Yamaha P35 Digital Piano Review 2022

Yamaha P35 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P35 Digital Piano Review

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Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

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The Yamaha P35 Digital Piano is a really high-quality digital keyboard that is extremely versatile. It was made from the best materials by the craftsman at Yamaha who have many years of experience building high-quality electronic keyboards. This just another great example of many products over the years.

Yamaha P35 Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha P35 Digital Piano is full size, 88-key keyboard that features a graduated hammer design which changes the tone of the sound as the pressure used when fingering the keys is increased. The ability for a beginner to make really beautiful sounding music with this keyboard is really easy.

The engineers at Yamaha designed the P35 to be fairly simple to play and to operate the controls. The Advanced Wave Memory Sampling proprietary technology from Yamaha which gives the player access to multiple voices that are pre-programmed inside the keyboard. By touching a single function button to top of the board and pressing one of the specially marked ebony keys to select either grand piano, electric piano, strings, organ, and harpsichord.

The Duo Mode is a unique feature that is built-in the P35 which in essence splits the keyboard exactly in half, even giving each side its own middle C key. This allows two people to be able to play at the same time. This really comes in handy if you are an instructor and you want to be able to work closely with your student. Each one of you can play exactly the same and there are even dual headphone jacks available.

The unique, compact design and very lightweight construction make it really easy to carry it around. There is an optional wooden stand that can be purchased for a nominal charge that is matched perfectly and makes it look really nice sitting in any room. The powerful built-in sound system will really impress your guests as it fills the room with amazing sounds.

Additional Information about the Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

Along with the beautiful musical sound that is generated by the Yamaha P35 Digital Piano there are several ways that you can connect it to other midi devices in order to improve your musical experience. You can either use the midi output jack or you can purchase an optional midi interface that will allow you to connect it directly to your PC. By doing that you can use one of the many available music apps that will give you extra things that you can do with the music that you make.

Who’s the target?

The Yamaha P35 Digital Piano was designed to be played by most anyone who likes to play the piano. If you are a beginner and looking to learn how to play this digital piano offers several features that would make it easier to learn including a dual keyboard mode that would allow you to work with an instructor. You each would split the keyboard and be able to play the exact same keys. For the intermediate and advanced pianists, the ability to change the tone by varying the pressure as you finger the keys and the built-in voices should be appealing as well.

Key Features of the Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

  • One-touch button activation of built-in pre-programmed voices; organ, electric piano, strings, and grand piano
  • Powerful built-in amplifier with a dual 6-watt speaker system
  • Yamaha’s proprietary Advanced Wave Memory sampling for creating a richer, more spacious sound generator
  • 88-key keyboard with touch sensitivity (soft, medium, hard, and fixed tone generation) technology
  • Includes one sustain foot pedal for ease of activation
  • Duo function; single-player and two-player (perfect for teaching)
  • Includes two headphones jacks for simultaneous listening by student and teacher
  • Lightweight construction, compact, easy to carry

Pros of the Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

  • The Yamaha P35 Digital Piano is another great example of why Yamaha is one of the industry leaders in electronic instruments
  • The pre-programmed voices built-in allows you to simulate the sounds of several other hammer-style instruments
  • The duo zone keyboard allows a student and instructor to share the keyboard at the same time
  • The built-in power amplifier and dual speaker sound system provide a pretty amazing amount of sound

Cons of the Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

  • The Yamaha P35 Digital Piano does not come with a sturdy stand to put it on while it is being played
  • It is designed to automatically shut down if you are inactive for only a short period of time

Is Yamaha P35 Digital Piano Good?

  • The Yamaha P35 Digital Piano is fine example of the quality and craftsmanship that the people at Yamaha put into every digital musical instrument that they make. It is made from high-quality materials and includes numerous features and technologies that help it to produce some of the most amazing sounds.
  • Thanks to the pre-programmed voices you turn the P35 Digital Piano in a number of different musical instruments like a grand piano, organ, harpsichord and even an electric piano. This makes it a very versatile keyboard in that it can be used for the choir in a church, grand piano in a concert hall or electric piano in a band.
  • All of the programmed voices can easily be activated by pushing a single function button and striking one of the associated ebony keys on the keyboard. Once activate every key that is fingered will play the note and the resulting tone will sound like it is coming from the selected voice. The powerful sound system is strong enough to fill an average size room with its beautiful music.
  • There are many midi output jacks that allow the P35 to be connected to other devices like other digital keyboards. There is an optional midi interface that can be purchased (for a nominal charge) that would allow it to be connected to any PC. By connecting to a PC you can record your music or use one of the many music apps available online.
  • Yamaha has been making electronic digital keyboards for people to use for many years. They are one of the industry leaders that only produce the highest quality musical instruments for people of all skill levels.

Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

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