10 Best Xylophone Reviews 2017 – Best Xylophone Brands

Best Xylophone & Best Xylophone Brands

Best Xylophone & Best Xylophone Brands

Are you thinking of buying a xylophone? Playing an instrument is a rewarding experience that anyone can be blessed with. The feeling of playing a beautiful music has no comparison. The xylophone is a musical instrument that is very popular among students. It consists of wooden bars that are arranged and tuned just like the keys of a piano.

However, modern xylophone has resonating tubes where the wooden bars are attached. Music is produced when the bars are struck with a mallet. Musicians today have an extensive collection of instruments. This makes choosing one xylophone a daunting and challenging task. This write-up is a guide to buy the best xylophone for yourself.

Let’s take a look at the xylophones that are most popular among musicians.

2) Adams Academy 3.0 Oct Xylophone

  • High-Quality
  • Rosewood Bars
  • Warm sound

1) Stagg XYLO-SET 37-Key Xylophone

  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Pleasant Sound
  • X-shaped Stand

3) GP Percussion Bell Kit, Xylophone

  • Popular
  • Special Design
  • Comfortable playing

How to Buy the Right Xylophone

There are many types of xylophone on the market. The xylophones vary in the tuning, length, and number of keys. Here are some factors you must pay attention to when buying a xylophone.


A frame is an important factor to consider when buying a xylophone. There are numerous frame designs that have an impact on every aspect of playing. The frame can affect the sound design and resonance. Along with this, they control the portability and durability of the xylophone.


Another factor that you must consider is the material. There are different materials that are used in the production of the xylophones. Xylophones are usually made from rosewood as they produce best possible sound. For outdoor playing, synthetic material is better. There are various materials, choosing the right one depends on your preference and budget.


The range of the xylophone is another factor you must consider. The 3 octaves are little on the small side while 4 octaves are on the large side of a xylophone. In simple words, more range is considered better. The standard for professional quality is 3.5 octaves.

10 Best Xylophone Reviews and the Best Xylophone Brands

There are several xylophones that are mostly used by the musicians. Here are some of the most common xylophones.

1) Stagg XYLO-SET 37-Key Xylophone

Stagg XYLO-set is one of the great xylophones for musicians. It features rosewood 37-keys that have plenty of range to learn scales and arpeggios. The xylophone has 3 octaves (C5-C8) and A=442 Hz range that produces a nice and warm tone. The keyboard is supported by a suspension bar system with wooden frames and resonating back board. This enhances the sound and provides a high-quality sound.

The Padouk bars sound good and the tuning is sufficient for learning proper training. It has a warmer tone than most of the traditional steel bars. The Rosewood bars produce an amazing tune.

The Bar length is 110 mm to 290 mm, Bar width is 38 mm and Bar thickness is 18 mm. The xylophone is available with a pair of nylon mallets that delivers a pleasant sound. The xylophone set includes padded nylon gig bag with handle and back straps. This is great for carrying it around with ease. Along with this, it includes an adouble X-shaped stand that is adjustable. This allows you to adjust the height according to your preference.

The frame dimensions are 39.8 inches x 20.7 inches.The Stagg XYLO- Set not only sounds great but looks like a professional instrument. It is great for both, advanced players and beginners.

2) Adams Academy AXLD35 3.0 Oct. Light Rosewood Xylophone

Another on the list of popular xylophone is Adams Academy AXLD35 3.0 Octave Xylophone. It features an integrated resonator rail system. This xylophone offers high-quality bar suspension and box resonator design.

The bar tones are hand-adjusted along the sixth overtone. The width of the bar is 38.5 mm. Along with this, it provides a set Aluminum beam structure. As a result, it makes them durable, robust and increases their longevity.

This AXLD35 xylophone has an adjustable double-leg X-shaped stand. You can adjust the height of the xylophone without any difficulty. You can even use it as a top-table xylophone. The Adams xylophone has a light Rosewood bars that offers a bright tone. Only high-grade Rosewood is used for the manufacturing of the bars. This enables them to produce a warm and rich sound.

Furthermore, the xylophone comes with a pair of mallets and dust cover. The mallets provide amazing sound quality. You can protect your xylophone from wear and tear through dust cover.

Whether you are a professional or a new learner, the Adams AXLD35 is the right choice. It brings a new level of accessibility and quality by enhancing the playing experience.

