12 Best Cheap Cello Reviews 2021 (Best Budget Cello)

Best Cheap Cello & Best Budget Cello

Best Cheap Cello & Best Budget Cello

The cello is a string instrument that produces sound through plucking the taut cords. The musical instrument dates back to the sixteenth century. The tone of cello is lower than that of a Viola or Violin but it is a bit higher than the double bass.

Benefits of Buying a Cheap Cello

Apart from the cost effectiveness, there are other advantages of going for a cheap cello. Here are some benefits of going for an affordable cello:

  • They give you greater value for your money
  • Cheap cellos come with lots of excellent features
  • They are durable and produce fantastic sound

What are the Best Cheap Cellos to Buy?

2) Crescent 4/4 Beginner Cello Starter Kit

  • Maple sides, neck & back
  • Comes with a crack-resistant spruce top
  • Attractive high-luster varnish finish
  • Rosewood frog, wood stick bow with genuine horsehair

1) Cecilio CCO-100 Student Cello with Accessory Package

  • Maple sides, neck & back
  • Comes with a crack-resistant spruce top
  • Lightweight carrying case
  • Adjustable backpack straps & pockets

3) Cecilio CCO-300 Solid Wood Cello with Case and Extra Strings

  • Maple back, neck & sides
  • Maple fingerboard, boxwood pegs & tailpiece with four nickel plated fine tuners
  • Comes with a soft shell case & a hard shell case

Features to Look out for When Buying a Cello

Before you decide to buy a cello, there are some features you must consider. These features are essential as they will impact on your ability to play the musical instrument. Apart from that, they also influence your capacity to play certain songs or handle some conditions. These features are as follows:

  • Size

The size is one of the features that have a significant impact on your musical instrument. The Perfect size for young player, intermediate, as well as adult player is the 4/4. Note that there are also different sizes for young players and various hand sizes. You should not forget that you need a cello that is perfect for your height for effectiveness. The 4/4 Cellos produce a huge range of sound suitable for professional orchestra.

  • Material and Finish

The common cello design takes a maple back, side, and neck with a spruce top. Sometimes, the back and sides are made of poplar. The fingerboard, tailpiece, and pegs are made from a stronger and darker wood because these areas most be strong enough to withstand tension and pressure. Also, Carbon fibers are now becoming popular as Cello material. This material produces high-quality sound and are also more durable. Plus, they are light in weight.

  • Pegs

Cello pegs need to be strong enough to withstand the tension of the tight strings they tune. On this note, cello pegs are made from hardwood materials.

  • Fingerboards

Also known as fretboard, the Fingerboard is one of the most critical components of a string instrument. The Fingerboard is an extended thin piece of wood can either be finished up to the neck or laminated. The player or musician presses on the string that runs from the nut to the bridge along the fingerboard.

  • Tailpiece

Traditionally, it is made of ebony. And in some cases, it is made from steel and stronger woods. The tailpiece joins the cello string to the lower end of the cello. It often comes with one or more fine tuners that are used to raise the tension of the each of the string. You raise the pitch when you tighten the fine tuners while you lower it when you loosen them.

  • Strings

Most times, cello strings are wholly made of metal or wound metal over a certain core. The difference between an all-metal string and the second type is that the former tends to have a bright sound that is more echoing while the latter has fuller sound that is rich in tone. The cello strings come in different type with the Larsen, Thomastik-Infield, and Pirastro being the most popular brand.

  • Bow

A bow might not come with the cello. So, it is recommended that you should chose a cello before buying a bow. The reason for selecting a cello first is that the bow responds differently to various musical instrument.

  • Rosin

Rosin is made from resin that comes from pine as well as other coniferous trees. You apply the rosin to the horse hair before playing making your bow become stickier and thus providing more vibration and friction against the string. The advantage of the rosin is that it helps produce an easily controlled heavy sound.

  • Endpin

The Endpin extends from the bottom of the cello. It is a little piece of metal that has the ability to move up and down to adjust the height of your cello. However, not all endpins are adjustable, you have to look for the one that you can easily move up and down for the convenience.

