20 Best Cheap Classical Guitar Reviews 2022 (Best Budget Classical Guitars)

Best Cheap Classical Guitar & Best Budget Classical Guitar

Best Cheap Classical Guitar & Best Budget Classical Guitar

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Classical guitars are one of the most amazing string instrument that has always been popular among the people. If you also like this wonderful musical instrument and want to learn more about its playability, it is never too late to take a start.

The best way to learn a guitar is to try a cheap classical guitar. There are many of these that are available out there in the market and the online availability has further made things easier for the buyers. But you should be very careful in your selection as what you choose to take a start would affect your learning experience.

What are the Best Cheap Classical Guitars to Buy?

2) Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar

  • Reputable Brand
  • Spruce Top
  • Highly Rated
  • Lightweight

1) Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

  • High Quality
  • Affordable
  • Great Sound
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

3) Protege by Cordoba C100M Classical Guitar

  • Full Size
  • Spruce Top
  • Great Sound
  • Comfortable Playing

It is always better to go for a low-rate model as being a newbie, you might find handling it difficult. Besides, if you are not passionate about being a guitarist and want to play it just as a hobby, the entry-level models are the best for you.

Learning a guitar is not easy but you can get command over the play as you practice. However, you have to be very conscious and careful at the start. Although these guitars don’t give a very loud sound these are perfect for producing classical style music. Besides, the low rates and softer strings make them a more reliable option for the new players.

The classical guitars offer a better learning experience and help the fresh players to learn more about the fundamental chord positions. Additionally, it helps the players to better access the texture and tonalities and provides more convenience and enhanced ease to fingers during the play.

Today, we are going to share a list of cheap classical guitars with you. All of these are very good in terms of their functionality and efficiency of performance. Thus, if you want to have a remarkable musical experience on a budget, selecting any of these would be great for you.

We have come up with a very diverse range and you would definitely find a suitable one here. Whether your priority is to buy a guitar with more stylish outlook or you want to purchase an easier to play the instrument, you are covered.

Take a look at their functional features and decide which one best meets your needs.

20 Best Cheap Classical Guitar Reviews and the Best Budget Classical Guitars

1) Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

Cordoba guitars are known well for their traditional Spanish design, beautiful appearance, handmade structure, and resonance. Among their entire line of classical Guitars, the C3M is a wonderful option for the beginners. Those who want to have enhanced learning at a low rate, trying should be great. Its weight is very light and the physical dimensions include 46 x 8 x 18 inches.

The solid structure consists of sturdy Cedar top and it has total 6 strings. It is a full-sized guitar that is exhibits perfect craftsmanship as it is handcrafted by the experts. The sides and back are made of high-quality mahogany wood.

Besides, it has fan bracing in the traditional Spanish style. Some other important specifications include a strong wooden rosette, ABS binding, and bridge and fingerboard made of rosewood.

In addition to these, the presence of gold tuning machine and pearl buttons makes it a more favorable choice. The design is simple and it comes in a matte finish that backs the enhanced sustain and improved resonance. C3M has nylon strings that are softer and lightly built. These are helpful to the improved soundboard vibrations and resonance.

2) Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar

We have included a Yamaha classical guitar and this C40II is among the most desired options by the new players and young students. Considering the structure, strength, sound quality and functional efficiency, it is truly a masterpiece.

Not only it offers great value for your money, this is also remarkable in terms of playability. Like other classical guitars, it also contains nylon strings, has very lightweight and offers enhanced comfort to the players. The total weight is only 5.5 pounds while size dimensions are 40.3 x 18.3 x 5inches.

It is particularly known for its phenomenal playability and exceptional tone. The top is made using spruce and the back and sides both comprise high-quality Meranti. In addition, the bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood which not only enhances the durability but also offers a more pleasant and comfortable feel.

The compact body design and superb craftsmanship show that it is built for the entry-level players. Try this one and enjoy an exceptional experience at a very affordable price.

3) Protege by Cordoba C100M Full Size Classical Guitar with Gig Bag and Tuner

We have included another Cordoba full-sized classical guitar and it is amazing in terms of structure, playability, and comfort for the initial level players. The simplicity of design, the strength of the structure and easy functionality are some of its pros.

Like others, it also has nylon strings that give a full and pleasant sound. The C100M is made to be very lightweight and has about 8 pounds of weight. Speaking of the size measurements, this includes 46 x 18 x 8 inches.

