20 Best Harmonica for Beginners Review 2022

Best Harmonicas for Beginners & Best Beginner Harmonica Brands

Best Harmonicas for Beginners & Best Beginner Harmonica Brands

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If what you desire is a musical instrument that is very easy to play, you should give harmonica a try. Apart from being easy to play, the musical instrument comes in attractive shapes, pattern and produces a unique sound. Due to all these intriguing features, it has become a popular choice among music lovers. Beginners who are keen on learning the musical instrument will discover that the harmonica is a straightforward instrument to learn and practice.

Therefore, you should consider getting this musical instrument for easy learning and practice. However, there are diverse kinds of Harmonica in the market, and you can make the wrong choice if care is not taken. In order to buy the perfect harmonica that you desire, we will provide you with the essential features of the musical instrument, and we will also take you through the reviews of the best Harmonica for beginners.

What are the Best Harmonicas for Beginners to Buy?

2) Hohner 1501BX Blues Band, Harmonica, C

Hohner 1501BX Blues Band, Harmonica, C
  • Stainless steel cover plate
  • Strong brass reed plates
  • Great tone
  • Straightforward to play

1) Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C

Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C
  • Excellent tone,
  • Great response
  • Fantastic bending ability
  • Comfortable playing

3) Swan 10 Hole 20 Tones Harmonica for Starters

  • Stainless steel cover plate
  • Excellent sound
  • Durable plastic case
  • Carry conveniently

What to look for in an ideal harmonica for beginners

As a beginner, your choice of a perfect harmonica should be based majorly on the features of the musical instrument. You might end up with the wrong instrument if you don’t know the right features to look for in a perfect harmonica for beginners. For example, machine harmonicas come in full metal design; they produce louder sounds while handcrafted harps are better in the areas of notes and airflow controls. Here are some features you should consider when shopping for the right harmonica for beginners:

  • Type

There are three kinds of harmonicas. They are diatonic, chromatic, and tremolo.

Tremolo harps

The tremolo harp is different from others because it is designed with two reeds for each note. The diatonic and chromatic are the type of harmonica that is commonly seen, unlike the tremolo harp. Tremolo harp is characterized by a wavering sound that is typical of Eastern Music. Tremolo harp is more expensive than the other two, and they are typically custom made.

Diatonic harps

The uniqueness of this harmonica is its bending sound. Bending is done drawing a breath and breathing out a note. Bending is one of the most straightforward skills that you learn on a diatonic harp. The type of music that is commonly played on a diatonic harmonica are classical, rock, country, folk, and blues.

Chromatic Harp

This type of harp comes with button at the sides, enabling you to play the standard major scale as well as the half-step notes in between. The chromatic harmonica gives you the opportunity to play any scale in any key. Chromatic harps are endowed with more holes and reeds, thereby offering a larger scale for learning songs that more demanding to play.

  • Key

In harmonica, the key you used is dependent upon the type of music you are playing. A set of harp has the following keys – A Bb, C, D, F, and G. These keys are perfect for almost all playing situation. The popular key that most beginners and intermediate players use most is the key C. They can also make use of the tremolo or chromatic harp to switch swiftly between keys.

  • Ease of use

Small-sized harmonicas are easy to handle by children and teenagers. Apart from that, the musical instrument will be more comfortable to carry about when you get a carrying a carrying case. Apart from that, a carrying case also protects your musical instrument and reduces the chances of getting it damaged.

  • Number of holes and reeds

In most cases, the reeds are made of brass. Some harmonica have reeds made with plastic, aluminum, and steel. The number of reeds that can be vibrated depends mainly on the number of holes along the harmonica.

20 Best Harmonica for Beginners Reviews

1) Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C

Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C

The Hohner Special Harmonica is the best choice for those that desire to learn the harmonica and become a professional player within a short period. Beginners and professional players have made this musical instrument their choice because of its excellent tone, great response, and its fantastic bending ability.

With its unique air-tight design, harmonica players can play their favorite genres of music ranging from country to rock music. An excellent feature that is worthy of note is the moisture-resistant plastic comb. The Moisture resistant plastic comb makes the musical instrument to last long because it cannot be affected by moisture.

You will be interested to learn that this harmonica comes with thirty days of free lessons. These lessons can be accessed online. Apart from the free online lesson, it also features stainless steel covers, and the sides are closed. Another feature is the brass reed plates that are held in place by screws.

2) Hohner 1501BX Blues Band, Harmonica, C

Hohner 1501BX Blues Band, Harmonica, C

You don’t need to look for elsewhere for a harmonica that is affordable and of high-value, the Hohner 1501BX Blues Band is your best choice. Users of this product described it as a quality harmonica at a great price. The Hohner 1501BX is not a toy; it is a real musical instrument for professionals as well as beginners that are keen on becoming an expert horn player.