  • Case

You can consider the soft cases if you looking for a perfect way to keep your musical instrument at home or in school. However, you should consider the hard-shell case if you will be moving with your cello.

12 Best Cheap Cello Reviews and the Best Budget Cello Brands

1) Cecilio CCO-100 Student Cello with Accessory Package

The Cecilio CCO-100 is designed to offer maximum assistance to student or beginner cellist. Apart from the fact that it is cost-effective, the Cecilio CCO-100 comes with outstanding features that make it stand out among similar musical instrument. The product features maple sides, neck, and back. Not only that, the musical instrument comes with a crack-resistant spruce top.

So, if you are looking for a rugged musical instrument, the Cecilio CCO -100 is one of the Cellos to consider. One of its unique features is the padded lightweight carrying case. This case comes with an adjustable backpack straps and pockets, making it comfortable to carry along to orchestra or school.

Other accessories that comes with this musical instrument are rosin cake, a cello stand, a Brazil wood bow, and additional set of cello strings. A notable feature of this cello is that it is light in weight, making it convenient for extended practice session.

2) Crescent 4/4 Beginner Cello Starter Kit

This musical instrument can be perfectly described as a beautiful, high-performing cello that gives you a greater value for your money. It is one of the best cellos that offers you unique and outstanding features. The crescent 4/4 cello is the right choice for student cellist as well as those willing to learn the musical instrument. Its back, neck, and sides are made of maple while its top is made of crack-proof spruce.

The product features an attractive high-luster varnish finish. Not only that. It comes with a rosewood pegs and fingerboard with alloy tailpiece with four built-in tuners. So, if you need an instrument that adds beauty to its performance, the crescent 4/4 cello is the right musical instrument to consider.

The accessories of this product include a high-quality rosin cake, an additional set of strings, Brazil wood bow, among others. The cello comes with a padded carrying bag for storage as well as protection against any adverse condition.

The carrying case is light in weight, and it comes with adjustable backpack straps as well as pockets for storing other accessories. With this carrying case, you can conveniently carry your musical instrument to concert, church, or school.

3) Cecilio CCO-300 Solid Wood Cello with Case and Extra Strings

Are you looking for a cello that is perfect for players of any skill level? The Cecilio CCO -300 is the musical instrument of choice. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional player, the Cecilio COO-300 cello is an excellent musical instrument that will not let you down.

When it comes to excellent features, this musical instrument takes the front seat. Apart from its high-performance, it comes in a beautiful finish giving it an added advantage over other cello within its price range. The Cecilio CCO-300 features maple back, neck, and sides. Not only that, it comes equipped with tailpiece featuring four nickel plated fine tuners, boxwood pegs, as well as maple fingerboard.

This product comes with two cases – a soft shell case and a hard shell case. The hard shell case comes with a backpack that can be adjusted, compartments for accessories, large zippered pocket, as well as two bow holders. The soft case is light in weight and it features adjustable backpack straps and pockets. Other accessories include cello stand, a set of cell string, a brazil wood bow, rosin cake among others.

4) Merano 4/4 Size Cello with Hard Case with Extra accessories and carrying bag

If you are low on budget but need a high-quality cello with outstanding performance, the Merano 4/4 Size Cello is your perfect choice. This product comes with everything you need to start playing. Also. It is light in weight, making it ideal for young student.

The Merano 4/4 Size Cello is ideal for beginners as well as intermediate players. And, it offers perfect sound once it is tuned correctly. The cello comes with an instruction that will guide on the proper use of the instrument.

The cello features a maple back and a spruce top. Furthermore, it comes with two bow holder, accessories pockets, among others. Some of the accessories are metro tuner, cello stand, padded carrying bag, two sets of strings, and others. It also features four built-in fine tuners with alloy tailpiece.

5) D’ Luca MC100-4/4 Meister Student Cello

If you need a cello that offers fantastic features at a highly affordable price, don’t look past the D’Luca MC100. It is an excellent musical instrument that gives you a greater value for your money. The cello comes with all you need to get started. Some of its features are adjustable end pin, maple bridge, rosewood fittings, as well as gorgeous tone.

