Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano Review 2022

Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano Review

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Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

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Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano is part of the P-series of digital pianos from the world’s foremost leaders in piano manufacturers. The sound engineers at Yamaha have been crafting some of the world’s best acoustic grand pianos for nearly a century and they bring the same skills when it comes to their digital pianos. They have been at the forefront of musical innovation since the beginning.

The Pure CF sound engine which is at the heart of P-115 Digital Piano features the sound sampling of Yamaha’s very own 9ft classical grand pianos. The Yamaha CFIIIS line of 9’ grand pianos sits high atop the mountain when it comes to the choice of concert hall acoustic pianos. Along with matching the sound production, the unique weighting of the 88 keys of the P-115 is similar to what you will find on any Yamaha acoustic grand piano. The keys are weighted heavier at the bottom of the musical register and lighter at the top end of the register.

Yamaha pairs the Pure CF sound engine with an enhanced sound system built into the P-115 Digital Piano to produce some amazing tones. The twin 7-watt power amplifiers push an amazing amount of sound through the pair of full-range speakers. Yamaha designers enhanced the tweeter capability of the cones of the speakers to bring out the treble. The bass tones are also well represented to deliver a complete sound experience.

If Yamaha stopped there they would still have an amazing musical instrument, but they have more features up their sleeve and it comes in the form of a built-in accompaniment sound. Yes, at the touch of a button you can add a perfectly timed drum or string sound as you hit each key. This will add a new element to your practice sessions and onstage performances.

Additional information about the Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

Yamaha also allows you to take advantage of today’s smartphone technology and powerful app to put the control of all of the built-in sound features at your fingertips. The included smartphone app was made especially for Apple’s iOS which can be found on it’s Apple iPhones and iPads. You can also pump up the volume and sound experience using the auxiliary out jack and hook it up to a digital soundboard or external amplified sound system. For the times you don’t want to disturb the rest of the house, you can plug into the headphone jack and play to your heart’s content and not worry about being told to stop.

Who’s the Target?

It would be really easy to say that the Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano was targeted to one specific group, but that would not be the total truth. The truth is that it has plenty of things going for itself that would appeal to all skill levels and that includes advanced players. It is true that the feel of the weighted keys does give a beginner a good place to start and the intermediate level player will definitely like the one-touch buttons that give them access to the built-in sounds.

The advanced player will no doubt enjoy the sound sampling that nearly matches the exact tones produced by the Yamaha CFIIIS series of 9’ concert grand pianos.

Key Features of the Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

  • The powerful smartphone app “Digital Piano Controller” puts all the access to the one-touch sounds at your fingertips (works only on iPhone, iPad)
  • Includes a set of several drum rhythms that are perfectly timed with your fingering of the keys
  • Powerful sound system with dual 7-watt power amps and full-range stereo speakers
  • Pure CF Sound Engine was the culmination of many years of experience with making acoustic pianos
  • GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) is exclusive to Yamaha that helps to give its digital pianos a similar feel to an acoustical piano
  • Has numerous one-touch buttons just above the keys to gain access to all of the internal sounds

Pros of the Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

  • Even with the sound level turned all the way up to its max setting there is no distortion in the sound, you get the same beautiful melody
  • The weighted keys are a really good way for beginners to get practice for when they might use an acoustical piano
  • It is great for today’s tech-savvy players with its USB port you can easily connect to an Apple iPad to control all the functions

Cons of the Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

  • It is a bit on the heavy side if you plan to carry it around, please be aware
  • It lacks an actual midi port, you have to use the supplied USB port

Is Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano Good?

  • The Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano is another strong example of why Yamaha is one of if not the top maker of both acoustic and digital pianos in the world. The P-series is its top series of digital pianos and the P-115 is a really good musical instrument. It is extremely capable and packed with a whole lot of features that are sure to please anyone at any experience level.
  • The key is the Pure CF sound engine that proves sound sampling that is designed to match perfectly to the Yamaha CFIIIS line of 9’ classical grand pianos. Along with the ability to replicate the sound of an acoustic piano, you also have options of adding sounds like drum rhythms and many others by simply touching a button.
  • The sound that comes out of the internal speakers is absolutely amazing and with its dual 7-watt power amplifiers and dual full-range stereo speakers you can easily fill a good size room with its beautiful tones. If you are looking to connect it to an external soundboard or amplifier and sound system, there is an auxiliary jack on the back. I can also be hooked up to an Apple iPad and paired with the powerful smartphone app to allow you to control all of its internal functions.

Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

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