20 Best Kalimba Reviews 2022 (Best Thumb Piano Brands)

Best Kalimba, Best Thumb Piano & Best Kalimba Brands

Best Kalimba, Best Thumb Piano & Best Kalimba Brands

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The feeling you get from deciding on the exact type of Kalimba to buy could be overwhelming.

The truth is; to make the right choice, you need to first consider the qualities of the Kalimba. Thereafter, consider your level of play as well the most appropriate type and model that suits you.

There are many Kalimbas available in the market. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is a Kalimba that suits your level of play. Are you a percussionist with little or no knowledge about Kalimba? Whatever you are, there is always a Kalimba out there for you.

What are the Best Kalimbas/Thumb Pianos to Buy?

As a beginner looking for a Kalimba to buy, it is best you get something you can afford. Buy a Kalimba that comes with a user manual and an instruction booklet. These documents will provide you the guidance you need to learn and play the Kalimba. As a beginner, you need something easy to learn and play. Hence, you need to start with something that is quite simple. 

If you are a musician with enough knowledge of the Kalimba, go for the professional Kalimbas. Something like those with more than 10 keyboard keys. In case, you want to make beautiful and relaxing sound without stress.

As a professional musician with lots of skills, you need to go the 17 keys Kalimbas. With these, you will teach yourself many great songs. More so, with these 17 key Kalimba, you can compose your own songs.

Percussionists are curious people and would love to try out a Kalimba. If you are a percussionist and looking for a Kalimba to buy, you have various options at your disposal. As a percussionist, you have a good sense of rhythms in music.

Thus, music is understood and played considering the flow of energy as well as the pattern of music. Hence, if you want to buy a Kalimba, go for something that is durable and can handle anything. 

Perhaps you desire to buy a Kalimba with which you can play classical music, it is possible. If you want something that can help you strike a connection to African music, you sure can get it. Here are the reviews of some of the best Kalimba in the market.

20 Best Kalimba Reviews and the Best Thumb Piano

1) Donner 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano Solid Finger Piano Mahogany Body Dkl-17

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The Donner Kalimba is small and can be carried about with no stress. This portable thumb piano produces the international standard C tune when played. Compared to other brands of Kalimba, Donner is made from high-quality mahogany wood.

The tune produced by the Donner when played is almost same as that produced by the piano. The main component of its keys is carbon steel. Thus, Donner produces high-quality sound and resonance. You can play this instrument with ease by using your two thumbs.

Donner Kalimba is portable and weighs about 1.05 pounds. This instrument is perfectly tuned and can be played upon purchase. It comes with a portable bag that eases its storage and carrying about.

2) Mid-East Thumb Piano

Thumb Piano

Although the origin of the Mid-East Kalimba can be traced to Pakistan, it is played across the globe. Mid-East is a thumb piano with a body made using Rosewood. This beautiful and large Kalimba has 17 keys with 2 vibrato openings on its back.

It is big and weighs about 1.05 pounds. It is designed using the WorldMusic musical style. This Kalimba produces amazing sounds that are pleasing to the ear. The 17 keys of this Kalimba are made using stainless steel. Thus, it is durable considering its body and key material. More so, it produces the international standard D tune.

This Kalimba is large in size and can provide you with soothing and thrilling sounds. Hence, it is beautiful and has multiple sound holes which result in excellent reverberation effect.

3) Luvay Kalimba Thumb Piano Mbira, Finger Piano African Instrument

LUVAY is a Kalimba with 10 keys that you can tune with ease if you adjust the reed. Its body is made from Pinewood and its 10 keys from an aluminum bar. This beautiful red Kalimba is portable and comes in palm size with a weight of about 0.16 ounces.

You can get started in playing this instrument with ease as it is easy to learn and play. Merely touching your thumb anywhere on the LUVAY produces nice reverberating sounds. The truth is; adjusting the LUVAY Kalimba is easy using the tuning hammer or right app.

