly in shows staged by orchestras all over the world. The tunes that erupt from this oboe is in one word, EPIC! The tone can fit and occasion and as a performer your main aim is to get attention in any event.

This oboe sure draws attention with its dazzling sound and its beautiful design. A full conservatory should be this amazing and this the F. Loree does justice to the word ‘full.’ This instrument is most attractive to oboists who want to go the extra mile.

If you dare to go all the way when it comes to oboe artistry, the F. Loree can meet up with that challenge. If you are a professional oboist, do not let anything is stopping you. 

For great mastery of the oboe, this is arguably one of the best models for you. Learning the fingerings on an oboe is made simple with the J10 model. With great performance and durability, oboists have been able to rely on this model for several years.

The Tiery J10 models have grenadilla wood body, and they are built as a semi-automatic key system. The keys running through the body of the oboe are silver plated granting the oboe an idiosyncratic look. The beauty of this oboe cannot be hiding, and the sound that oozes out with every play compliments the lovely piece.

To make it more interesting, the oboe is well equipped with first class oboe cleaning kits. There are cleaning swabs, gloves, and the lubricant is available to you for your oboe care. Also, the package comes with a protective case to keep your oboe safe from external forces.

Playing this oboe does not require any special need. It requires no additional skill to play and this oboe, anyone can attempt to play the Tiery J10 with ease. The simplicity of this interesting instrument coupled with the amazing intonation and easy handling makes the J10 model the best option for you.

15) Fossati Model S Oboe

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There is no instrument as reliable as a handcrafted instrument. The work and passion put into it are visible and the sounds created are incomparable, and you can say all that about the S model of the Fossati oboe brand.

These oboes which are forged by some of the greatest artisans have grenadilla wood for their body and rhodium plated keys. This peculiar feature makes the Fossati S model oboe stand out amongst other oboes, and the intonation is to-die-for. The oboe is a full conservatory system which gives you everything you need to play a full symphony.

Getting this oboe will make you the envy of another oboist in your band or class. The oboe aged grenadilla used to make the oboe gives it a timeless look, and the oboe can last for a long time. The oboe comes with a shock absorbing leather case that also extends the longevity of the oboe.

You can now get the best performance with premium quality oboe, and you can rest assured that your Fossati S model will stand the test of time. A Fossati S model is a work of art! Get one today, play and take your oboe skills to another level.

16) Tempest “Agility Winds” Model

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As an oboist or prospective oboist, you should know that most oboes are either made from wood or high-density resin. However, the tempest agility winds model is a hybrid of wood crafted and a resin oboe.

This French-style full conservatory system is equipped with almost all the keys you can think about. The tunes that resonate from this oboe is soul-lifting and is enough to make you want to have this masterpiece. The design of this Tempest model is in one word, AWESOME! The cross between grenadilla wood and the resin is remarkable, and the keys are silver-plated.

As the name ‘agility winds’ implies, the tenacity at which the sounds are emitted from this tempest model is ferocious. With this oboe, it will be easy to hear yourself play and make a statement with sound especially during a performance.

Whatever you want to do, play in a concert, record in a studio or trying to learn the working of an oboe, the agility winds model comes highly recommended. When you think about learning a to play the oboe, or you want to get another one for professional use, do not hesitate to get the agility winds model.

17) Patricola PT.1 Rigoletto Oboe Rosewood

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As an oboist or an aspiring oboist, it is impossible not to be familiar with the Patricola brand. These oboes are handcrafted by skillful men in Italy, and they are highly reputed. This is one of the oboes in highest demand amongst orchestra and chamber music performance.

The body of the PT.1 Rigoletto is formed from rosewood with a semi-automatic system. The tunes that float out of this oboe are angelic, adding flavor and life to every performance. Shine effortlessly with this oboe at any event and thrill your audience with soothing sounds.

This oboe is majorly for performers, but the one of a kind piece is not so complex and can also be handled by an oboist in the intermediate stage. The feeling you get by playing oboe can be heightened by the feel of the silver-coated oboe. Some of the most respected instrument makers in the world sat down to create this piece so; you can expect the best in the quality of sound and longevity.

For music producers, this oboe is suitable for studio recording as the sounds produced from it resonates through a large area and the clarity is unparalleled. Patricola has made a name in the music world, and the PT.1 Rigoletto is a must have for practicing oboists.

Choosing the Best Oboe from the Best Oboe Brands

Musical instruments have been in the world for over centuries, and the Oboe is one of the most magnificent instruments. The oboe which is of two types; the plastic and the wooden, have different strengths.

Grenadilla is the best option when it comes to wooden oboes because, other woods like; rose wood, violet wood and so much more, are not as strong and they crack with time. Wooden oboes have good sound quality and premium projection. The value of wooden oboes does not diminish easily, and you can still make a good buck from them after a while. However, you must wait for a long period called the ‘break-in period’ to allow the wood to adapt to the humidity.

Wooden oboes are also very reactive to environmental elements, and they begin to crack in harsh conditions. On the other hand, the plastic oboe is made from mostly high-quality resin and is quite resilient. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions, and they do not crack. Their sound quality, however, is sometimes poor and it is hard to sell after long term use as the resell value for a plastic oboe is low.

Purchasing an oboe, should not be hard. It is important to have all the necessary details before venturing to buy one for personal use or as a gift. This will help you purchase the most appropriate and durable one for your situation.

If you are not convinced about a model, it is important to ask questions from a professional who will guide you. You should put your budget into consideration before you fall in love with an oboe model. It is important so; you will not get disappointed when you realize it is above your planned budget.

The oboe is a wonderful instrument and should be taken care of properly. Be sure to purchase oboe care kit alongside your oboe (if the one you purchase does not come with the care pack). This ensures the safety and longevity of your musical instrument.