Angry Classical Music, Epic, Powerful and Intense Music Collection

Music can provide an echo to our deepest emotions or help to lead us away from the same emotions. Whenever we are struggling with emotions, music provides great assistance for self-soothing. When enjoying music, there is no restriction such as age, language, race, color, or religion and therefore people use to call it the magical universal language.

In recent studies regarding the calming effect of music, it has found that people vary in how they select music for self-soothing. Therefore in managing emotions, including anger management, people listen to different types of music; some of them listen to mellow music while someone wants intense music for soothing. ‘Angry intense classical music’ has emerged as a result of identifying the different tastes of people.

These are some of the best angry intense classical music videos you can enjoy from the YouTube

1. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

This is a very classic track and one of Beethoven’s angry music. It doesn’t have a very high intensity but still can talk to your feelings. He is one of the world’s best classical musicians. Some of his tracks are powerful and showing anger. If you are a fan of Beethoven, this is best to hear when you want to listen to emotional music.

2. Vengeance

In the first 30 seconds, the song might show the hatred building up in someone’s soul for it to be released towards the world in a powerful blast of tones. This is then crushed at the half of the song where it realizes that this is not the correct path and that there is no way to return.

3. Anger of The Gods

It has a maximum intense and powerful ending reflecting the feel of the anger, the despair, the pain, and sorrow that come from vengeance. When you have had a lot of vivid memories which you can’t get rid of, and there is nothing to do than simmer in that feeling of coldness, injustice, and defiance until they kill your soul. Suddenly you realize revenge…. is the only thing left worth living for. It has too many variations that can take you to different modes of anger.

4. Angry Emotional Instrumental

This track has a progressive intensity. There are many situations in life where you have been angry and emotional at the same time. This track takes you from being emotional to the angry mode and at the end, back to tears. This is best to hear when you want to burst into tears after being angry rather than converting it into revenge. Since it has a clean melody, it will only make a smooth transition of the feelings.

5. Evolution

Evolution is an epic and aggressive hybrid-orchestral album with glitchy industrial sound design, triumphant choir, heroic string and brass arrangements with some dirty and sinister distorted guitar riffs. This 40 minutes compilation shows the real ability of a composer is to diversify this kind of “static” genre. It stays cool for some time and eventually we can feel becoming static; probably both feelings at the same time. Sometimes it sounds like movie trailer music. It has been composed by adding different aggressive tracks that have clear endings.

6. Open Fire

This ‘open fire’ track produced by VossMusic, never loses its intensity throughout the play. It has a powerful beginning as well as the ending. This aggressive violin beat seldom let you burst into tears or being emotional at any time because of its intensity. All you can feel from listening to this track is the desire for revenge to get rid of all those cold hurting feelings.

7. Vengeful Anger Music

This is a production of Fesliyan studio. This is also a vengeful track that uses very aggressive beats from the beginning. It uses dramatic intensive instruments and has so many variations. It has got kind of progressive beats that have a nice flow. However, at the end of the track, it will leave you with a blank feeling as the intensity goes low. This anger and revenge feeling comes from the pain after losing the mind.

8. Requiem – Procession To War

This piece of music is a production of Fl studio and has a perfect intensity; not too low or too high. It is a war battle orchestra that is epic, loud but still stunning. It reflects the anger as well as the encouragement towards the war. This track has been inspired by the Lord of the Rings and Halo: Reach. You can feel the feeling of a military base that is going to ready war. It has a powerful ending which may leave you with the desire for the procession to war.

9. Vow Vengeance

This is an aggressive violin Rap beat named ‘Vow Vengeance’, produced by This track has an amazing beat and the string melody is just awesome and riveting. As in the title, this is very suitable for a situation where you find vengeance is the only reason that worth living for. It never loses its power of affecting to the deep feelings. It has a powerful beginning and a slow ending. Best to hear when you are stuck with angry and cold feelings.

10. Torn apart

This is an angry piano beat named ‘Torn apart’ composed by Dansonn. He is angry and cannot avoid being emotional. The beginning is quite emotional whereas the ending is aggressive. This track doesn’t have too much intensity but still keeps you moody throughout the track. It sounds like I have fallen hard, went through all the pain, the sorrow, the hate, and confusion, can’t take anymore and I think that I’m losing myself.

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