15 Best Mini Guitar Reviews 2022 (Best Small Guitar Brands)

Best Mini Guitar, Best Small Guitar & Best Mini Guitar Brands

Best Mini Guitar, Best Small Guitar & Best Mini Guitar Brands

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Acoustic guitars are one of the most popular string instruments on the market. One unique thing about this type of guitar is that it is available in different shapes, sizes, and playing styles. Typically, the most famous acoustic guitar type is the dreadnought body model, which is way standard than all other acoustic guitar types. It has been the classic shape that has seen the love of many musicians and guitarists for many decades.

But recently, there has been a resurgent in smaller size-guitars from a host of the most famous manufacturers like Yamaha, CF Martin, Cordoba, Taylor, and more. So what does this new shift suggest? Well, a closer look would reveal that small sized also known as mini acoustic guitars are great for travels.

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What are the Best Mini Guitar to Buy?

Solving the space issue

Mini acoustic guitars are the best way to solve the problem of space associated with full-sized acoustic guitars. Sometimes, a full-size acoustic guitar can make someone (depending on the stature) look awkward under certain circumstances, especially while on the move. But with the advent of smaller size guitars, the issue with space and look has been adequately resolved.

Mini acoustic guitars: the best options for beginners

Before mini guitars became famous, it uses to be strictly for kids. But as more and more of the world renown manufacturers are rolling out different designs of mini guitars, they are no longer exclusively for the kids. Today most mini guitars now served as reliable options for beginners.

For people with smaller hands, the availability of mini guitars has greatly reduced the difficulties they would otherwise be had with the typical guitar type. Every newbie now has a better chance at success, having access to small to a small guitar that can give you the confidence that you need to become a player in the future.

Mini guitars have become popular because of the comfort and ease of play they offer. Even established musicians now prefer them due to their compact nature and more accessing room. A mini guitar is a perfect choice for a musician that is on the road or one that wants something more comfortable for the showpiece.

15 Best Mini Guitar Reviews and the Best Small Guitar Brands

1) Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

Here comes one of the few brands that can give Yamaha a run for its money when it comes down to string instruments. The Cordoba family of guitars has proved their mettle when it comes to reliability, quality, and style. The Cordoba Mini M is a primarily a student or beginner guitar. From the features that would be seen shortly, this model ideal for practice lessons or on the road use.

The Cordoba has a history of featuring robust wooden design in its collections of guitars—be it mini or full-length guitars. The Travel M comes with mahogany construction at the sides and back of the instrument. The size of this guitar is miniaturized, with nylon strings to provide great feel and playability. Custom Aquila string design is also incorporated in this unit, making it a far more advanced design compared to others in its class.

The Cordoba M Travel Acoustic Guitar is the only Mini guitar unit that has the qualities of a real acoustic guitar. You can tune the Mini M just like a guitar up to 4th-A or within a standard E. with Aquila high string; you know this is a top class guitar for the beginner or student player—not for kids as such.

2) Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

The Martin LX1 comes with a lot of useful quality features that resemble top quality acoustic guitars. Little Martin is not in any way short regarding the top-notch features it carries. For instance, the mini guitar comes with a solid rosewood fingerboard, a feature that is only known to real metal string acoustic guitars.

The textured finish is another aspect of the guitar that set it apart from a host of others. With such high-quality mahogany laminate design, this is by far a mini guitar for beginners.

The neck of the little martin composes of rust stratabond, and together with the rosewood fingerboard, it delivers excellent sound common with most real acoustic guitars. I feature a black Micarta bridge that carries a tusq saddle and chrome knob turners. The guitar is perfect for a student or beginner trying to hone his or her skills in acoustic style.

If you are looking for a beautiful little guitar that won’t wear you out during practicing or while on the road, this is just it. The quality is awesome, and the design is suitable for people with shorthands. It also comes with some extra strings on it for use when the original ones fail.

