2 Best Giardinelli Clarinet Reviews 2021

Best Giardinelli Clarinets

Best Giardinelli Clarinets

The Giardinelli clarinets are known for their versatility, and the vast repertoire of tunes students and advanced players can achieve with the musical instrument. These clarinets are mostly made from Grenadilla wood, which is very durable. It is a good choice when you need a clarinet that has ergonomic advantages and easy to use. To make the best choice when buying a Giardinelli clarinet, there are some factors to consider.

The bore size of the clarinet you are buying matters. A bigger bore size is essential for applying more crucial skills needed to improve the sound output from your clarinet. Also, your skill level will determine the bore size you need on a clarinet. For example, students who are just learning the basic clarinet techniques will need a model with small bore size. Intermediate and advanced players will need clarinets with a larger bore size which allows them to use different clarinet techniques creatively.

Also, the musical keys for tunes you will often be playing will determine the clarinet model most suitable for your needs. Beginners usually start with clarinets tuned to the Bb key. These models are available from the Giardinelli brand. To ensure you achieve the right sound output with consistency, check the key of any clarinet you plan to buy first before purchase.

Some physical features of clarinets can also help to improve your experience with the musical instrument. For example, it is best to buy clarinets that have springs made from stainless steel. The materials used to make these clarinet parts can improve the sound output and make it easier for players to achieve a consistency regarding the quality of their performance.

Another great idea to consider when buying clarinets is the availability of spare parts and accessories. There are so many accessories that can improve your experience with the musical instrument. It is best to ensure the best clarinet accessories can be used for the model you are thinking of buying. Regarding spare parts, if these parts are readily available, you can use a clarinet for many years without needing to replace it because spare parts can be bought if any part of the clarinet is damaged.

2 Best Giardinelli Clarinet Reviews

1) Giardinelli GCL-300 Student Bb Clarinet

Giardinelli GCL-300 Student Bb Clarinet

All students who are looking for a good clarinet to start with should consider the Giardinelli GCL model. It is one of the clarinets with basic features that can be easily understood and used by students. The clarinet features a sturdy ABS body that is durable and can withstand the vigorous use by students who will be practicing often.

This Giardinelli clarinet model also features a single barrel measuring 65mm. The size of this barrel helps to improve the quality of sound output and consistency regarding intonation. The barrel is also adequate for bending notes and developing different types of repertoire as the user progresses in their clarinet lessons.

This is one of the Giardinelli clarinet models that feature a Boehm key system which is necessary to achieve the correct intonation during a performance. The keys on this clarinet have been coated with nickel for extra durability. The clarinet also has a complete set of the trill keys and a silver bell ring.

It also features a bore. The clarinet bore is essential for bending notes and intonation. The bore size on this clarinet measures .580” which is adequate for students who plan to continue with their clarinet lessons until the advanced learning stage. On this Giardinelli clarinet model, the tone holes have been undercut to ensure the sound production can reach the right pitch.

Regarding its accessories, this clarinet model features an adjustable thumb rests that are suitable for beginners and advanced players. Also, a neck strap is included in the package for easy carriage and use. This is a clarinet that students can use for many years because it has essential features that allow the player to practice the best clarinet techniques.

2) Giardinelli Intermediate Clarinet

Giardinelli Intermediate Clarinet

This clarinet model from the Giardinelli brand is designed with features to help intermediate players improve their techniques and master other skills that are applicable at an advanced level.

The clarinet is made from Grenadilla wood, which is durable and resistant to cracks caused by harsh weather conditions. Some of the features of this clarinet have made it popular in the markets. It is also lightweight and can be easily balanced in between the fingers for long hours during practice sessions.

The Giardinelli Intermediate Clarinet features a Boehm key system made up of 17 keys. These keys have been coated with silver to improve their functionality and to make them durable. Considering the functionality of the clarinet keys, it is a good idea to coat them with silver.

The clarinet has a cylindrical barrel and an average sized bell; these features can help players achieve the right standard of intonation during practice sessions or a performance. This clarinet model is sold with a case which can accommodate cleaning materials, tools, and other essential accessories that help to improve the overall experience with the clarinet.

The bore size is another good feature that helps players achieves a high-quality sound output when playing the musical instrument. Also, there are pads on the keys of this clarinet. It is a good model to start with as an intermediate player and progress to the advanced level as an instrumentalist.

Choosing the Best Giardinelli Clarinets

If you have a particular preference for clarinets that are heavy or lightweight, you should consider the material that has been used to make the musical instrument. For example, granadilla wood is mostly used to make clarinets because it is extremely durable and sturdy. Granadilla wood is also easy to maintain regardless of the weather conditions where you live. However, clarinets made from Grenadilla wood are notably heavier when compared to other models made from other materials.

If you need an alternative that is lightweight and easier to use or carry around, you should consider clarinets made from ABS resin. These clarinets offer the same features as those made from Grenadilla wood and have a lighter weight.