Want to be a pianist without a piano?

Virtual piano
ITRI’s virtual piano. Image Credit: ITRI

Or at least without a piano as we know it. A company has reportedly developed technology that would enable you to play the piano on any surface.

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has come up with iNTERPLAY, a new device which makes use of cutting edge technology to offer a number of different applications. One of these is a virtual piano, which enables users to play the instrument almost anywhere.

The invention is thanks to technology referred to as ubiquitous computing or ubiquitous display combined with gesture control. Rather than using a mouse or a keyboard, the ubiquitous display enables any surface to be used to project information and interact with the device, whether that’s a table, wall, ceiling, or a fridge. With gesture control, the computer can be used simply by pointing or moving the hands in certain ways.

The combination of these two technologies means that the piano could be projected onto a table and played, with the device picking up the tempo and transforming the gestures into sound. It will also be able to project the score to a piece of music.

The virtual piano was exhibited earlier in the year 2016 and is due to be licensed later in 2016. So if all goes well, you could be sitting at your dining table in the years ahead and be able to play your guests a full-length concert!


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