Apart from its great tone, it comes in a sturdy metal. When you get this product, you will discover that it is straightforward to play, getting sound out of the instrument is very easy as you need to blow in and out.

The Hohner 1501BX is all you need to start playing your favorite music genres like country, folk, blues, and rock. The product features a stainless steel cover plate, strong brass reed plates, and many others. The Hohner 1501BX is a top-selling harmonica for beginners. It has a reed plate thickness of 0.99mm and it is available in key of C.

3) Swan 10 Hole 20 Tones Harmonica for Starters

Are you searching for the right harmonic that you need to commence your harmonica learning journey? You don’t have to search further; the Swan 10 Mini Harmonica for Beginners is all you need to get. The harp is a popular choice among beginners and professional as well.

It comes with a perfect stainless steel cover plate painted in silver making the instrument look attractive. The musical instrument is designed with high-grade material for the production of excellent sound.

Some of the features of this harmonica are durable plastic box, detailed instructions for learners, and many more. In order to prevent dust and damage, the harmonica is packaged in a durable plastic case. Apart from that, the durable plastic box enables you to carry the harmonica conveniently from one place to another.

4) Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, Key of C

Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, Key of C

If you need a beginner harmonica with excellent sound and playability, the Hohner Marine Brand harmonica is a musical instrument of choice. The musical instrument gives good sound and fits perfectly in the hands.

And, if you are a lover of blues or rock music, this harmonica is for you. It has a warm sound, and it plays to your satisfaction. It is a great product to buy for the price.

One of the unique features of this musical instrument is that it is available in other major keys apart from the key of C. The Hohner Marine Band Harmonica is well known for its wood comb and full tone. It features 20 reeds alongside brass reed plates. For protection and storage, the product comes with a protective case.

5) Johnson BK-520-C Blues King Harmonica, C

This is another excellent harmonica designed for kids; it comes with unique features that allow your kid to master the technique of playing the musical instrument effectively.

The harmonica features excellent brass reeds for enhanced sound production. There is also a brass reed shell for perfect note bending and prevention of air leaks. It is worth mentioning that musical instrument comes with a fantastic plastic case and it is available all 12 major keys.

This product comes at a pocket-friendly price, and its performance is exceptional. If you are willing to arouse your kids’ interest in music, you should consider getting them this musical instrument.

6) Suzuki Harmonica HA-20-C

Suzuki harmonica HA-20-C is beautifully designed and produces smooth sound. The musical instrument is compact, so it can easily fit in your pocket. On this instrument, there is a colored Hammond logo that enhances its appearance. This musical instrument will always give you high-quality sound.

Apart from that, the Suzuki Harmonica HA-20-C is easy to play especially for those learning the instrument. So, if you are keen on learning this instrument, the Suzuki Harmonica HA-20-C will enhance your learning, and you will become an excellent player in no distant time.

When it comes to excellent features, this harmonica is one of the leading musical instruments. One of its outstanding features is the Phosphor Bronze reeds. Apart from the Phosphor Bronze reeds, it also features a hard shell carrying case for easy storage.

As mentioned earlier, the compact design is another great feature. Therefore, if you need a harmonica that you can carry about in your pocket, you should consider the Suzuki Harmonica HA-20-C.

7) Lee Oskar Harmonica (C-Key)

Are you looking for a significant diatonic harmonica that is ideal for playing a wide variety of music genres? This Harmonica is what you should consider. The musical instrument is perfect for playing Folk, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Country music.

Many players of this instrument have described it as the best harmonica in the world because of its playability and other excellent features. The Harmonica is packed of outstanding functionalities, no wonder why professional players all over the world prefer this fantastic harmonica.

This Harmonica features a plastic comb with large holes. The plastic comb enhances the playability of the musical instrument. Other unique features of this great harmonica are the airtight design, louder sound, and the responsive reeds. If you are looking for a high-quality, high-performing harmonica to buy, you should consider this product.

8) Melissa and Doug Beginner Extra-Large Metal Harmonica

If you need a harmonica with which you can easily isolate notes, the Melissa and Doug Harmonica is what you should consider. The feature that makes it perfect for notes isolation is its extra large size.

Apart from the big size, it comes in shining metal casing, and it is durably constructed. Therefore, if you desire a harmonica that provides awareness and also encourages appreciation of quality music, the Melissa and Doug harmonica is all you need.

This fantastic musical instrument is designed to ignite the musical passion in children through its incredible features. It enables kids to discover themselves as well as their purpose and passion. Therefore, the Melissa and Doug Harmonica is a great gift to buy for your kids.

