Yamaha P95 Digital Piano Review 2020

Yamaha P95 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P95 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P95 Digital Piano

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The Yamaha P95 Digital Piano is another fine example of the amazing instruments that are part of the Yamaha P-Series of digital pianos. Every one of the pianos in this series shares the same quality and workmanship that has been going into all of Yamaha’s products for more than a century. The commitment to excellence is a hallmark of the people at Yamaha and it truly shows with this digital musical instrument.

Yamaha P95 Digital Piano Review

The sound engineers at Yamaha have been working their magic for more than a century. The P95 Digital Piano is built around the sound sampling that is designed to replicate the sound of Yamaha’s CFIIIS series of acoustic grand pianos. Using its exclusive AWM sound sampling sound technology. Combined with its GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) and sound technology you can expect nothing short of spectacular results.

The powerful sound engine that is built-in also includes many unique sounds that with a touch of a single button on the top of the keyboard just above the keys you can instantly change how the piano will sound. With more than 10 of these unique sounds that include; grand pianos, electric organs, strings, harpsichord, electric pianos, vibraphone, and Jazz organs.

The sound engineers also included several pre-recorded songs that can be accessed from its built-in ROM storage. The songs were included to help those who are just getting started to learn how to follow along with the music. It also comes with a single-track recorder so that you can make a recording of your playing as part of the learning process.

The powerful built-in system helps to deliver the amazing sound to all parts of the room. With its built-in dual 6-watt sound amplifier and powerful dual full-range speakers, you will not need any additional sound equipment to enjoy the music that is being played. If you are planning on using the P95 Digital Piano as part of a multipiece band, you can hook it up to the external soundboard.

Additional information about the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano

The compact size and weight of the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano make it a really good choice for someone who is looking for the performance of a large grand piano but does not have the excess space to put such an oversized piano. Another advantage of being so compact it is really easy to pack it up and take it outside the house to a gig. You can easily find a stand and chair that good together.

Who’s the target?

As with all of the other digital pianos that are part of Yamaha’s P-series of electronic keyboards, the P95 is perfect for the beginner and intermediate level players. With its uniquely weighted hammer action, you get virtually the same tactile feeling that you will find on almost any acoustical piano when playing it. All of the one-touch buttons are nicely situated on top of the piano just above the keys so that they are really easy to access.

Key Features of the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano

  • Standard 88-key configuration with graded hammer standard keys with touch sensitivity
  • Powerful 6-watts per channel amplifier and dual stereo speaker sound system
  • Ultra-lightweight, compact and slim design allows it to be put in tighter spaces
  • Built-in sounds for more versatility which includes a grand piano, electric organs, strings, and others
  • Yamaha’s exclusive Advanced Wave Memory sound sampling virtually mirrors a CFIIIS class grand piano
  • Input and output MIDI jacks make it easy to connect to external sound equipment
  • Includes a single sustain pedal for additional sound enhancement

Pros of the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano

  • The P95 is a high-quality digital instrument that comes as close as you can get to a grand piano
  • The sound system that is built-in is powerful enough so that you don’t need to have an amplifier
  • It is definitely one of the lightest digital keyboards that you will find at its price point

Cons of the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano

  • The price may be a bit steep for some beginners to afford

Is Yamaha P95 Digital Piano Good?

  • Yamaha has one of the industry leaders when it comes to musical instruments for more than a century. The Yamaha P95 Digital Piano is just one of the many of their high-quality products that can be found in homes, concert halls and small stages all over the world. One of the reasons for that is that the sound engineers at Yamaha are really good at what they do.
  • Utilizing one of the most powerful sound engines in the business, the P95 digital piano was designed to virtually replicate the sounds that are being generated by the CFIIIS class of Yamaha grand pianos. The unique graded hammer standard (GHS) gives it near-perfect replication of the tactile feel of an acoustical piano, like the 9’ Yamaha classical concert hall pianos.
  • You can definitely count on enjoying many hours of sitting in front of this unique silver-colored digital piano. You and those who are listening to your playing will not be able to tell that you playing a digital instrument instead of a classical acoustic style piano. One of the reasons is that the powerful sound engine really packs a massive punch. It is also paired with an equally powerful sound system that features dual amplifiers and dual stereo full-range speakers. Sound system inside the P95 puts out 6-watts of power per channel and delivers it to the waiting full-range stereo speakers.
  • The enhance your experience with the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano includes input and output jacks for being able to hook up one of many types of external midi equipment. You can easily hook it up a soundboard or external amplifier to get the most enjoyment for you and your family and friends.

Yamaha P95 Digital Piano


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