How to Learn Classical Piano? 5 Easy Methods to Learn Classical Piano Quickly

How to Learn Classical Piano

How to Learn Classical Piano

Classic piano is one of the most demanding categories of piano that you will ever learn; but it is also quite rewarding. As a student, if your ultimate objective is to play classical music on an equal footing, studying classical piano can do wonders for your technique and improvisation across the board.

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And the great thing about studying classical piano is that it is never too late to get started, especially considering the wealth of resources that are readily and freely accessible to learners of all ages.

5 Methods on How to Learn Classical Piano Easily

1) Online Classical Piano Courses and Lessons

The great thing about online classical piano courses and lessons is that they can be taken by anyone interested in improving their skills or knowledge of piano. Additionally, online piano courses are affordable and many do not have a strict timeframe for completion, which means that you never really have to worry about a set point in which you have to complete the lessons available. You can learn online classical piano courses and lessons through:

artistworks learn classical piano online

Nowadays, there are plenty of great options for online lessons, but none is as most talked about or as highly recommended as has the finest selection of classical piano teachers, many of whom are very well respected and revered in their various circles. is the number one option for most individuals because it combines components of traditional piano lessons, popular song selection, music theory, and face to face interaction through their unique Video Exchange feature.


udemy learn classical piano online

Udemy sessions give you access to hundreds if not thousands of exercises and classical piano songs for a monthly fee that is a lot lower than what you would typically pay for a one on one tutor.

The Udemy software has broken down the lessons into small manageable sizes for beginners and advanced players. It also has a modern and easy to navigate interface that makes it easy to track your progress.

2) Classical Piano Book

The best way to study and familiarize yourself with classical music theory is through classical piano books and manuscripts. If your intention is to concentrate solely on classical literature, then there is great value in investing in great classical piano books and manuscripts.

Amassing knowledge in classical piano can turn you into a better performer, better memorizer, interpreter, sight reader, and better overall musician. If you are a beginner, you might need the help of a tutor or teacher so that you can master the concepts faster and a lot more easily.

3) Find the right Classical Piano Tutor online

A tutor can give you face to face lessons on a day to day or weekly basis, depending on your aspirations, but not everyone can afford to move back and forth, which is where online tutors come in and you can hire one through:

Use LessonFace

If you have decided to concentrate on learning classical piano fully, either for educational or for professional purposes, it would be a great idea to invest in a great tutor via the LessonFace platform. It connects students and learner with various tutors for both one-on-one and group lessons that are delivered over the video conferencing feature.

4) Find the right Classical Piano Tutor AT YOUR LOCATION

Ideally, the best way to learn classical piano would be with a tutor that you can interact with face to face, which would mean hiring one that lives close to your location or neighborhood. Having a one on one tutor means that you would be able to receive hands-on and real-time expert guidance that can help you avoid all those bad habits.

Learning classical piano requires some work, and if you feel that learning independently would be a lot more difficult and frustrating, then paying for a tutor at your location would be best. You can find the right classical piano tutor near you by:

Using Musika

The Musika studio is full of charismatic teachers in your location waiting for you to reach out. Through the Musika platform, you will have access to a wide array of classical piano teachers and tutors near you.

All you have to do is hire one based on the qualities that you want your tutor to have. To ensure that you make the right choice, Musika does allow you to schedule a risk-free trial lesson directly with your tutor of choice before you decide to go all in.

Use Google and search with keyword “Classical Piano lessons near me”

Finding the right classical piano teacher for you nowadays is as easy as using Google or any other popular search engine of your choice. Simply type Classical Piano lessons near me and go through the results provided to find a tutor of your choice.

When picking a tutor through search engine result pages, do not forget to conduct your research into each tutor. You should pick a tutor that you can get along with, and one that has a great track record among old students-online reviews can help you sort through each of the tutors to pick the best one.

5) Use YouTube to learn Classical Piano by yourself

If you are a total classical piano novice or a rookie, then YouTube lessons might be the best place for you to begin your classical piano journey. YouTube sessions take a unique approach because most of them are free and offered by real musicians, just like you.

YouTube is primarily focused on getting you to play the classical piano without all the music theory to bog you down, which means that you will actually learn how to play classical songs before you learn how to read music if you take the YouTube route.

Easy Methods to Learn Classical Piano

Regardless of whichever teaching method you settle for, you will get to learn and improve as long as you remain consistent and dedicated. Classical piano growth, regardless of how good you claim to be, cannot be crammed like individuals do when studying for a test. Growth occurs from the cumulative time that you spend practicing.

Therefore, it does not really matter which teaching method you use to learn classical piano, just as long as you pick the right method for you. With the right method, not only will your attitude towards classical piano improve with time, but it will also allow you to enjoy the learning process a lot more than you thought possible.

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