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Best Beginner Cymbal

Best Beginner Cymbal

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The Cymbal was developed in the 7th century BC. It is from the percussion family and is shaped like a circle. Made up of a combination of alloys, the cymbal is also commonly used in pairs. However, since you are a beginner, you know all that. The next step in your journey as a cymbal player is to determine which brand you want to purchase for the beginner cymbal.

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What are the Best Beginner Cymbal to Buy?

2) Meinl 16” Crash
Cymbal HCS16C

  • Dynamic Crash Sounds
  • Crashes Respond With Warm Attack
  • Price Affordable

1) Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack HCS1314-10S

  • World Class Standard
  • Outstanding Sound Quality
  • Clear Tone
  • Balanced Sustain

3) Meinl Cymbals Super Set Box Pack HCS-SCS

  • Durable Brass Alloy
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Without Distracting Overtones

Beginner cymbals are usually used in various different ensembles. If you want to become a part of this musical community, it is imperative to know where to start. To start your journey as a cymbalist, you need a pair of beginner cymbals. While there are a lot of beginner cymbals available on the market, it can be daunting to choose one according to your needs. This is why we have compiled a list of the best 20 beginner cymbals you can find!

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20 Best Beginner Cymbal Reviews

1. Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack HCS1314-10S

This Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack is said to be the most complete beginners’ cymbal set out there. If you are starting, this kit is perfect. It includes several things: 13” hi-hat cymbals with both top and bottom sides, 14” crash cymbal, and a 10” splash cymbal. The kit also includes free 5A drumsticks with wooden tips.

Additionally, this set also takes care of your beginner lessons. To ensure students know about the fundamentals of cymbal playing, three videos of well-known cymbalist Mike Johnston have also been included. These cymbals look very professional and are capable of playing sounds of a very large variety.

Made of brass, this cymbal set is very rigid and durable, which is perfect for students as it gives them some margin for error. The Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack also comes with a two-year Meinl warranty, which is another bonus for learners. If you want to kickstart your journey to being a successful cymbalist, the Meinl Cymbat Set Box Pack is a very good option to consider.

2. Meinl 16” Crash Cymbal HCS16C

This cymbal set is another strong contender when it comes to beginner cymbal sets for students. It is 16” and is a crash cymbal made of brass. This makes it very durable as it can endure the beating of drumsticks for a long period. You can use its sound either at the beginning or end of a fill. It also offers a wide variety of tones and sounds.

The sustain is medium and incorporates itself well with other cymbals of a higher level. It is a very versatile instrument, which means that you can use it to explore your playing style and personal preferences. Combined with other suitable percussion instruments, it can add a lot to your music. Whether it be playing crescendos or something light, the warm crashing tone of this Meinl cymbal is very pleasant to the ears.

This cymbal comes with a two-year warranty, making it a safe bet for newcomers. Prices are also affordable and very reasonable, rendering it one of the nicest cymbals for beginners.

3. Meinl Cymbals Super Set Box Pack HCS-SCS

Meinl is the frontrunners in beginner cymbal sets. This boxed pack from Meinl includes a 14” hi-hat cymbal, 20” ride cymbals, 16” and 18” crash cymbals, 16” China cymbals, and a 10” splash cymbal. This whole set up is meant to add an extra sound to your experience and make it sound even better. All these models are made of brass which makes for a long lifespan. Their rigidness can bear the brunt of the drumsticks for years on end.

This makes them a considerable choice for students. The sound range offered by Meinl in this box set is very close to what professional percussionists would look for. This HCS “Super Cymbal Set” from Meinl includes all the different cymbals a student would want to learn with.

Each type of cymbal has a distinctive feature. The hi-hats produce a clean ‘chick’ sound, the ride cymbals are known for their ‘ping’ sounds and bell, and so on. The china cymbals add a cutting tone with their sharp sound. This box set is one to look out for.

4. Meinl 14” Crash Cymbal HCS14C

This 14” instrument from Meinl Cymbals is made in Germany. Meinl Cymbals have been in the cymbal making business since 1951. This particular cymbal is part of their HCS series which incorporates all professional cymbals. These crash cymbals add flair and energy to the sound you produce. They are perfect for playing crescendos and are also very capable of adding accents to your sound.

This crash cymbal will not wear out as it is made of brass. It can also take the beating of the drumstick for a very long time, making it very durable. It provides a very wide range of sounds and also comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. This is helpful to students since they are prone to making mistakes. This whole setup makes the Meinl Crash Cymbal an instant need for students.

The best part about these cymbals is that they look and sound exactly like the instruments professionals would use. Students can play with either sticks, brushes, or mallets for the kind of sound that they want.

