Yamaha YFL-482 Flute Reviews 2022

Yamaha YFL 482 Flute Review

Yamaha YFL 482 Flute Review

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Yamaha YFL-482 Flute

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Over the last few years, the enjoyment of learning instruments reached a never before seen height. This trend did not stop by the flute. In contrary! People from all walks of life, from the very young to the very old, feel a sudden need to learn the flute.

The Yamaha YFL-482 Intermediate Flute is an interesting instrument, and when played well, has an enchanting sound. In this article, I will give you an overview of this well-loved instrument. Point out the pro and cons, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to buy a flute or to step up to a better model.

A note for the beginner: When you are at the beginning of your carrier as a flute player, you will need some proper training with an experienced teacher, before you are able to step up to an intermediate flute. Having said that, whenever you buy a new instrument, make sure you can try it out first and only settle for a flute, which meets all your needs.

Yamaha YFL-482 Flute Review

Over the last years, Yamaha made some improvements to its instruments, and the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute did not fall through the cracks. Today, the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute belongs to the market-leading instruments in its category. What you see in this flute is Yamaha’s attention to detail; an instrument, which is favoured by teachers and performers alike. With the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute, you can be sure to get an instrument, which was hand adjusted and play tested before it made its way into a music store. This is the only way to make sure that the buyer can obtain a high-quality flute, which meets all the necessary standards.

To guarantee the customer reliability as well as an elevated level of durability Yamaha redesigned some key posts. Those improvements give the player a better rod alignment and strength of the instrument. To make the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute even better, it was hand adjusted and equipped with new ergonomically shaped keys, which are gentle on the hands of the player, while at the same time improving the quality of how you play the instrument. Preventing a loosening of the screws was another upgrade Yamaha implemented in the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute. This should no longer be a problem, which could impact on the way you play.

What features can you expect with the Yamaha YFL-482 Intermediate Inline G B-Foot Flute

  • Intermediate level Key of C
  • Sterling Silver body and head joint
  • Silver plated nickel silver keys
  • B foot joint with Gizmo key
  • Drawn tone holes
  • French style Open-hole keys
  • In-line key system
  • Stainless Steel springs
  • Neoprene bumpers

Some features explained:

Sterling Silver Head joint, Body and Foot joint

This feature gives the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute its unique, warm sound with great resonance​

B-Foot joint​

The B-Foot joint ensures that the flautist t can easily play notes down to low B

Open-hole Keys​

Open-hole keys enable more control over the tone of the flute.​

Silver plated nickel silver keys​

Designed for durability​

Video About Yamaha YFL-482 Flute

Pros of the Yamaha YFL-482 Flute

  • Pointed Key Arms vertical: This feature was taken from the Professional and Handmade flutes as it provides strength as well as beauty.
  • Redesigned Offset G: Should you ever need a repair to your flute, this feature will enhance maintenance, helps a technician to repair the flute and as well as gives your flute an increased playing life
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel Rods: This feature was taken on board by the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute with the durability of the flute in mind, as it adds resistance to possible corrosion.
  • Pad Felts: Original this feature was only in the Professional line. However, it was added to the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute in the same thickness and style to guarantee the flautist a precise seal which improves the sound of your flute. These pads make the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute a more sensitive and sophisticated instrument.

Cons of the Yamaha YFL-482 Flute

  • The YFL-482 Intermediate Flute is not designed for children and beginners. Yamaha recommends that this flute is not suitable for children under the age of 11. This flute was designed for an intermediate student.

Is Yamaha 482 Flute Good?

The Yamaha 400 line of Intermediate flutes had been updated with the student in mind. New features were added to give the student an optimal playing experience. The YFL-482 Intermediate Flute accommodates the growing needs of a young flautist. However, as mentioned above, the YFL-482 Intermediate Flute is not for the beginner. This model bridges the time until the young player is good enough, to upgrade to a more advanced flute from the 500 series.

The YFL-482 Intermediate Flute is not an inexpensive instrument. Whether you are a parent, buying a flute for your child or you join the daily growing community of flautists and buy a flute for yourself, it is important, that you decide for a flute, that matches your needs. Not just will that give you a great playing experience, it will encourage you to practice and to get better every day. Even though the right flute will contribute to your success as a flautist, it will not save you from your daily practice.

Yamaha YFL-482 Flute