More so, with this brand of Kalimba, you can make beautiful and wonderful music. It produces the international C tune just like any other piano.

4) Mugig Kalimba 17 keys thumb piano Mbira Sanza Mahogany

Mugig Kalimba is a portable thumb piano made using Mahogany as its raw material. The metal lines of the Mugig is designed using ore metal. Thus, this brings a huge improvement in the touch feeling you get when you play this instrument. More so, Mugig Kalimba produces a clean, clear, and peaceful sound.

This instrument is lightweight and considered being smart size. Hence, you can carry it to parties and as many journeys as possible with ease. This product comes with a learning manual as well as a songbook. Thus, it is possible for you to learn how to play the Kalimba with ease.

The body of the Mugig Kalimba is made of Mahogany while its tines are made with ore metals. Hence, it is durable and provides longer sustain as well as great sound and touch feeling.

This amazing thumb piano has metal keys that are fixed on a mahogany box. Thus, produces amazing sound from the box which acts as its resonating chamber. If you want your children to cultivate and learn musical talent, Mugig Kalimba is the instrument to learn.

5) GECKO Kalimba Mbira Sanza 17 Keys Thumb Piano with Kalimba Case and Musical Notation (Solid Mahogany Wood)

The Gecko Kalimba is unique both in design and style. This Kalimba has a resonance box made using solid mahogany and keys from ore metal. Hence, you are sure to get the better sound you desire when you play this Kalimba.

It is handmade using the best of mahogany for its body and ore steel bars for its 17 keys. Thus, you are sure of getting a clear sound and touch. Gecko Kalimba comes with a unique casing that helps to prevent it from damages. Hence, you can travel with this Kalimba in utmost convenience.

This Kalimba is best suited for recording and performance. You can use it for your family and all other outdoor occasions. It comes with a professional study and learning guide. This Kalimba will introduce you into the details about the use and routines of the Kalimba. It weighs about 2.07 pounds and has security against moisture, scratches and many others.

6) Andoer 10 Keys Birch Finger Thumb Piano Mbira

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The Andoer Kalimba is much like a thumb piano that when played produces amazing sounds. Sounds that you cannot easily differentiate from that produced by a piano. Andoer like other brands of Kalimba is made from Birch and has a smooth surface.

This 10 key Kalimba whose keys are made using steel is well and nicely polished. In fact, it is beautiful and delicate. You do not need much time to learn how to play this Kalimba. Hence, anyone who picks it up within the shortest time possible can play and produce amazing sound.

The Andoer which is red in color weighs about 7 ounces. Hence, it is a small, portable, durable, and convenient instrument. Thus you can carry it about as well as store it without stress.

7) ADM Thumb Piano 17 Keys Kalimba Mbira

The ADM Kalimba is a thumb piano and a folk musical instrument that is easy-to-learn. It is portable with a 17 key round hole. In fact, the body is made from African Mahogany wood making it a durable instrument. More so, its key materials are made from stainless steel.

You can learn how to play the ADM with ease. In fact, you can create fantastic sound playing this instrument.

The ADM Kalimba is unique because you can adjust its string to produce the sound you want. Thus, it has a tuner. Hence, you can tune for better sound using a hammer.

This product is handy, strong, subtle, and smooth. As such, it is a great musical instrument to play during travels or parties.

This ADM Kalimba has 17 keys made from iron ores. More so, its spring can be adjusted to deliver the sound you want.

8) X8 Drums X8-CT-KLB Coconut Kalimba Thumb

The X8 Drums & Percussion Kalimba is nothing short of a beauty to behold. It is designed using a coconut shell and wooden faceplate. This beautiful instrument is a 7 key Kalimba hand-carved with a gecko design.

You can tune this Kalimba depending on the type of sound you want it to produce. This is possible when you adjust its tension screws. It weighs about 1 pounds and its faceplate is a mahogany wood designed with gecko carvings.

