4 Best Flutophone Reviews 2021 (Best Flutophone Brands)

Best Flutophone & Best Flutophone Brands

Best Flutophone & Best Flutophone Brands

A Flutophone is a unique type of wind instrument that is designed with plastic. Typically, flutophones are extremely lightweight, and as a result, they are often called “plastic flute”. It is the lightweight nature of flutophones that make them ideal for budding musicians. That is, the Flutophone is that type of wind instrument designed to assist beginners to practice to perfection on how to play woodwind instruments.

Nature of the Flutophone

The Flutophone is very easy to play, which makes it highly beneficial for young children to practice on. It is created to help foster your child’s musical ability, and it generates amazing acoustic effects when played.

The Flutophone comes with a detachable mouthpiece that is used for tuning the Flutophone. When you pull out the mouthpiece, the pitch will become lower, and when you press in the mouthpiece, the pitch will increase in degree.

Again, the flutophone is inexpensive and is shaped like a clarinet. It requires little breath of force to play it.

What to look for when buying a Flutophone

Although there is not much to look for when shopping for your Flutophone considering the fact the instrument is such a simple design; you still have to consider some few things.

The Mouthpiece

For example, we stated that the Flutophone is detachable at the mouthpiece. Now, when buying your Flutophone, ensure that the mouthpiece doesn’t come stuck-in too tightly.

Otherwise, you will end up breaking the mouthpiece while trying to remove it. Again, if your Flutophone mouthpiece is too tight or overly stuck in the body, tuning the Flutophone to the desired pitch would become difficult. Therefore, make sure that the model you are buying is flexible enough to be detached with ease.

Check out the grooved fingerholes

Every Flutophone comes with a cylindrically shaped body that has holes lined atop the instrument. At the bottom layer of the instrument is another single hole. To play the instrument, you will need to cover these holes with your fingers.

Each of these holes comes with grooves that make it possible for you to tell correctly if you are properly covering the finger holes or not. If ever you find you could not cover the holes properly, then the grooves on your finger holes are not up to standard. To make sure you don’t buy a faulty or defective Flutophone, try out the product at the store, or do proper research on it if you are ordering online.

4 Best Flutophone Reviews and the Best Flutophone Brands

1) White Trophy 400 Flutophone

If you or your child wants to learn how to read music, the Trophy 400 Flutophone is one great option to consider. This Flutophone has been in use for so many years. The Trophy 400 Flutophone is designed as a pre-band instrument boasting a full chromatic C scale. When children are starting out, they have to learn the proper use of fingers and breathing technique that is important for playing a wind instrument.

The Trophy 400 features a durable plastic design which can stand the test of time. The tail mouth of the Flutophone is red in color, with another red circular design that acts as the separating point of the mouth section from the finger holes section.

While the best part of the Flutophone features a white color design, the upper head of the flute is curved like that of a trumpet. The instrument is also available in black color design.

The Flutophone measures 11.2 x 1.9 x 1.9 inches in dimensions, which is just the perfect size for a child learning how to use the instrument. Although the box states that it comes with a chromatic chart, you might not find this in some cases. But one thing is certain; this is the best wind instrument for a beginner to practice his or her musical career.

2) Black 401 Trophy Flutophone

Here is another excellent class of pre-band instrument from the Trophy Flutophone family. From a far distant, this may look like song-flute whereas, it is not. This Trophy 401 Flutophone also comes featuring a chromatic scale design that flows along the C key.

The unique thing with this choice is that it comes with chromatic fingering that is highly compatible with woodwind instruments. This process makes it easier to learn and start playing woodwind instruments.

Just like its sister version, it also features 11.2 x 1.9 x 1.9 inches in dimensions and weighs less than 1 pounds. At this size and length, the beginner, particularly children can learn to play in grand style and master the art of playing the woodwind instrument in the most comfortable way.

There is something about the range. It goes over an octave, but can also be shrill. As for the fingering, it is pretty much straightforward and looks like a clarinet. The only downside with this instrument is that it doesn’t come with any instructions included.

If you are a beginner musician, this is the choice for you.

3) FN153 Firstnote Flutophone

Firstnote is another excellent pre-band wind instrument available for beginners who want to master the technique of playing a woodwind instrument. Like the rest of the Flutophone in this article, the Firstnote also features a unique chromatic fingering that is effectively compatible with all forms of woodwind instruments, which simplifies the process of playing woodwind instruments when ready.

For children and people in the 4th grade, this is the musical instrument that can set up for greatness as far as woodwind instruments are a concern. Kids will not only find this Flutophone relaxing but also a great step for them to realize their musical dream. If you have a saxophone, you will discover that the basic fingering almost the same with what you have here on this FN153 Flutophone.

For other players, the Firstnote Flutophone evokes great memories. As for kids, this is one of the birthday gifts you can give to them. The Flutophone measures 2.4 ounces in weight, and at 17.3 x 5. X 2 inches in dimensions, you know this one is portable Flutophone any kid can handle with absolute ease. The great news with this option is that it comes with directions on the chart. This makes playing it easy for the beginner player.

4) S9637 Hohner Flutophone

Let the kids feel the vibe of the music, especially for those in the elementary class, using this wonderful Flutophone from Hohner. Any music teacher or parent that wants to introduce his or her student/child to embouchure can make use of this wonderful wind instrument. The Honer S9636 features a white body design and has all the similarities of a chromatic woodwind instrument, though it appears in plastic.

Weighing 1.6 ounces, the Hohner S9636 is among the brightest options of wind instrument played in junior students classes across the nation. At a dimensional length of 16 x 4.8 x 2 inches, it has the perfect size and curve suitable as an introductory instrument for children and beginners learning how to play wind instruments. The dominant color in this model is white, apart from the little red that envelopes the mouthpiece of the instrument.

If you want your child or grandchild to sit still and focus on music playing, this Flutophone might just be the turning point. The quality is great, and the shrill and octave length transverse wonderfully for such a little frame instrument. There is no case attached to this one, but what else do you expect from such a price tag? Nevertheless, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Your kids should love this.

Choosing the Best Flutophone from the Best Flutophone Brands

Flutophone is one of the least expensive wind instruments in the market. They are invaluable instruments that come handy in improving every aspect of one’s musical drive. Flutophones are rated as excellent pre-band instruments because of the motivation they provide for children and their musical development.

With a Flutophone, you can turn your kid’s attention back to music and make meaning out of it. if you are in the market in search of a Flutophone to buy, never forget to consider the Trophy 400 Flutophone. This Flutophone is rated as one of the best for many reasons, which has been discussed above in this article.

You child or yourself can play and enjoy the middle C by covering all the holes designed in the Flutophone. This also includes the hole at the bottom of the instrument. As your child master the art of playing the Flutophone, everything will start to fall into place in his or her musical development.