3 Best Amati Clarinet Reviews 2021

Best Amati Clarinets

Best Amati Clarinets

The Amati brand of clarinets is known for excellent sound output. The Amati clarinet are designed with some great features that can help players at all skill levels improve their techniques with the musical instrument. The Amati clarinet brand is originally from The Czech Republic, where the factories are also located.

If you are considering buying one of the Amati clarinets, you have a made good choice because the Amati clarinets have features that can be used by beginners until they reach a professional level as instrumentalists. Top on the list of considerations is the key system. When looking for a clarinet in the market, it is best to choose a model with a versatile key system that is suitable for playing simple and complex etudes.

Averagely, clarinets with the Boehm 17 key system are excellent for clarinet players at all skill levels. The 17 key systems can be adequately used to achieve the correct intonation for different tunes you will often be playing.

Another thing to note when buying a clarinet is the material used to construct its body. Good clarinets are either made from wood or plastic resin. There are clarinets that feature a mixture of wood and plastic resin, usually on the upper and lower joint. However, the presence of these two materials is an indication that the clarinet you are thinking of buying will last longer.

It is also a good idea to consider the bore size of the clarinet your plan to buy. The bore size determines the ease at which you can achieve the desired pitch during a practice session or performance. Beginners should use clarinets with smaller bore sizes to help them get the right pitch easily. However, intermediate and advanced clarinet players require models with larger bores to help them bend notes when playing different tunes.

The versatility of clarinets is enhanced because they feature a barrel. The barrel on clarinets is majorly responsible for the response you get when playing the musical instrument. Therefore, you may want to test the clarinet before purchase to ensure its barrel is functioning perfectly. Barrels can be changed after a while, so it is best to buy a clarinet with a detachable barrel which can be replaced if damaged or when you want to try other techniques.

3 Best Amati Clarinet Reviews

1) Amati ACL 261 Intermediate Eb Soprano Clarinet

Amati ACL 261 Intermediate Eb Soprano Clarinet

The Amati ACL 261 model has been designed for clarinet players who need a clarinet they can use to start exploring the advanced aspects of playing the musical instrument. This clarinet is tuned to the Eb key, which offers different options players can use to achieve the right intonation while playing tunes.

The key system on this clarinet is the French Boehm system known for its vast applications; this key system is also a good choice for intermediate clarinet players. The 17 keys on this clarinet model have been coated with high-grade nickel, which improves durability.

The bodywork on the Amati ACL 261 clarinet is designed from Grenadilla wood; however, the lower joint which includes the bell for this clarinet model is made from plastic resin. The bore size of this clarinet measures .512” which is adequate for bending notes and achieving different pitch levels during play.

This is one of the Amati clarinet models that can be manually tuned to get the right sound output. The tuning system can accurately create the needed pitch and sound output for different types of tunes. This clarinet model also comes with a case and cleaning materials, which can remarkably increase its lifespan.

2) Amati ACL 311-O Student Clarinet

Amati ACL 311-O Student Clarinet

The Amati ACL 311 model is another good choice of clarinets for players at all skill levels. It is made from Grenadilla wood, which is resistant to weather conditions and hardly shows signs of cracks even after long-term use.

This clarinet model features a 17-key Boehm system which will be helpful to players who need a versatile clarinet to achieve diverse sound output. The keys on this clarinet have been coated with nickel, which is typical of Amati clarinets. The nickel plating improves the functionality of the keys and also durability.

The bore size on this clarinet model is .575” and it has a cylindrical shape. The adjustable springs on this clarinet are made from stainless steel to make them last very long. Also, it has been tuned to the Bb key, which means players can achieve consistent sound output with the high and low B notes.

Overall, this is a good clarinet that can be used for many years without any need for a change because it has all the features any player will need over the years.

3) Amati ACL-201 Bb Student Clarinet

Amati ACL-201 Bb Student Clarinet

This Amati clarinet has been designed for students who desire to learn the best clarinet techniques. The body of this musical instrument is made from plastic resin, which is tough and durable. Students learning how to play the clarinet will need lots of practice, hence the sturdy body used in this clarinet design.

The clarinet has a cylindrically shaped bore which allows students to explore the techniques that involve bending notes. The bore size on this clarinet model is stated as .575” which is commendable.

Also, the Amati ACL 201 clarinet has been tuned to the Bb key; this means students can start practicing the high and low B notes with this clarinet. This model also features the 17-key French system, which is suitable for students who will like to try different notes while applying theoretical knowledge from clarinet lessons. The clarinet keys are coated with nickel, which is resilient to wear and can help prolong the life span of the musical instrument.

The package comes with a case which makes it easy to carry the clarinet from one place to another. Overall, it is a lightweight clarinet that can be easily balanced between the fingers. Tuning this model to get the right pitch can also be done when necessary.

It helps to buy a clarinet that can be used to play a large repertoire as you progress in your clarinet lessons. Using a clarinet with these features will lower the chances of you needing to replace the musical instrument as you advance in your clarinet lessons. Also, check the case; you will get more value if the case has extra space to store clarinet accessories and cleaning tools.