This instrument made from coconut shell has an outstanding resonance and vibration effect. Its 7 keys are made using ore metal. Hence, the X8 Drums & Percussion is a full package of fun for its children and adult players. 

9) M Y Fly Young Finger Piano Kalimba Mbira Likembe Sanza Thumb Piano 10 Keys Light Yellow

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This is a thumb piano suitable as an accompaniment instrument. The M Y Fly Young Kalimba has 10 keys designed using an aluminum bar as well as an aluminum rod.

Its body is made from wood. Thus, it has a very smooth surface with nice polishing which makes it beautiful to behold. More so, it is delicate in details with Meideal inscribed at its bottom. The M Y Fly Young weighs about 7.2 ounces and is considered small considering its size.

Hence, you can carry and store it with little or no stress. It produces a beautiful and well-soothing sound that will take you to a place of unending comfort with ease. A little push down of the keys will result in resonating vibration on its wooden body.

10) Ammoon Kalimba Mbira Thumb Piano Sanza 17 keys Solid Wood Finger Piano

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The Ammoon brand of Kalimba is a professional music instrument with delicate workmanship. This Kalimba is of high-quality created using compact African piano wood. It is designed with triple sound holes which enables it to produce spotless and rich sound. With its two sound holes at the back, you can make creative sounds.

More so, the body comprises bright and clear timbre which makes it a beauty to behold. The Ammoon Kalimba is a 17 key instrument with adjustable carbon steel tines. Hence, you can make sounds that can be sustained for a long time producing calm feelings.

This Kalimba is designed to produce the international standard C tune. More so, it is suitable for both religions and non-religious gatherings. The truth is; if you want a portable and palm size Kalimba, get the Ammoon.

It weighs about 1.12 pounds. Hence, you can carry the Ammoon about with many conveniences.

11) Gecko Kalimba 17 Key Portable Thumb Piano Mmbira/Marimba Sansa

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Gecko Kalimba has its board designed using mahogany with its tines made from ore metal. This instrument is well-tuned and can be played immediately after purchase. When played, it produces the international standard C tone.

The Gecko Kalimba is durable and uses double screw keys. These double screws make it a strong and stable Kalimba when compared to other models. More so, Gecko brand of Kalimba has a solid body made of mahogany wood. Hence, its resonance is much more efficient than other Kalimba.

The truth is; this Kalimba has a warm timbre. Thus, it produces peaceful and long-lasting sound. In fact, these designs make it possible for its notes to reverberate more than other Kalimba.

The body of the Gecko Kalimba is handmade. When played, it produces a soothing and comforting harp-like sound. It is lightweight and easy to learn and play. This unique instrument is a 17 key Kalimba.

12) Walter.D Mahogany Tone Wood Kalimba, Professional 17 Keys Acoustic Finger Thumb Piano Music Gift (Ocean Blue)

Walter.D Kalimba is made from Mahogany, a wood that has the ability to resist wood rot. This unique brand of Kalimba designed from a well-polished wood produces a beautiful sound. Its sound effects are best described as thrilling with near unadulterated echo and delay.

With this Kalimba, you can take your musical prowess and melody to anywhere in the world. As a brand, it comes with exceptional deep blue color with the hand-rest curve design. The Walter.D Kalimba is delicate considering its details. Thus, it is a perfect gift that you can give to any musician.

The Walter.D produces a beautiful sound with diverse melodies. It is a well dedicated and detailed when it comes to sound quality. Besides, it has 17 keys made from carbon steel. Hence, it produces nothing less in quality than perfect sound. You can play the Walter.D Kalimba with ease.

In fact, it is possible for you to play two voice parts in this Kalimba. Walter.D comes in small size and weighs about 1.21 pounds. More so, it comes with an instruction manual and a bad for ease of carrying and storage.

