ArtistWorks Hugh Sung Popular Piano Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Hugh Sung Popular Piano Lesson Review

Artistworks Hugh Sung Popular Piano Lesson Review

The piano is one of the most popular of all musical instrument and you will probably find a piano or keyboard in many of the homes all across the US and the world. Many parents in the past would buy a piano and then strongly encourage one or more of their kids to learn how to play it. However, with the high cost of pianos these days there often is not enough money to spend on private piano lessons.

Fortunately, there is a less expensive alternative that is much more convenient and considerably less expensive, online training videos. is an online resource that offers its members an easy to use tool that makes it easy to find a piano teacher. One of the best examples of the quality instructors that has in their database in pianist Hugh Sung.

The website’s database contains hundreds of video-based piano lessons from Hugh Sung and is all available to paid members of the site.

ArtistWorks Popular Piano Lesson Online with Hugh Sung Review

Artistworks Hugh Sung

Hugh Sung is an exceptionally talented concert and orchestral pianist who got a very early start with his career. It all started at the tender age of 11 when he made his very first appearance with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

He had an active career as both a solo pianist and an orchestral pianist. He has performed on many of the top music halls including Carnegie Hall, Weill Hall, and Wigmore Hall just to name a few.

As a solo artist, he has a couple of albums under his belt along with all of his other accomplishments. He joined other artists on stages across the country including touring with the renowned violinist Aaron Rosand. He has also worked together with a number of well-known composers including; Jennifer Higdon and Robert Maggio.

Hugh Sung has a bachelor’s degree from the Curtis Institute of Music and he has been contributing to the online music lesson site since 2014.

Teaching Background

For 19 years before dedicating most of his time to online teaching, Hugh Sung was the Director of Student Recitals and Instrumental Accompaniment. He worked directly with the students and other instructors to ensure that all of the students were learning and getting the most out of what is being taught to them. He was also responsible for ensuring that everything was functioning smoothly at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

Music Styles

Hugh Sung’s range of musical styles ranges from orchestral to contemporary and popular musical pieces as well. Part of the lessons focuses heavily on reading sheet music as well as playing the piano, as both are equally important to be able to play well. However, much of the video lessons favor a more popular song approach in order to make it more enjoyable for the student to learn how to play.


Offered Pricing Plans

As all of the lessons on are part of the database, you must be a member of the network to have full access to all of Hugh Sung’s piano lessons on video. With that said, you are able to join by choosing one of the three membership options and upon paying the amount in full you will immediately have access to all of the video lessons that Hugh Sung has created for the piano.

Each of the three membership levels gives you a certain amount of benefits which makes joining a really good deal depending on what exactly you are hoping to get out of the piano lessons.

All members who sign up will have access to the exclusive benefits only available to ArtistWorks members called “Video Submissions to the teacher”. This function allows the student to videotape themselves playing and send it for a critique from the instructor.

Membership Plan Prices

Plan #1 3-month @ $35.00 per month

Plan #2 6-month @ $30.00 per month

Plan #3 12-month @ $23.25 per month

My Finals Words

Hugh Sung is a very well-accomplished concert and orchestral pianist and he has been performing on the grandest stages since he first started with the Philadelphia Orchestra at that the tender age of 11. Along with that, he has also made numerous other appearances at other major venues such as Carnegie Hall, Weill Hall, and Wigmore Hall.

After nearly 20 years as a prominent musical director, Hugh turned his attention and focus toward online teaching. He found ArtistWorks back in 2014 and he has quite an extensive list of video-based training lessons. Through these lessons that he has developed, Mr. Sung is able to reach many ten’s of thousands of people who are looking to learn how to play the piano.

The ArtistWorks network and membership site ( is the perfect way for him to share his immense amount of experiences and amazing talent on the piano with the masses. By first creating all of the video lessons and then uploading them into the database of his lessons are immediately available to any and all paid members of the website.

The online, video-based training program means that all you need is a piano and Internet access to begin using all of the video lessons on ArtistWorks. After you select one of the three membership levels and get signed up, you can immediately begin with the self-paced piano lessons from the comfort of your own living room or music room.

If you like what you have read and are interested in getting signed up or at least find out some more details about Hugh Sung and his online piano lessons, just click here.


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