5. Meinl 18" Crash/Ride Cymbal HCS18CR

Our list features yet another cymbal set from Meinl. This 18” crash/ride cymbal provides the perfect blend of two very important cymbals – the crash and the ride. On the top, it is a ride, and on the side, it produces crash sounds. This cymbal set is very versatile and can be another starting point for beginners who have little or no influence yet.

The brass material ensures durability, as this cymbal set can take quite the beating from drumsticks. It has a long lifespan and a two-year warranty from the manufacturer, which makes it a good fit for any student. The Meinl Crash/Ride Cymbal also produces a wide variety of sounds. It takes the experience very close to a professional one while still fulfilling its role as a beginner cymbal.

With medium sustain and a nice bell, the Meinl Crash/Ride is great for students. Its size and weight are also very advantageous as that makes it quite versatile. Whether it be a crash or a ride, this set is adept at both sounds.

6. Meinl 13” Hihat Cymbal Pair HCS13H

Another cymbal from Meinl’s HCS Series is the Meinl 13” hi-hat pair. It is made of brass, much like other cymbals in the Meinl HCS Series, and is a very durable instrument. This set includes both the bottom and top cymbals. Hi-hats are very important to any drum setup. They keep time going along with the help of snare and bass drums, and so are very important for any playing style.

These hi-hats can also be placed on a stand and played with sticks. They can be placed either very close together or far apart, and can also be played with the foot, in which case they produce a ‘chick’ sound. Hi-hat cymbals are the base of cymbal education as most budding cymbalists begin with them. Meinl has also made sure to weigh the symbols differently. The bottom part is a little heavy as compared to the upper cymbal.

This ensures that the ‘chick’ sound produced is crisp. The cymbals are also marked to ensure students place them correctly on their stands.

7. Meinl 14” Hihat Cymbal Pair HCS14H

The Meinl 14” hi-hat pair is another notable instrument from Meinl’s HCS Series. It is very durable due to its strong brass finish and is very rigid like other cymbals from Meinl. Both top and bottom cymbals are included in this set.

A type of cymbal imperative to any drum set is the hi-hat. With the help of snare and bass drums, hi-hats help keep time ticking in any musical piece and are fundamental to any playing style.

This setup can also be completed with a stand. On a stand, both pieces are set up and can then also be played on foot. Hi-hats are known for producing a distinctive ‘chick’ sound. Both the upper and lower parts are different when it comes to their weight. The upper one is lighter than the lower to ensure a clean and clear ‘chick’ sound.

If you are a student, hi-hats are a very good instrument to start your learning journey with. This set is suitable for beginners due to its quality, versatility, and durability.

8. Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack HCS1418+14C

This Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack comes with 14” hi-hat cymbals, 18” crash/ride cymbals, and a free 14” pair of crash cymbals. This unique combination presents another potential opportunity for students to start their journey as musicians.

The hi-hat cymbals are very important to any drum set. They complete the setup and the sound with their ‘chick’ sounds among others. Hi-hats are usually where beginners start their cymbal journey. The ones from Meinl are made of brass and are very durable. Their hi-hats are also weighed accordingly to produce the perfect ‘chick’ sound.

The crash/ride cymbal from Meinl included in this boxed pack is also very durable. Their versatility is second-to-none and so is their sound quality. The experience provided by this cymbal set is very close to that of a professional. However, the beginner element remains to provide a useful learning experience.

There is also a free 14” crash cymbal included in the box pack. The instruments provided make for a distinctive setup and can help new musicians develop their style.

9. Sabian 20" Ride Cymbal SBR2012

The Sabian 20” SBr Ride Cymbal is also a very good product for beginners. For one, its build quality and versatility are in a class of its own. The brass is made in such a way that it provides great clarity and sound quality. The range of sounds that can be played with this cymbal is also big. Sabian also offers different sizes for different sets of students.

Entry-level musicians can really benefit from this cymbal set due to its affordable price. The set is also offered with a one-year warranty from Sabian. The sound created is very tight and the accents are powerful. Also powerful are the tones and cuts, as the special brass is very adept at producing a great range of tones.

This instrument from Sabian is very reasonable in terms of longevity, too. The brass ages well and holds up from the beating it gets from drumsticks. All in all, the SBr ride cymbal from Sabian is a top contender for musicians that are starting out.

10. Meinl 18” China Cymbal HCS18CH

The china cymbals from Meinl are 18” and are made of brass. Made for beginners, this cymbal set ages well due to its strong brass make. Moreover, learning and playing china cymbals is a great first step to being an accomplished cymbalist. China cymbals are said to be effective cymbals due to their shape.