13) UBETA Music 17 Key Mahogany Kalimba Africa Thumb Piano Finger Percussion Musical Instrument

The UBETA Kalimba is an African thumb piano and a percussion keyboard musical instrument. This instrument has about 17 keyboard keys with round sound holes. The keys are prepared using aluminum alloy. Hence, it is durable and when played produces perfect C tone sound. You feel utmost comfort touching the UBETA. It is light-weight and weighs a mere 15.5 ounces. The body and back material is made from solid wood and mahogany.

The key material in the UBETA Kalimba is carbon steel. This instrument is smart, making it easy to carry about to parties and trips. You can tune this instrument with ease using a tuning hammer. The UBETA comes with an instruction booklet and wipe cloths as well as note sticker.

As a novice, you can produce great sound with this instrument. More so, the UBETA comes in a well-designed classic box. Thus, you can buy it as a gift for your loved one. Usually, the UBETA Kalimba is always perfectly tuned before you purchase it. Thus, you need not tune it upon purchase before it can produce great tones.

14) Vangua 17 Keys African Fingers Kalimba Thumb Piano Percussion Keyboard

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Vangoa Kalimba produces sounds that oozes nothing but pure joy. In fact, the Vangoa is considered as one great instrument you can add to any of your percussion kits. Although it comes in quite a small size, adults can still play it. The truth is; it suits kids and adults alike.

The Vangoa which is a 17 key Kalimba has a mahogany body whose keys are made of mineral steel. Hence, it is as beautiful as you can imagine and produces comforting and heartfelt tones when played. This brand of Kalimba is a nice gift you can give to your loved ones who are music lovers.

Considering its size, it is lightweight. More so, it weighs about 1.15 pounds. This Kalimba is perfectly tuned and has mineral steel keys that deliver the best of sound.

15) UK Dream 17 Keys Thumb Piano Kalimba Mbira Sanza Likembe

The UK Dream brand of Kalimba is a 17 tone thumb piano. This Kalimba is made from materials like an aluminum rod and bar as well as the pine but its key material is metal. The UK Dream Kalimba when played produces the D key tone. This instrument comes with Mbira, a tuning hammer, tone stickers, bag and user manual.

You can play this Kalimba with little stress. The weight of the UK Dream brand of Kalimba is about 1.05 pounds. This implies that this product is light and portable. As such, could be carried about with ease.

This traditional African musical instrument has 17 keys. These keys are of different length. Thus, when played produces flawless and pleasant sound. Its sounding body part comprises several metal bands. These bands come in different lengths.

This instrument is perfect for you if you love musical instruments that produce melodious sounds.

16) Amosic Kaliba Thumb Piano 10 Keys Mbira Sanza Mahogany Musical Instrument

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Amosic is Kalimba with 10 keyboard keys. This unique thumb piano produces the C tone when played. Its body is made from mahogany with its keyboard keys made from carbon steel. To play the Amosic, you need to hold it with both hands. Thereafter, you can use only two of your thumbs to play it.

You can adjust the tone of the Amosic to produce better sound with a tuning hammer if the need arises. This instrument is considered a classic one. If you are looking for a musical instrument with ethnic characteristics, the Amosic is your best bet.

This thumb piano is simple, handy, and lightweight as it weighs about 1.98 pounds. When played, it produces sounds that is almost same as that produced by a music box. Its keyboard keys have a bent design. Thus, Amosic is suitable for your fingers such that you feel no pain when playing this instrument.

17) Donner 10 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano

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The Donner Kalimba is not like other cheap thumb pianos. It is designed using high and solid quality mahogany wood. This great musical instrument has a resonance box made of the best mahogany wood. More so, it’s a 10 key Kalimba with each key made using carbon steel. This is why you can be sure of getting a great sound while playing this instrument.

This Kalimba weighs 13.4 ounces and quite small in size. Thus, you can readily carry this Kalimba everywhere you go in its carry bag. Donner produces the international standard C tune; the exact tone produced by a piano.

