Yamaha P105 Digital Piano Review 2020

Yamaha P105 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P105 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P105 Digital Piano

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The Yamaha P105 Digital Piano 5 is another shining example of the results of the design and craftsmanship of the people who have been making some of the finest electronic instruments in the world. As one of the industry leaders for decades, they have been innovating when it comes to creating instruments that not only closely replicate some of the finest acoustic instruments but add extra features that enhance the user’s experience.

Yamaha P105 Digital Piano Review

One of the key points to really any electronic piano or keyboard is its ability to closely replicate or sample of a certain type of acoustic piano. For the P105, the sound engineer’s goal was to sample the sound of one of Yamaha’s very own concert grand piano; the CFIII. By choosing such an ambitious goal, they were able to deliver an amazing musical instrument that is sure to impress anyone who sits down and fingers its keys.

The PureCF sound engine is filled with many extraordinary features that only add to the great experiences of the player. It has graduated weighted keys and hammer action which starts out heavy at the lower end of the scale and gets lighter as you go to the upper end and finally reach the end of the scale.

To enhance the musical experience there is also a built-in drum accompaniment. By simply touching one or more of the buttons on the top of the keyboard you can add different styles of drums to help add a unique sound your music that you are playing. You never have to worry about the drum sound being off because it is always going to be perfectly timed to your playing.

Other built-in features include a powerful 14-watt amplifier and dual 7-watt speakers deliver enough power to fill a good size room with its wonderful music. It also has USB and Auxiliary output jacks to allow it to be hooked up to a number of external equipment including; a PC, sound equipment (mixing board and others).

Additional information on the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano

It is made from lightweight materials so that it can easily be carried from place to place. However, there are accessories that can be purchased for a nominal charge that includes sturdy matching wooden stands (comes in black or white). You can purchase a 3-pedal unit and connects directly to the stand and a matching padded bench.

Who’s the target?

Yamaha is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality musical instruments and with years of experience designing and building only the best electronic pianos. The Yamaha P105 Digital Piano is a really good example of the top-notch keyboards they make. With the many built-in features including graduated weighted keys and hammers to improve the playing experience for all levels of the players. It also features a special mode that allows you to play side by side with an instructor as you learn how to play the piano for the first time.

Key Feature of the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano

  • Yamaha’s PureCF sound engine is at the heart of this electronic piano
  • Powerful fourteen-watt power amplifier and dual seven-watt speakers deliver amazing sound
  • 88-keys (notes) that feature gradually weighted keys (hammer-action) from heavy (lower notes) to lighter (higher notes)
  • Built-in selectable drum patterns help to create the perfect two-man band sound even though you are a solo act
  • Built-in 128-note polyphony technology helps to ensure that all 88-notes and drum styles are fully heard and recognizable
  • Multiple external ports including USB and Auxilary for connecting to both a PC, tablet and professional sound equipment
  • Includes a useful sustain pedal
  • Optional matching wooden stand, padded bench, and three-pedal unit

Pros of the Yamaha Digital Piano P105

  • The P105 was designed to closely mimic the sound of the CF line of Yamaha concert grand pianos
  • Drums make the perfect accompaniment to any piano and the Yamaha includes numerous drum patterns to choose from
  • The graduated hammer-action features heavier pressure at the lower register and lighter pressure at the top end of the register

Cons of the Yamaha Digital Piano P105

  • Unfortunately, with Yahama being one of the premier electronic keyboard manufacturers comes a big price tag
  • It is not as compact as some other portable type electronic pianos

Is Yamaha P105 Digital Piano Good?

  • The Yamaha P105 Digital Piano is one of the finest made electronic keyboards on the market today. The sound engineers at Yamaha have been making digital musical instruments that are designed to be virtually indistinguishable from the acoustic instrument that they were replicating. According to Yamaha, the P105 Digital Piano was created to replicate the sound quality of Yamaha’s own CF grand pianos.
  • The sound engineers at Yamaha are some of the best in the business and they continue to prove what most people who have owned one of the many digital pianos from Yamaha already know that they really know how to build high-quality machines. This 88-key electronic keyboard is capable of delivering sound quality that even rivals concert hall quality grand pianos. This is accomplished by using the PureCF sound sampling that replicates the sound generation of the CFIII or Yamaha grand pianos.
  • The Yamaha P105 Digital Piano is designed to be both easily transportable and good looking enough for it to be put on full display. If you are looking for a piano that you can easily move it into a large room and sit there and look good, you can add the optional matching wooden stand and 3-pedal unit.
  • The final topic has to be the inclusion of the multiple output jacks that are designed to make it easy to connect to additional sound equipment. The USB port allows the user to be able to easily connect the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano to a laptop, tablet or another mobile digital device. The secondary auxiliary jack makes it really easily to be able to hook it directly up to a sound or mixing board.

Yamaha P105 Digital Piano


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