The manufacturing material makes it a sturdier option and it is built to last long. The top has high-quality spruce and its sides and back are constructed with mahogany wood. The simple satin finish makes it look more decent. It also exhibits traditional craftsmanship. It comes complete with a clip-on tuner that offers a more comfortable practice for the users.

Furthermore, it has a gig bag that makes it more convenient to carry and thus you can travel with it in a trouble-free manner. Children should take the start of their musical adventure with this one.

4) Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar - For Toddlers

Horner is among the well-reputed manufacturers of musical instruments. It is a German brand that was established in 1857. Over these years, it has become a more reliable option and it offers great construction quality.

Among its other instruments, this classical guitar is a promising option that is built specifically for the toddlers. The construction is done by keeping in mind the needs of young players. Speaking of the size, it has 30.5 x 17.5 x 4.5 inches. The weight is only 3.13 pounds and it is perfect for little kids.

This is handcrafted by the top craftsman and exhibits admirable structural design. As it is made for kids, strong and high-quality Agathis is used to make its top, sides, and back which gives it additional strength and ensures very high durability. Additionally, this wood selection backs the crisp texture and improved sound.

For the children between 5 to 9 years of age, it is a remarkable option and the smaller scale makes it more comfortable. Moreover, the nylon strings are suitable for little players. Lastly, it comes with a warranty of one year.

5) Yamaha C40 GigMaker Classical Acoustic Guitar Package

Yamaha C40 GigMaker Classical Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha is a known manufacturer of a vast variety of musical instrument. Along with a number of other types of instruments, it also provides a whole range of classical guitars.

This brand is the name of quality and reliability and you can grab their products without any hesitation. The C40 from Yamaha is a classical option that gives a very convenient and pleasant playing experience.

It is specifically built for the newbies by keeping their requirements in mind. The weight is not much and it carries only 7 pounds. Additionally, the size dimensions comprise 45.67 x 17.5 x 5.5 inches.

Let’s take a look at its structural design and construction. The Top is made up of spruce while the back and sides consist of high-grade Indonesian mahogany wood. Furthermore, the fingerboard has Javanese rosewood and includes 19 frets.

Being compact in design, this is built to offer added comfort to new players. This is a complete package and includes a guitar, a digital tuner, a CD for the learners and a carry case for making it more portable. Last but not the least, it comes with a favorable warranty.

6) ADM Beginner Classical Guitar 30 Inch Nylon Strings Bundle

Are you a beginner? Want to purchase a low priced classical guitar? Do you want to learn in a more convenient manner? Don’t worry, here is what you need. This is specifically made for those who are trying guitar for the very first time. Besides, it works best for children as well.

You don’t have to buy an expensive one for your little ones, get them this and they would enjoy a great musical adventure with it. Constructed with exclusive attention to durability and strength, it is made light in weight for easy portability. The exact weight is just 3.35pounds which is very suitable for young players. Additionally, the size measurements are 31.5 x 18.9 x 16.5 inches.

The top, sides, and back are all made of laminated basswood while the bridge and fingerboard comprise maple and it has a nato neck. As it is for the kids, the tuning pegs are very smooth and easy to operate.

Similarly, the string height is designed to offer more ease during the play. To enhance your playtime, some extra strings are also provided. You will also get some accessories with it including picks, strap, E-tuner, cleaning cloth and a gig-bag.

7) Yamaha CGS104A Full-Size Classical Guitar

Being one of the top brands, it has a lot to offer you. The CGS104A is one of the most recommended options for the new players as it is strong in structure, light in weight, easy to play and affordable in price.

This full-size guitar has 6 strings and measures 40.2 x 18.2 x 4.9 inches. It is a very convenient option for students and they can better learn the classical guitar playing techniques using this. The soft nylon strings are less painful and provide more free soundboard vibration.

Considering the structural design, the top has high-quality spruce and its back and sides are made of Mercanti. Other features include solid Nato Neck and bridge and fingerboard made of rosewood. The natural finish makes it look more elegant and adds to its resonance.

High durability is also among its huge plus points. You can keep practicing it for a long time as it is less prone to damage. Thus, if you want pleasant sound in low budget, it is a great choice.