3) Yamaha GL1 Guitalele natural

Yamaha GL1 Guitalele

The Yamaha GL1 Guitalele is an incredible mini guitar for kids—beginners and student players. The guitar is designed to be a half ukulele, but one that provides 100% fun and happiness. Measuring 28.8 x 12 x 4 inches in dimension, the GL1 is designed to be like a baritone ukulele in size and appearance. It weighs just 3.2 pounds, which is light enough for the kids to handle.

The GL1 is a new series of Yamaha top quality design. It is one that comes with the remarkable natural finish. It plays like a standard quality tune guitar, with tuning pitched to ‘A.’ 6 strings are included are included in this design, and the lines are nylon—a more easy and comfortable one to play.

Don’t be fooled by the price tag. This guitar isn’t for kids alone; adults especially those looking to hone their skills can play this guitar as well. You will have to tune every string up to the pitch to get the desired sound expected from this model. Overall, the Yamaha GL1 Guitalele is not all a bad option for people who want something cheap for practical lessons.

4) First Act FG127 Acoustic Guitar

First Act has rolled out another excellent option for young players to enjoy. The size of this model is specifically tailored to meet the needs of kids and beginners in all categories. The frets that come with the FG127 are very thin, just like in its sister version, the FG250P. Also included is a low string action, which enables the player to have a more comfortable and secure play.

To ensure that the young player doesn’t damage his or her hands, protective covers are included on the strings to keep the fingers of the player safe from peeling and from injuries. Included in this model is an exclusive learn a-chord card that teaches the kids the basics of playing right from the start.

While the body features a plastic construction as the primary material design, the 30-inch acoustic guitar provides its listeners with a great sound that defies its plastic design. The thin profile body makes it more comfortable to play the frets at the neck and the low string action makes it suitable for small hands to play with breathtaking ease.

5) Yamaha FS800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha is a household name in the musical instrument world, and with the introduction of the FS800, the brand feels you don’t have to spend a fortune for an acoustic guitar—a mini size for that matter. The FS800 is a follow up on the FG series that make their debut as far back in 1966.

The FS800 series comes with a new scalloped bracing pattern, a design that helps in maintaining the durability of the upper board. The invigorating pattern also helps in making the instrument to have a more natural sound. The sound that project from this mini guitar is loud and clear—stronger in the low-mid range. The fact that this design carries the innovative acoustic analysis technology developed by Yamaha contribute to the excellent sound of this mini guitar.

The FS800 is something unusual for beginners who want to become professionals in the future. This model is available in acoustic or acoustic-electric models. The woods on this model are well cured and dried, with professionally touched painting to match. With beautiful hand spray finish and excellent quality control, this is the right instrument for a beginner to develop his skills.

6) Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

Everything about this mini guitar is lovely. The quality is just perfect for such a cheaply priced model. Measuring 30 inches in length, the Hohner HAG250P is the perfect mini guitar for beginners and students who love classical music. The size makes it easy for kids’ o carry about and play the best they can.

Featuring nylon strings, the HAG250P is an excellent choice for children to play. It is highly comfortable to handle and, due to the nylon strings and lightweight body construction. Unlike metal strings, these nylon strings don’t hurt the kids. It is one of the best mini guitars you can get for kids ranging 6 to 9 years of age.

The Hohner HAG250P comes with a carrying bag, which you can use to store the guitar comfortably when not in use. The purpose of the gauge nylon strings is to encourage the young player to play comfortably until they are matured enough to play nylon metal string guitar. The guitar has a very generous price, but when the capabilities and qualities are taking into consideration, you would agree this isn’t a cheap model.

7) Yamaha JR1 FG Junior Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha JR1 is one of the best-traveled guitars you can get on the market. The voice that comes from this guitar is one that is loud and clear. The JR1 is designed to follow the footsteps of the much successful FG series. However, this model comes in a more compact and smaller unit.

The smaller body design of the JR1 makes it ideal for young players to have as an instrument of choice. The guitar is designed to withstand aggressive use, and its durability is not in question. A spruce top and high-end Yamaha craftsmanship give this guitar a rich, tasteful acoustic tone.