9) Anwenk Harmonica Key of C Tone Diatonic Harmonica

Featuring 10 holes with 20 tones for playing of melodies of chords in a single key, the Anwenk Harmonica is a pocket-sized harmonica that will satisfy all your yearnings. One thing to note about this harmonica is that it very versatile and can be played alone or with other players. With Anwenk Harmonica, you can play your virtually all styles of music. It comes with a pocket case and an instruction manual to guide users on the use of the product.

This musical instrument comes with a reed plate made of copper and a stainless steel cover plate. These features enhance the stability and richness of its sound. Also, air leakages are reduced by closing up the end fully. Are you a beginner that is interested in learning the instrument with ease or you are looking for the right harmonica for your kids, the Anwenk Harmonica is a wise choice to consider.

10) SWAN Harmonica (C-Key, 40 Holes)

Described as a musical instrument with a difference, the SWAN Harmonica has amazing value and offers rich sound. One reason why you should consider this musical instrument is that it is well made and easy to play.

With SWAN Harmonica, you can play different kinds of music like folk, country, rock, Jazz, and pop music. It is also ideal for film production and animations and so on.

This musical instrument is not only ideal for professional, but it is also perfect for beginners who are keen on learning the musical instrument. It comes in a metallic body and reeds.

Also, it has 10 holes, 40 tones which make it suitable for a wide choice of music songs and styles. The SWAN Harmonica is sturdy, and it has a polished and unique appearance.

11) YINGXIANG Harmonica

Are you looking for an excellent gift to present your kids on their birthday? The YINGSIANG Harmonica is an excellent gift for kids that love music. The harmonica is perfect for playing rock, folk, country, jazz and other types of music genre.

An excellent feature to consider about this product is unique is the pressure-pressing techniques. This excellent music instrument is perfect for the majority of music lovers because of it can be switched from key of C to semitone of a keyboard.

Another great feature of this harmonica is the quality material. It is made of resin material and ABS plastic which makes the body smooth and hygienic to safeguard your health. The two sides of the product are held in place by stainless steel double screw. The harmonica comes with one user manual, one cleaning cloth, and a plastic case.

12) I-MART Diatonic 10 holes C-Key Blues Harmonica

The I-MART Diatonic Blues harmonica is very light, plays well, and it looks desirable. It is an amazing musical instrument that you would love to recommend to others. The product comes with an English manual that gives you instructions on how to use the musical instrument effectively. Apart from the user manual, it comes in silver housing.

The I-MART Diatonic Harmonica comes with lots of fantastic features. The musical instrument is designed to help learners master the instrument without stress. Also, it features excellent craftsmanship, and it can be played by professional as well. The harmonica comes in a smooth plastic body that enables professional players to play the musical instrument swiftly.

13) Suzuki Promaster Harmonica, C-Key

Described as a musical instrument that is unmatchable in the music industry, the Suzuki Promaster Harmonica comes equipped with cutting edge components that make it a popular choice among music lovers.

This harmonica is exceptional because of its replaceable reed plates; it comes with a machined phosphor reed plate that you can replace anytime the need arises. These reed plates are specially designed to yield a bendable and tuned reed system. This is achieved with the aid of computer-aid laser cutting.

The Suzuki Promaster Harmonica comes with lots of excellent features. It features a milled, anodized, billet aluminum alloy comb that holds the instrument in place. Also, harmonica offers superior playing comfort thanks to its polished stainless steel reeds that is ergonomically designed.

One primary reason for the high demand of this musical instrument especially from the professional harmonica players is its perfect and clear tone. Also, it comes with an excellent carrying case for protection and comfort.

14) SEYDEL Blues Session Steel Harmonica C

Featuring an ergonomic stainless Cover plate, the SEYDEL Blues Session harmonica is perfect for beginners who want to master the techniques of playing harmonica without stress.

A critical feature of this instrument that makes it stand out from others is the stainless steel reeds that are resistant to corrosion. Asides the corrosion-free stainless reeds, the harmonica features a plastic comb.

It is worth noting that this musical instrument is an upgraded model, featuring excellent reliability, a bold new appearance, and a perfect sound. Other notable features of this harmonica are stainless steel rivets and screw, lip and beard-friendly design and other amazing functionalities.

15) Boseno 10 Holes Double Tremolo Harmonica

The Boseno Tremolo Harmonica is more durable and dependable. It features a multi-point support design and a unique harmonica head. You will be suprised with the level of performance of this musical instrument. Apart from that fact it is easy to use, it also sounds excellent. The harmonica plays well with little effort.

The Boseno is equipped with lots of great features. One of such features is the imported phosphor bronze reed. Apart from that, the harmonica is made of 99.99 percent copper, making the instrument resistant to corrosion and fatigue. It also features a thick copper plate for clearer and melodious sound.