3) GP Percussion Bell Kit, Glockenspiel, Xylophone

One of the most popular xylophones is GP Percussion Bell Kit Xylophone. It features 30 note bell kit with each note stamped on the key. This allows you to learn and recognize the note without any difficulty. The octave of this xylophone is 2 ¼ from G to C.

The GP xylophone has an oak wooden frame that is manufactured using the top-notch materials. This increases the longevity of the xylophone. The wooden frame is durable and robust that can withstand regular wear and tear.

The height of the xylophone is adjustable from 27 cm to 38 cm while the width is 1 cm. The weight of the xylophone is 19.2 pounds. The GP Glockenspiel xylophone is available with a heavy duty stand that is capable to hold the xylophone steady. Along with this, it includes a practice pad, sticks, and mallets.

It comes with a nylon carry case that enables you to carry the xylophone without causing damage to it. You can easily store it away and protect it from any damage. Whether you are an expert player of a beginner player, this a great choice.

4) Yellow 27 Key Chromatic Glockenspiel Xylophone

The metal keys of Chromatic Glockenspiel xylophoneare connected to a yellow plastic base that can be removed and replaced easily. The materials used in the production of this xylophone are high-quality materials. The base is strong that can make it robust and sturdy. This xylophone can withstand the test of time.

The ProKussion 27 key range from G to A featuring sharp and flat tones. This arrangement of the keys ensures that there is a wide difference in the sound. To make it easy to use, notes are engraved onto the metal keys in a Do-Re-Me structure. This enables the player to learn the notes without any difficulty.

Moreover, the xylophone is available with 2 plastic mallets that produce a pleasant sound. The xylophone features spare parts like foam for under keys and dowels to hold keys in place. The length of the xylophone is 37 cm, breadth is 22 cm and height is 4 cm. This xylophone is lightweight as it just weighs 2 pounds. It is a famous choice among beginner players as they can carry it around easily.

5) Sonor Global Beat Alto Xylophone

The Sonor Global Beat Alto Xylophone has 35 x 18 mm sound bars with fundamental tuning. The resonator boxes are made of basswood that gives it durability and longevity. This xylophone is available with fiberglass bars and maple veneer on the outside and inside.

The bass resonator box has divided chambers that enhance the resonance. The notes are stamped in the chamber of each box and in the middle of the fiberglass bar. This allows the player to easily recognize the notes and keep them back in their places. This xylophone is great for producing a pleasant sound. It features flexible rubber pins and cording that are made from durable materials. The cording is the cushion between the bar and resonator box that will not dry out.

The 16-bar diatonic unit includes Bb and 2 F# bars. One pair of mallets is included that brings out a beautiful sound out of the xylophone. The scale of the xylophone is C-major with f-sharp 2, b-flat 2 and f-sharp 3. The tonal range is C2 to A3 that is the standard industry range.

It features a storage space for keeping the mallets safe. The chromatic bar bag that can be used for storing the instrument safely. The fiberglass xylophones provide great resonance for all levels.

6) Fleet30 Foldable Glockenspiel Xylophone

Another great xylophone on the list is the Fleet 30 Foldable Glockenspiel Xylophone. The body of the xylophone has a wooden body making it great for both, indoor and outdoor use. This makes the xylophone durable and strong that can last for longer periods.

This xylophone has 30 notes and every bar is marked with correct note. This allows the beginners to easily learn and recognize the notes. You can easily keep the bars in their correct place. The bars are made with high-quality aluminum bar making it tough and long lasting.

The length of the bar is 58 cm while the expanded width is 28.5 cm from up and done is 15 cm. The close width of the upper side is 18 cm and the width of the lower side is 8 cm.

Moreover, the xylophone comes with a pair of mallets that are great for producing mesmerizing sound. A bag is available in which you can store your xylophone for protecting from wear and tear. You can even carry around the xylophone easily, thanks to the bag. The xylophone is of great value for musicians as it produces a crisp and rich sound with good sustain.

7) Yamaha Table Xylophone Tx-6

The xylophone by Yamaha is a great choice for musicians of all levels. This xylophone features 32 notes (f-c) that deliver outstanding sound. The Tx-6 has an excellent African paddock wood bar. They are carefully selected and matched for superior tonal clarity and resonance. The sound plate faction enhances the sound quality of the xylophone.

The bar width is 30mm and bar thickness is 15mm. You can hit your target easily and create a great tone. The keys have a snug suspension that enhances the resonance and produces a nice sound.

