Yamaha YFL-481 Flute Reviews 2021 – Yamaha Flute Reviews

Yamaha YFL-481 Flute Reviews

Yamaha YFL-481 Flute Reviews

Yamaha YFL-481 Series Flute

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With the rapid advancement in the music industry, the trend of flutes is also growing. Particularly, from the past few years, people are going crazy for it. Individuals from all the age groups including the little children are showing their interest in learning this art.

Do you also like playing flutes?

It is an amazing instrument and in order to play it skillfully, proper training is required. Along with professional training, the use of suitable kind of flute is also important. Not everything is made for everybody. Do some research and find out the most apposite article that meets your needs.

If you have taken the initial classes and have passed the introductory phase, you should try out the intermediate line of flutes. One of the very famous brands, Yamaha presents a wide range of intermediate flutes.

The one known to be perfect for those who want a step-up from beginner phase is the Yamaha YFL-481 flute.

Yamaha YFL-481 Flute Reviews

It is one of the best sellers all over the world. Its praiseworthy functional efficiency has made it very popular and its demand is increasing day by day. The learning flutists across the globe are using it and the responses are wonderful. It is also a preferred option for the mentors and they suggest their bright students try this.

Do you wonder why it is so famous?

Well, because of its remarkable functioning and user-friendly construction. Let us have a look at the detailed review of this popular instrument, in order to know its prominent features and the pros and cons.

Main Features:

Those who have passed the first stage of learning will find it amazing. They would love to play it as it would be very convenient for them. The entire intermediate line is made by keeping in mind the evolving needs of learners. It gives them more control over managing the tone which enhances their talent to a great extent. Therefore, it is apt for the needs of developing learners.

Following are the main features:

  • Strongly Constructed
  • Sterling Silver Head
  • ​Silver Plated
  • ​French Model
  • Alignment Body Mark

Best suited for advancing students

The keen learners who have practiced enough to move to next level would find it very useful. It is specifically designed to cater the needs of growing students. Those who have potential would do great with it. Using it, they would be able to improve their skills and perform much better. In order to enhance your skills and learn in a better way, make use of this excellent instrument.

Easy to use

While looking for a suitable choice, everyone prefers to go for the one that is handy. The dedicated students who are eager to learn would do better if things are made easier for them. If they find it hard to manage the tool, they may lose interest in it.

The Yamaha YFL-481 flute is designed to make learning more convenient for you. While using it, you would not find it hard to adjust the screws. These are so easily adjustable and once you adjust them, you would not have to worry about them falling from the place. Once you tighten them, they would stay there and you won’t have to do it again and again.


When you are going to buy this music instrument, the quality matters the most. Not only for the sake of durability, also for appreciable results. Better the quality better will be the results. This one is specially made to deliver amazing outcomes and therefore, its head and body are made of good quality of sterling silver.

It is a high standard material and enhances the performance to manifolds.The positioning and shape of keys are carefully built to enhance the balance and touch that generates a flawless, smooth and good quality sound.

Increased Durability

The top-class material is used which makes it more long-lasting. The silver used is durable. Thus, it is worth spending some money. Pay once and use this marvelous product for a long time. It is less prone to breakage.


It has numerous features of high standard flutes. What makes it people’s favorite is the ease to use. For making you more comfortable, it has alignment marking on the foot joint for the accurate fitting. Furthermore, no repeated and frequent tuning of screws is required. You will literally enjoy playing it.

It is rightly said that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Same is the case with this instrument.

Pros of the Yamaha YFL-481 Flute

  • It features French design which means it has open-hole keys. For the evolving learners, this is a great plus point as these keys are light to touch and offers more freedom and control to manage the tone. This gives them the opportunity to play variations of tone that boosts up their confidence level.
  • Learners will find it easy to play as it includes very easily accessible screws for adjustment. The smartly constructed design keeps the screws in place and you won’t have to worry about them once you are done with it.
  • The improved scale and enhanced design make it more desirable. It has a very strong post design that wouldn’t let the posts bend.So even if you are not an expert and can’t handle it with proper care, it is most suitable for you as it doesn’t get damaged easily.
  • The material used makes it look beautiful and shiny. Moreover, it is corrosion-free, less likely to damage and you can use it freely. You would love its appearance.
  • The undercut embouchure is designed to give a high-standard result. It assists in making your performance more smooth and commendable.
  • The silver head makes it produce a good quality of sound which increases the interest of the learners. It enables them to play well by putting in a little In short, it maximizes the output.
  • It is very easy to keep clean. Its maintenance isn’t a difficult task as well. Another advantage is that it comes with a complementary cove case, a rod for cleaning it and a polishing cloth.
  • It is indeed one of the best to be bought at a reasonable price. This intermediate flute helps you to give a professional level performance.

Cons of the Yamaha YFL-481 Flute

Considering the pros mentioned above, you might be taking it as a perfect choice. Well, it is not, at least for everybody. Following are some of the drawbacks of this tool. 

  • The freshers will find it very hard to play. The reason includes the French model. The ones playing it for the very first time should go for the closed key model which is easy to play. Although it is not a defect, this tool is not equally good for all.
  • It has cork key bumpers while the high-level counterparts feature neoprene which is known to be stronger and durable. Thus the extensive usage may not give you the same results and your performance efficiency may decrease over time.

Is Yamaha YFL-481 Flue Good?

Overall, it is an excellent option and especially for advanced students or intermediate player, it is the most appropriate choice. After practicing it for some time, you will be as good as professionals.

Yamaha YFL-481 Series Flute