ArtistWorks Jeffrey Khaner Flute Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Jeffrey Khaner Flute Lessons Review

ArtistWorks Jeffrey Khaner Flute Lessons Review

ArtistWorks Jeffrey Khaner Flute Lessons Rating

A-list flutists like James Galway have done it, and now Jeffrey Khaner has joined the ranks of orchestra musicians who teach flute online. The Flute Lessons Online with Jeffrey Khaner was launched in late 2012 through ArtistWorks, and was designed to cater to beginners, intermediates and advanced players alike who may not have access to face-to-face lessons.

The renowned music professor took every bit of experience and knowledge as a celebrated flutist with decades of expertise to create online flute lessons that’ll simply knock your socks off. Granted that Jeffrey Khaner is a household name in the world of orchestras, his lessons are a class act and designed to meet the needs of players of all levels of proficiency.

Right from the outset, Jeffrey Khaner takes a modern approach to teaching flute which gets students interested and engaged with an extensive video library comprising hundreds of highly curated flute lessons.

Besides that, the students also have full-blown access to a huge collection of notation, backing tracks, and a raft of other studying resources. The main focus of Jeffrey’s online lessons is to get you playing the instrument as soon as you sign up for the course. Moreover, the students are exposed to a vibrant community of flute enthusiasts from around the globe.

ArtistWorks Flute Lessons Online with Jeffrey Khaner Review

Artistworks Jeffrey Khaner

Jeffrey Khaner: A Little History

Born in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec, Jeffrey Khaner is a well-respected classical flute professor who teaches at Conservatory of Music Lynn University, Juilliard School, and Curtis Institute of Music.

More importantly, he is known for being the lead flutist with The Philadelphia Orchestra, a role he has held for the last 23 years. His colorful flutist career includes an 8-year stint with Cleveland Orchestra, as well as short spells with the Atlantic Symphony in Halifax, and the New York Mostly Mozart Festival. Jeffrey’s prowess as a classical flute player is so recognized that he was chosen to be the principal flutist of the 1995’s World Orchestra for Peace by Sir Georg Solti.

What’s more is that Jeffrey is also an accomplished soloist who has managed to perform several different concertos with prominent orchestras across the globe. He also worked with scores of top-rate composers and musicians from all corners of the world. In his illustrious career as soloists and flutist, he has churned out more than 7 solo CD releases that have received raving reviews from the industry critics.

Jeffrey Khaner graduated from Juilliard School, where he was later incorporated into the faculty as the flute professor following the unfortunate demise of his long-time mentor J. Baker.

Student Experience

There’s a reason Jeffrey Khaner has become a force to reckon with in the classical flute arena: he’s truly an expert whose prowess is unmatched. And this is evident in his online flute lessons. Interestingly, Jeffrey goes beyond and above to tailor his lessons to the needs and levels of each student.

The fact that Flute Lessons Online with Jeffrey Khaner is high-quality yet easy to understand is simply impressive. They are broken down into small, learnable chunks so that students aren’t overwhelmed.

Even so, learners have unfettered access to hundreds of well-curated flute lessons and video tutorials designed to make the whole learning process effortlessly easy. The good thing about these lessons is that students can get the feel for the instrument at their own pace, and without the demands of face-to-face lessons.


The curriculum of Flute Lessons Online with Jeffrey Khaner is focused on getting you playing the flute right from sign-up. However, the online flute lessons are broken up into six categories: Foundational Skills, Easier Etudes, Exercises, Etudes, Orchestral Excerpts, and Solo Repertoire.

The Foundational Skills category is where students can find and learn all the fundamentals of playing the flute. These include why & how to practice, techniques for using tools like tuner & metronome, general music overview, basics of flute positioning, introduction to breathing, embouchure, dynamics, intonation, phrasing, tonguing, and placement techniques, just to name a dozen.

Easier Etudes category is where newbies and other interested students get their feet wet in the world of flute playing using classics like Gariboldi, Andersen Opus 37, and Köhler Opus 33.

Exercises is a section that gives students an opportunity to practice techniques like vibrato, longtones, scales, articulation, intervals, double tonguing, and so much more. This is where things get really exhilarating. Advanced players who want to add a few more tricks up their sleeves can take a plunge into orchestral excerpts, etudes, and solo repertoires. The possibilities in this curriculum are truly unlimited.

Help & Support

Students can rest assured that they’ll get help 24/7 via email or through ArtistWorks.

Key Features of the Flute Lessons

  • Hundreds of self-paced flute lessons
  • Lessons for all levels available
  • A vibrant community of flutists from around the globe
  • Video Exchange learning platform

Pros of the Flute Lessons Online with Jeffrey Khaner

    1. 100s of top-notch flute online lessons that give students a chance to learn at their own pace
    2. Lessons by Jeffrey Khaner, a flute specialist with decades of experience
    3. Video looping and slow-motion isolation
    4. Vibrant community connects students to other flute fans from around the world
    5. Flute lessons are chunked into small, learnable segments

Summary and Verdict

Flute Lessons Online with Jeffrey Khaner is a remarkable flute course for both newbie and veteran players alike. There are 100s of flute lessons split into small, easy-to-understand segments that make learning effortless.

Our experience with lessons, curriculum, and teaching approach was superb. These online classes are much cheaper alternatives to face-to-face lessons, and students can learn at their own pace. One word: stellar!


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