18 Best Harmonica Book Reviews 2022 (Best Books to Learn Harmonica)

Best Harmonica Book & Best Book to Learn Harmonica

Best Harmonica Book & Best Book to Learn Harmonica

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The harmonica belongs to the wind instruments family. It is also called the French harp, the harmonica’s origin is not clearly known but it is strongly indicated that it was invented in Germany.

Over the years, the harmonica has been used to play a wide range of music genres such as jazz, American folk, country music, rock music, classical music, and blues. The sounds produced by harmonicas add a unique listening experience to songs.

Many artists have found ways to infuse the harmonica sounds in their bands creatively and the results have been amazing. Harmonica books are available online, these books have been written by expert players who have included explanations and instructions to guide readers who wish to improve their harmonica playing techniques.

What are the Best Harmonica Books to Buy?

2) Absolute Beginners’ Harmonica

  • Music theory and practical guides
  • Simple Instructions
  • Includes a CD
  • Step By Step Format

1) Rock and Blues Harmonica

  • Step By Step Guide
  • Includes a CD
  • Fun To Read
  • Easy To Understand

3) Instant Harmonica Lessons

  • Included over thirty nice songs
  • Simple Instructions
  • Fun and Easy To Understand
  • Breathing Exercises

Interested to Learn Harmonica Online? Check These Websites!

The harmonica is one of the popular mouth organs in the music industry today. The books online are written to guide the public feature introductory parts for beginners, and advanced tips and tricks to aid intermediate and experienced students.

As a beginner, it is important that you buy a harmonica book that extensively defines the common terms used during the lessons and description of the mouth organ. It would help if you also started your learning with books specifically indicated as a beginners guide for harmonica players.

Many books for beginners are packaged with CDs and DVDs which contain videos and audio files of the instructor or other experts playing the harmonica. With these additional materials, you can read the instructions in the book and view the instructors playing harmonicas following the instructions you have read.

One of the first lessons beginners should learn is the best position to assume while playing the harmonica. Your position, to a large extent, determines the quality of your sounds and how long you can play the harmonica comfortably without getting tired. The best books sold online always include these instructions, so you can confirm if postural guidance is included in the learning context before buying the book.

The harmonica can be played in different styles to match the music genre. So, it is a great idea to buy harmonica book guides that cover a wide range of styles to give you an edge while learning. Knowing how to play different styles will make you more confident when jamming along songs and playing with friends in a band.

18 Best Harmonica Book Reviews 

1) Rock and Blues Harmonica

The lessons presented in this harmonica learning guide is one of the most extensive you can find online. The author has concentrated their focus on helping students develop a solid foundation for their harmonica lessons.

The content in this book includes lessons such as music theory, learning the octaves, bends, tongue blocking techniques, vibrato, overblows, chord progressions and other essential areas. By following the step by step guide, learners can start playing songs after a few hours. With constant practice, it will be easier for learners to improve their skills remarkably.

The package comes with a CD; it contains audio files to help learners understand how the harmonica techniques are practically applied during training sessions. The audio files you will listen to on the CD are a follow up on the lessons that have been described in the book. Following this guide, learners can get a head start on the proper methods of improvisation with the harmonica. The book is fun to read and easy to understand.

2) Absolute Beginners’ Harmonica

For a good start and long-term progress, beginners are introduced to a course that explains the harmonica basics as well as important tips and hints. The course includes lessons that describe music theory and practical guides to play the harmonica.

In addition, the harmonica lessons have been improved with pictures and illustrations to give readers a vivid idea of the methods that should be used to produce the best sounds. Readers are instructed on how to hold the harmonica and the right position of the mouth. The lessons also cover areas such as learning the scales, chords, note bending, and jamming along songs. Readers will also find simple instructions on how to maintain the harmonica to make It last longer.

The package includes a CD. In this CD, there are audio files to guide users during the practice sessions. By listening to the audio files, it is easier for learners to identify missed notes and how to avoid the problem.

