10 Best Voice Lessons for Beginners Review 2020

Voice Lessons for Beginners

Voice Lessons for Beginners

Every singer, presenter, or professional speaker trains his / her vocals using different exercises for greater depth and control over their throat muscles. Today, even corporate professionals are also training to develop an authority in their voice that can develop a stronger positive influence.

Apart from this, every individual should consider taking vocal lessons and training their throats to develop a strong and melodious voice that increases the attention levels of their listeners. Furthermore, it is also a relaxing and stress relieving activity as exercising your vocal cords releases happy hormones from the brain that helps in keeping a good mood throughout the day.

Having a strong and commanding voice helps in grabbing attention, convincing or entertaining the audiences, or making the deal. Try to remember all those smooth and deep vocals in TV commercials where the voice-over artist goes on a deeper note to grab our attention and subconsciously make you buy the product from the brand.

Today, we’ll be covering the 10 best voice training online lessons for beginners. The lessons are focused on teaching you everything about your throat and how to train them from scratch.

10 Best Voice Lessons for Beginners Review

1) ArtistWorks: Singing Lessons with ArtistWorks Vocal School

ArtistWorks Vocal School Singing Lessons for Beginners

ArtistWorks has crafted the definitive voice training lesson archive with hundreds of online video lessons. Students have unlimited access to in-depth singing instruction, vocal exercises, and study materials. Improve your singing with these master voice lessons. This lesson covers all from range expansion tutorials to breathing exercises to train your vocal in multiple ways for stronger, faster, and lasting results.

What sets this platform apart is that is the complete library of archives of videos from the students through ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning. The instructor reviews each video submission and reaches out to the student for a 1 on 1 session to give specific detail regarding their efforts and to map out the way and specific exercises to improve their vocal movements and range.

This video exchange library is open for all students. This detailed and comprehensive library combined with relevant tutorials from the instructor could be the key to unlock student’s potential.

2) Udemy: Voice Training – 30 Days to a More Confident Powerful Voice

Udemy 1 Voice Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is Peter Baker. He is a UK based voice over, a former BBC news announcer and ITV Granada presenter, and the voice of literally thousands of TV commercials, training films, phone prompt, and promo presentations for clients around the globe.

Currently, Peter teaches people how to transform their voices and develop stronger presentation skills that stun their audience and make them ask for more. He has been learning, practicing, developing a teaching model, and delivering his knowledge for almost 40 years. This course is one of the lessons from his popular course called Voice Over Master Class.

This lesson is specially designed for all those individuals who are seeking to develop a thicker and deeper voice to establish authority over people in their workplace, home or friends where they always tend to be the listener and their voice often gets ignored. This course will help you out in standing out while talking so everybody could pay attention.

3) Udemy: How to Sing # 1: Complete Vocal Warm Ups & Voice Physiology

Udemy 2 Voice Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is Roma Waterman. She is an award-winning singer/songwriter and best-selling author. She is also passionate about motivating individuals for stronger vocals.

As a vocal coach, session singer, and artist for over 20 years, which has included being a judge for the early audition process on the X Factor in Australia, she has also been a vocal coach for many TV Talent contestants on X Factor, Australian Idol, and The Voice.

This course is based on three pillars of voice – Posture, Breathing, and Resonance. This will cover the complete physiology of our vocal cords explaining how vocals fold and body works to produce sound.

In addition to video lectures, this course includes beautifully designed PDFs and elaborate e-Books for a much detailed out reference. The requirement for this course is a mirror to look at while performing exercises and a glass of water to keep yourself hydrated after every exercise.

4) Udemy: Voice Over Training: Record and Edit Voice Overs Like a Pro

Udemy 3 Voice Lessons for Beginners

The teacher for this course is Peter Baker. He is a professional voice-over artist with more than 40 years of experience in the field. He is keen to help people in developing a mature voice tone for better voice delivery while communicating. You may have heard him as he has been all over the TV and Radio space, from commercials to announcements, phone recording, show inaugurations, introductions, and much more. This is one of many of his courses on vocal and speech development.

This course is designed for people who want to start earning out of their voices professionally by establishing a voiceover recording business. This course is based on developing a tangible voice skill both vocal and equipment related and teaching ways of how to earn out of your voice and the equipment.

There are vocal exercises and tutorials on how to operate and manage the equipment in the right manner. This course will take you through all of the details, step by step, regarding how to set up your equipment and record and how to approach and find potential clients.

5) Udemy: Instant Voice Training: How to Train Your Voice Instantly

Udemy 4 Voice Lessons for Beginners

This course is a part of the series by “The INSTANT – Series”. The whole motive behind creating this series is to make lessons that give instant results and map out the fastest way possible to get to your goals. These INSTANT lessons are created by combining practical knowledge on a particular topic. As the name of the lesson suggest, if you are looking for the fastest way possible to train and develop a stronger voice, this is the course for you.