Their shape is peculiar compared to other cymbals as they have a little lip formation at their edges. This shape alteration makes for a different sound. The lip at the edge helps produce a tone that sounds very much like a gong, used commonly in China.

This china cymbal is also a part of the HCS series from Meinl. The similarity to professional percussion instruments is high, while still delivering exactly what a student would need from a cymbal set. The durability of these instruments, along with the versatility, makes them a solid choice for any beginner.

If you pair these with other percussions, the sounds produced would help you discover the type of sound you prefer.

11. Meinl 18” Crash Cymbal HCS18C

The 18” crash cymbal from Meinl is a choice to consider for beginner students. The size is 18” and the material it is made from is brass. The durability and build quality are very high due to this, as it can take the brunt from drumsticks for a long time. The sound of a crash cymbal can be used at the beginning or end of a fill. The crash cymbal is versatile, as its sounds are of a wide variety.

The medium sustain of this crash cymbal set makes it very similar to higher-level percussions. The versatility of the instrument is such that it can help you explore different playing styles and preferences. It can play crescendos and lighter sounds due to its warm tones. You can also enhance the sound you are creating with the help of other such percussion instruments.

This crash cymbal also has a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. With its affordable pricing and versatility, it is one of the best choices if you are a student.

12. Sabian 18" Crash/Ride Cymbal SBR1811

The Sabian SBR1811 SBR Series Pure Brass 18” Crash/Ride Cymbal is a notable instrument in our list. The crash and ride qualities of the cymbal have been made to perfection. The brass is very rigid and makes for a long lifespan. The crash/ride cymbal from Sabian is very versatile in the sound that is produced.

The quality of the crash/ride cymbal and its characteristics make it perfect for anyone starting their journey to being a cymbalist. This set can also be used with a stand, making it easier to play. This instrument is versatile as Sabian has been in the cymbal business for a long time. The provided by Sabian cymbals is filled with variety. This is why these instruments are such a good choice for people considering a music career.

The crash/ride cymbal is a great instrument if you are starting as a cymbalist. Its versatility helps students discover their style and experiment with different sounds. If you are eager to learn, the crash/ride cymbal from Sabian is perfect.

13. Meinl Cymbal Box Set Effects Pack HCS-FX

Another one of Meinl’s cymbal box sets comes with an effects pack, a 10” splash cymbal, 12” china cymbal, and a free cymbal stacker. The cymbals are all made of brass. This makes them very durable and reliable. Their lifespan is also lengthy due to their ability to withstand the beats of the drumsticks. The variety of sound that they produce is in a class of its own. The look, feel, and quality of the Meinl cymbals make for a very professional experience.

Therefore, even when you are a beginner, you feel like a professional. The effects pack helps add more dimensions to your music, and the cymbal stacker is very convenient, too. It attaches to a cymbal stand and helps stack cymbals over each other. Not only does it increase space and reduce the need for an extra stand, but it also has felt washers equipped to its surface.

This unique box set from Meinl is another example of products that can help a student go through different playing styles.

14. Meinl Cymbal Set Box HCS141620+10

Beginner cymbal sets are what Meinl specializes in. This boxed pack contains 14” hi-hat cymbals, 20” ride cymbals, 16” crash cymbals, and a free 10” splash cymbal. The idea of this box set is to include instruments that can add extra dimensions to your sound. Brass is what each cymbal is made of, which means that they will have a long life as they continuously experience the beating of drumsticks.

The sound created by these instruments is what professionals aim for. The hi-hats are very sharp and deliver a very sharp ‘chick’ sound. The ride and crash cymbals also come to the fore with their beautiful sounds. These instruments are what every student wants to learn from. This unique mixture can help beginners understand the type of sound they like.

These Meinl cymbals also come with a two-year warranty. This, and the fact that the instruments and strong and rigid, make them a great choice for any learning cymbalist. Regardless of genre, this box set would be a good fit for any student.

15. Foraineam 13" Hi Hat Cymbals 2pcs

Another solid recommendation for students and beginner cymbalists is the Foraineam 13” hi-hat cymbal pair. These hi-hats are very sharp and are full-bodied. Their sharp make makes them look very professional.

The brass used on them is durable and the tone that they produce is very versatile. These hi-hat cymbals fit into your drum set up as if they were there from day one. They are also one of the go-to cymbal sets for beginners and students. The hi-hat tone and the sound produced is impeccable and so is the value for money.

It is important to any percussionist, may it be student or professional, that their instrument is in tune. These hi-hat cymbals make the perfect sound. The ‘chick’ sound that is created when they are played is very pleasant to hear. Hi-hats are also said to be the starting point of cymbal education. If you start with hi-hats, you will be well on your way to a bright cymbal future. Hi-hats are commonly used in almost all genres of music.