Also, the CD includes full-length accompaniment tracks that improve practical training sessions with the harmonica. A tablature has been included to help learners understand how to read music. The lessons have been presented in step by step format to make it easy for all users to follow and understand how the harmonica is played.

3) Instant Harmonica Lessons

The approach used in developing these harmonica lessons is direct and focused on helping children gain confidence while playing the musical instrument. The lessons have been made fun and interesting to keep all students engaged and interested in completing the course.

The harmonica lessons cover areas such as understanding the notations, how to use tablatures, learning the octaves, trills, and how to bend notes. There are also hints on how to hold the harmonica while practicing songs.

In this guide, the author has included over thirty nice songs to make the practice sessions more interesting. By following the simple instructions, you can teach yourself how to play the harmonica successfully.

The lessons also include exercises that give all users the opportunity to practice the skills they have just read about in the book. The breathing exercises in this book also help people who have never played the harmonica before learn how to endure longer sessions by using the right breathing techniques.

Overall, the guide is a combination of instructions as text, tablature, and the use of songs to give all students a comprehensive approach to learning how to play harmonicas like professionals.

4) Blues Harmonica For Dummies

Everyone who wants to learn how to play the harmonica for blues will find the lessons in this instruction guide very helpful. The lessons are focused on teaching and explaining all aspects of the techniques needed for blues harmonica.

The lessons have been developed from the basics to enable beginners to understand the history of blues harmonica techniques and how they can be used to make the best sounds. The lessons also cover basic areas such as how to maintain your harmonica, bending notes, and the hand and mouth positions while playing the harmonica.

The author’s focus while writing this book was to provide the right set of instructions to guide learners who wish to become experts within a short time. The simple instructions can be used to develop repertoires, construct solos, accompaniment, jamming along different types of blues, and understanding the licks and riffs that apply to blues.

There are also special instructions to help learners understand how to use the tongue blocking techniques. Mastering the tongue blocking techniques is essential to improving the quality of sounds from the harmonica.

After the lessons, all users of this harmonica manual will understand the different blues styles and can decide a particular style they wish to adopt. Using this guide is easy, and the simple lessons make it fun to learn more about harmonica techniques.

5) Harmonica For Dummies

Harmonica for Dummies is for beginners and those people who have never played the musical instrument before. The book features simple, step by step guide on how to read music and start practicing with the harmonica. The first lessons in this simple instructional manual cover areas such as learning about notes, chords, and the trills as well as other harmonica basics.

The tips and hints included in this book are detailed to make it easy for readers to comprehend. Applying the instructions during practical sessions with the harmonica is easier because of the access to audio and video files about playing harmonicas.

The author has also included special instructions to guide learners on how to use accompaniments and play solos with the musical instrument. At the end of the lessons, learners will be able to bend notes, perform overdraws, and overblows, maintain consistency and develop their repertoires while playing the harmonica.

The lessons also cover special hints on how to achieve the best breathing rhythm to help learners gain endurance while making music with the harmonica. For people who have chosen particular music genres to focus on, there are instructions on how to choose and master the best music styles such as American folk, blues, jazz, and others. The lessons are simple and directly address crucial areas needed to start playing harmonicas quickly.

6) Country and Blues Harmonica

The harmonica secrets revealed in this instructional guide make it easy to start learning how to play the harmonica as a beginner or an intermediate player. The content of this harmonica guide covers all the essential aspects of blues harmonica styles and what students need to know during jamming sessions.

From the lessons, users of this guide will learn about the best tongue blocking methods, how to bend notes, playing train whistles, and jamming techniques. The step by step approach applied in this guide makes it easy for all users to understand how to play different songs, starting from simple tracks to more complex songs.

Intermediate and advanced learners who need to improve their blues techniques will also find the information in this guide helpful. The lessons have been made quite comprehensive and vast, making it the source for all knowledge a beginner will need to start playing the harmonica.

A CD has been included in the packaging. The added CD removes the stress of looking for suitable tracks to download online. The CD contains tracks for training sessions; the estimated listening time for the CD is about seventy-three minutes, during which different types of songs are played. It is a great book for everyone who needs simplified harmonica lessons that have been broken down into smaller riffs.