The Donner Kalimba is durable and portable. Its resonant box made with AAA solid mahogany. It comes with a user manual so you can learn everything you need to know with ease. This makes this brand of Kalimba easy to use, carry, and store.

18) Mugig Kalimba Mbira Thumb Piano Pocket Size

This Mugig Kalimba is a finger piano with a difference. When played, it produces titivate and peaceable sound that leads you to a place of happy emotion. The Mugig Kalimba offers you the best choice for you to relax with its beautiful and peaceful sound.

Considering tonality, it produces the international C key tone and has about 10 keys. You can learn and this Kalimba furnished with imprint notation without stress. In fact, it is easy to play as long as you can pull the keys.

This instrument is durable with its body made from mahogany and keys from carbon steel. The keys are designed to ensure you can play this Kalimba more smoothly with finger pains. On the keys of this Mugig Kalimba are the notes that can be produced by each key.

Thus, you can use the music book it comes with to learn and play songs. More so, you can play this instrument with guitar, Ukulele, and other musical instruments.

You can sustain steady notes for long due cutting-edge metal tines and mahogany box. Thus, this Kalimba produces very beautiful sound. With its bent key designs, it suits your fingers comfortably such that you can smoothly play it.

19) 17 Key Mahogany Kalimba African Thumb Piano Finger Percussion Keyboard

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Larkyueqi Kalimba is a 17 key Kalimba. It has a body made of mahogany and vibrato holes which you can cover with your fingers. This beautiful Kalimba is smooth, delicate, and well-polished.

The Larkyueqi has adjustable springs, which allows for more bright and clear color of the timber. This Kalimba weighs about 9.3 ounces. Thus, it is lightweight, which makes it possible for you to carry and store it with ease.

The Larkyueqi Kalimba produces clear and heartwarming melodious sounds. Its 17 keys are made using aluminum alloy. You can adjust the spring in this Kalimba for better sound. This Kalimba is unique as its vibrations resonate on its wooden body when played.

With this Kalimba, anybody can create amazing sound without stress.

20) Kalimba Mbira Sanza 17 Keys Thumb Piano

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The Everjoys Kalimba is an easy to learn and play musical instrument. With this Kalimba, you can learn and play simple operations without a waste of your time. Its body is made from mahogany carved into a resonance box. This instrument produces clear and beautiful sound because its keys are made from carbon steel.

This thumb piano is a multi-function instrument that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and pressure. In fact, experts in psychology recommend that you play this instrument for relaxation. It is a 17 key Kalimba that comes with a songbook.

Everjoys are lightweight Kalimba that can help children cultivate music talent at a young age. You can play Everjoys in combination with other musical instruments. Playing this Kalimba creates moments of lovely sound that brings the happy emotions. This instrument when purchased comes with its own notation as well as professional instructions.

Choosing the Best Kalimba from the Best Kalimba Brands

The origin of the Kalimba as a musical instrument can be traced to Africa. This thumb piano has gained popularity and is now played across the globe in many occasions. Be it religious or non-religious gatherings, you can play the Kalimba. Hence, the need to ensure you choose the right one while buying your Kalimba.

The truth is; there are Kalimba suitable for each occasion. There are others you can play at your leisure for personal comfort that can be played on occasions. So, it is important to know which is which. This will help you not only play for your comfort but to wow others when you play at events.

Hence, this review will be of great help to guide you in making the right choice. Although the choice to buy a Kalimba is yours to make with your heart, this review will help you a lot. Besides, pay attention to the yearnings of your heart. Pay attention and listen to your inner being and yourself and ask relevant questions about Kalimba.

You should aim to buy a Kalimba that suits your level of play. More so, get something that suits the style of music you play or make. You should understand that each brand of Kalimba has its qualities as well as its level. Hence, do proper research as well as look into this review as a guide to making the right choice.