Accordion Accessories: 6 Best Cool Parts and Accessories for Accordion

Best Cool and Essential Accordion Accessories & Accordion Parts

Best Cool and Essential Accordion Accessories & Accordion Parts

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The Accordion is an exceptional looking musical instrument; it was invented as early as the nineteenth century. The Accordion is an object of wonder, the wonderful sounds it produces is from the movement of its bellows. Playing the Accordion can be done with both hands.

The two common models of Accordion are the button Accordion and the Piano version of the musical instrument.

The performer who plays the Accordion is called an Accordionist. The techniques involve compressing and expanding the bellows which create the pitch and modulating this sound by pressing the buttons or piano keys.

Accordions were traditionally used to play folk music from Germany, Brazil, Panama, and other countries. However, with its evolution, you can now find Accordionists playing the musical instrument to pop music, jazz, and other genres.

Accordions are attached to secure straps which are worn over the shoulders and arms to keep the musical instrument in the right position while manipulating the bellows and buttons. Typically, the process of playing the Accordion is manual. There are a lot of hand movements while you can often see beginners reading sheet music to get the right notes.

It is easy to appreciate the music made by Accordionists; you can find small crowds of people watching and having a great time listening to the performance of these musical experts. Over the years, there have been some inventions, regarding musical accessories to help Accordionists perform better.

The process of playing the Accordion requires the performer to either stand or play the musical instrument from a seated position. In either case, the Accordion will need to be supported with the use of straps. Also, there are accessories that have been introduced to help older adults play the Accordion without experiencing too much strain on their lower backs or arms.

Accordions are also played by young children. The use of proper accessories has made it possible for the young ones to play Accordions even when they need to go through longer practice sessions. With the use of Accordion accessories, the weight of an Accordion will not prevent anyone who has the interest to learn how to play the musical instrument.

The Accordion has many parts, they all function together in harmony to produce an organized sound. It is also essential that all parts of the Accordion are in good condition. This is why every Accordionist pays special attention to ensuring the safe storage of their Accordions during transit, or when they need to take breaks after practice sessions.

Here are some of the Accordion accessories we have been talking about, and we have also discussed how they help Accordionists perform better.

6 Best Cool and Essential Accordion Accessories

1) Case and gig bags for Accordions

Every Accordionist who needs to stay organized before or during gigs needs these carrier bags. They are made to have enough space to accommodate the musical instrument and its accessories. The case and gig bags for Accordions are used to carry it from one location to another. They are very helpful when you have multiple performances scheduled in one day.

These carrier bags are convenient and easy to use, all you need to do is place your Accordion securely in the case, close the bag, and carry it with the use of padded straps or a pulling handle. While you move around with the Accordion, it is protected within the case or a gig bag you have chosen to use because these carriers have a well-padded interior to absorb shock.

Case and gig bags for Accordions also feature side pockets that can accommodate other accessories such as the Accordion straps and cleaning materials.

2) Accordion Strap

The first lessons every beginner will get while learning how to play the Accordion is how to hold the musical instrument before they start playing the notes. Getting the right position is possible when you have used the Accordion straps.

They are made from leather or tough polymers. The straps are worn over your left and right shoulders depending on the technique you want to use. Before use, you will first have to adjust the strap for your Accordion. This approach helps you test the adjustments to ensure you can properly stabilize your Accordion during your performance.

The straps are also padded for extra comfort. After getting the right adjustment regarding the length and fitting, you can mount the Accordion. If necessary, further adjustments can be made after mounting the musical instrument.

Accordion straps also make it easy for you to reach over and touch the buttons or piano keys while playing the musical instrument.

3) Back pads for Accordions

The back pads for Accordions are necessary accessories that should be used every time you play the musical instrument. It provides a padded protective layer between you and the Accordion when you have mounted it on the straps.

The back pads are attached to the Accordion; they cover the bellows and the surface of your Accordion. It also protect your clothing and fashion accessories such as a belt or the buttons of your shirt from damage which can happen due to friction with the Accordion.

Before buying a back pad, it is essential that you confirm it is the right size for your Accordion. A good back pad should cover the entire back surface of your musical instrument. Back pads are securely held to the Accordion with loops and buckles that come with the product.

4) Accordion stand

The Accordion stand is an innovative accessory that was invented to offer Accordionists an alternative to mounting the musical instrument on their shoulders. The stands are usually four-legged durable structures which hold and support the weight of the Accordion while it is in use.

The height of an Accordion stand can be adjusted according to your needs. For example, if you want to play the Accordion while sitting, you can lower the height of your stand for convenience; this can also be done when you choose to stand.

The stands for Accordions carry the weight of the musical instrument. If you have been experiencing backaches or strain on your arms, a stand will help you play your favorite Accordion without going through any discomfort.

Accordion stands are also used by musical performers who may want to play other instruments during a gig. The structure of the stand is made in such a way that it can swivel to any side you want. This feature makes it possible for you to play the Accordion and quickly switch to another instrument during a performance. Stands are foldable and can fit into the case or gig bags.

5) Reed wax

Over time, while playing your Accordion, the reed plates in the blocks can become loose. If this happens, the functionality of your Accordion can be compromised. To prevent this from happening, you need a reed wax.

The reed wax is made specially to hold the reed plates and blocks to maintain their functionality. The reed wax should be changed often; the frequency will depend on the quality of reed wax you have used and the state of your reed plates. This process is usually done when tuning your Accordion.

The reed plates are responsible for the sounds produced by an accordion. They vibrate from the created when the bellows are compressed or expanded. Reed plates that have insufficient wax will not produce the right frequency of vibration to create the Accordion sound.

6) Cleaning and maintenance kits for Accordion

The Accordion has so many parts that need to be cleaned regularly after use. The cleaning and maintenance kits for Accordions are essential accessories that help to keep the musical instrument in good condition.

The functional parts of an accordion include the buttons, grills, treble section, the keyboard, reed blocks, and many other parts. These components can be compromised by dust or dirt. A standard cleaning and maintenance kit for Accordions feature cleaning cloths, reed wax, brushes, and other cleaning products to keep the Accordion clean and ready for use at all times. The Accordion polish, which is one of the main products in this cleaning kit helps to keep the keyboard, buttons, and other surfaces clean and glossy.

The reed wax is also used as a maintenance tool to keep the reed plates fully functional at all times. It is recommended that you should clean your Accordion properly before storage. The bass straps and bellows should also be cleaned regularly with the cleaning cloth. This maintenance process for the bellows helps to prevent leaks that can compromise their functions.

Choosing the Best Accordion Parts

Generally, the accessories you will find on sale are designed to improve the functionality of the musical instrument. Using these products can also remarkably improve your experience as an Accordionist. There are different brands of Accordion accessories in the market, but they generally function the same way. It is however important that you look out for products that have been made from high-quality materials to ensure you get value after purchase.

To help all users, the manufacturers of Accordion accessories have included user manuals in the product packaging. With this information, you can figure out how the accessories work and the value they provide. The different Accordion accessories have also been designed with portable features. This means you can carry them around in your gig bags or Accordion case. The space in your gig bag also makes it possible for you to have spare accessories. This can be helpful when you need to do a quick change in between gigs. For example, if you suddenly realize the strap for your Accordion needs to be changed, having a spare will help.

Overall, you can buy one set of accessories for you and your family, if more people are interested in learning how to play the musical instrument. The adjustable features of Accordion accessories such as the stand and strap make it easy for both the young and older Accordionists to use them.