7) Method for Chromatic Harmonica

The lessons included in this harmonica book have been creatively presented for beginners; however, the progression features lessons that extend to advanced levels. It is a good harmonica guide for learners who wish to continue improving their harmonica techniques in the long-term.

The first lessons include instructions to help users understand how to read music and use the tablatures. There are also special instructions and guides about music notations to help users understand the basics that are essential to improve their techniques at more advanced levels. There are hundreds of exercises in this book; it presents a harmonica learning approach which encourages all users to anticipate the practice sessions.

The CD included in this package contains a large collection of play along songs for long-term practice. The theory lessons about arpeggios, sight reading, scales, and how to produce the right sounds are improved while practicing with the play along songs in the CD.

The lessons introduce the slides in a simple format; users will also learn about the musical keys they need to apply for different music styles. The step by step approach used by the author in writing this book is specifically aimed at helping all users improve their consistency and rhythmic techniques during the practice sessions.

8) How To Play The Harmonica

This guide is suitable for people who have never had the experience of playing harmonicas before. The lessons have been structured to help all users learn how to play the harmonica at their own pace. This approach makes it easy for everyone to achieve their dreams and start playing their favorite songs in as little as one week after the lessons.

Adults and children can use this guide because of the simple format used in creating the lessons. A major part of this instructional guide has been focused on tips and hints to read music notations, and understanding the riffs, octaves, and tablature. The guide also features many songs and tunes to improve practice sessions with the harmonica.

The basic approach featured in this book makes it perfect for beginners. It is also going to be a fun experience for users who enjoy reading the music scores which have been comprehensively featured in the guide.

The lessons are brief which gives students more time to study them and apply the instructions during practice. The narrative also features draw charts and tablature to make the lessons more explanatory. It will help everyone who needs to learn as a beginner to achieve their dreams.

9) Harmonica Beginners

This comprehensive guide includes a step by step approach to learning how the harmonica is played. The lessons progress from the basics, which is essential for beginners, and more advanced lessons at the intermediate and advanced levels after learners have passed the beginner lessons. The lessons are creative, and funny which make it easy for all users to be engaged during their practice session.

For each lesson featured in this book guide for harmonicas, there are simple examples that make it easier for users to understand what the instructor is trying to teach. Every user will also get a chance of a securing a membership and access to the author’s website to view videos and files which offer more tips and hints to improve harmonica techniques.

There are particular chapters in this guide that focus on teaching the users how to breathe and bend notes while playing the harmonica. These areas provide useful information to advanced learners who may need to remember their past lessons and improve sounds. There are so many tips to help all users of this instructional manual overcome the issues that are commonly experienced when learning how to play the harmonica.

10) How to Play the Harmonica: A Beginners Guide to Learn How to Play the Harmonica

The instructional guidelines have been compiled in a comprehensive manner to help beginners start learning how to play harmonica from the basics. They include instructions on how to hold the mouth organ, breathing instructions to master the right rhythm, playing single notes as a beginner, note bending, playing different keys, shimmering, and many other tips and tricks.

The author compiled these instructions to help you learn quickly and start playing the harmonica within a few days. The instructions regarding inhales and exhales are especially useful to help beginners understand the importance of rhythmic breathing while playing the instrument.

The book also explains areas related to harmonica playing such as the different tuning options you can use to improve your sounds, the combs, and windsavers. The simple illustrations are extremely helpful to all readers. You can view the positions the author has described in the text for better understanding.

Beginners will also benefit from the simple introductory paragraphs that have been added to the book. These introductory parts cover the basic aspects of music theory you need to understand how the harmonica is played. It is a good starter guide for adults and children.

11) How To Play The Harmonica

The content of this guide to learning how the harmonica is played is both instructional and motivational. The author has been able to infuse some humor while teaching you how to apply the best tips and get excellent results. By following the lessons and actively performing the exercises, students can learn the techniques and become more confident while playing the harmonica.

