20 Best Drum Book Reviews 2021 (Best Books to Learn Drum)

Best Drum Books

Best Drum Books

The fastest way to become an excellent drum player is by going for one of the best drum books in the market. The books feature different lessons and exercises to help you develop your drumming skills. Bear in mind that learning how to play drums is not a day's job or something you can learn in a single session. To become an expert player of drums, you have to be committed and invest your time and effort towards becoming a better player.

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What are the Best Drum Books to Buy?

2) Syncopation for the
Modern Drummer

  • Exclusively to Address Syncopation
  • Strengthening in Reading Skills
  • Wonderful Ensemble & Section Figures

1) Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

  • Extra Attention to the Improvement of Weak Hands
  • Hundreds of Basic to Advanced Rhythms
  • Guidance for Drumming Techniques

3) 4-Way Coordination Drumming Book

  • Develop Great Hand Dexterity
  • Various Rhythmic Exercises in Easy-to-read notation
  • Simple Pattern to Advanced Poly-rhythms

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Furthermore, you should not forget that drumming is an act, so it takes time to develop your skills fully. With the right drum book, you can avoid several hurdles that frustrate the majority of beginner players. You are required to get the right books that will teach you the basics of drumming and skills in a simple way. Buying the perfect drum book might seem confusing because there are lots of drum books in the market. To enable you to make a great choice, we have come up with the best twenty drum books that you can confidently buy. Each book comes with its unique features; we have discussed briefly the uniqueness of each of the books and what you stand to gain when you buy any one of them.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Drum Book

Before you pay for a drum book, you must consider some essential factors. Some features make a book worth buying. Better put, you need to know the qualities that make up a great book. There are lots of books with different styles and techniques; therefore, you need to understand the conditions that a good drum book should have. We enumerated some critical factors that you must put into consideration before making your purchase. You need to understand these elements and let the guide you in choosing the right drum book. Some of the essential factors to consider before paying for a drum book are as follows:

  • The Level of Prowess
  • Practicality
  • Date of Publication
  • Styles and Musical Situations

20 Best Drum Books Reviews

1. Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

Are you a drummer looking for an excellent guide book to improve your playing skills? If yes, then you should consider this unique book. It was authored by George Lawrence Stone, who compiled his wealth of experience into a book for serious-minded players to hone their skills. Furthermore, the book is often referred to as the bible of drumming as it contains all essential subjects that drummers need. The book teaches how to improve your speed, control, rhythm, flexibility, power, delicacy, muscular coordination, the accuracy of execution, and endurance.

The book was written in English, and it contains about 48 pages. It is a unique book because it pays extra attention to the improvement of weak hands. Apart from that, the guide includes flam beats, short roll combinations, dotted notes, basic and advanced rhythms, short roll combinations, among others. If you need an excellent book that will hold you by the hand when it comes to mastering drumming techniques, you should not overlook this fantastic book.

2. Syncopation for the Modern Drummer

Alfred Music published the book on December 1, 1996. It has been of tremendous help to different categories of players. Whether you are just starting to learn or you are an intermediate player, this excellent book is your ideal choice. It will interest you to learn that the book was voted second among the twenty-five most excellent drum books in 1993. Furthermore, the book has 64 pages, and it is written in English.

If you are looking for a versatile book that teaches you how to drum using a simple approach, then the Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer is your best bet. The book was designed primarily to address syncopation. It is a go-to book when it comes to learning drumming syncopation as well as improving reading skills. The book includes lots of dotted eights, accent eights, sixteenth notes for extended solos, sixteenth, eighth-note triplets, among others.

3. 4-Way Coordination Drumming Book

Do you seek an informative book on drums? If yes, give this book a try. It was published on March 1 by Alfred Music, and it contains about 56 pages. The book teaches you how to be proficient as a drummer. Proficiency has to do with how effectively you can use your hand. Furthermore, it gives you the method and technique you need to gain complete independence of the fret as well as your hands.

The book is written in English, and it is simple to understand. It is perfect for student and intermediate players looking to hone their skills in drumming. It contains myriads of rhythmic exercises presented in an easy-to-understand notation. If you need a helpful drum book that will give you insight into different styles of drumming, then you have to get this fantastic book.

4. Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer

The Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer is all you need to achieve your dream of becoming a professional drummer. Just like the 4-way coordination, it was published by Alfred music. And, this was done on November 1, 2015. Furthermore, the book was written in English, and it contains about 80 pages. The book comes with 124 play-along songs that were carefully recorded to enhance learning.

If you desire to take your drumming to the next level, the Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer is not a book to overlook. It comes with everything you need to hone your drumming skill, featuring downloadable groove tracks, among others. Whether you are an advanced or beginner player, the book is of great benefit to everyone.

5. Alfred’s Drum Method, Book 1

Are you a music tutor looking for an ideal teaching tool to aid the learning of your students? If that is the case, then the Alfred’ s Drum Method Book 1 is an excellent option for you. It was published on July 1, 1987, by Alfred Music, and the book contains 80 pages. If you need a standard drum book that clearly explains the critical things you need to know about drumming, then you should take Alfred's Drum Method Book 1 into consideration.

The book comes with a plethora of features design to help students and beginner players hone their skills. It includes cymbal and bass drum techniques, twenty-three solos, 80 pages of explanatory step-by-step instructions covering the basics of drumming, among others. Alfred's Drum Method Book 1 is one of the best-selling books that you can buy in the market.

6. Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer

If you desire an easy-to-follow book on drums, then the Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer is for you. Alfred Music published the book on July 1, 2002. It contains 64 pages, and it is written in English. The Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummers comes with a couple of CDs. It will interest you to learn that a well-known figure, Jim Chapin, wrote the book. He is referred to as the Patron of Jazz Independence.

The book is designed to tremendously improve your speed, independence, coordination, sticking, endurance, speed, and power. It is a perfect book for all categories of drummers. Whether you are an accomplished drummer or beginner, the book will be of great benefit to you. The Advanced Techniques for the Modern drummer is a book that should be included in the library of every drummer.

7. The Best Beginner Drum Book

If you are looking to improve your skills faster than you ever imagined, then you need to make the Best Beginner Drum Book your companion. The book is designed to give student and beginner players solid foundations that will enable them to play along to real tunes. Drumeo published the book on September 6, 2018. It is a voluminous book that contains about 210 pages.

With the Best Beginner Drum Book, you are not going to face the challenges that most beginner drummer experience. The book will set you on the right path, making sure that you get everything right from the beginning. Some of what the book will teach you are setting up your kits, notations, different musical styles, creating amazing beats, among others.

8. The Breakbeat Bible: The Fundamental of Breakbeat Drumming

The book gives the most detailed study of breakbeat drumming. Hudson Music published it on September 1, 2010. The book contains 180 pages, and it is written in English. It uses a unique approach to explain the fundamentals of breakbeat drumming. Whether you a professional drummer or beginner player, you will benefit greatly from this book. It features numerous exercises and beats to enable readers to practice what they have learned. The book divides the styles into thirteen vital elements, with each chapter discussing an aspect.

Furthermore, the book contains more than ninety transcriptions of beats and breaks that give players the idea of hip-hop drumming. The book features the most sampled beats in the history of music. Apart from that, it contains information about the songs. Also included are the overview of breakbeat drumming, history of people that helped to shape the culture, among others. It is designed to help drum players attain a new level of precision, tightness, as well as a groove in their playing skills.

9. W21PR- Standard of Excellence Book 1 Drums and Mallet Percussion

This is a popular book that is known for its practical and straightforward approach to drumming. Beacon Music Company Incorporation published it on June 30, 1993. The book is written in English, and it contains 96 pages. Book 1 of the Standard of Excellence is ideal for all categories of players.

The book employs a performance-centered approach that incorporates ear training, music history, multicultural studies, listening composition, as well as music theory. The book trains you to become an expert drummer.

10. How to Read Drum Music

Whether you are a beginner drummer or you have been playing for decades, this great book has something unique to offer you. It teaches you how to read music easily. Your ability to read music is as important as your playing skill, so the book is designed to make you a better player through a step-by-step approach to reading drum music.

It is worth noting that the book presents each aspect clearly, just as it relates to music notation. Apart from that, you will have the opportunity to access free video instruction for all the examples in the book at www.drummerSS.com. If you are willing to study this book consistently, you will be able to read drum music within a couple of weeks.

