14 Of The Weirdest Classical Music Tattoos

Proving that it’s not just hard rockers and hip hop fans who can go all out with their tattoos, our friends at Classic FM published a selection of over 20 crazy examples of body art linked to classical music. Here we take a look at our favorites fourteen.

Chopin’s head

Is it true that having the head of one of the greatest pianist’s on your hand is the first step to improving your own mastery of the keyboard? Well, this fan seems to think so.

chopin head tattoo

Johan Sebastian Bach

Let’s hope whoever chose this piece of art isn’t someone to change their mind quickly. On second thoughts, they could have picked a worse option. Bach’s music has been around for the best part of 300 years and doesn’t seem to have fallen out of favor so far.

johann sebastian back


Composer poser

Admittedly, this one will only have its full impact if you’ve got the dress code to go with it. Then, no-one can have any doubt about your self-confidence. And what better way is there to show the genuine commitment you have to your music than to have tears of blood on your arm?

composer poser

Decomposing Mozart

Is this the work of a fan of classical music and the Walking Dead who couldn’t make up their mind about which one they liked best? At least you’ll stand out from the crowd with that on your arm.

decomposing mozart tattoo

Flaming Beethoven

The death theme continues. And as if that and some missing teeth weren’t enough, it also seems as though Beethoven is on fire. Not bad for creativity.

flaming beethoven


This one shows an interesting approach to take to hair loss. Maybe if there’s something else to look at, it won’t be so obvious. Does it work, what do you think?

key bald

None shall sleep

Not only is it likely that you’ll struggle to get a good night’s sleep after seeing this terrifying image of Pavarotti. But will you ever be able to get this image out of your mind the next time you watch one of his recordings? I hope this hasn’t damaged his image for you forever.

none shall sleep pavarotti tattoo


Getting this done to your leg either shows an extremely high level of dedication to your instrument or the lack of a pain threshold.



Is this the first evidence of someone getting a tattoo to commemorate pure silence? It probably took longer to get this done than the entire performance of the John Cage piece. I think some of the audience members at this performance of the famous composition found the experience a little unusual.



Who said the trombone isn’t cool anymore? What better advert for the instrument than a large purple dinosaur happily blowing on one? After all, who’s going to argue with him?


No strings attached

Did the tattoo artist not pick up on the design flaw with this violin? Or perhaps it’s a subtle way of telling others the kind of relationship he’s after. Either way, there’s little chance you’ll be hearing any music out of this violin any time soon.


Keyboard confusion

If playing the piano isn’t your strong point anyway, this tiny keyboard is likely to end up confusing you even more. So much so that it looks a bit mixed up itself.

keyboard confusion

Classical burger bar?

As they noticed at Classic FM, there are quite a few famous musical talents whose names merge with burger rather well. “Franz Schuburger? Hector Burgerlioz? Alban Berger? Leonard Burgerstein? Anton Weberger? Arnold Schoenburger?” A new business idea, perhaps?

classical burger

Protecting Beethoven

After the ill that was done Beethoven earlier, it seems only fair to include this in our list of favorites as well to balance things out.


Mozart art

In a list that has been full of odd associations, how could we pass by lyrics from a Mozart aria and some boxer shorts?

mozart art

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