Uriel Herman Quartet Amazes With Jazz And Dance Video

In just a little over 6 minutes Uriel Herman will take you on a ride across the emotional spectrum.

This Israeli jazz quartet’s Winter Light video puts you in the presence of the band as a witness to the beauty of the music. Accompanying the performance are flashes of the brilliant dance of Sian Olles. A moderate piano builds to a jazz crescendo building to an impassioned musical trek through excitement and glory, bringing us back down to a light resolve. The piece is wonderfully captured by Bettina Fienstatnt, creator of the acclaimed series Indie City.

As the piece progresses, bass and saxophone erupt with touching movements, powered by the melodies of Hermen’s piano and the drumming of Haim Peskov. The looks on the faces, the finger and toe tapping of the audience represent exactly what our response would be if we were in their place.

This music is the result of something other than just plain hard work and dedication. To capture the essence of this piece, it’s important to know its story. Uriel Herman composed Winter Light along with a few other pieces while in Sweden on the Visby Island while on scholarship for a composer residency program. The feel of the isolation and the emergence of the author is evident in the moving elements of the piece.

More music, videos and information on Herman Uriel and his quartet are available HERE.

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