Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute Reviews 2020

Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute Review

Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute Review

Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute

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The Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute is designed and manufactured by the master craftsman and engineers from one of the pre-eminent musical instrument companies in the world. All of the materials that went into constructing the flute showed that Yamaha put the advanced user first. They left absolutely nothing to chance and included only the highest quality materials went into making it.

The amazingly smooth tones and ease of use each make the 677H flute a real choice when it comes to moving up to the next level for the experienced intermediate player. The open key, French-style key arrangement, and the Straubinger Phoenix Pads are a huge benefit for the advanced player that would appreciate the quick response and better seal of the openings.

While the great, robust tones that come from the Professional 677H Series Flute are what every advanced flute player would say is the most important. However, Yamaha thinks that it is also important to make their instruments look equally amazing and stand out from the crowd. The use of the finest materials like Sterling Silver plating over the body, Headjoint and Footjoint help to create an amazing looking finish.

Yamaha didn’t stop there, they added a unique touch to the final finish of the 677H which involved using a special technique called annealing. This treatment involves heating the exterior surfaces of the instrument to improve the overall durability of the finish.

Along with the traditional keys of the flute used to generate the sounds along musical register of the flute, there are three additional keys that are included in the 677H flute; split E, Gizmo, and C# Trill.

Split E Key – The split E key is a unique key that is placed in the lower G tone hole which is designed to reduce the amount of venting. This placement of the key improves response.

Gizmo Key – The Gizmo key can be found located B-Footjoint and it ends up closing the low B tone hole without affecting the low C tone hole.

C# Trill Key – The C# Trill key helps to provide a much more stable middle C# when it is used along with the B-natural key.

Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute Review

Each of the keys of the Professional 677H Series Flute features an exclusive Straubinger Phoenix Pad. This special pad material allows for a quicker response and much softer touch. This setup is a perfect way for the more advanced flutist to be able to set themselves apart from other musicians.

The package includes a high-quality hard shell case that you would definitely expect from Yamaha and for this professional level flute. The interior is over padded with cutouts that fit the main body, Headjoint and the foot joint. It is also has a place for the cleaning rod and case cover.

Who is the target?

The Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute is designed with all high-end materials and features that combine to deliver a really robust sound and smooth tones that are expected by an advanced flutist. The key style is also designed especially for a more advanced player and is of the highest quality to be able to hold up to more playing that would commonly be associated with a professional musician.

Key Features of the Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute

  • Hand finished Sterling Silver body, Headjoint, and Footjoint
  • French-style open holed keys with pointed arms
  • B-Footjoint for a wider-ranging B
  • Offset G and a Split-E
  • .43mm thick walls that help to produce the best tones in its class
  • Includes a hard shell case, cover and cleaning rod
  • Straubinger Phoenix Pads for a better seal and quicker action
  • An anneal treatment for added durable shine
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Pros of the Yamaha 677H Flute

  • The ultra-sturdy construction and quality helps it to deliver the best quality sound
  • Designed specifically for the more advanced player who is looking for a great instrument
  • The hard shell carrying case makes it easy to carry everything with you

Cons of the Yamaha 677H Flute

  • The price tag is a tad bit on the pricey side

Is Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute Good?

The Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute is the upper end of Yamaha’s mid-level flutes. Yamaha is one of the premier instrument makers all over the world and they design each and every one of their musical instruments with their customers in mind. They leave nothing to chance and they engineered the 677H Series Flute to deliver the smoothest and most robust tones while paying attention to detail which gives it the most amazing look.

Since it is a professional level musical instrument they were not as worried about the cost when they were designing the Professional 677H Series Flute. All of the materials like the Sterling Silver plating of the main body, Headjoint and Footjoint and annealed treatment that covers the whole outside of the flute gives it a highly polished and most durable finish possible.

The Yamaha engineers made sure that everything that went into the design delivers an unequaled experience for the more advanced flutist. The French-style open key design is definitely something that any higher level player will really enjoy. The key configuration and how they lay across the body of the flute come in two different styles; offset and inline. You will find the offset style keys on the 677H Flute.

Yamaha wanted to be sure that you are able to get your flute from your home to musical hall where you will be playing it safe so they include a hard shell carrying case. The case can also be used to keep it safe when you are not using it and don’t want to just leave it lying around the house where it could accidentally get damaged.

If you are interested in getting some more information or find out where you can find one for yourself, just click here.

Yamaha Professional 677H Series Flute