8) ADM Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar with Gig Bag, E-tuner, etc, Student Beginner Kit

If you want to get a complete kit for your kid or you are taking a start, here is a wonderful option for you. It is a full package that includes everything to start your musical journey and it comes at a very economical rate. This full-sized nylon string guitar gives a very elegant look.

The design is simple and construction is strong. For the fresh players, trying on this would be very helpful. It weighs only 8.1 pounds and its size measurements are 39.3 x 15 x 4.1 inches.

You would love its well-decorated top binding and steel pegs that are gold coated. Some other features include highly durable hard acrylic, nato neck, sides and back made of laminated basswood and synthetic bone nut.

Besides, high-quality rosewood is used to build the bridge by hand and the same wood is used for the fingerboard and it has 19 frets. Moreover, the fan style bracing and adjustable neck style makes the set-up more convenient. This beautiful guitar kit contains a footstool, E-tuner, and a stand and Capo. Besides, a good quality carrier bag for easy hauling.

9) Strong Wind Classical Guitar SWGD36 3/4 Size 36 Inch 6 Nylon Strings Kid Guitar 

Check out this nicely structured and attractive classical guitar that is built to last long. It is a very affordable option that delivers a very warm and full sound. If you want to purchase one for your child or you are a new player, this is a very reasonable choice. For your ease, it has a very light body and weighs only 5.4 pounds. The exact size dimensions are 35.4 x 3.5 x 12.9 inches.

Manufacturing material makes the structure strong. The top has laminated Linden and there are very smooth curves on the dreadnought body that makes the play easier for children. Guitars back and sides have solid basswood that makes the sound, rich, full and more vibrant.

In addition, the tuning pegs are well structured and very smooth in operation. This feature specifically helps the new players and promotes a more comfortable play. Interestingly, you will get a one-year warranty for this beautiful and sturdy classical guitar.

10) Yamaha CG122MCH Solid Cedar Top Classical Guitar

Yamaha CG122MCH Solid Cedar Top Classical Guitar

Here is another commendable option presented by Yamaha. Like others, the CG122MCH also exhibits great craftsmanship and an elegant and attractive design. Considering the sturdy structure, flawless workmanship, and appreciable functionality, it is among the top-rated classical guitars that you can buy at cheap rates.

The best part is, the price does not affect its functional quality at all and you will have a very joyous and comfortable playing experience. To make it easier for the fresh learners, it is designed to be light weighted and carries just 5.3 pounds. The young players can easily handle it and carry it around. Speaking of the size measurements, it has 40.9 x 19.2 x 5.4 inches.

Some of the basic structural features include handcrafted structure, a solid top of Cedar, the bridge and the fingerboard of Rosewood with 19 frets, and 3-ply neck construction which backs the high durability.

Furthermore, it has low string action. This one also comes in a simple and natural matte finish. Try this nylon string guitar for enjoying the good quality sound at a very fair price.

11) Yamaha CGS103A 3/4 Size Classical Guitar

Take a look at this exquisite yet simple and solidly built classical guitar presented by Yamaha. You don’t have to worry about quality when it comes to Yamaha and this model is particularly amazing in terms of easy functionality.

The beginners should try hands on this one as its soft strings offer a pain-free learning experience and it is easier to handle as well. Being very light in weight it is very easy for kids to carry as it has only 4.05 pounds. Moreover, its dimensions include 40.6 x 19 x 5.1 inches.

The CGS103 has a well-made spruce top, nato neck and back and sides of high-grade Meranti. Other features include 6 nylon strings and sonokeling fingerboard. If you are looking for a suitable option for your child and you want him to enjoy an improved learning experience, this option is certainly great. Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable rate and your kid is going to love it for sure.

12) Martin Smith W-560-N Classical Guitar 3/4 Size 36″ for Children

Martin Smith guitars are famous for their comfortable playability and high durability. Besides, it offers a whole range of musical instruments for the new players, the hobbyists, and the intermediate players.

The W-560-N is a beautiful model presented by Martin Smith and it features flawless structure and simple design. Besides, its very low price makes it the best option for children and for those who just want to try it aha hobby.

You can easily afford this classical guitar and enjoy learning the basic playing technique. It is extremely lightweight and has 6 strings. Moreover, the size measurements are 36.61 x 3.54 x 13.39 inches. The compact size and light weight of just 2.65 pounds make it a preferable choice for the kids and budding players.