It reveals a simple yet effective approach to music practice, the structure of this guide makes it easy for you to sustain your practice sessions until the end of the lessons. After the course, you can continue practicing by playing along songs and improving your skills in reading music and using the tablature.

The inspiration aspect of this guide compels you to feel confident about practicing with the harmonica and getting it right. The lessons help you acknowledge the chances of making mistakes and how to make the right corrections. There are also tips on how to breathe while playing the harmonica.

Following the instructions helps you to sustain longer and more effective practice sessions. It is a good guide that lays a proper foundation for more advanced harmonica lessons.

12) Harmonica Primer Book For Beginners

The course outline in this harmonica book has been written to cover the basics to help beginners start playing harmonicas. The lessons include tips and instructions about hand and mouth positions, inhales and exhales. The music theory aspect covers explanations about the scales, vibrato, chords, trills, bending notes, and other essential areas.

The lessons in this book also cover training on how to play harmonicas at different speeds. In addition, thirty songs have been included in this harmonica book guide to provide readers with an opportunity to have practical experience with the harmonica.

After reading the instructions, you can view the content on the DVD; it includes videos to help beginners understand how to apply the music theory. The first songs include simple tracks such as common gospel songs and Christmas songs. The videos help users start playing songs quickly which helps improve confidence.

The author has succeeded in producing an easy guide to help beginners understand what they need to do to start playing songs with the harmonica quickly. The book is easy to use and helpful.

13) Play Harmonica Today - Beginners Pack

The lessons in this guide follow a simple format that encourages all students to proceed from one stage to the next. The guide has been created following a format that makes it easy for students to learn at their own pace.

The lessons cover basic areas such as learning the right breathing patterns, tips on how to improve fluency while playing the harmonica and the correct hand and mouth positions while playing the musical instrument. Students also learn how to read music, the best methods to bend notes, how to use tablatures, the notations, and octaves.

The package comes with a CD and DVD. In the CD, there are fifty-seven audio files which have been added to help students improve their practice sessions. Listening to the audio files makes it easier to understand the effects of tips and instructions they have read in the guide.

On the DVD, there are videos that show the complete harmonica tablature. The DVD content helps students understand what is needed to play the various music styles with the harmonica. The lessons are direct and simple, which makes it easy for all users to learn at their own pace.

14) Play Today Harmonica, Blues Band

This self-teaching guide is written for beginners and intermediate harmonica players. It is a method book that breaks down the steps you should follow to start playing nice songs with the harmonica. The lessons show students how to start playing harmonicas from the first position; there are tips about bending notes and getting the right rhythm while playing the musical instrument.

The fundamentals have been included for the benefit of beginners who need to learn how to hold the musical instrument while playing. Intermediate harmonica players will be happy with the songs that are included to improve training sessions.

The package includes materials that cover the fundamentals, which includes the tips and tricks to understand the harmonica techniques. The lessons have also been developed using a broad approach which gives all users an edge to play different genres of music. There is also a top grade Hohner bluesband harmonica included in the package. It is a complete package with everything the user needs to get started.

After reading the instructional guide, students can start practicing with the CD which contains 73 tracks of various songs, particularly selected to make the practice sessions more interesting.

15) Harmonica For Kids

The author of this instructional guide to teach kids how to play harmonicas has focused on presenting the lessons in an engaging and compelling way. The lessons are fun, and all kids will find the short exercises very exciting. The lessons include instructions about the right-hand positions while playing the harmonica and how to place the mouth to achieve good results.

There are also tips about chord playing and understanding how to get the right melodies. The text in this guide features simple English and the lessons have been arranged in a simple layout to make it easy for children to understand. This includes large-sized notations that make it easier for the kids to see and remember.

There are over thirty songs in this harmonica book. The author chose songs that are fun and exciting, so it is easy for children to stay engaged while learning the harmonica lessons in this guide. At a young age, children are introduced to the tricks that can help them maintain a proper rhythm while playing the harmonica.

This includes learning the right breathing patterns to build endurance and increase the duration of practice sessions. It is a good instructional manual for children, and the feedback is encouraging. At the end of the lessons in this guide, children will have the necessary skills to play the harmonica faster and more fluently.

