Why Josh Radnor Loves Classical Music

josh radnor how i met your mother
We all fell in love with the instant classic tv show “How I met your mother”, centered around the charming character of Ted, played by actor Josh Radnor. Ted has been known to be kind of a nerd, and some of these geeky attributes actually translate to the character’s real life counter part, including a love for classical music.

Josh Radnor hasn’t always been a huge fan of classical music: as a kid he reportedly played the violin, but he quickly lost interest due to excessive practice and because of the notorious rock and roll scene of his community. However, in the words of Josh himself, sometimes when you grow up, some things acquire a better, different taste, such as coffee or Brussels sprouts. To Josh, this is exactly what happened with classical music.

Once you take your time to focus on something, you can truly appreciate the beautiful nuances and details of it all! Read the full story!