UK Star Wars fans greeted by live orchestras at cinema

As the latest Star Wars edition, Rogue One, hit the cinemas across the UK yesterday, orchestras were on hand to play a selection from the famous score as viewers arrived.

Six cinemas took part in the live performances, including one in Bristol where the Bristol Metropolitan played Darth Vader’s theme, among other pieces.

The biggest music story surrounding Rogue One was that it was the first Star Wars movie not to be scored by legendary composer John Williams. He stated earlier this year that he intends to score Episode Eight, which is due for release in December 2017, so Williams fans will get to hear his musical talent in a new Star Wars movie once again. His place was taken by Michael Giacchino.

Giacchino took over the task of composing the score with just over four weeks to go. He stepped in after Alexandre Desplat pulled out due to rescheduling reasons. Giacchino recently told Time that as soon as he saw the film, he knew what he wanted to write. “I really do track what I’m feeling the first time I see a movie. Those are the feelings that I try to put into music.”

While Giacchino said he sought to give the score a new feel, he has retained some of Williams’ most iconic creations, such as the Imperial March.

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