In a situation where space is an issue, this Yamaha Mini guitar can follow you to anywhere because it doesn’t take much space. The quality of the instrument is never in doubt. With a rosewood fingerboard, a nato neck, and chrome hardware all combine to give this guitar its excellent condition.

Included in this device is a gig bag that you can use to transport and safeguard the unit at any time.

8) Fender MA-1 3/4 Size Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Fender MA-1

One of the significant benefits of playing this guitar is the ease and comfort at which you can access the entire thing. Thanks to the smaller sized body and the string scale length of the guitar, you won’t be healthy to play and practice the way you want.

The Fender MA-1 3 comes with the smooth satin finish—an appealing design that bears a ‘C’ shape neck that measures 1.69 inches at the nut. Like with most other ‘advanced mini guitars,’ this one also features a well tested ‘X’ bracing located under the top of the guitar. The essence of this is to give the player a full tone that mimics the quality of a metal string acoustic guitar.

People with smaller statures and kids will find the Fender MA-1 highly interesting. The top of the instrument features Agathis top design while the sides and back of the guitar are made of solid Sapele wood. Te fingerboard at the neck has edges that are roll-able for intuitive and improved play. The guitar comes with a limited warranty for easy purchase.

9) KidKraft Lil’ Symphony Guitar

One of the best symphony guitars is here and is from KidKraft. The guitar comes with that is needed to keep a kid playing. It measures 24.6 x 8.7 x 2.4 inches in dimensions, and with just 2.65 pounds in weight, this is indeed a compact and highly lightweight instrument. You can get this guitar for your kid to thrill the whole family or take part in a jam.

Kidkraft incorporated the six-string feature into this guitar to makes it a fun and loving guitar for the whole family. If you are looking for a mini that sounds good, the Kidkraft Lil’ Symphony Guitar will do. Apart from being right in sound, it is something that you can easily replace when it gets lost. The only things missing with this model is a strap and a case.

That said, the Kidkraft is the fun guitar for your toddler to play. The body is made of plastic, making more of a lightweight design than wooden construction. There is also a second set of strings is included in this design as an additional bonus. Although you just might need to tune the strings to hold firmly, it remains an excellent product to consider.

10) First Act FG1106 Natural Acoustic Guitar

If you have kids, know that there are guitars for them to play and become professionals in the future. The FG1106 is one example of such guitar. It is designed to be lightweight and heavily thin on the body. You can quickly tune this guitar to suit the style and taste of your kid at any time.

Perhaps, the beautiful thing about the FG1106 is how the frets and strings are made. They are very thin and as such provide easy playing action for the guitar-loving kid. The body of the guitar is made of plastic, which further shows it is strictly for kids. The string post covers provide excellent coverage and protection for the young kid’s fingers. All young players can look forward to this beautiful guitar and expect it to thrive under any circumstances.

Since the low string action provides more of a comfortable play, the FG1106 remains one of the most reliable mini guitars of all times. With such a high price and durability, the FG1106 is one of the most accessible guitars for kids.

11) Maestro by Gibson 30 Inch Mini Acoustic Guitar

The Maestro by Gibson is a great acoustic guitar in the mini class. It is ideal for students and kids learning how to play the guitar. The back and sides of the guitar feature basswood design, which is gotten from the Mora tree, and is very durable.

The top of the guitar feature a select spruce veneer, with a black finish. The neck region of this guitar feature maple wood construction and it has a gloss finish that compliments the design of the back and sides of the guitar.

It is quite unbelievable that such a cheap beginner mini-guitar would come with 21 frets on a fingerboard made from rosewood. But it does, and that’s quite amazing. Included along with the frets are dot inlays and chrome hardware for improved playability.

With stickers around, this guitar can withstand aggressive use and is perfect for adult and kids to play with remarkable ease. Have you got kids ranging 6 to 12 years old? Get them the Maestro and let the entire house along as the little one’s strum and trunk away in great commitment. With a gig bag, you can store this guitar comfortably.

12) Darice Wood Guitar 20 Inch Unpainted

If we are to choose between elegance and quality, the Darice Wood Guitar would easily carry the day. It measures 21.3 x 7.5 x 3.8 inches in dimensions, showing it as a typical kid guitar. It weighs one pound, which means something that even five years old can conveniently carry about. But the real deal about this guitar is it looks.