Looking for a user-friendly option for your kid? Here it is. The nylon strings added makes the play comfortable and deliver traditional classical sound. The metal tuning pegs added to give a more enhanced sound quality and the contoured body adds to its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, it has a gloss finish that makes it look more beautiful.

13) Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar 4/4 Full-Size 39-inch Nylon Strings Guitar Starter Kits for Beginners Students

The beginners are always advised to choose a classical guitar and it is best to select a low-rate one in the beginning. The one mentioned here is also made by keeping in mind the playing needs budding players. This is a complete kit for starters and you can get it at a very low price.

You don’t have to worry about the structural quality and strength, that is reliable. It is handcrafted with the praiseworthy construction quality and fresh players can keep on practicing it for a long time. Being made for entry-level players, it is very light weighted and has only 1.83 pounds. Furthermore, size measurements are 39.8 x 15 x 3.9inches.

The Acoustic Guitar has dreadnought body shape and the top is made of basswood. Moreover, the sides and back also comprise basswood and maple is used as manufacturing material for the neck.

There are six nylon strings and fretboard of high-quality technical wood with 18 frets in total. The package includes extra string, wipe and picks in addition to a carry bag for your guitar. It comes in gloss finish which gives it a more striking look.

14) Ibanez 6 String Classical Guitar, Right Handed, Natural

Ibanez is a renowned Japanese brand of guitars and it is often preferred for its high construction quality, enhanced structure and improved portability. It offers different kinds of guitars and this right-handed classical one is one of the most appropriate options especially for the beginners.

The entry-level players would find it very comfortable to play and it delivers an excellent sound and great performance at the very reasonable price. Like most of the models built for new learners, it is also very easy to handle because of its lightweight. This has only 6.8 pounds of weight. Speaking of the dimensions, it includes, 41 x 19 x 6 inches.

If you want to deliver a more expressive performance with enhanced tonal qualities, here is a reliable option for you. Not only it delivers great sound in the great budget, it is also easy to fret and easy to play. Made with special attention to detail, the guitar has 6 nylon strings, a spruce top coupled with Agathis sides and back which adds to its durability.

15) Bailando 39 Inch Full Size Nylon Classical Guitar

Are you looking for a good quality classical guitar? Want to get a complete kit with complementary accessories? Wish to have a comfortable playing experience at an affordable price? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Take a look at this decent option presented in a glossy finish. Not only it looks elegant, it offers a pleasurable and comfy feel as well. Furthermore, the seamless structure, rich sound, and high structural quality are some of the major perks.

Whether you want to play guitar just as your hobby or you are buying one for your child, it is suitable for both. The exact size measurements are 42.7 x 18.4 x 5.5 inches and its weight is also not much. Bailando’s this model carries only 7.4 pounds.

Spruce is used to make the guitar’s top while bridge and fingerboard are made by using high-grade rosewood. Some other features include pearl button tuners in black, nato neck, and frets of nickel silver.

For smooth and accurate tuning, E-tuner is also added. The package also includes capo, extra set of string and a waterproof carryback for the security and easy portability of your favorite instrument.

16) Jasmine JC25CE-NAT J-Series Classical Guitar

Jasmine guitars are very popular for easy affordability, solid structure, and appealing designs. It is a well-established name that offers matchless quality at a very competitive price. This classical guitar has advanced bracing and natural gloss finish.

Thus, whether you want a guitar with striking outlook or your priority is to buy one with easy functionality, it has got you covered. Try once and you would love the sound that you get at such a reasonable price. Speaking of the weight, it has only 5.65 pounds while size dimensions are 42x 18.3 x 5.1inches.

The structural specifications include strong and quality woods for high durability. It has a synthetic bone saddle, classical white buttons machine heads, a built-in tuner, synthetic bone nut and nato neck in a satin finish.

In addition to these, it has rosewood fingerboard with flat radius and total 19 frets. The bridge also has rosewood while the top comprises spruce. Last but not the least, the classical cutaway body style makes it look more attractive. Try this for a more responsive performance with a warm and pure tune.

17) Classical Guitar WINZZ 39 Inches Full-Size Nylon String Student Acoustic

Take a look at this remarkable kit built for the beginners. For the players who want to have a comfortable and pleasurable playing experience at a more affordable price here is a suitable pick. Not only it is low in rates, this is also strongly structured and features enhanced durability.

