10 Best Trumpet Lessons for Adults Review 2021

Trumpet Lessons for Adults

Trumpet Lessons for Adults

Having the knack for music is no less than an art and if you know how to create music, you are the ultimate artist this world needs. Given the diversity in the musical world, there are hundreds and thousands of musical instruments and trumpet is one of the members of the brass instrument family. The trumpet is usually used in jazz and classical music and if you like to jump to higher registers, piccolo trumpet is the apt fit.

If you wish to learn trumpet and make melodies with it, we have multiple lessons in this article to help you take the audience by storm. However, before we jump to the lessons, let us tell you about the history and introduction of the trumpet.

You would be shocked to hear that the trumpet was used as the signaling and hunting device at the start. However, with the sun of the 14th or 15th century rising, the trumpet was being used as a musical instrument.

Today, the trumpet is an essential part of concert bands, jazz music, and orchestras. Ever since the instrument started being used in musical performances, it has been bent twice to make a rectangular shape. Now that you are aware of the background, let’s hope on to the lessons that are aimed at teaching you trumpet.

10 Best Trumpet Lessons for Adults Review

1) ArtistWorks - Trumpet with David Bilger

Artistwork Trumpet Lessons Online

No matter if you are a novice trumpet player or the intermediate player trying to improve your fingers’ movement on a trumpet, this course is a suitable option for you.

This course has been designed by the master, David Bilger who has managed to incorporate his years of playing experience in this course. These lessons are based on the classical trumpet and as a student, you will have unlimited access to video lessons.

In addition, there are daily exercises and sheet music available in the course and by the end of the course; you will be able to hone trumpet etudes and techniques. In addition, you will have access to orchestral excerpts and repertoire as well.

Once you start learning, you can create videos and earn feedback by uploading them to the library. As a student, you can easily access the library and use hundreds of videos to learn and improve their skills.

You get to learn through slow motion and looping features in the video and there are 100s of video lessons available. In addition, you will get to play different styles of welcome. Last but not least. David Bilger has worked as the Principal Trumpet of The Philadelphia Orchestra since 1995 and has been an active member of Curtis Institute of Music and Temple University.

2) Udemy - Learn to Play the Trumpet: Beginner to Pro Made the Easy Way

Udemy Course 1 Trumpet Lessons Online

If you want to enjoy the melodies of music and become the master of the trumpet, this course will help you hone all the skills in the most seamless manner. The course is highly engaging which speaks volumes about 2,751 students that are currently enrolled in the course. The course is affordable and you can use the video lessons to sharpen the trumpet skills.

By taking this course, you will learn how to tune, assemble, and care for the trumpet. In addition, you will understand trumpet embouchement while interpreting and reading the notations.

Furthermore, you will understand and become able to play multiple notes inclusive of performing major scales. To take this course, all you need is a working trumpet and the mouthpiece.

This course will be helpful even if you are looking at the trumpet for the first time and by the end, you will not only have the playing skills but you will be aware of music theory as well.

In this course, there are over 140 video lessons along with the troubleshooting tips as well as sheet music that can be downloaded. By the end, you will be able to maintain the hone and understand multiple songs and melodies.

3) Udemy - Learn To Play Trumpet Fast Using The Passive Trumpet Tutor

Udemy Course 2 Trumpet Lessons Online

This course is relatively new on the music corner because, with this course, you get to train your ear, practice the fingers to make and save the chops while you become able to read the sheet music. There are only 115 students enrolled in the course which reflects every student will be focused upon.

By taking this course, you will be able to read notes, tune ears, recall the chords and notes, improve the accuracy in reading notes, understand the key signatures, and rest the embouchement.

To take this course, you only need a trumpet and eagerness to learn because you can become a master even if you haven’t blown a horn in your entire life. With each lesson, you will understand fingering, mouth pressure, and notes along with tones. In addition, you will start understanding, reading, and interpreting sheet music, tunes, and patterns.

There is a fingering chart with each lesson to ensure you are focusing on each point effectively and you can also take quizzes to help test your understanding. However, you can ask questions from the tutor to ensure you get feedback and maximize the learning process.

4) Udemy - Master Trumpet Playing: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple

Udemy Course 3 Trumpet Lessons Online

As the name suggests, this course is the perfect option for every intermediate trumpet player who wants to improve the skills and become the master of the trumpet with each video lesson.

There are enough lessons to last for an entire year but by investing a few hours, you can learn it all. There are over 886 students enrolled in the course and you will get to learn double tongue. You will also be able to play for longer time periods without getting tired through strength-building exercises.

By taking this course, you will be able to master high register, interpret the dynamic markings, play natural yet full ranges, express through dynamics and phrasing. In addition, you will be able to read cut time, read complex rhythms and meters as well. To take this course, you need to have basic knowledge of trumpet, a mouthpiece, and obviously a trumpet.

In this course, there are over 130 video lessons along with downloadable sheet music and you will be able to troubleshoot the trumpet as well. In addition, there are warm-up techniques, scale exercises, and learn melodies and songs along with strength-building exercises.

This course is designed by John Holt who has worked as principal trumpet in Dallas Opera Orchestra and has been sitting on the chair since 1989.