11. Ultimate Drum Play-Along Led Zeppelin, Vol 1

If you are looking for an all-encompassing book that boosts your skill, enabling you to play along with eight fantastic soundtracks, then you should consider the Volume 1 of the Ultimate Drum Play-Along Led Zeppelin. Alfred Music published the book on November 1, 2010, and it contains 80 pages. You will be pleased to know that the book features authentic and complete drum notation, as well as play-along tracks.

The songs included on the DVD have two versions, there is one without drums, and the second version is an instrumental sound-alike recording. The DVD can be used on a window or a Mac-based system. With its Tone and Tempo changer (TNT), you can quickly loop sections for practice.

Apart from that, the TNT changer will allow you to speed up or slow down a track without having to change the switch and the key. The titles of the included tracks are Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Black Dog, since I have Been Loving You, Communication Breakdown, among others.

12. Alfred’s Beginners Drumset Method

This unique book employs a practical and innovative approach to playing drumset. It is a book designed for students willing to become an expert drum player in no time. It was written in English and contained about 48 pages. Furthermore, it was published by Alfred Music. The book is simple to follow, so beginner players can easily follow the methods presented in the book.

This instructional book is divided into two parts, which are Jazz and Rocks. There are many things to learn when you buy this unique book. This book will teach you how to use the cymbals, h-hat, bass drum, snare in different styles. Also, intermediate players looking to improve their drumming skills can get hold of the book.

Furthermore, Alfred's Beginner Drumset is an excellent way to learn as it comes with numerous practice exercises. If you need an excellent book for teaching the basics of drumming, you should not hesitate to take advantage of Alfred's Beginners Drumset Method.

13. 1001 Drum Grooves: The Complete Resource for Every Drummer

Are you looking for an easy-to-follow book that teaches everything you need to know about drum grooves? If yes, then the 1001 Drum Groves is your ideal choice. The music book was written in English, and it comprises 112 pages. Furthermore, it was published by Cherry Lane Music Company. This unique book contains 1001 drumbeats in different styles of music, whether in the past or at present.

If you are a beginner seeking a compelling book on drum groove, you should consider buying the 1001 Drum Grooves. It is a book designed to bring their knowledge of different styles of drums to a new level. Some of what you will come across in this book are Afro-Cuban and Caribbean grooves, ethnic grooves, rock, and funk grooves, among others.

14. Jazz Standards for Drumset

The book comes with an online access package that gives you access to different features online. The author of the book is Brian Fullen. He teaches the rudiments of Jazz by using twelve classic Jazz tunes. Hal Leonard published this book on January 1, 2006. It contains about 88 pages. The Jazz Standards for Drumset comes with a complete background of different styles of Jazz like Fusion, Latin, Jazz Waltz, and Bebop.

It also explains the vital Jazz terminologies, stating their meaning and usage. Furthermore, the book contains an extensive reference section, which includes recommended books, recordings, video/DVD. The twelve classic tunes are in two versions, those with drums for listening and the ones without drums that are meant for playing along.

15. PW21PR-Standard of Excellence Enhanced Book 1- Drums and Mallet Percussion

The PW21P-Standard of Excellence is packaged to bring out the best in you. The book is a popular choice among serious-minded players who wants to take their drumming skill to the next level. Kjos Music Company published the book on January 1, 2017. It contains 48 pages, and it is written in English. The Second Edition takes an easy-to-follow approach with improvisation, ear training, composition, music theory, multicultural approach, among others.

The book includes flashcards, tuner, full-function recording studio, personalized access to accompaniment recording, and many more. The book is repackaged to make practicing effective and fun-filled. Also, the book is ideal for all categories of players.

16. Daily Drum Warm-Ups: 365 Exercises to Develop Your Technique

This is an affordable book published by Hal Leonard on November 1, 2010. It is an excellent book for all drummers, irrespective of their skill level. The book is a perfect addition to any player's library. It contains 72 pages. The book is designed to help drummers hone their skills with the aid of 365 helpful exercises. The book covers the essentials like triple strokes, weak hand builder, rudiments, odd-time, finger control, among others. It is an ideal book for drummers that desire to improve their precision, speed, dynamic control. Dexterity, among others.

The audio comes with exercises that are designed to help you learn effectively. Apart from that, it features 20-foot Ostinatos, as well as five brush examples. Note that you can only access the audio on the internet with a special code contained in each book. You can also download or stream the audio. If you seek a great drum book that is easy to follow, then you should go for the Daily Drum Warm-Ups.

