Air Canada’s Anti-­Viola Gets Deserved Prank

No one likes discrimination, especially not in the arts and music community. Most musicians are accustomed to having to take a few extra steps when bringing their respective instruments on board a flight, especially if that flight takes them to another country. Most airlines have policies for carry-­on luggage that includes instruments your average orchestra player or band member would play.

There is of course one exception: Air Canada. And their one main exception for what instrument has to be checked instead of brought on as a carry­-on item is…….(wait for it)……the viola. That’s right, an instrument that has virtually the same size, shape and weight as a violin, and in many ways is smaller and easier to store than a guitar or banjo is not allowed as a carry on item.

Clear as mud? I thought so too, which was why it was even more humorous to find this great parody video outlining the obvious attention to detail the executives at Air Canada have taken to ensure that something simple can become something complicated. TSA isn’t this ridiculous, but then again maybe they are.

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