5) Udemy - Trumpet Lessons For Beginners

Udemy Course 4 Trumpet Lessons Online

Hold and behold because this course is the perfect fit for anyone who doesn’t have time to sit and practice for hours. This is because with this course, you only need to invest 30 minutes a week and you will be able to hone your game. With this course, you will have 123 fellows sharing the course with you which creates a community and a learning environment.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to play the melodies, how to play trumpet in a supportive role, and how to create solos on the basic form. To take this course, all you need is the trumpet and the enthusiasm to learn because it’s heaven for people who are a novice to the field. There are animated video lessons to ensure the learning experience is engaging and there is a proven system to ensure you have everything for practicing.

In addition, you will be integrated with the confidence of playing and with the remote access; you will be able to learn at your own pace. In other words, there are specialized lessons to help you learn effectively.

There are 2.5 hours of video lessons and one video is designed to help you learn the basic techniques along with the practice videos with graphics and voice-overs. Last but not least, there over 12 sets of lessons.

6) Skillshare - Learn to play the trumpet from scratch

Skillshare Course 1 Trumpet Lessons Online

If you want to learn trumpet from scratch and if you don’t even touch the trumpet, this course will be an apt option for you. It is needless to say that trumpet is the versatile musical instrument but learning it can be pretty challenging.

However, with this course, learning trumpets will be made easy and you will have the skills to move your fingers perfectly. The course is designed by Colin Jones who is a musician and understands the intricacies of music learning.

With this course, you will learn how to choose the right instrument, how to create sound and make engaging and captivating tones. In addition, you will learn five notes through valves and chops.

To ensure the efficient delivery of skills and learning perks, Colin has managed to add advanced techniques in this course and video lessons. He has managed to hone this through years of experience. Over the years, he has played trumpet in music venues, recording studios, theatres, and classical settings.

In addition, he is able to inculcate the essentials of a trumpet in the players because he has studied music in depth. In other words, he will teach trumpet in the interesting and most fun way possible.

7) Skillshare - Trumpet Lessons For Beginners

Skillshare Course 2 Trumpet Lessons Online

These lessons are for beginners and have been designed by Todd Porter who is a professional music educator. This course is specially designed for beginners who have the trumpet and want to learn its intricacies in a fun way.

The student will have the liberty to choose the techniques and things to practice as there are video lessons for everyone. With this course, you will learn how music works because the animated videos are created to be engaging.

In addition, the teaching technique uses a proven system to clear your doubts and gain the confidence to play trumpet anywhere and anytime. There is no set schedule for the classes and you can learn as you seem fit.

There are video lessons regarding assembly and tuning and you will learn the soloing as well. In other words, you will be able to express yourself. To explain the new techniques, there is a lesson video and one practice video.

In this course, there are over twelve sets of lessons through which you will learn melodies, harmony, rhythm, and much more. You will also have your hands on five music theories that will help improve the learning experience.

8) eTrumpet Lessons

eTrumpet Trumpet Lessons Online

Trumpet looks like a challenging musical instrument to play with and one wonders if learning to play trumpet is equally difficult. Well, it turns out learning can be difficult but with this course, you will have all the ease in the world to ensure easy learning.

Maybe you are looking at the trumpet lying in your lap and finding yourself wondering if there is anything that you can do to make melodies. With this course, you will learn how to play trumpet and how to practice the right way.

According to the designer of the course, he understands that the importance of fundamentals and how they can impact the learning process. In this course, all the essential points have been covered and are available for everyone who has a knack for trumpet or music.

When you sign up for this course, you will get free trumpet lessons in the video form. On the website, all you need to do is add the name and email and in no time, you will start receiving the course videos in the email box.

9) Trumpet Lessons Online

Trumpet Lessons Online Trumpet Lessons Online

No ones like having a plethora of lessons to watch and practice and if there are schedules classes, that can be the frequent case. However, if you want to learn your own pace and hone trumpet, this course liberalizes people to learn as they want through learning videos and exercises.

The course is managed by musicians who have over years of experience in the field which is apt to give you the tips and tricks for seamless playing and learning experience.

With this course, you will learn advanced playing skills and there are nary overwhelming points in the course. For instance, there are multiple courses on the internet that promise the world but don’t provide value even as small as the grain of salt.

The course is designed by someone who has six years of experience teaching trumpet and knows what works in the modern world. In this course, there are 45 video lessons to ensure you are leveling up with each video and gaining confidence to play.

In addition, the creator’s name is Mr. Chidester who has been a part of the University of Northern Iowa and School of Music in Cedar Falls.

10) Mystery to Mastery

Mystery to Mastery Trumpet Lessons Online

In this course, there are multiple video lessons comprising of tips, tricks, and exercises to ensure you are paying trumpet with other players in full confidence. The best part is that there are seven days of free trial and after that, you can decide if the course is worth taking or not. This course has logical yet fun techniques to enjoy the learning experience.

This course takes you to different exercises that not only enhance the learning experience but eases it as well. With these video lessons, you will be able to achieve your trumpet goals in no time as the course is designed by Greg Spence himself. He has managed to remove the hurdles and frustrations associated with trumpet learning and have added effectiveness to the fundamental playing parts.

The video lessons are of more than 30 hours with keen instructions and you will be able to become a professional trumpet player as everything is covered with perfection in three videos.

Choosing the Best Trumpet Lessons for Adults

The trumpet can be the challenging musical instrument to hone and if you want to enjoy the intricacies of this instrument, the courses devised in this article are for you. With each course, you will learn how to play and practice in the most engaging way possible. All the courses use advanced techniques for enhancing the learning experience.


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