16) Chicago Blues Harmonica

Intermediate players will find these instructions useful while playing and practicing with the harmonica. The tablature featured in this guide is basic enough to give the users a better understanding of the lessons. The instructions include guidelines on how to use the licks, bending notes, and understanding the notations related to playing harmonicas.

It is also important to have a good knowledge of reading music to gain more from this book. However, all the markings have been comprehensively explained while tips on how to improve fluency while playing the harmonica have been added in many parts of this guide. The content provides a good start and foundation for everyone who wants to learn how to play blues with the harmonica.

Advanced learners will also find the harmonica instructions in this guide helpful. They can find useful information which can serve as a reminder of their past lessons. The tracks in this guide are interesting.

The author apparently selected engaging tracks to ensure all users have the best time during their practice sessions. It can be observed that this harmonica playing guide helps users to learn and improve their music reading skills and avoid playing the harmonica by ear.

17) Little Walter Harmonica Play Along

For everyone looking for the best play along songs to improve harmonica skills, this book will be a good option. It features hundreds of tunes and melodies to help students practice longer. If you enjoy listening to tracks, it will be easy to understand how the licks and riffs work and how to follow the right methods to produce better harmonica sounds.

Each book offers you a special code to access the audio files online. The vast library offers you more song options for practice, which includes instrumentals that can be hard to find from other sources.

It is easy to use the audio files in this package because of its unique software. The software makes it easy to playback or listen to the songs at slower speeds to understand the notations. Using these files also shows how the experts use the tongue blocking techniques to achieve the sounds that filter through the speakers.

Using the tablature is also quite easy, with the backing tracks, good selection of tunes and other essential features, this book offers you the best approach to maintain a long-term attitude towards consistent practice.

18) Ultimate Beginner Blues Harmonica

Beginners who want to get started with the harmonica following simple processes can use this guide successfully. It features the basic instructions on how to hold the musical instruments while blowing it; the instructions also cover guide on how to play the harmonica from first position.

Users who also want to learn the cross-harp techniques will find these lessons particularly helpful. Learning how to play the harmonica at your pace can be easily achieved with this manual. There are direct instructions to guide learners on how to bend notes while playing harmonicas and understanding the techniques used in blues phrasing.

Further lessons as the course progresses reveals the best approaches to playing the octaves, trills, improving vibrato, and the best use of chords to make beautiful music. The package includes a DVD which features videos that show how the riffs can be adequately achieved.

It is a simple guide to use, and the lessons have been properly organized in a format to help busy people take each lesson at their convenience without missing the information.

Choosing the Best Books to Learn Harmonica

Some essential techniques such as tongue blocking and bending notes are important and must be learned if you wish to become an expert harmonica player. You can check the content of books on sale to know if the writer has covered these areas before purchase. With these techniques, you can improve the sounds from your harmonica and sound like an expert.

It is also important to check if a particular book you wish to buy covers the essentials regarding reading music. Using the notations and tablature means you should know how to read music. This is a technique that you will need even at the advanced stages of learning how to play the harmonica. It is therefore important to find a book that will help you develop a strong foundation in these areas.

2) Absolute Beginners’ Harmonica

  • Music theory and practical guides
  • Simple Instructions
  • Includes a CD
  • Step By Step Format

1) Rock and Blues Harmonica

  • Step By Step Guide
  • Includes a CD
  • Fun To Read
  • Easy To Understand

3) Instant Harmonica Lessons

  • Included over thirty nice songs
  • Simple Instructions
  • Fun and Easy To Understand
  • Breathing Exercises

If you are particularly interested in learning a music style, you can focus on finding the books that cover the music genre. For example, there are harmonica books mainly about blues, jazz, or country music. However, it is important to ensure that the basics are covered in the book, so you have a good foundation as a harmonica player.

Overall, the best books teach you the techniques using a fun approach that encourages you to practice very often. If you can practice long enough, your skills will be much better after a short while.