16. Sabian B8X 14" Thin Crash Cymbal 41406X

The Sabian B8X is a 14” crash cymbal that is the thin type. It is nicely hammered into shape and is very carefully centered to provide a very good student experience. The cutting-edge instrument has a loud and bright sound and produces some very cutting tones. It is made of bronze and is a very unique candidate in our list of best cymbals for beginners.

If you want to stand out and try something different, while being someone who learns from the experience, this cymbal from Sabian might be for you. With its shape edges and soundness, it is has a lot of potentials to end up in a student’s bedroom. The sound and experience provided are crisp and clean and the attack is great, too.

The Sabian B8X is a very good entry-level cymbal. If you are thinking of a career in cymbals and other percussions, this might be a very good place to start.

17. Meinl Trash Stack Cymbal Pair with Holes HCS14TRS

Another product from Meinl makes it to this list. The Meinl 14” trash stack cymbal pair with holes has two cymbals that can be stacked together to create a trashy sound. When they are directly on top of each other on a normal stand, they produce a sloshy sound.

There are holes cut out in this cymbal set to help ensure the sound is enhanced. The sound is cut off a little as the holes come into play, and this makes for a perfect sloshy or trashy response. They are made of brass, which means that they are very durable. Their versatility also helps students discover their style as they experiment with methods and techniques of getting the best out of their percussion set.

The range of sounds produced from this cymbal pair is very dynamic – this helps students learn many things from just one instrument set. The Meinl trash stack cymbal pair also comes with a two-year warranty. This is perfect for students and beginners.

18. Kuyal Golden Copper Alloy Ride Cymbal

The Kuyal Cymbals 18” Ride Cymbal is made from copper alloy. The top makes a very melodious sound when hit and the body of the cymbal is very shiny. Its dimensions are suited for professionals as well as students and learners and are designed very efficiently, too.

The golden color of the copper alloy shines through and the Kuyal ride cymbal does a decent job as a beginner cymbal. It can be played as part of any genre and any music type, while at the same time helping students discover their playing style.

It blends in well with any drum set and can be a mainstay in your setup even as you progress from beginner to intermediate. It is reasonably priced and made very well – the build quality is good for beginners as they need a little margin for error. This cymbal set can help you from knowing nothing about playing cymbals to being a cymbalist that can play just fine.

19. Sabian 16" B8X Medium Crash 41608X

The Sabian B8X 16” cymbal features a medium crash. Centered around students and new learners, the B8X medium crash cymbal from Sabian is very well cut and hammered into shape. This cutting-edge medium crash cymbal possesses a bright and explosive sound along with some very cutting tones. The build quality is also very good and the bronze holds up the cymbal well as it endures the beating of drumsticks

The medium crash cymbal from Sabian allows you to stand out and be different while providing a learning experience for you. With its crisp and clean sound, students can experiment and know more about the type of music they want to play.

The Sabian B8X medium crash is a reasonably priced entry-level cymbal. If a cymbal career is what you want to pursue, this cymbal would be perfect for that. The Sabian B8X is being a very strong contender to be part of your drum set.

20. Foraineam 14" Crash Cymbal

The Foraineam 14” crash cymbal is another safe bet for students. It is not too expensive, and is not that bad in terms of quality, either. The sound it makes is very bright and loud. The body is made up of brass and this cymbal takes over the drum set as any complete crash cymbal would.

The playability is also good, and that is a determining factor for many students. It can be used in more ways than one, and that adds to its versatility aspects. Students can experiment, go through, and try different methods, techniques, and sounds. They can also discover and find their style of playing. Students need to choose a good first cymbal set, and this is one of them.

It is also very suitable for very young students who have just learned what a cymbal is. Once they practice and get some good experience, they can move on to the intermediate cymbals. But for beginners, students, and learners, this cymbal provides virtually everything that is needed for an educational experience.

Choosing The Best Beginner Cymbals from the Beginner Cymbal Brands

These 20 cymbals make up our list of the best beginner cymbals you can get in the market today. Keep in mind that some of the beginner cymbals are box sets and some are individual instruments.

2) Meinl 16” Crash
Cymbal HCS16C

  • Dynamic Crash Sounds
  • Crashes Respond With Warm Attack
  • Price Affordable

1) Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack HCS1314-10S

  • World Class Standard
  • Outstanding Sound Quality
  • Clear Tone
  • Balanced Sustain

3) Meinl Cymbals Super Set Box Pack HCS-SCS

  • Durable Brass Alloy
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Without Distracting Overtones

According to your preferences, you can decide which is most suited to you. If you are a student and want to invest in a good cymbal set, this list should help you. The decision, at the end of the day, is yours. Good luck and happy playing!

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