Yamaha JR2 Guitar Review 2021

Yamaha JR2 Guitar Review

Yamaha JR2 Guitar Review

Yamaha JR2 Guitar Review

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We all know that Yamaha makes some of the best guitars in the world. But, did you know that they also excel in the field of junior-size guitars as well? Well, they certainly do! In that light, we have decided to review one of their best junior-size guitars, the Yamaha JR2 acoustic guitar.

Anyhow, let’s get down to business, shall we? Let’s see everything about this magnificent acoustic guitar for juniors.

Yamaha JR2 Guitar Review

The Yamaha JR2 junior-size acoustic guitar is not a full-size guitar, as you could already suspect. This guitar actually is a ¼ length of the full-size guitar. In addition to that, the Yamaha JR2 is super convenient for kids and beginners.

This guitar packs some really good features that are very convenient when it comes to boosting the playability and overall performance. Also, the material that is used to craft this guitar is definitely of the highest quality. Besides that, the Yamaha JR2 guitar is specially designed to ensure only the best time while playing.

So, many people actually take this guitar as the first musical instrument that they want to get for their children. Anyway, let’s see everything about this amazing guitar in a little bit more thorough light.

Materials that make Yamaha JR2

The material that makes one guitar is of the most important, we all know that. In that case, we can say that Yamaha JR2 is definitely one of the most valuable choices that you can possibly make. This guitar is made out of the spruce top, mahogany sides and back, and it has rosewood bridge and fretboard.

Every piece of the wooden material that is used to make this guitar is quite good and it increases its value and performance as well. Therefore, the Nato neck surely will help your child to easily play on this guitar for hours.

Also, the rosewood fretboard will ensure maximum playability since everyone who holds this guitar will feel comfortable and quite thrilled as well. All in all, these materials surely are of the highest quality and they all contribute a lot.

Features and specifications of Yamaha JR2

Now, what really makes this guitar so awesome are the features. Namely, Yamaha JR2 is equipped with high-end features that enhance its sound quality, performance, and playability as well. So, let’s discuss them.


As we already mentioned, this guitar has mahogany sides and backs, and therefore, it really excels in the field of comfort. Every time someone holds this guitar, it will definitely feel comfortable and the ability to play on it for hours is amazing as well.

Also, the neck of this guitar is quite comfortable as well, which really helps your hand to hit the notes without any troubles. However, the strings are a bit stiff, but, they certainly are durable and will last for a long time.

Outstanding playability

When it comes to playability, this guitar really stands out. Simply put, the Yamaha JR2 acoustic guitar for juniors is quite easy and good to play on. Basically, you can learn so many things on this guitar, and that is especially important for beginners or juniors.

With the rosewood fretboard, your child can easily master many guitar techniques and notes in no time. And, that is why Yamaha JR2 is really great for beginners.


If you decide to get this guitar, it won’t come alone in the package. In addition to that, we can say that this guitar equipped with lots of other convenient accessories. You will actually get a durable gig bag, one side set of strings, an easy-to-use tuner, and a neck strap as well.

All of these accessories are here to boost the value of the guitar and allow your child to enjoy while playing on this guitar.


The performance level of Yamaha JR2

Many people wonder if the junior-size guitar like this one can deliver a good sound quality. Well, we can safely say that Yamaha JR2 is definitely one of the best junior-size guitars when it comes to quality of the sound.

This guitar can produce such a powerful sound while keeping the warm and classical tone in the progress. Also, the amazing chrome hardware is here to ensure only the best performance and even more.

Looks and overall design of Yamaha JR2

So far, we discussed everything about Yamaha JR2, but, we haven’t said anything about the looks and overall design. In that light, this guitar really is beautiful and it catches the eye, that’s for sure. So, Yamaha JR2 has mahogany back and sides and this material surely packs an outstanding looks.

The mix of black and brown combination really adds to the looks of this guitar since it makes it quite spectacular. The overall design is a bit old-fashioned, but, that has its advantages as well. Namely, this guitar is designed to provide a classic and elegant look while still being such a great way of learning how to play on it.

Price for the cash evaluation

One thing separates this junior-size guitar from the others, and that is the overall value for the price. So, Yamaha JR2 is definitely one of the most valuable choices that you can make when getting a guitar like this. It has massive value for the price since it is equipped with lots of convenient features.

The price is not that expensive and it doesn’t require you to spend a fortune on this guitar. On the other hand, this guitar brings many benefits to the player.

Is Yamaha JR2 Guitar Good?

As we can see, the Yamaha JR2 acoustic junior-size guitar is absolutely one of the most valuable in this line of guitars. We have discussed every part of this guitar for you to see and to acknowledge the real value of it.

All that is left is for you to decide whether will this youth guitar be the first thing you get for your child in his musician carrier. Keep in mind that you can’t possibly make a wrong choice with this one.

Yamaha JR2 Guitar Review