The size of the xylophone is 44.5 cm/ 21 cm x 67 cm x 6 cm for the upper side. The lower side is 4 cm. The tough and lightweight design of this xylophone is easy to hold. This xylophone can be played without assembling. Its compact design contributes to its portability making it easy to move around.

It features adequate packing pocket and area for storing it away without causing any damage. This sturdy Yamaha TX-6 xylophone was designed for easy playability and handling. The Tx-6 xylophone is a great choice for both, professionals and beginners.

8) Ammoon 25 Note Wooden Xylophone

Next on the list is the Ammoon Wooden Xylophone. It features 25 notes that provide an extensive range of note range that is perfectly tuned. The xylophone offers a nice resonance and great tonal clarity and quality. The plates are attached to the base that won’t fall easily and will not slide randomly.

The Ammoon xylophone is manufactured using the top-quality material. This makes the wooden xylophone robust, strong and durable. It is capable of lasting for a long time period and is resistant to corrosion.

The size of the xylophone is 53 cm x 41 cm x 6 cm. This xylophone is available with 2 mallets that offer a sound and rich sound. This Ammoon xylophone comes with a storing bag that will protect the xylophone when stored away.

You can easily move it around without worrying about causing any damage. The Ammoon Wooden Xylophone is a great choice for all applications and for all levels.

9) YAMAHA Table Xylophone No.185

Another mostly used xylophone is Yamaha Table Xylophone No. 185. The length of the xylophone is 25.4 inches, the width is 10.4 inches and height is 3.1 inches. It features 30 keys with sharp and flat tones.

The notes are marked on the keys to make it easy for new learners to recognize the notes. This Yamaha Xylophone has a perfect system of bars to enhance the resonance.

Moreover, the base is made from wood that makes it durable and strong. The keys are attached to the base using glues and pieces that ensure the keys won’t fall or won’t slide. The high-quality wood increases the longevity of the xylophone.

This xylophone comes with a pair of mallet that improves the chance of hitting the right key. The mallet is produced using the top-quality materials that ensure the sound is beautiful. This xylophone is lightweight as it just weighs 4.2 pounds. This means it can be easily carried around.

Irrespective of your level, this Yamaha Table Xylophone No. 185 is the correct choice.

10) Lyons Diatonic Alto Xylophone

The Lyons Diatonic Alto Xylophone is a most used xylophone. This xylophone features Rosewood tone bars with diatonic scales. The bars have a one-pin mounting and the pieces and parts are glued together. As a result, it increases resonance and the bars are perfectly tuned to produce rich and warm sound.

Furthermore, this is a good choice for new learners. The bars have every note stamped on them to allow the player to easily identify the note. This will help them learn the notes quickly and without any trouble.

The diatonic keys include 2 F# and a Bb bar to enable the musicians to play in various keys. The note range of the xylophone is from C3 to A4. Along with this, it includes add-on bars like F#3, F#4 and Bb3. With these, you can play the key signatures of C, F, and G major.

This Lyons xylophone comes with a pair of mallets. These mallets will enhance the sound quality and produce an excellent sound. The weight of this xylophone is 12.8 pounds, this makes it portable. No matter what your level is, this Lyons Diatonic Alto Xylophone is a great choice.

Choosing the Best Xylophone from the Best Xylophone Brands

In the end, when you are looking for a good xylophone you must carefully select one. The most important factors that need to be considered are materials, range, and frame of the xylophone. Some other factors you need to pay attention to is the price and mallets of the xylophone.

2) Adams Academy 3.0 Oct Xylophone

  • High-Quality
  • Rosewood Bars
  • Warm sound

1) Stagg XYLO-SET 37-Key Xylophone

  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Pleasant Sound
  • X-shaped Stand

3) GP Percussion Bell Kit, Xylophone

  • Popular
  • Special Design
  • Comfortable playing

There is no guarantee that the expensive xylophone will be a better fit for you. So, you must always buy a xylophone that is in accordance with your budget. When considering the mallets, you must keep in mind it should produce an amazing tone.

Another thing that you must consider is the tuning. There are 2 types of tuning, octave and quint. You must diligently decide which tuning is a better fit for you.

To find the perfect xylophone that is accordance with your style and preference, you must do some experiments. When you follow these tips, you will definitely find a great xylophone.

What are the things you considered when buying a xylophone?

Which xylophone is good according to you?

Let us know your views in the comments below.