Other features of this musical instrument are an excellent cover design that is not easy to deform when subjected to extensive playing session, high-grade ABS resin frets that are resistant to water and it is healthy. When you order this harmonica, it will come with a wipe cloth, one instruction manual, and one harmonica box.

16) Suzuki Humming Harmonica (21-C)

Do you seek a harmonica is easy to use such that you don’t have to empty all the air from your lung to produce a sound? The Suzuki Harmonica is all that you need. The musical instrument comes in a fancy box, and its performance is exceptional.

You won’t regret buying this harmonica because it is designed to meet your expectations. If you desire a harmonica with state-of-the-art technology offers interesting old-world sound, you should go for this musical instrument.

This musical instrument is a diatonic model having two holes, and each of the holes has two reeds that are adjusted to give equal notes. You should note that one reed is tuned to provide a louder sound than the other when playing the reeds. This slight variance in the level of sound produces an excellent tremolo or vibrato sound. Apart from the old world music, the Suzuki Harmonica is also perfect for gospel music.

17) C-Key, 24 Holes Major Diatonic Double Tremolo Harmonica

Do you need an excellent harmonica that perfect for beginners and produces excellent sound? You should consider buying this musical instrument. It comes with fantastic features that enhance its playability.

Apart from that, it is one of the top-selling beginner harmonica. One great feature of this musical instrument is that it is resistant to corrosion. Apart from that, the harmonica is built to last long which means that it does not age off easily.

Other features of this harmonica are the stainless steel cover plate, the resin ABS engineering material that is resistant to water and non-toxic, and the phosphor alloy sound spring. Also, the black satin cover and its traditional shape give the instrument a great look. The harmonica is only perfect for beginners, but it is also ideal for professional harmonica players.

18) Gaminol Harmonica Package

This is a excellent and exquisite product from Gaminol. This musical instrument is your perfect choice if you need a professional and high-quality Harmonica. It comes with durable reeds that have been made to go through fatigue test among other necessary tests.

Apart from that, the manufacturer made sure all reeds gives perfect sound before the instrument is finished. One reason why most harmonica player love this instrument is that it can play a variety of music genres like rock and roll, classical music, blues, and American folk music.

You will be interested to learn that this musical instrument is designed for all categories of players. It features Phosphor bronze that improves the sensitivity of the harmonica and offers excellent sound, especially for the professional players.

Also, the product comes in an environmentally friendly material. The material is resistant against corrosion and rust. The material also enhances the appearance of the harmonica. It comes with a durable plastic case for protection against scratches and dust.

19) Yodel Baby Child Harmonica

Are you looking for the a befitting gift for your baby? You should consider the Yodel baby Harmonica. Buying this musical instrument is a way of exposing them to the exciting world of music. This harmonica has what it takes to ignite your baby’s love for music.

It is very light in weight and comes in a small size that will be easy for your baby to handle. The Yodel Baby harmonica is a fantastic musical instrument that is suitable for babies that are one year old and above.

Other notable features of this excellent musical instrument are cover plate shell, brass cover and the harmonica comb. It is worth noting that the harmonica comb is manufactured from a high–grade ABS engineering material. Apart from that, the harmonica is designed to produce a great sound that your baby will love to hear always.

20) Boseno 24 Holes Double Tremolo Harmonica

Are you keen on learning the harmonica in a way that is most convenient? If yes, then you need a harmonica that is specially designed to help beginners learn and practice without hassle.

The Boseno Tremolo Harmonica is a musical instrument designed to make beginners become professional players without any difficulty. Apart from being easy to play, the instrument produces a smooth and clear sound that is very distinct.

It is worth noting that this unique musical instrument that is resistant to corrosion and does not age quickly. Also, the harmonica features a yellow brass thick cover, plywood structure, laser marking excellent texture, and Dazzle black high light handle. With this musical instrument, you can conveniently use a broad range of playing skills.

Choosing the Best Beginners Harmonica

Now, you have acquired the basic knowledge that will make you choose the right Harmonica. All you need to do now is – consider its uses, decide on your budget and select a harmonica on our list of the best harmonicas for beginners.

2) Hohner 1501BX Blues Band, Harmonica, C

Hohner 1501BX Blues Band, Harmonica, C
  • Stainless steel cover plate
  • Strong brass reed plates
  • Great tone
  • Straightforward to play

1) Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C

Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C
  • Excellent tone,
  • Great response
  • Fantastic bending ability
  • Comfortable playing

3) Swan 10 Hole 20 Tones Harmonica for Starters

  • Stainless steel cover plate
  • Excellent sound
  • Durable plastic case
  • Carry conveniently