This musical instrument is ideal for music students as well as beginner players that are keen on becoming an expert cello player. All the D’Luca instrument are inspected and tested, so you can be sure you are getting the best, high-quality musical instrument.

This musical instrument comes with great accessories for enhanced playability and maintenance. The accessories are cello bow, cello string set, portable stand, padded gig bag, and cello chromatic tuner. The Padded cello gig bag helps protect your instrument against impact and all other condition that might damage your musical instrument.

The back, neck, and sides of this product is made of maple while the pegs, fitting, fingerboard are made from rosewood. Also, you should be aware that this cello is ideal for both beginner and intermediate players, and it comes in diverse sizes.

6) Windsor 4/4 size cello with Padded Bag (MI-3006)

With Windsor 4/4 Size cello, you can produce an expansive range of tones. Meaning that, you can express yourself clearly with this musical instrument. It is an affordable musical instrument that offers you nothing but the best. The Windsor is professionally constructed to give an excellent, rich tone that you can only find in a more expansive musical instrument.

The Windsor 4/4 Size cello is perfect for any player ranging from a beginner to an intermediate cellist. Also, this product is durable, it is built to stand the test of time, making it ideal for students.

The Musical instrument features a padded bag for protection and storage. The bag comes with fully adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to conveniently carry your cello on your back. It will interest you to learn that the case features pockets to keep the rosins, spare stings as well as spare strings.

The bow is made from wood. Note that the bridge is not set up to avoid damage during transportation but a detailed instruction is included to guide you on the set up of your musical instrument. Furthermore, it features ebony styled fingerboard and tuning pegs. The end-pins are made of solid metal, and are fully adjustable.

7) Z ZTDM Acoustic Cello

This musical instrument is perfect for all adults that are keen on learning the cello. It is an effective instrument that is also well suited for day-to-day practice. The instrument produces excellent sound and its made of high-quality material. The Z ZTDM Acoustic Cello offers you a quality at a cheap price.

The musical instrument comes with excellent accessories like carrying case, cello bow, rosin, among others. Also, it features solid fingerboard, durable sides, back, and neck, as well as high-grade tailpiece. The attractive varnish finish is a plus. Another notable feature is the padded carrying case. This case features backpack straps that you can adjust easily and accessories pockets.

Are you looking for the right gift to present your friend who is a music lover? The Z ZTDM Acoustic Cello is a superior gift that will be appreciated by all music enthusiasts. The product is light in weight, so you can convenient carrying it for a long time during an extended practice session.

Also, the materials of the chin rest, tuning peg, tailpiece are made of blacked wood while that of the cello code and cello bow are made of maple and arbor respectively.

8) Lykos 4/4 Acoustic Cello

No musical instrument offers music lover a better music experience than the Lyko 4/4 Acoustic Cello. This product comes with intriguing features that does not only enhance its sound production, but also boosts its playability. It does not matter your level of expertise whether you are a beginner player or a professional cellist, the Lykos 4/4 Acoustic Cello is set to give you an exciting playing experience.

Furthermore, this product is designed to be of tremendous help to student players and beginners. It features a padded soft bag, rosin, and bow. The padded bag has an adjustable backpack strap for easy carrying and pockets for other accessories.

The Lykos 4/4 Acoustic Cello features solid fingerboard, durable sides, neck, and back, quality tailpiece, as well as crack-resistant top. Also, the beautiful varnish finish makes the instrument beautifies the musical instrument. The Lykos 4/4 Acoustic Cello is not heavy, it is light in weight for convenience during extended learning and practice sessions. The material of the cello bow is made of Arbor while that of the cello code is made of maple.

9) Becker 375F Prelude Cello Outfit 1/4, Red-Brown satin Finish

Do you need an easy-to-play musical instrument that offers unique sound? The Becker 375F prelude is one of the best cellos you can pick. Apart from its excellent playability, the musical instrument is cheap, and it comes with numerous helpful features and accessories. Also, this product is ideal for students as well as intermediate players looking for a cello designed to help them master the cello playing skills without stress.

