Surprised to See Antique Machine Can Play Three Violins at Once

When we first saw this, we were very surprised to know that an antique machine can play three violins at the same time. Now, we think that you should know about this as well.

The name of this machine is Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina. It plays three violins all at once. It consists of an automatic complex mechanism that is beyond the understanding of an amateur musician, or even a few professional musicians.

This violin player Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina was first introduced in 1910 in World’s Exhibition in Brussels. It has now been restored by Fred, a Dutch restorer.

This violin machine has a circular bow that rotates slowly with the time. It has been made up of 1300 threads of horsehair and these hairs produce violin sound from the three violins. There are tiny keys that are used to change the notes. These keys are powered by the small bellows.

This violin player Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina can be played with the help of an electric engine. It was made in Germany by Ludwig Hupfeld. Apart from this, the Hupfeld company also made automatic pianos and piano rolls.

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