10 Best Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

Wine appreciation is a thing for people with refined tastes. Every wine in every part of the world has a unique taste, essence, and feel to it that needs to have endeavored. There are a thousand ways to have to grow the wineries, let those grapes ripe, brewing them, and letting them fermented in those barrels or cascades.

The atmosphere, time taken during the fermentation, even the air around it plays an important role in the development of any wine there is. That is why you need to have expertise in order to recognize a wine from others and appreciate the savory with each sip.

There are tons of wine appreciation classes around the world that would take you to the wineries for tours, give you a better idea about how these wines are grown and stored. These tours will also let you taste different wines so you can get a better idea of the concepts.

The only limitation with such courses is that you can visit a limited number of wineries during a day and you don't get to enjoy the true difference. There are also some online courses that can help you differentiate several kinds of wines out there, and learn the true art of wine appreciation. If you have a thing for it, then you must have a look at these cool online lessons that will help you learn wine appreciation at the comfort of your home.

10 Best Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: James Suckling Teaches Wine Appreciation

MasterClass James Suckling Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

James suckling is often called the "World's most powerful wine critic". In this elaborative course, James explains the journey that has made him taste over 200,000 wines all over the world in the past 40 years. You will learn about his tours through legendary Tuscan vineyards with videos and stories that will make you left awed for the rest of your day.

After this course, wine appreciation will never be the same for you. The course deepens your knowledge of the wine, and its properties so you can recognize the age, fruit, and even the origin with a single sip.

In these 11 elaborative lessons included in the course, you will learn how you can let the wine breathe and taste it the right way. Not only that, but you will also learn to recognize the origin, fermentation time, storage techniques used, and a lot more so you can not only know but appreciate the wine accordingly. You will also be learning how you can create and maintain your own wine cellar at your home.

2) Udemy: Wine Confidence – Enjoy Wine without being an expert

Udemy 1 Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

Wine is often overrated as you need to be an expert on the subject to enjoy wine properly. But that is not entirely true and you can navigate the lists skillfully without being an expert. This course by David Baer sheds light on the topic in a more appropriate manner with 4 hours of video, 1 article, and 1 downloadable resource you can have the right knowledge of the subject and be confident around your friends or colleagues when it comes to wine.

There are things that matter, and things that don't, but you need to be clear on them to savor the wine and enjoy your meal. With the help of this course, you will understand what actually matters while choosing wine so you can feel confident about it. This course is not about wine appreciation to be exact but, it has pretty decent elaboration of how you can grow your knowledge about wine and don't feel like a total ignorant when it comes to wine.

3) Udemy: Get Wine Smart

Udemy 2 Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

This course is a practical introduction to enjoy wine in the right manner. You can drink a wide variety of wines with confidence in any social situation like a formal dinner, a casual hangout with your friends, or some party upon completion of this course. If you feel concerned about getting the right edge of wine appreciation and are not confident enough when it comes to wine, this course is a must consider for you.

With the help of this course, you will be able to think and express your opinions about wine critically. You will also learn how you can Instinctually recognize the major grape varieties and wine styles just by the aroma or a sip.

You can understand how to build a wine vocabulary that will heighten your senses and palate and you will be able to recognize all sorts of wine for their taste and properties. You will also be able to learn a structural approach to wine so you will have ample knowledge about wines for the rest of your life. All you need to do is, take this 6.5-hour long course that would help you reinvent your life around wine.

4) Udemy: Wine in 9: The Complete Wine Tasting Course

Udemy 3 Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

Mike Mazey is one of the most renowned winemakers around the world. In this 6-hour course, he explains wine tasting in 9 simple steps that would allow you to be confident about your wines and have a better tasting experience. With the help of this course designed by Tom Savage and Mike Mazey, you can learn how to connect the grape's origin to the winemaking process with what you are smelling and tasting in your glass.

The course takes you step-by-step through the process and you can learn a unique approach to build and expand your knowledge of wines in no time at all. With the help of this course, you will also learn how to collect ideas for your next wine tasting.

You are going to discover techniques to train your palate and memory to detect the aromas and flavors so you can not only remember but recognize them, connecting with the origin and techniques of winemaking.

Lastly, this course will present you with knowledge and practical suggestions to enjoy any wine the right way. You will also be able to select a wine or suggest it to others based on dietary choices, allergies, or simply the type of meal you might be having.

