Watch how strokestra uses musicians to help stroke patients

Strokestra, a groundbreaking project between the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Hull Integrated Community Stroke Service, is enabling world class musicians to support stroke survivors by encouraging them to play instruments.

A participant in a music therapy programme. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

You can watch a video about their story here. It showcases the musicians speaking about their involvement and survivors of strokes talking about the impact a stroke had on their lives and how music assisted their recovery. Therapists also explain how music can assist stroke patients from their perspective.

The goal of the project is to use group music making to aid patients in their recovery. Strokestra was initiated in December 2014, when professional musicians and stroke therapists got together to come up with appropriate musical techniques to support patient rehabilitation. Some of the main areas where benefits were sought were improving sensations, cognitive ability, mobility, strength and flexibility.

40 patients got the chance to be involved in the programme from May to October 2015. It included improvisation, conducting musicians and listening to music. The conclusion of the pilot project was a performance at Hull City Hall ahead of the RPO’s season opening concert.

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