This course is designed to cover a variety of voice-related concerns. The exercises in the course will help you develop a deep voice, effective for working spaces and amongst friends. These exercises are also beneficial if the student suffers from speech impairments such as stuttering or mispronunciation. This course will enable you to embrace confidence and gain respect in a room full of professionals.

6) Udemy: Voice Over Training with Voice America Recognizers

Udemy 5 Voice Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is Mike Elmore. He is a National level voice-over artist. He has done voiceovers for radio promos, a television show called the MYTH BUSTERS, a popular American show based on science. He has also worked with PROACTIVE, Food Network, SPIKE TV, FOX Sports, Taco Ball, and many more, for commercials, promos, and narrations.

This course is a mixture of vocal exercises, technical knowledge regarding sound equipment, and how to start earning as a voice-over artist. If you believe you have a voice that can be used to deliver brand messages in an appealing way than this is the course for you to brush up your vocal skills and learn how to earn from your voice.

In addition, you will get a complete overview of the voice-over industry, the common terminology, and basics about vocal training, knowledge about involved equipment, and how to set it up. After this course, students will be able to trace their way into this competitive industry.

7) Udemy: Record Your Voice Like a Pro! Complete Voice Over Course

Udemy 6 Voice Lessons for Beginners

This course has been made in partnership between Joe Parys and Justin Fraction. Joe Parys is a bestselling online instructor, entrepreneur, and international speaker whose e-Learning courses have been featured on Udemy, Buzzfeed, CBS News, and many other professional platforms.

Justin Fraction is a voice-over actor who worked with several major brands and most recently for Johnson and Johnson, Jiffy Lube, Liberty Mutual, McDonald's, Highmark & Hewlett Packard. He has worked on everything from commercials and smartphone apps to The New Testament.

This is a complete guide for young aspiring voice-over artist. This lesson will help in explaining not only how to develop strong vocals and setup professional equipment for voice over recording studio, but it will also make students understand how to approach key clients in the industry to start earning. Key requirements for this course are free software, Reaper or Audacity, a computer with internet, and a willingness to learn.

8) Udemy: Voice Training: Discover Your Confident and Powerful Voice

Udemy 7 Voice Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is Jason Teteak. He is an International Public Speaking Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Best Selling author. He has taught more than one million people how to flawlessly command attention and connect with audiences in their unique style. He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal, and immediately actionable techniques. He is the CEO of “ Rule the Room ”.

This course will teach how to be a complete package while speaking. You will learn how to remove filler words from your speech and generating confidence in your tone. The mentioned exercises will help you in finding your normal/original voice and building confidence in that. The requirement for this course is the Eloquence Workbook which is a freely available worksheet on the internet. This workbook complements the vocal exercises in the lesson.

9) Udemy: Voice Training: Proven Methods to Improve Your Vocal Skills

Udemy 8 Voice Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is Peter Baker. He is a unique artist who has been practicing the art of voice-overs for around 40 years. He has mastered vocal techniques that allow him to take full control over his vocal muscles to develop a more deep and soothing voice naturally while speaking and that is what he will be teaching in this course.

This course is particularly designed to improve and sustain your vocal health. Peter will point out all of the bad habits in our daily routine that deteriorates our vocals and will take us through modules covering voice pitch, warming up, voice health, breathing exercise, resonance, and much more. These exercises will build strong vocal muscles. He also requires a mic for the lesson so students could record their vocals for better inspection.

10) KIRBANU Vocal Training

KIRBANU Voice Lessons for Beginners

This is a complete course focused entirely on training, developing, and gaining command over your vocal cords. This course is for working professionals in every field. Every performer or presenter can truly benefit himself/herself from this course. This course will teach you how to channel your vocal power to speak with confidence and authority in order to get your voice heard with positive influence. The exercises are for vocal tone and voice pitch.

This course also explains voice-related issues or weaknesses such as voice fatigue, loss of power, hoarseness, burning, and itching sensation, breathlessness, and instability invoice. Understanding these problems will help in identifying your situation so you can target your vocal weaknesses effectively.

In this lesson, you will be required to submit a video of you performing exercises. You will receive feedback on your performance with detail and the necessary steps to improve your weak areas. The instructor will explain the complete voice theory so that the students could understand the framework behind the vocal training.

Choosing the Best Voice Lessons for Beginners

Most of us wish to sing, wish to impress with words, and wish to grab the attention of the audience or wish to develop authority. Developing a deep, confident, strong voice forms the foundation for achieving these wishes. This comprehensive list of vocal lessons will help students in developing a strong grip over their vocal cords, identify their original voice, and develop confidence authority in it.

Select any course from the list, to begin with, and make your way through. The most important aspect is to be determined throughout the journey as practicing and developing depth takes time.


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