UK Singer-Songwriter Chris Ford Captivates With New Music

Being a radio host for a syndicated program in the US, I have the fortunate opportunity to get to experience music from all over the map. But that map is not restricted to the States, but includes every continent, territory and area on the planet. Fortunately for me (and for my listeners), Europe has become more and more of a hotspot for great emerging talent. I count Chris Ford in that group of new artists that you need to be looking for and listening to.

Over the past few months, The Appetizer Radio Show has been featuring a few of Chris’ new music. Recently we were given access to some exclusive recordings of new material, including the video above. The new music showcases Chris Ford’s incredible storytelling, songwriting, and musical gifts in capturing the heart of the matter and our attentions as listeners.

In The Summer Of is a picturesque song about the past and how it finds its way into the present with memories of love, devotion, and relationship pitfalls that are easy to relate to. Appropriately titled for this time of year, it’s a great introduction to Chris Ford.

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