ArtistWorks Christie Peery Classical Piano Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Christie Peery Classical Piano Lessons Review

ArtistWorks Christie Peery Classical Piano Lessons Review

Let’s face it; piano lessons are now dime a dozen online and finding the right one can feel like an arduous task. Christie Peery goes down a unique road when it comes to teaching piano online, engaging students with lots of exciting material and exercises. She has poured her rich experience and wealth of knowledge of playing piano since the age of 13 to create easily the most comprehensive classical piano program online.

Once students sign up for the classical online piano course, they are given full access to Christie’s comprehensive video library comprising hundreds of top-quality lessons, piano practice tips, and a series of other study materials. More importantly, there are lessons for every piano style and level. The ArtistWorks Video Learning platform also makes it effortlessly easy for students to catch up or learn at their own pace.

However, you might want to invest in a solid 88-key, metronome piano or keyboard before diving into the course. A quality video recorder might also suffice. That’s because ArtistWorks allows students to submit their practice videos and get personalized feedback from Christie Peery.

These lessons go beyond classical piano. An enticing music theory workshop is also included. Besides, students can connect with a vibrant community of piano enthusiasts from all corners of the world. It’s important to note that these lessons are offered exclusively at ArtistWorks. You can choose from three packages.

ArtistWorks Classical Piano Lessons Online with Christie Peery Review

ArtistWorks Christie Peery

The artist behind the famous Peery Method, Christie Peery-Skousen is an award-winning solo pianist who is immensely respected in the piano world. She started out her studies at Gnessin School of Music in Moscow under the renowned Dmitri Bashkirov. She’s also a graduate of Peabody Conservatory of Music.

Even at a tender age, Christie was so talented that she snapped up her first win at an international competition at the age of 13. That’s no small feat. As a soloist, she has performed several times with numerous symphony orchestras across the globe. She has also won a multitude of both national and international competitions as a solo pianist.

Besides teaching online piano lessons at ArtistWorks since 2009, she’s the Master Teacher of Peery Piano Academy, a piano school she founded with her husband Thomas Skousen. She is also the author of the widely regarded Peery Piano Habits Program, a conservatory-level certification, and teaching framework.

Student Experience

Classical Piano Lessons Online with Christie Peery provides a well-designed approach to learning to the piano. With a highly structured lesson plan, this course caters to all styles and levels – from beginner to intermediate to advanced students.

The first thing you’ll note is that these lessons are broken down into smaller, easy to learn sections. The introductory fundamental lessons are designed to help you get started in the world of piano, learning best practice habits, positioning techniques, and everything to do with posture.

In every exercise, Christie makes sure that you have a practice sheet. This way, you can stay on top of your practice habits and schedule, but more importantly, stay interested throughout the course. What’s more, Christie discourages time-based practices in favor of practicing until you achieve a certain task or milestone.

What truly makes online piano lessons with Christie Peery stand out is the ability to submit practice videos and get customized feedback on how to improve. She usually responds with a detailed video practice tips, additional exercises, and much more. On the ArtistWorks learning platform, students can also connect and share the experience with an extensive network of piano enthusiasts from all over the globe.


The curriculum gives you the classic feel and looks of in-person piano lessons. Right out of the gate, you will be given unlimited access to an extensive library of video tutorials, practice exercises, and other helpful content. The lessons plans are highly structured and cater to students of all levels.

As you might expect, these lessons are available in three distinct categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginner lessons are further chunked down into four sub-categories, namely fundamentals, practical, muscular, and musical. True to the name, fundamentals are focused on basics like posture, hand position, and materials. The muscular lessons are designed to help you build strong and appropriate figure & muscle habits and memory. The practicals kick it up a notch with teachings on how to read music sheet as well as a little on music theory.

Intermediate lessons are also broken down into four sections: how to practice piano pieces, intermediate musical, intermediate muscular, and intermediate supplemental. Christie Peery upped the ante when it comes to advanced lessons complete with professional-level musical and muscular techniques.

The curriculum is also designed to be social. When you sign up, you can also view other student’s video libraries, offer feedback on their work, and strike up conversations.


Key Features

  • Hundreds of high-quality piano lessons
  • All piano styles and levels are welcome
  • Video and slow-motion looping
  • Vibrant international community of piano enthusiasts


  1. Unlimited access to 100s of lessons you can take at your own pace
  2. Ability to submit practice videos (up to 5) and get personalized feedback from Christie
  3. Unlimited access to ArtistWorks’ video exchange platform
  4. Include a workshop on music theory


  1. Just little additional cost than traditional online piano lessons.

Summary and Verdict

Christie Peery offers the benefits of in-person lessons without the extra costs and traveling. Her online piano lessons at ArtistWorks are well-structured and includes a strict lesson plan with a succinct practice schedule to follow. If you are looking for fun and teacher-to-student interactions in your piano training, this course is for you.


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