ArtistWorks Tony Trischka Banjo Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Tony Trischka Banjo Lesson Review

ArtistWorks Tony Trischka Banjo Lesson Review

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The banjo is one of those instruments that have the capacity to make the audience tap fingers faster than most other instruments. There is something irresistible about banjo music and there is nothing rhythmically tonal like it out there. The banjo is characterized by the organic foundations of a heartbeat and a predictability that makes it easy to enjoy.

Taking banjo lessons online

While being magical is one thing, the banjo is also an instrument that any individual can learn to play with just a little masterful instruction and practice. There is a myth that frailing instruments such as the banjo are hard to learn online. However, the simple truth is that as long as you have a great teacher to demonstrate the important sequences and techniques, it is possible to become an accomplished banjo player.

ArtistWorks Banjo lessons online with Tony Trischka Review

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So, you are interested in learning how to play the banjo. Learning to play the banjo these days is easier than ever and with a revered player like Tony Trischka at the helm, you should be well on your way to performing professionally in no time.

For more than 35 years, Tony has been inspiring bluegrass and acoustic musicians as both a respected and well-known performer and instructor. As one of the most dominant banjo musicians in the roots music world, his stylings have inspired thousands to take up the instrument.

A native of New York, Tony started playing the banjo at a very young age after his interest in the instrument was sparked by the popular 1963 trio Charlie and the MTA. His recording debut took place in 1971 with the band Country Cooking. In his early professional stages, he performed alongside greats such as Richard Greene, Peter Rowan, and countless other musicians.

However, his breakthrough came in 2007 thanks to his album Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular which managed to unsurprisingly bag several International Bluegrass Music Association awards, as well as a Grammy nomination to boot. Three years later in 2010, Tony embarked on a collaborative project with Steve Martin’s album Rare Bird Alert, which Tony produced and was Grammy nominated.

As one of the world’s top banjo teachers, Tony has also created multiple instructional books, CDs, YouTube tutorials, DVDs, and of course, the Tony Trischka School of Banjo, which was created in 2009 and is the ultimate online banjo resource for students all over the globe.

Students have access to online lessons and backing tracks, banjo tabs and an array of other learning materials to help you improve as you advance. Best of all, you can submit a video of yourself playing or practicing for Tony to review and he will, in turn, submit a response offering your guidance, critique or advice on ways that you can improve.

What to expect from banjo lessons online with Tony Trischka

The Tony Trischka School of Banjo is a highly advanced, interactive and collaborative, online instructional site. The lessons on offer are comprehensive to help you learn the 5-string banjo in any style- classical, Celtic, Bluegrass, folk, old-time fingerpicking, and so on.

The video library has been expanding gradually since the Trischka school was founded in 2009 so you will definitely find something that can help you unlock your true potential. The library contains hundreds of lessons that feature a number of special guests such as Steve Martin. The videos also have exclusive interviews with world-class performers, as well as live performances.

Because there are no restrictions, you can apply for the lessons whether you think that you are in the right level or not and Tony will guide you to your exact picking level so that you never have to worry about keeping up.

As long as you are an engaged learner that is eager and keen to listen and learn from one of the best, you should be just fine. Tony’s lessons will focus on skill building -Trischka’s programming will build you up using a holistic approach that will no doubt have a lifelong impact on your abilities moving forward.

Benefits of banjo lessons online with Tony Trischka

  • You can sign up for banjo lessons online with Tony Trischka’s whether you are a picker in the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.
  • Students can submit practice videos and hope to receive video feedback from the master himself.
  • There are hundreds of banjo lessons that you can go through so that you can learn at a pace favorable to you.
  • These videos can be manipulated, that is, rewind, looped or played in slow motion so that you can get the absolute best out of them.
  • The Tony Trischka School of Banjo is made up of a large community of like-minded banjo players that you can interact and network with.

Tony Trischka's Banjo Lessons Review

Tony Trischka’s ground-breaking online banjo school contains hundreds of high-quality video lessons that range from beginner to advanced. As part of ArtistWorks’ Academy of Bluegrass, you can be assured of the fact that you are getting value for your money when you sign up for these online lessons.

To learn how to play the banjo successfully, the willingness and desire to better yourself have to be present, which means accepting the given requirements even if it takes longer to learn. Playing the banjo is a gentle discipline and there is no one better to learn it from than the master Tony Trischka.