5) Udemy: Wine: Everything You Want to Know, Taught by a Winemaker

Udemy 4 Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

Well, the title tells all there is that you need to know about this course. The course presents a unique education about wine from a winemaker with extensive experience in his hand. Form how the vineyards work, how wine is made, preserved, and stored in the way that you can choose to enjoy the wine fully and talk about it with confidence. Anything that you can possibly want to learn about wines, you can in this course.

The course contains 2 hours of video, 6 articles, and 11 downloadable resources that will help you enjoy a complete experience with wine tasting and wine appreciation. With the help of this course, you are in for a real treat that will help you gain a comprehensive understating of all aspects of wine. Not only that, but you will also have full confidence in the knowledge of wine you will grow with the help of this course.

6) Udemy: Wine in One Hour

Udemy 5 Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

It doesn't take long to understand the basics of wine with the help of this course. If you have an hour to spare, and you are willing to understand what it takes to fully enjoy a wine tasting and grow your basic knowledge about wines, this course is all that you are going to need.

Created by Nicole@WineIQ, this 1-hour long course would help you understand the key elements of wine culture and how different aspects like growing environment and storage methods impact the character of a wine. You will also learn how to correctly taste and evaluate a wine based on aroma, flavor, color, clarity, mouthfeel, and finish.

This course will make you understand the basic winemaking processes so you can recognize them from a bottle of wine and know what you are having. You will also be learning how to properly serve wine for maximum enjoyment, coupling it with the right cuisine to host your guests perfectly.

7) Udemy: Crash Course on Wine- Wine 101

Udemy 6 Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

If you are short on time and want to know all the basics about wine to impress your partner, some colleague, or a friend that you are meeting over the dinner, this course is definitely your go-to choice.

In only 40 minutes, you will be learning how to answer common questions about wine, so you can make a conversation and navigate through the list of wines on the menu, that would be appropriate for the meal. You will also be gaining insight into choosing the perfect bottle from a list at a store given the occasion that would suit it.

Not only that, but you will also learn some fancy wine vocabulary, understand the fundamental ideas of pairing the right wine with the food and be much more confident than you were before spending 40 minutes on this course. Designed by Ryan Vet, and Triad Studios this course can cover every basic need that you have.

8) Udemy: Fundamentals of Wine Tasting - Taste Wine like a Sommelier

Udemy 7 Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

This is another course by Ryan Vet and Triad studios that focuses on wine tasting. Upon completion of this 1-hour long course, you will learn how to taste wine like a professional sommelier and recognize the right characters of the wine. You will also be able to train your palate effectively to taste wine like a pro and give critical feedback. You will be able to identify the faults in wine after you are done with a 1-hour long course.

This course helps you learn and understand the technical aspects of identifying aroma and palate notes in a wine that will help you grow your knowledge about wines and make it count towards becoming a professional wine taster. You will also be able to decipher the structure based on sweetness, fruitiness, acidity, or alcohol once you are done with this course.

9) Udemy: Introductory Wine Course (Express)

Udemy 8 Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

This express course by HBF School is only 1.5-hour long that is enough to get you all the basic knowledge there is about wine tasting, wine production, food & wine pairing, and how to organize and manage your own cellar at your home. The course is designed for anyone who loves wine and wants to choose, drink, serve, and pair their wine with food like a professional sommelier.

If you feel like there is too much out there to consider wines and you get confused with all that knowledge, terminologies, and stuff. This course is the right guide for you that would help you summarize that knowledge based on core principles and how you can use them to recognize and enjoy your wines in the right manner.

10) Coursera: Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis

Coursera Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

This course designed by the University of California is being taught by John Buechsenstein, a member of the wine appreciation faculty of the University. With thousands of learners enrolled with this course, you will get 14 hours off the learning journey that will take you through the ups and downs of wine appreciation.

While other courses might be regarding the passion for wine and stuff like that, this is a career-oriented course that can help you get into the wine industry by understanding what it takes for a wine to be perfect.

The course is specifically designed to help students understand the complexities and varieties of wine growing, fermentation, and storage processes and how you can perfect them over time. There are different modules on this course that will help you explore wines of different types and set up your own tasting.

Not only that, but you will also build a sensory vocabulary as well that will help you through your career. Moving forward, you will also be learning how you can spot any problems with wine and fix them if possible, to achieve perfection.

Choosing the Best Wine Appreciation Lessons for Beginners

Wine appreciation is a topic that would not only be an excellent topic of conversation for you but can help you impress the people around you as well. You can choose from the above courses based on your needs and goals to enhance your knowledge regarding wines and make it count towards your goals.


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