Thus, if you want one for the long-term use, you should go for it. Interestingly, it is very light weighted and thus suitable for the young players. The WINZZ 39 has only 6.3 pounds in weight. It is full-sized guitar and measures 39 x 4 x 11 inches size.

Light nylon strings give bright and full tone. Furthermore, the bride has dense man-made wood which makes it a great sounding instrument. Its top is made of spruce plywood and side and back comprise Sapele plywood.

The kit contains an easy to use E-tuner that is compact for easy portability, a lightweight, and handy capo and an interiorly padded gig bag with backpack straps for easy and secure transport of your musical instrument.

18) Classical Guitar set HUA WIND 36″ inch 3/4 Size Starter Classical Acoustic Guitar

Take a look at this highly affordable classical guitar that is built with special attention to aesthetics. Both the looks and functionality are amazing and it is certainly a beautiful sounding instrument that you can buy at a very affordable rate.

If you need a well-structured guitar for an easy yet pleasant playing experience, this is a preferable option. It exhibits traditional craftsmanship and is made for the starters. Like most entry-level instruments, it is very light to carry and has 5.6 pounds. The size measurements are 41.1 x 17 x 4.8 inches.

The instrument’s top, sides, and back are all made with high-grade Linden. The fingerboard and bridge comprise scientific wood and the neck has maple which makes it smartly constructed guitar. It comes complete with a number of accessories including strings and picks.

A piece of cloth is also provided so that you can keep your guitar clean. In addition to all these, a very well made and good quality gig-bag is also added in the kit to make it easier for the players to carry their guitar around.

19) Acoustic Guitar 36 Inch Classical Travel Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag Capo Strings Strap Picks

For those who want to enjoy playing a more fuller and bright tone, this one with dreadnought body is a very favorable option. Everything from the body structure to tonal quality and functionality, this is a desirable choice.

Try this in order to have a more economical and good quality musical experience. Furthermore, it has a right-hand design. As the size is concerned, it measures 36.8 x 14 x 3.7 inches and the weight is only 7.34 pounds which makes the hauling easier.

Speaking of the structural design, the top has good quality spruce which is a recommended choice. The sides and back are made with laminated Sapele which make the sound richer, fuller and crisp.

Other specifications include rosewood fingerboard of 16inches featuring dot inlays. Besides, the handmade finish in wood provides a more comforting feel. You will get complementary straps, picks and capo with the guitar. Furthermore, it comes complete with a carry bag. The best part is, you can go for it without any doubts as it offers a money back guarantee for 30 days.

20) Guitar 39" Classical Cutaway Acoustic Electric

If your preference is to get a low-rate guitar but you also want to get one in more stylish shape, here is a commendable option for you. Look at its peculiar body shape and elegant structure. Additionally, the seamless construction and affordable rates also make it a worth try.

This electric guitar is also light in weight and it has only 7 pounds. The size is also appropriate for the students and measures 39 x 15x 5 inches. This acoustic-electric guitar is suitable for both the starters and learning students. The cut way the body makes it look more pleasant.

It has a 4-band equalizer and it comes in the simple natural finish. Some specifications include précised tuning, gold machine head, and built-in pickup. For your assistance, it comes complete with a tuner and cable.

Other accessories include a wrench, a cleaning cloth, and some extra nylon strings so that you can replace the old ones when needed. A gig-bag is also provided with it that helps the students to take it to their music class more easily.

Choosing the Best Cheap Classical Guitar from the Best Budget Classical Guitar Brands

Either you are buying one for yourself or you want your kid to learn the basics of guitar, these are excellent options to choose from. Thus, whether you have financial constraints to purchase an expensive professional option, or you want to pick an easier to play option, buying one from these would be good for you.

2) Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar

  • Reputable Brand
  • Spruce Top
  • Highly Rated
  • Lightweight

1) Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

  • High Quality
  • Affordable
  • Great Sound
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

3) Protege by Cordoba C100M Classical Guitar

  • Full Size
  • Spruce Top
  • Great Sound
  • Comfortable Playing

Furthermore, if you want to deliver a warm, soft and well-rounded tone accompanied by a dynamic response, classical guitars are the best option. The reason is that as these have soft strings of nylon that produce clear and dark sound. As the nylon strings are easy on the fingers, kids will have a convenient and pain-free experience. Lastly, the classicals are a very suitable option for both the classical music and Flamenco.

All these are very appropriate options for the first-timers. Durable structure and low rates are the major reasons why you should choose one from these.