The Becker 375F prelude Cello is created in Romania and it is made from tone woods. Apart from being visually appealing, this musical instrument offers excellent sound, giving musician an intriguing performance and playing experience.

The product features a laminated maple sides and back as well as graduated laminated spruce top. Other features are composite inlaid purfling, maple bridge, scroll, and neck. The musical instrument comes with wood horsehair bow and deluxe nylon bag.

10) GRACE 4/4 Size Natural Cello

If you are in need of a musical instrument that is of good quality, consider that GRACE 4/4 Size Cello. This product is built to be of maximum assistance to players irrespective of the skill level. Are you looking for an easy-to-play cello for your daughter? Don’t underestimate the GRACE 4/4 Size cello. This musical instrument will offer you excellent quality for the price.

It comes with numerous features and accessories to enhance its playability. One advantage of this unique musical instrument is that it is easy to set up. Apart from that, it provides natural, high quality sound.

The GRACE 4/4 Size Cello comes with a spruce top and its back sides, and neck are made of maple. It comes features free rosin and additional set of strings. Also, the musical instrument comes with a well-padded carrying bag that protects the bag during transportation and storage. Its fingerboard and pegs are made of hard wood.

11) Generic 4/4 Acoustic Cello Case Bow Rosin Wood Color Hot

Described as a high grade cello for all music lovers, the Generic 4/4 acoustic Cello is an excellent musical instrument designed to enhance the musical experience of all music enthusiasts. Whether you are a student player, beginner. Intermediate or professional cellist, you will always benefit from the numerous features of the Generic 4/4 acoustic cello.

One special quality of this cello is that it is extremely light in weight. This feature makes it an excellent choice young players as well as learners who practice for long period.

Also, the back, side, and face material of this unique musical instruments are made of basswood while its top and fingerboard materials are made of maple and aluminum alloy respectively. The chin rest, tuning peg, and tailpiece are made from Blacked wood material while the cello code and cello bow comes from maple and arbor materials respectively.

The package of this product includes one carrying case, one bow and one rosin. The carrying case is padded to protect the instrument from sudden impact. Also, the carrying bag features adjustable backpack straps as well as accessories compartment. If you are looking for a superior gift for your music loving friend, consider the Generic 4/4 acoustic Cello.

12) ammoon I1998-2 ½ Solid Wood Cello Matte Finish

The ammoon cello is described as a perfect musical instrument for learners, students, as well as all music enthusiasts. It is a cello that is uniquely design to offer high quality sound and excellent playability. The product is equipped with numerous fantastic features.

The ammoon is not only a cost effective option for you, it is also one of the best musical instruments in its category. When you buy this product it comes with one bow, one rosin, and one carrying bag.

The carrying bag is designed to protect the musical instrument during transit and storage. Furthermore, the cello is light in weight. This makes it convenient for young players as well as those that practice for long hours. The ammoon cello features steel string, maple bow, and horse tail bow hair for perfect sound.

Choosing the Best Cheap Cellos

Cheap cellos are great option if you are low on budget, they will not only give you a satisfactory value for your money, but also meet all your expectations. Before choosing any of the musical instrument above, be sure of your preference and go for the one that has all your desired features.

2) Crescent 4/4 Beginner Cello Starter Kit

  • Maple sides, neck & back
  • Comes with a crack-resistant spruce top
  • Attractive high-luster varnish finish
  • Rosewood frog, wood stick bow with genuine horsehair

1) Cecilio CCO-100 Student Cello with Accessory Package

  • Maple sides, neck & back
  • Comes with a crack-resistant spruce top
  • Lightweight carrying case
  • Adjustable backpack straps & pockets

3) Cecilio CCO-300 Solid Wood Cello with Case and Extra Strings

  • Maple back, neck & sides
  • Maple fingerboard, boxwood pegs & tailpiece with four nickel plated fine tuners
  • Comes with a soft shell case & a hard shell case