17. Berklee Jazz Drums

The Berklee Jazz Drums is a book that is packaged to teach you the basic things you need to know about Jazz Drums. The book contains 162 pages, and it was published on January 1, 2018. The book will be of tremendous help to anyone who desires to become a professional jazz player. With the Berklee Jazz Drums, you will learn how to improvise solos and dynamic fills, learn to develop your unique sound, and any others.

The book employs a unique approach to jazz drumming with an excellent blend of 4-way coordination, comping vocabulary, improvisation concepts/soloing, and rhythms. The book is designed to deepen your knowledge of Jazz drums and improve your playing skills. Apart from that, you will also learn to be versatile, which means you will be able to develop your style and sound.

The Berklee Jazz Dum will teach you to Improvise captivating drum set, apply the primary language of Jazz, Add world rhythm to Jazz, Deepen your understanding of overall timing as well as sense of swing, play brush pattern, read and interpret charts, develop your independence through some signature exercises of Alan Dawson, and many more.

18. Hal Leonard Drumset Method - Complete Edition

The Hal Leonard Drumset Method is designed for anyone that desires to become a better drum player. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide that takes the beginner through the basics of drumming. The book was written based on years of practical teaching of students of different ages. The package includes both book one and two, video lessons, and audio tracks. The book was published on January 1, 2018, and it contains128 pages.

The lessons in book 1 include tuning and maintenance drums, set up and maintenance, grips and strokes, basic beats for different styles, essential music reading, 16th notes, dotted lines, coordination, and basic techniques, triplets, drum fills, among others. Some of the lessons contained in book 2 are chart reading, chart reading, brush playing, limb independence, soloing, half-time grooves, among others.

19. Drum Method: For Band and Orchestra

If you need one of the best-selling instruction books that are designed to teach you different drumming methods, then you should not hesitate to buy this fantastic drum book. M.M Cole Publishing Company published it on January 1, 2006. The Drum Method for Bands and Orchestra is structured to meet the needs of student players that have the ambition of becoming part of the school orchestra or drummer. The book comes with everything they need to achieve their dream.

Book 1 contains about fifty-two lessons, which includes maintenance and care of drums, rudiments, intensive study of different figures found in every day playing, among others. Book 2 builds on what you learned from Book 1. It covers about twenty-six rudiments. Apart from that, it comprises makes use of the 26 rudiments to explain the various time signatures.

20. Advanced Drumming Coordination

One of the most prominent challenges drummers face is the ability to stay coordinated behind the musical instrument. The book is carefully packaged with methods that will help players to develop a high level of coordination. Whether you are a student or an advanced player, this book is perfect for you as it uses an easy-to-follow approach. The publisher of the book is Violet Anamnesis Publications. It contains 159 pages, and it is written in English.

Each chapter of the book is written using a practical and straightforward method that you can effectively use to develop any idea, ranging from simple rhythmic patterns to complex ones. The book is designed to help you understand the process so that you will be capable of adapting it to your ideas.

Choosing the Best Drum Books

There are myriads of drum books on the market, and each of the books has its unique technique and styles. To achieve the aim of getting a drum book, you have to choose the right one. If you are looking for ways to learn a drum for fun or as a hobby, a drum book that deals with the rudiments of drumming are ideal for you.

2) Syncopation for the
Modern Drummer

  • Exclusively to Address Syncopation
  • Strengthening in Reading Skills
  • Wonderful Ensemble & Section Figures

1) Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

  • Extra Attention to the Improvement of Weak Hands
  • Hundreds of Basic to Advanced Rhythms
  • Guidance for Drumming Techniques

3) 4-Way Coordination Drumming Book

  • Develop Great Hand Dexterity
  • Various Rhythmic Exercises in Easy-to-read notation
  • Simple Pattern to Advanced Poly-rhythms

However, if you are an advanced player aiming at learning or perfecting some specific skills, then you should be meticulous enough to choose the best drum book that will help you achieve your goal with ease. In such a case, you should go for an excellent drum book.

Select your desired drum book based on our buying guide, or you can pick one from the products we reviewed above. This way, you will end up buying a drum book that is not only perfect for you but also offer you a greater value for your money.