The Darice Wood Guitar is one that comes without any form of painting. The entire body is designed to have a natural look. It is the type of instrument you can hang on the wall, made to stand upright, or merely carry about as a form of décor item. The guitar comes with full tunable strings, which are metal, instead of the cheap nylon design that is common with most mini guitar in the market.

Since the body features unfinished wooden design, it means you can quickly add your design to it. That is you can paint it the way you want and enjoy your feel. The guitar is also well fretted and is ready to play right out of the box.

13) ADM Classical Guitar

As the name implies, this is a classical guitar for classical music lovers at the beginner’s level. At first sight, the guitar is the type you would love. The top is made of spruce wooden material while the back features a basswood construction for excellent durability. The sides of this classic student guitar are also made of basswood, further creating a soft, textured sound.

Tuners are always an essential part of any guitar, and the ones on the ADM Classic are beautiful, with their stainless button design. With them, you can easily have this guitar to be in a perfect tune without mincing track. The model features six strings, which not a bad idea for students wanting to learn the basics of the guitar. The strings are designed at such that they do not hurt the fingers of the players they demonstrate the best they can in classical and jazz music.

Moving over to the size, you would agree that 34 inches aren’t a wrong size for students and beginners. In fact, it enhances their playability while making light enough for easy carrying. If you have 5 to 12 years old kid, ADM is the best choice for him or her. The gloss finish will always be appealing to anyone, even from a distance. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

14) 23’ 6-String Acoustic Guitar –Kids Educational Toy-Assorted Colors

Here is a collection of some of the best mini acoustic guitars in the market. It is a guitar that comes with all the options needed to have a productive play. Unlike most other kids guitar in the market, this model features tuning keys with functional metal strings, plus a smooth lacquer finish. These features you don’t readily see in a mini guitar.

Measuring 23 x 7.5 x 2 inches in dimension, the acoustic guitar passes as an excellent gift for kids during birthdays or unique event markings. At a weight of just one pound, you can hardly have something that would be better and lightweight for comfortable playing. It is one of those mini guitars that give you a high return on your money.

Spare strings are included in the package, which also comes with a pick. On arrival, the lines appear loosed—a trick used by the manufacturer to prevent them from breaking while in transit. If the machine heads aren’t holding as expected, just tighten the screws inside, and everything would be alright, and the strings will stay in place.

15) 21 Inch Beginner Practice Acoustic Guitar

A mini guitar is expected to provide user-friendly options, and this particular model didn’t disappoint in that regard. It is a guitar that grabs your attention with sophisticated features. The body of the guitar composes plywood construction with six strings that provide crystal clear and enjoyable sound. Where ever you—on the studio or stage, this guitar is sure going to help you attain the highest height in playability.

At 15.8 ounces, this is the guitar that can take to anywhere and enjoy the best of play. It design enable the player to have a silky balance, with beautiful supports for vocals. It is an addicting choice particular for children who want to play something that appears real, even though it isn’t.

That said, don’t expect much more from this guitar, especially with the strings, which you might have to change for better quality ones. There is nothing wrong with the pick, and your child can also play correctly on this guitar, given its elegant design.

Overall, this 21-inch beginner’s guitar is nothing short of a practical model for the very young at heart—nothing extraordinary and nothing wrong.

Choosing the Best Mini Guitar from the Best Mini Guitar Brands

Mini guitars are a great choice for travel. They are also handy for smaller people, and people with shorter hands. We have reviewed some of the best mini guitars in the market, but the list as stated above is just only a tip of what is out there. Mini guitars are now the most sought-after guitars in the market. 

When shopping for your mini guitar, always remember the size. For starters with small hands, the 3 /4 scale is more common and is highly suitable for men and women alike. The critical thing to remember with a mini guitar is that each time you are on the road (if you travel that much,) a less expensive guitar will come handy because it will help reduce the risk of it being damaged while also reducing the risk of it being stolen.