Turbosound IP2000 Review: Are These Speakers Good?

turbosound ip2000 review
turbosound ip2000 review

While you are talking about speakers, there are certainly several different speakers that you get to enjoy the right edge of perfection and all you will need to do is make sure that you are getting just the right experience on it as you might want to have for any performance. Turbosound is one such highly specialized speakers’ manufacturer that designs speakers that are fit for any applications that you might want to have.

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Turbosound IP2000 is one such premium speaker from them that you get to enjoy for having the right sound for a perfect studio experience. It is considered an ordinary column speaker, but it is something much more than that. It is certainly the best thing that you can get to enjoy the proper surround sound with the perfect processing as well as input and output channels.

It has everything that you might be needing to make it work for all the instruments and other music playback experiences that you might be needed for. In addition to all that, you will also be getting the extended edge of durability and a timeless design that is simply great and adds tons of value to your studio. A few such features that you will need to know about the speaker would be:

A Brief Review For the Turbosound IP2000


Coming to the design, you certainly get one of the most unconventional speakers designs that is something truly extraordinary and has the best possible design aesthetics that you can get on it. The design makes it the right choice to be added to any studio not only for the performance but it is also for the best thing for you to be enjoying the looks.

It has a tall structure of speaker over the square box-like structure that has the amp, processing, and of course the input and output channels along with the control of the preferences to get you the perfect experience that you might be seeking off your speaker.

In addition to all that, you can also add multiple speakers and connect them all to be installing them in all the corners and that will certainly be a sight to look at and you will have the best vibes from your studio at the same time. You also get a 12” subwoofer at the bottom that will enhance the overall sound experience for you and make it sound just perfect for all the musical and vocal playback experiences.


The features are certainly the best that you can get to ensure that it has all the power that you might be seeking or you might need. It gets a 1000-watt powered column loudspeaker with a 12” subwoofer that gets you the perfect sound that you might be seeking and you are never going to feel the speaker be underpowered at any time.

Moreover, it also gets the digital mixer and reverb that will enhance the overall audio experience for you and that will be getting the right audio quality for you to get you the perfect experience.

In addition to all that, you also get Bluetooth audio streaming and the best thing is that it also has a remote control feature vial iPhone and iPad for you to have wireless controls over the speaker and all that will be getting you just the best possible experience with this speaker in your studio.


The next thing you might be considering is the utility of this speaker and if you have a thing for music, then this would be certainly the perfect thing for you to make it work for you. The speaker might not be a good fit for the outdoor or on-stage performances, but it is certainly the right thing that you get to enjoy for all sorts of musical instruments, tones, and vocal experiences on it with great clarity and the right edge of perfection.

The speaker would serve you well for mid-level playback experiences and if you are not thinking to get one for the outdoor experiences and it would be the right choice for you. The affordability is also not a big issue and it is worth the price tag that you might have to pay to get this highly sought-after marvel of tech.

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